Clinique new launches (eyes and cheeks) swatched

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Clinique has been doing like bursts of launches of late. Coming up with all kind of new stuff. Although most of this stuff was actually lip colour in all kind of forms and textures that exist out there. I’ll do posts about those new lip colour products soon. Here we’ve got something different though. Namely, eye colour and blush. For a change 🙂 And that’s good, because we don’t paint just lips, you know. We paint our lids and our cheeks and… and… and… 🙂 It depends on our taste and our makeup preferences. It never hurts to see some new products though and make up our mind on whether we want them or not.


Well, here, eyeshadow first. Lid pop.



The shade I got is called 11 surf pop



Surf pop sounds very funky. We’ll see what it’ll prove to be like.



Well, it looks blue. Ever so blue.



And this flower design is stunning. It really is.



This blue looks bright in the box. It proves to be deeper and kind of darker, I guess, when applied. And full of blue sparkle deep within somewhere. Also, it’s metallic, that is, there’s some pearl in it, not too much pearl. The colour in this eyeshadow is very loose, so to get full on colour you’ll have to keep adding eyeshadow and layering it. Other than that it’s fine qualitywise. It’s soft without being too soft and it goes on easily – even if you have to apply it over and over again till you actually get the result you want 🙂



The blue in surf pop is all arctic and chilly. Surf? Maybe. Although surf makes me think of something aqua rather than cool blue. Something warmer, I guess 🙂 I wish this blue were what it looks like in the box, that is a bright blue. Then it would be a bolder shade that would look good on a lot of people. As it is, it being darker makes it less universal and less flattering. More people might dare to wear it, but less people will love it and find it becoming, once it lands on their lids. If you feel it’s too bright for you, keep in mind that it goes on rather loosely and much lighter at first. If you feel it’s too dark for you, beware. This shade is darker. I wouldn’t call it dark. Darker though, definitely.



There are seven more shades in the range. Not many, as far as I’m concerned. Also, even on Clinique website there’s no shade numbering. Why, Clinique? I want to know more than shade names. I want to know their numbers too. This way it’s easier to find them. Also, in some countries some shades from the range are online exclusives. That’s something I’m really not a fan of. It’s a permanent range, so I think all shades here should be available to customers at all points. Why limit it to website shopping, when some people actually go to their favourite counters and pick shades there?


The seven shades are:

Grape Pop – cooler purple

Cream Pop – warmer beige

Petal Pop – medium pink

Vanilla Pop – yellowish lighter beige

Aqua Pop – bright aqua like green

Willow Pop – khaki green


That’s eyeshadow. Blush now.


Some of the shades – four shades, to be precise – that come in the same gorgeous flowery design were released as limited editions several years ago. So, they aren’t new. The design and the shades – it all stands. They are so beautiful though it’s nice to have them back for those of us who missed them. Especially as there are eight more shades now. Twelve shades of blush is a lot, so, I’m quite happy with the range scope 🙂


I’m going to swatch here the four shades I’ve got from last time.





Cheek Pop in 01 ginger pop



Yep. It does look gingery.



O-oh. Every time I see those flowers, it makes me so happy. It’s such a good job in terms of design.



And the shade looks very wearable for blush.



It’s red coral with some beige mixed in there. Ginger as a shade name makes sense here and gives you a good feel for what it is. It is warm and spicy and ginger like. A lot of people looking at it will just say it’s coral. Darker and brighter coral with just a touch of golden sparkle. This shade is super warm, so warm shades should become you for you to be able to pull it. It’s bright too. So, if you don’t like brighter shades in blush you might want to take a pass on this one. This shade will probably look good with tan. So, if you like it and want to give it a chance, you can try to come back to it in summer 🙂



Blush texture is soft and loose in a way where there’s not too much pigment there. Even less than there is in lid pop eyeshadow. It works better in blush. Still, you’ll have to do layering here like with that eyeshadow, you know, if you prefer to make accent on the cheekbones. On the other hand, it might be helpful, if you prefer diluted cheek colour, softer shades, just a touch of blush. So, it depends on your taste, you just need to know it to be able to operate the shade range and pick the blush that will be right for you.



Next shade.



02 peach pop



Looks peachy and very much like that ginger shade, I must say.



And as cute as any shade looks with this flower etched on it 🙂



Bright and happy.



