L’Oreal Boho Chic and Bohemian trend in manicure

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Bohemian trend – aka Boho Chic trend, aka Hippie Chic trend – kicked in big time this past spring. And it keeps lingering there in fashion world and makeup world. As a result, we got to wear flared pants, those sheer wider loose shirt like dresses and then we got all kind of makeup collections and nail colour collections, specifically, that are all hippie. Say, Boho Stone by YSL YSL Spring Look 2016 Boho Stone collection swatched  and then this collection by L’Oreal and Hippie Time Is OnBy ANNY (my review is coming up in a couple of days 🙂 ). So, what are those Boho chic colours in manicure? How do we wear them? And what can they get us? And what’s in hippie trend for us, in general? Why does it keep coming back? And what’s so special about it?


For starters, let me answer the question of what colours are hot in manicure, when hippie trend is on? I think this collection by L’Oreal Paris nailed the trend perfectly. The shades they included in their Boho Chic collection are the ultimate Bohemian shades.


Basically, Bohemian chic combines two big colour groups that are very different. First, nudes. Hippie girls are all natural and all about nature, as we know, so those nude like natural finish and natural look manicure shades that are so popular around the globe are by all means part of this trend.


The second group of shades that’s wrapped in this trend includes more hip shades, so to say. After all, hippie movement was a protest, even if a peaceful one. So, the shades I’m talking about here are edgy, like greens and blues and oranges, maybe, and bright and edgy pinks and reds, not dead on pinks and reds but with something mixed in them usually.


Now when I show you Boho Chic by L’Oreal you’ll see how they managed to get all those shades going in one collection, which proved to be a great manual on what hippie chic trend nail shades are. There are nine shades in the collection, which is a lot, and it makes me, personally, happy 🙂


In terms of quality, L’Oreal nail colour usually doesn’t give me what I want, so on the occasions I do use it, I try to help it with the best base and top coat I have at the moment. In this case I’m wearing all shades with Gel Lab Pro Base Coat and Gel Lab Pro Top Coat by Deborah Lippmann, and it makes the experience so much better for me.


102 Macaron Noisette



Hazelnut Macaroon. This shade name is yummy. And pretty accurate in terms of giving you an idea of what this shade is like. It is like Macaron Noisette indeed. A shy and warm lighter beige.



Here’s what I like about it. Even though it’s nude, there is colour there. It’s not one of those no-colour shades. It’s not sheer, and it’s sweet and warm and fuzzy, kind on. Comfy.



It’s one of those second skin like shades. I mean, it’s more than that, really, but you’ll feel in it as comfy as you would with the nail colour that blends in with your skin tone almost.



This shade is cute, because it’s so natural and so warm. At the same time, it’s chic, because it’s so understated and so nude like in its core. And it’s a very pleasing combination.



I’m no big fan of nude manicure, but I’m a very big dessert person, and there’s something so nude about this shade and so sweet about this shade and so desserty that it appeals to me.



It’s a rare thing, by the way, nude and desserty in one, because desserty shades are usually colourful, not nude, you know 🙂



870 Fourreau Inferno



Fierce Sheath? Sounds very rough. Proves to be more femme fatale like. Or else, a softer hippie version of femme fatale.



The shade is a deep and dark cherry red. It’s not too dark. It stops just short of that and balances on the edge of a hippie like berry shade. And successfully avoids sliding into hot and elegant territory.



This shade is a great shade for those of us who don’t want to treat manicure too seriously and want to show our womanly side nonetheless.



It’s like this shade is saying – I can be very hot, but there’s enough humour in me not to push it too hard. That’s awesome. I like shades with a sense of humour and there aren’t that many out there.



Really, all sexy nails shades are usually incredibly serious. While this one is definitely hot but it has this fun twist to it that lightens up the whole thing just a little.



This darker red is nice enough though, where you could treat it as a modern classic kind of thing and go full on with a vampy look.



