How can we interpret fashion trends in makeup

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Seemingly, fashion trends and makeup trends are two different things. Fashion trends are all about styles, fashions, cuts… what does it all have to do with makeup? Here’s what 🙂 I can name one thing, at least, off the top of my head that fashion and makeup have in common – colour. Wouldn’t you agree? Colour means a whole world to both fashion and makeup. So, looking at colours that are all hot on the catwalks this season can help us figure out what’s going to be trending in makeup soon enough 🙂


Say, berry is one of the important colours of this fall season in clothes, shoes, bags, everything. And behold, we immediately get berry nail shades kicking in and getting released in makeup world. Because makeup is there to be matched to clothes, shoes, purses, so it only makes sense that berry nail colour will match you berry dress nicely. And it’s ever so chic, when you complete you berry colour dress and purse look with manicure of the same – or different – berry shade.


That’s colour. Styles that are all the fashion this season can also help to predict, interpret and decipher makeup trends. If romance is on, pastels are probably coming in makeup. If Hippie chic or Boho chic is hot, all those bright and happy or natural and understated nail colours and makeup colours are going to be released and hit the counters soon enough. Bohemian chic in clothes got ever so big last spring, later in spring and summer that year hippie chic nail colour and makeup collections showed up.


In fashion world a whole series of hip and edgy trends have been ever so strong for over a year now. It was rock glam first that turned into punk glam then and grunge glam later on. How did this trend echo in makeup world? Heavy and dramatic eye makeup is on this fall. The other thing that’s on is darker than dark nail colour trend that I’ve told you about already. All kind of dark and off black nail shades are trending this season. Both dramatic eye makeup and off black nails are all rock, punk and grunge like. Very much so.


There’s another trend of this fall that could easily give us a tip about dark and off black nail shades, by the way. Other than all the rock and punk and grunge styles we saw a very distinct ‘dark romance’ kind of thing. That is, black lace, a lot of black lace and a lot of fashions that are traditionally romantic but are done in dark colours this fall season. Speaking about this whole dark twist on the good old romance, those cuts and styles and those off black but not really black manicure shades are a great Halloween option 🙂


What I’m saying here is simply it’s worth taking a look at those fashion weeks sometimes, if you want to learn more about makeup to come 🙂 It helps to stay on top of things and even be ahead of the game and know what to expect. Makeup brands, nail colour brands do it, so we might as well join them, especially if we’re looking at catwalks and fashion weeks anyway to see what we’re wearing. Then we can definitely take an extra minute to try to apply it all to makeup. It’s actually fun to try to guess the direction it’s all going in. So, why miss out?

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