ANNY Hippie Time Is On swatched

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I’ve already told you in my posts how big hippie trend is in fashion and makeup. It’s been on since spring and is still hanging in there, even though it got pushed to the background a little bit by a bunch of darker, moodier and more classically fall like trends. In case you’ve missed my pondering over the whole hippie trend in makeup and fashion, please, see my two previous posts. Or just see here 🙂  L’Oreal Boho Chic and Bohemian trend in manicure  and  How can we interpret fashion trends in makeup. In a nutshell, hippie trend and hippie culture is about, first and foremost, freedom and happiness. Wouldn’t you say that both things are nice? 🙂 I think so. And I appreciate both and want both. Ok, back to ANNY. Here’s their take on the whole hippie hype.


Their collection is called Hippie Time Is On. ANNY is usually solid professional quality, and I like their nail colour for that. But… There are several things you absolutely need to know about this collection. Even if you’re a huge ANNY fan and know everything about their nail colour. Or think that you know everything 🙂 Ok, if I haven’t intrigued you enough by this point of time, I don’t know what I could possibly do to intrigue you 🙂 So, here goes. The most important thing about Hippie Time Is On and the biggest difference. All six shades in this collection are minis. That is, they are not the usual full size bottles. They are like half the size, even if they look the same in promo photos.


I mean, it’s cute. Cute small little square bottles. Colourful. Very hippie like. This mini size is a problem though. A big one. Even with the best professional brands and the best professional quality these small versions of nail colour always disappoint me. It’s not about nail colour proper. It’s about the brush, mostly. Those tiny little brushes just don’t perform that well or as well as full size brushes. No matter how many times and how many brands tell you that their mini bottles and brushes are as good as full size ones, it never – I mean it, never – holds true for me. Just think about it. How many more strokes you have to make over your nail with this tiny little brush?


The result is very simple and very obvious, unfortunately. It hinders application. Very much. So, now ANNY has fallen into the same trap. Their nail colour is great. The quality is great. None of this helps or works though in these tiny little bottles and with those tiny little brushes. You could get used to it, you could practice and get good enough at using those, to me though, the experience won’t be as good as with full size bottles and full size brushes. It’s as simple as that, really. Now, every time brands do those small little things, I start thinking where they can be put to use. Toe nails, maybe? They are smaller 🙂


As it is, these fun vibrant cubes of ANNY nail colour bottles are pretty designwise and not as pleasant, when I try to actually put those shades to use 🙂 More bad news is coming your way, unfortunately, about one of the six shades, specifically, and this bad news partly has to do something with those small bottles too. Anyway, let’s see those shades and really get to know them. There are six of them, which is the usual number for ANNY in their nail colour collections. Pretty, fresh and upbeat. And flowers are here, of course. I mean, we’re talking hippie here, right? 🙂 Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Hippie Time Is On by ANNY.




Ok. Let’s roll. Six shades. Top coat comes first. Daisy Effect Top Coat. 376.30 garden party. It reminds me of that Dior collection – Garden Party. It was all flowers too. I still have that eyeshadow palette 🙂 Anyway…



It’s all white flowers and green dots. Very nice. But…



You know, if you’ve ever tried those flowery top coats, that dragging those flowers out of the bottle is a high mountain to climb. I mean, it’s hard work. Can we agree on that? I think so 🙂 Now, picture this. You have to get those flowers out of a SMALLER bottle with a MUCH SMALLER neck. Ugh. Makes it even harder. Trust me, I’ve pushed through five shades trying to top them with it.


There’s more. Sorry about that 🙂 Exactly because those flowery top coats aren’t easy to work with in the first place, the only way to actually make them work is to load them with flowers. Like in stuff them with flowers and then some and then some. Then some of the flowers do come out every time you dip that brush in them. Well, ANNY seemed to have done the opposite. There are too little flowers. And a lot of dots.


As a result, good luck trying to get any of those flowers out. Dots come out in crazy numbers though. It’s the opposite of what it should be, really. The way to make this top coat work is to put a whole lot of flowers in it and not that many dots. Because dots are smaller, and they’ll get out easily through that bottle neck. While flowers are bigger, and they’ll get through that bottle neck with difficulty in the first place.


You see what I’m saying, right? It’s pure math, honestly. Even though I’m not THAT great at math, I do realize that there should be more of those bigger flowers and can be less of those smaller dots in a top coat of the kind. Ugh. It’s such a pity. I wanted to love this top coat by ANNY. I mean, it has flowers and dots – green dots. I love green. I love flowers. C’mon, ANNY. Why? How come?


Are you as upset as me? In case you are, and if you crave a top coat of the kind that actually works, I’ll tell you what – get NL T64 Petal by OPI. It’s a limited edition, but you can still get it. The dots there are pink, not green, the rest is pretty much the same, only the balance of flowers and dots is done right. See the swatches here, please Two amazing top coats by Opi and then some. Yes, I am getting back to ANNY. We still have five shades left to go that are not top coats.