Ok, so this shade is pretty close to ginger pop, I was right there, only it’s softer and lighter. No red in it, it’s all coral, or else peachy. Peach is a nice name for it. What is peach colour? It’s a mix of pink and coral, more or less. That’s what we have here. This warm lighter coral definitely has some pink there. And a golden sheen to it. This shade is very natural, more so than ginger. If warmer lighter shades in blush are your thing, this pretty peach here might be just what you’re looking for. That golden sheen about it – not sparkle, just sheen – makes it interesting, given the pink undertone in it.



Peach pop can do a lot of things for you. It can be natural. Just a little natural colour in your cheeks that makes you pretty without looking all made up. It can look girly and fresh. Perky, you know, full of life and energy. Or it can be romantic, if you treat it as a cute and shy coral. If you’re going to be some strobing or highlighting or sculpting, by the way, you can combine peach pop and ginger pop in one look. That’s going to be something.






03 berry pop



Berry? This colour is super hot this season.



This shade doesn’t look that berry though.



It looks pink instead. And still beautiful with that flower on it.



Berry? Where’s berry? Hell-o-o-o, berry! Nah, no berry here, just fuchsia. Fuchsia it is. A cool and bright and pinkish purple shade. Intense and vibrant. Some of us might see it as a very bright cooler pink. I say it’s fuchsia though. Which means you’re going to look very made up, when you wear it. Do you like baby doll style, by any chance? If you do, look closely. This shade can be very baby doll like, if treated accordingly. This shade is so energetic and optimistic there’s something Barbie like almost about it. It’s not a bad thing, just saying 🙂



There’s no sparkle, no pearl in this shade, but there’s a very nice satiny sheen here that gives a very lush twist to the whole baby doll like colour package. This shade might become one of your favourites, if you like bright pinks on your cheekbones and know how to work them. Just remember that this shade is cool, very much so. So, you have to like cool pinks to come to like it. If you do though, it will be one of those high spirits in a box kind of things that’s always there for you.



And the last one.



04 plum pop



Plum is not too far from berry. So, I’m expecting some good plum here to be able to hit this season berry colour trend hard.



Nope, no plum here. Nothing like that.



It’s pink. A lighter pink.



What’s happening here? Clinique seemed to nail the two coral shade names so wonderfully, and then, when it came to pinks, the naming went all askew, it seems. At least, when it comes to my colour perception, the shade names got to be very misleading. Anyway… The first thing you need to do, when it comes to this shade, forget all about plum. Forget that I ever said that, Ok? 🙂 Good. Now we’re ready to move on and see this PINK shade in detail. Because that’s what it is. A lighter cooler pink.



Given how little colour those shades give off at the first swipe, you could probably turn this pink into a very romantic shade. Pastel like almost. If you go a little heavier on it, it will reveal its true self, which is a medium cool pink. Another upbeat and pretty shade. Like all pinks are when they hit a certain intensity point. This pink is more wearable, probably, than berry pop, or else, it’s more universal, and more people will like it. Speaking about berry pop, you can do the same thing here I suggested doing with the two corals. Combine berry pop and plum pop in one makeup. Cute 🙂



These are the four I’ve got. Left to right: ginger pop,  peach pop, berry pop, plum pop.



The other eight shades in this blush range include:

Nude Pop – a warmer beige

Pink Pop – a medium mauvish pink

Rosy Pop – a really cool medium pink

Heather Pop – lilac purple

Melon Pop – a warm coral beige

Fig Pop – orange brownish

Pansy Pop – a really cool lilac

Cola Pop – red brown


These are the two Clinique launches. To me, the design is great, I love it. It’s just a truly beautiful thing. One of those things where you can’t help smiling when you see them. The eyeshadow is nice enough quality. The shade surf pop is a little bit of a disappointment to me, as I generally prefer bright to dark in eyeshadow. And this shade proved to be darker rather than brighter. The shade range of eight shades though is nowhere near what I want. I want more shades, so much more 🙂 The blush is good in terms of texture. I do like when blush is rather mild in terms of colour, so the fact that it’s so soft and gives off less colour doesn’t bother me. The shades I looked at here are grounded and classically blush shades. And the range of twelve is probably a big enough blush range for me 🙂



















img_4185      img_4185

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