Cushion hype with Lancome Miracle Cushion and Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

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Not too long ago everything or almost everything got to be cushion in base and tone world. You know how those trend rise, right? It’s like you see the first cushion thing and go – I wonder what that is – and then before you can blink ALL THE OTHER STUFF out there gets to be cushion too. Yeah. That’s when you know it’s serious ☺ And that’s when you know it’s a trend, it’s there to stay and wait for everyone else to come up with this kind of products before it all starts waning. Anyway, that’s definitely the case with cushion base.


To tell you the truth, I’m usually careful, when it comes to trends like that. Not that I don’t like new things. I do. And I’m all for technology and research and progress. And I do like to try stuff. It’s just that I’m very particular about what I like. And there are few generic trend concepts and products that fit what I need specifically. So, I do try, but few of those products actually come to be my favourites and firmly land on my shelves ☺ On the other hand, unless I try, how would I know, if something truly great and right up my alley emerges?


So, here goes the cushion trend. And here I am dipping into it. Even if I’m not doing it at the very beginning of it all ☺ I usually wait a little and try it somewhere in the middle after it rises and a little before it peaks and then subsides. That’s when there are enough products on the market of the kind already, and when the brands that did the best versions of those rolled them out already. Although, I also try this kind of new hip things by brands that are my favourites in this particular area, even if they happen to launch their stuff later in the game.


Now, I’ve got to tell you, when it comes to face makeup, it’s the hardest to hit it for me. It feels like I’m looking for the impossible there. Or rather I’m looking for something that doesn’t match most brands concept of what their customers want, probably. So, mostly, it’s one big miss for me, and I’m almost never fully happy with tone. It doesn’t stop me from looking though. I’ll keep going, that’s for sure ☺ My perfect foundation/base/powder has to be lightweight, can’t have a strong scent about it, and the shade should be lighter beige with a pink undertone.


Seemingly easy, but is it really? Something always seems to go askew ☺ And I just can’t make friends with base and powder and tone most of the time. Say, lightweight is a simple enough idea, isn’t it? I just like the natural look and complexion, I don’t want to look overmadeup there. Well, most products by luxury brands even seem to be too much for me. Further on, scent is usually more prominent in lip colour. While base, foundation and powder is usually scented only mildly. Well, again, mildly is obviously often too much for me ☺


And what can be simpler than lighter beige with a pink undertone shade in face products? I don’t know, but they predominantly seem too yellow to me, which is something I really don’t want in base. Or too dark, which is something I try to avoid. And pink undertone is like the toughest to pull for some reason. I want pretty rosy beige or pink beige. Instead there’s either no pink to detect in beige. Or it’s just too pale and too pink, and my skin is not fair enough for too pale base. And I don’t think that pink undertone even becomes pale base tones. It looks better mixed in lighter to medium beiges.


See? Now you know how hard it is ☺ That’s exactly why, when all the craziness began and then went on with cushion and cushiony stuff, I was like – here we go again, another face product and more disappointment to come ☺ What’s this cushiony thing is, actually? It’s a new lightweight – supposedly – base and foundation texture. Ok, lightweight is good. And then on top of lightweight a bunch of promises were made, of course – that’s it’s better, the best, much better than all the other bases and foundations that have ever been produced before cushion ones, well, you know.


So, I finally went – there’s no escape from this trend, it’s here to stay, I’ve got to try. And I got two variations by two different brands – Lancome and Givenchy – to compare their take on the cushion frenzy. Incidentally, Lancome is all white and Givenchy is all black. Which brings me to my own little Swan Lake on the cushion show here. I hope I find something good in the process of unwrapping, unraveling and swatching. And I hope you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about cushion face products and these two kinds especially. Let’s roll.


Here’s our White Swan. Lancome Miracle Cushion.



The shade is called 010 Albatre



This Miracle Cushion comes in a round white plastic box with a silver lid with Lancome rose logo on it.



Now when I hear cushion, I imagine something soft… but not liquid ☺ It says though here it’s a liquid cushion compact that will provide fresh dewy hydration and absolute weightlessness & glow. Sounds good. I don’t know about dewy hydration though. And I’m surprised it’s liquid.



The puff is powder puff like.



Spongy and flat.



The spongy applicator sits in this white plastic tray on top.



And then underneath it there’s a paper thing covering the product proper. Finally ☺



Here it is. And it looks… spongy ☺ And not liquid. When I touch it first it doesn’t feel liquid at all. The more I touch it and swatch it and then apply it though ☺ the more I feel… moisture. It does feel dewy. That’s a very accurate way to describe it. All in all, the sensation is contradictory. When I touch this thing, it feels like cream foundation, only lighter. When I apply it though, it starts feeling more like a liquid base thing. Wow. That’s weird. Not in a bad way though. It feels nice. And lightweight by all means.