Here’s one. 121 the power of love



The name of this shade is super hippie. Make love, not war is one of the biggest mottos of that generation and that culture. So, the shade called power of love makes total sense in this collection.



The shade itself might be a little too neon like to be hippie. It’s not truly neon though. It’s more of that fun pink, red and coral mix I’ve already told you about this last spring, because this shade was emerging a lot in nail colour and lip colour back then.



The power of love by ANNY is energizing, invigorating and electrifying. It definitely is. It’s a splash of colour on your nails that will keep you up and running all day and all night, if it takes. One look at it will be enough to keep going.



What I love about this shade, even though coral mixes aren’t my favourites by a long shot, generally speaking, is that such a hip and young in a way and vibrant colour is woven of such classic nail shades.



I mean, what can be more classic in manicure than red, pink and coral? Only few things, if any. Still, when you merge this classic, you get something trendy and up-to-date and edgy even. And it’s great.



What this nail shade is, eventually, is a metaphor for what fashion is and – on the bigger scale – what art is. It’s learning the good old, the classic and then processing it and getting inspired by it to build and create something utterly new and modern.



Next shade. 376.20 festival feeling



O-oh. Green. So pretty. I love green. And this one looks like it’s a darling. Not too crazy, not too bright but giving off enough colour. And it’s so warm, sunny in a way. Full of festival feeling and sunlight and all the good things. Pistachio like and lemonade like.



This shade is hippie like too, although it’s not hippie all the way. A truly hippie green would be deeper and brighter. While this green actually curtseys to pastel, even though it’s brighter than pastel proper. It’s perky and radiant and refreshing.



You can wear it with jeans or with a green dress as a fun accent. I have to forewarn you though that, if you are not a fan of green manicure, this green shade might be too much and too green for you. So, you’d better stay away from it.



If you need to get started in green manicure, find something lighter, more pastel like, or else, diluted with pearl. Also, in a lot of cases, it’s easier to start with a cooler green that has some blue in it. I don’t know why and can’t explain that, it’s just true 🙂



This green is probably more of a green nail colour fan thing. I, for one, love it. Even though, if I had to pick, which would be ever so tough, I’d probably go for cooler greens 🙂 But there’s something extra happy about this one, it’s a true mood lifter.



I know, such shades are more of a summer and spring thing traditionally. But I’m looking at it and can’t help thinking how nice it is to have it now in fall with winter coming and all the dark and very grown up shades surrounding us. It’s a very pleasant distraction.



Shade number three. 373.80 let it shine



Let it shine. Let it be. It’s all hippie like. They know their hippie shade names well in ANNY, obviously. Also, let is shine is a nice name for this yellow. What can shine brighter than sun? And what can be more sun like than this warm yellow nail colour?



Again, I’m not sure about this shade being that hippie. If we’re talking sun, fiery orange is more along the lines with hippie trend colours. While this yellow is like that green in a way that it’s bright but not too bright, pastel like, maybe, but not pastel.



This could be my perfect yellow nail shade, if there were some pearl in it, but there’s none. Instead it’s a noble pale yellow standing proudly on its own without any sparkle or pearl. This shade is pleasing and not too bright, so that you could get into it, probably.



Unlike that green, that’s probably too much for ‘beginners’, this yellow might be the yellow to go to, if you want to try yellow on your nails. I mean, yellow is not the most common manicure colour, right? So, let it shine could help you here.



As for me, yellow manicure is my second favourite after green manicure. There’s something inherently chic about yellow colour in clothes, in makeup and in manicure. Maybe, part of it is that it’s pretty rare. But there’s more to it.



Yellow colour is noble and elegant, when it’s subdued. It’s one of those not too obvious shades that are not overused. It’s a little artsy, no question about it, so if you’re into classics, it might not be your cup of tea, to me though, it’s very appealing.



Next. We have some effect here. Ok 🙂 Soft Gum effect polish. Sounds cute and more girly than hippie, in all honesty. The shade is called 246.50 fun is now.



Once again, fun is now is a perfect hit within the general hippie theme of this collection. As for Soft Gum effect, turns out, even though it sounds so cute and luring and exciting, it’s just matt, pretty much. Matt finish. So, do not top it with glossy top coats, if you want to keep it that way.



As for the shade, it’s a bright cooler pink with some purple in it, maybe. I think, people will be divided fifty fifty here. Half of us will say it’s pink. Another half will say it’s purple. Because those two colours are mixed in even proportions in this fun shade.



I have to tell you, this finish looks very fresh in this cool pink nail colour. You know how usually reds and nudes and darker nail shades get released in this matt finish. While here we get this bubble gum pink with this satiny matt touch. Interesting 🙂



Fun is now is not a classically hippie shade. It’s a little too baby doll like for that. Looking at it, I think of balloons, tutu skirts, kittens and other girly stuff that a lot of people will label as ‘nonsense’ 🙂 Think about it this way though.



All these carefree and not too practical things we so easily call ‘nonsense’ are very fun and easy and relaxed. There’s no big meaning attached to them. They are all about just hanging out and smiling and feeling good. And isn’t that nice sometimes?