104 Beige Countess



Beige Countess is a cool counterpart of Macaron Noisette. Beige Countess is a nude nail shade too. And it’s beige. Only it’s a cooler beige shade. Cool to the point where it looks greige at certain angles and in certain light.



This shade is a little darker, if you treat it as nude. There’s colour there, no question about it. So, if you like small little whites and pinks that almost don’t show, or else, don’t stand out on your nails, this is probably too much for you.



On the other hand, if you like beige nail shades, this one in particular has a milk and coffeeish quality about it that I happen to love.



I can’t explain that, it’s more of a sensation and perception thing but there’s something very pleasing and very comforting about milk and coffee colour in nail polish. It just always looks good. And classy.



Beige Countess is a good name for it. Because this shade is a modern version of noble in manicure world. And a modern version of chic.



Here’s a very practical reason why I like milk and coffee nail shades. Name one kind of occasion or outfit they wouldn’t suit or match. No, seriously. Yeah, I know 🙂



194 Gypsy Couture



Gypsy is another kind of subplot in Boho Chic trend. Flowers, wider longer skirts, looser garmets, all that can be said both about hippie style and gypsy style too, for that matter.



So, gypsy couture is a corresponding thing, when we’re talking hippie chic or hippie couture, I guess 🙂 Hence, it’s no surprise that gypsy theme emerged in this collection.



I think this fall especially this shade is worth some special attention. I mean, berry shades are all the fashion now. They are super trendy. And this shade is a fun take on a classic raspberry.



It’s a little brighter than raspberry nail colour classic. And it’s pearly, kind of. A metallic. The result is not just classic and womanly. It’s fun and happy. And it’s nice.



I like reds in this collection because they prove that good old classic can always be tuned a little and made relevant and young and whatever else you might want it to be. You just need to work on it, you know.



If you like pinks in manicure, this metallic and vibrant raspberry shade might be right up your alley and prove to be the shade you’ll like and enjoy wearing.



192 Coachel Blues



Seems to be a pun on Coachella Blues, slang for being depressed and going through withdrawal after you’ve gone to Coachella Music Festival 🙂



This blue is yet another metallic in this collection. Which makes this blue shade softer and crispy in a way. To the point where there’s something wintery and holiday like about it even.



Still, Coachel Blues is actually warmer, if you take a closer look. So, there’s a distant turquoise echo deep down in it lingering and reminding us of all the happy summer days.



This shade is essentially a bunch of contradictions wrapped together and somehow producing a pretty and vigorous harmony 🙂



Given how many of us like blue shades, this blue is a nice addition to our blue nail colour stash. And the fact that it’s so uncommon in a way gives us a good enough reason to get yet another blue nail colour 🙂



This blue is a happy blue shade, very true to the Bohemian Chic concept of this collection, as this happy element is important to this style and this trend.



196 Feather Green



If on hearing ‘feather green’ you imagine feather light and pretty little green, remember, this collection is not about pastels and romance, it’s about Boho Chic 🙂



So, this feather green is like a green feather of some rare tropical and colourful bird. There’s no pearl in it, just colour, a lot of colour.



This green is like a splash of green colour reminding us about that bright and vigorous part of hippie trend. This nail shade is edgy and hip and hippie for sure, all of the above.



If you don’t wear green on your nails a lot, if you don’t like brighter green nail shades, this shade is probably too much for you to take 🙂



I do love green nail colour, as you might already know. And this green is just so well rounded. Well put together and then turned right up to this nice and bright and merry point.



If you’re looking for artsy nail shades, Feather Green might be a good way to go, because once again, even though it’s so bright, there’s this pleasant feeling about it, which makes it easier for you to get into this whole bright nail colour thing, you know 🙂



195 Festive Orange



Festive Orange is a Boho Chic shade name to the point of almost no return 🙂 Orange in all kind of shapes and forms is a very Bohemian shade. And festive is a very Bohemian feeling.