The scent is powdery makeupey and pretty delicate. It doesn’t bother me as scent sensitive as I am. It’s there when I apply it, but once it on, the scent goes away fast enough. And from this point on I only get an occasional whiff now and again. The shade is a pale beige with – yay! – a shy pink undertone. Exactly the pink undertone I’m always looking for in base and foundation. This shade is pinkish cool beige, beige is dominating the scene here, and it’s medium leaning very much to lighter. It’s a nice base shade. Well put together.



Black swan now. Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion.



The shade is called 1 Fresh Porcelain



It says it’s a Portable Fluid Foundation and that we’ll get Fresh, Flawless & Hydrated Skin. Nice ☺



And it comes in a round black plastic box with a silver Givenchy logo on it.



I have to tell you here that Lancome and Givenchy boxes are almost the same size, Lancome box is just a tiny bit smaller. Givenchy box is much thicker though, so I thought the case will be thicker too, but no, it’s not. Givenchy box is thicker, but once both cushion bases come out of the boxes, Lancome and Givenchy are more or less the same size and thickness.



Remember how I was surprised to find that Lancome Miracle Cushion is kind of liquid. Well, when it came to Givenchy, I was more prepared. Also, it actually says on the boxing that it’s fluid foundation ☺



The sponge is very much like Lancome sponge. It’s thin and spongy. Good enough for fixing your makeup on the run. When doing full on makeup at home, I’d use something else though, not these sponges that come with both foundations we’re talking about here.



And then underneath it there’s… this. Hm ☺ Another mirror? Oka-ay. It’s close to impossible to understand how to get the foundation out of this thing. It’s a major undertaking, no, really, it is ☺ And the guide on the box doesn’t help in the least. I mean, I don’t know how people are supposed to figure it out. Seriously. Well, I did figure it out after I’ve taken a closer look. This mirror has dots on it that form Givenchy logo, those tiny holes that make me think this cushion foundation is designed to come out through them. Then I look for ways to get it out through those holes. Turn it over? Shake it out? Nope. Believe it or not, you have to press on this mirror thing with Givenchy logo dotted on it. Then the liquid – yes, liquid – base comes out. You can press on the mirror with the sponge to try to get it right on the sponge. Or you can press on it with your hands – just keep them off Givenchy logo proper – and get the base out through the holes, see how much came out and then get it on the sponge by swiping it over. I prefer the second way. The teint comes out pretty easily, so you don’t have to press too hard or too many times. That’s good news. I have to tell you though, the result of this process is that the base stains the mirror which looks kind of untidy afterwards, even if you wipe it. Ugh.



Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion is lightweight and liquid. There’s no contradiction here of creamy to the touch and liquid to the feel. It’s a good liquid foundation, that’s what it is. The scent here is even lighter than in Lancome Miracle Cushion. If there the scent was makeupey, here it’s fresh and clean, kind of, and only distant, more so than in Lancome. You’ll feel only very little of it in the course of application, and then it will disappear altogether and never come back to bother you. This is as close to no scent as a scented thing can get.


The shade I got of Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion called 1 Fresh Porcelain is nothing like porcelain, actually. The name of this shade sounds seriously misleading to me. For starters, this shade is much warmer than Lancome Miracle Cushion 010 Albatre, even if it’s as light. Givenchy 1 Fresh Porcelain is beige too, but it’s a warm beige with a yellowish edge to it. It’s a good lighter warm beige shade, but I’ve already told you up front that yellow tone in base is a no go for me. What you need to know by all means about it though is that this shade is simply not porcelain.



My starting point in this cushion quest was my image of something mousse or soufflé like texturewise and super new in terms of application and sensation. I got more of that from Lancome, but it’s only on the emotional and tactile level, because then it all goes back to liquid foundation. Both Givenchy and Lancome (Givenchy is on the right in my swatch, Lancome is on the left) proved to be liquid foundation, only not in a bottle, but in a box instead that can be carried around. So, if you love liquid base but could never fit it into your purse, these cushion things are just what you need.



In terms of looking for something new, I can’t say I got anything here from any of the two brands. A little more from Lancome ☺ And that’s what I was craving. I want new and exciting. And this is pretty good and nice but it’s more of a good old. Having tried these two swans ☺ , I know what the cushion hype is all about, but have I gotten into it? No, I can’t say I have. I don’t need to carry liquid foundation around, I prefer to have a cream base with me, when I’m out and about. Or even better, a reliable concealer. I might go back to Lancome Miracle Cushion from time to time just for the kick of this soufflé like sensation I get when I touch it. All in all though, cushion foundation won’t get on my favourites list. Although should there come out more interesting versions by big luxury brands, I’ll try them. I’m too curious to miss out, I guess ☺









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