This orange is another shade representing that bright and upbeat and radiant surge in hippie trend. It’s a clear and brighter orange. At the same time, it’s not neon.



Corals are so big in manicure now it seems like everything’s been done there already. And I don’t even like oranges, generally speaking. But this shade is well mixed, just like that green.



It’s bright and pretty and artsy in a very good way. And warm. So warm. Like sun. And exotic flowers. All that is definitely in tune with hippie trend.



As all the shades in this collection, this orange is very well balanced, bright enough, warm enough, orange enough. There’s a lot of sophistication in this shade. If orange nail colour can be elegant, then Festive orange is that nail colour.



This shade is a perfect accent shade. You know, like when you wear a brown or beige dress with an orange jacket and then this festive orange nail colour on your nails.



135 Rose Tendre



Tender Rose? Not too Boho Chic like. Sound more like something tender and girly and delicate and romantic, maybe.



In all honesty though, this shade doesn’t look rose like at all. It looks like a nude shade with a little more colour in it.



Ok, ok, if rose is pink, and if tender rose means pink undertone in this case, it’s there. On the undertone level only though. Everything else about this colour is beige. So, what we get here is pink beige.



Even though nudes are not my thing, pink beige is the best nude ever, as far as I’m concerned. Not only because I like it so much, but because it’s so universally flattering. There’s something about this shade that makes it look good and different on each and every one of us.



And then what’s great about Rose Tendre is that it’s darker. Or else brighter. It’s not just beige. It’s like they took milk and coffee and then added some roses to it. Sounds crazy, but that’s what it is.



So, pink beige is great and appealing. And milk and coffee is great and appealing. And now double it all, because in this awesome nail shade you have both. Wow.



191 Boho Nude



Finally, we get to the point here. Boho Chic. Hippie Chic. Boho Nude. Told ya that nudes are part of the Bohemian Chic trend 🙂



As everything in hippie world, this nude is more than nude. It’s interesting. It looks off white like in the bottle, but don’t fall for that, it’s not.



Once you get it on your nails, it reveals more colour and more subtones. And proves to be a gorgeous lighter cooler beige with a grey surge being revealed now and again at certain angles.



This greyish beige is soothing and understated. It’s very boho and very chic. Another nude shade I like, and you know that me liking more than one nude shade in nail colour collection is something outstanding 🙂



This shade is truly nude in a way that you can probably wear it with just anything you like. Any styles, any outfits. At the same time, it’s off the beaten track a little because of all the undertones in it.




You might want to check this shade out, if you like grey nail shades and lighter greys especially, you know, because there’s something grey about this shade, even if it’s not fully grey.



That’s Boho Chic by L’Oreal, and it’s the best way to learn all about Bohemian Chic, Boho Chic and Hippie Chic manicure. And even more so – about Boho chic trend colour scheme. All nine shades are Bohemian indeed. And what’s Bohemian for that matter? It’s casual. Relaxed. Happy. This happy feeling is very characteristic of Boho chic. And who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want to relax sometimes? And to have fun? It doesn’t mean though that this trend is all loose, it can be refined and glamorous and couture like with its flared pants and loose robe cuts, patchwork and patterns, lighter fabrics and platform shoes.

img_1274   img_1324

img_3396   img_3545

img_4777   img_4827

img_5170   img_5288



I, personally, love green and blue in this collection, which is to be expected. And then I like orange very much, which is not to be expected, when it comes to me 🙂 And I like those nudes even, and I love milk and coffee Beige Countess, pink beige Rose Tendre and greyish beige Boho Chic. How very typical of me 🙂 Those are awesome and my personal favourites here in this Bohemian world. Boho Chic is a nice trend in fashion, clothes, makeup and manicure. You know why? Because at the bottom of this trend there’s something very important indeed. The most important thing in the world, maybe. And that something is simply freedom.






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