Not all the time, I know, but sometimes? To let go, let it be and let it shine. Forget about work and things you urgently need to do and emails you have to check, throw on this happy bubble gum pink nail shade and that tutu skirt and go for a walk in the park. Nice 🙂



And the last one. Attention. It’s Soft Gum effect polish too. So, it’s going to be matt. This shade is called 168.40 hot mission.



Hot mission, huh? Ok. Hippie movement had a mission, even though they wouldn’t always admit it 🙂 Say, peace was one, happiness and freedom, as we’ve already discussed, were two others. So, yeah, I guess, hot mission fits in here.



Remember I told you fiery orange would make sense in hippie world? Well, here’s orange, but it’s as far from being fiery as it possibly can be. Not only it’s a shy coral instead. It also comes in this matt finish that softens it up even further.



What we get as a result is borderline pastel, but not quite. Just as that green and that yellow, it’s brighter than just pastel. It’s orange, and it’s a little brighter, even if not too much. I have to tell you, it’s another shade I didn’t expect to see in this matt texture.



And behold, it’s looking good and hot, sort of, and fun and on a mission. On a mission of distracting us from important business and trying to lure us into that carefree world full of sun and laughs and cotton candy 🙂 And it might succeed in this mission, for a weekend, at least 🙂



I’ve seen orange nail colour in this matt satiny finish before. But those oranges were all rich and intense and kind of darker. While this one here is, once again, just like that bubble gum pink, baby doll like in style in a lot of ways.



Coral is one of the favourites in manicure and nail colour around the globe, a lot of people like corals and wear corals, so if you’re coral nail polish fan, do take a minute to glance at this exciting coral option in this soft and lush matt texture.



These are the six shades. Or else, five shades and a top coat. Speaking about that top coat, all those green dots and white flowers that are so hard to get out of the bottle. Remember? Well, what we still have to do is see the five nail shades from Hippie Time Is On collection by ANNY decorated with that top coat. We’re going to do just that. Given how much effort it takes to get those flowers out, I got only few of them on here. It’s physically impossible almost to get out more. Pity 🙂


121 the power of love + Daisy Effect top coat 376.30 garden party



Yep. This red pink with some coral in it is looking good with those green dots and white flowers.



Artsy good but definitely good.



This bright and hot reddish pink shade is a great background for this top coat.



The two present a very stark contrast making the whole thing even better 🙂



The whole package of this shade and this top coat looks very hippie like and very upbeat.



It’s a great nail design or nail art without actually doing any nail design or nail art option. All the effect is achieved with one top coat only.



Moving on. 376.20 festival feeling + Daisy Effect top coat 376.30 garden party



You think green nail colour is a good idea with those green dots and white flowers?



Seemingly. It turns out, it’s not though. Green dots tend to blend in with the rest of the green. Even though they are warmer than the green in festival feeling. Still.



And that understated in a way green proves to be not bright enough background for those white flowers.



So, wearing the two together is a possible option, but not the most desirable one, as far as I’m concerned.



Personally, I’m going to take a pass here and not wear this top coat with festival feeling. It’s not bright enough to show off the top coat to the full.



If you’re looking for a more tender effect though, you might try it.



373.80 let it shine + Daisy Effect top coat 376.30 garden party



Ok, this is our pale yellow with green dots and white flowers.



Just like green, yellow should go well with those warm green dots and white flowers in garden party.



Just like green though, this yellow is just too light to provide enough of a background for our beautiful top coat.



So that all the dots and all the flowers kind of get lost on this shade. They don’t shine 🙂



Again, I have to say, it’s a pass for me. I don’t see the top coat enough here.



And again, if you want some nail design that’s easy to do but want it to be tender and romantic, you might like it.



Next. Soft Gum effect polish 246.50 fun is now + Daisy Effect top coat 376.30 garden party



Here’s my first question. How come in one collection there’s matt effect nail colour and glossy top coat?



I mean, even with all the flowers in it and stuff, the top coat is glossy, so topping this shade with it kills the soft gum – that is, matt – effect.



Hm. Why do both appear in the same collection then? I don’t know 🙂



If we disregard the fact that matt finish in fun is now disappears, once you top it with garden party, the nail shade itself is bright enough to work with the top coat.



The shade is bright pink, so those white flowers and green dots look good on it.



Also, now we know what this nail shade would look like, if it weren’t matt 🙂



And the last one. Soft Gum effect polish 168.40 hot mission + Daisy Effect top coat 376.30 garden party



Are you ready for me to ask the same question? Uh-huh 🙂



How come we have two contradictory concepts in one collection?



Matt nail colour and glossy top coat? One effect pretty much kills the other. Anyway…



This nail shade is pretty bright, and it provides a good coral background for those hot green dots and white flowers in the top coat.



It looks cute. And fun. Garden party becomes hot mission.



To tell you the truth, I didn’t even expect the two to look so good together. And, yes, now we know what hot mission would look like, if it weren’t matt 🙂



That’s it. Hippie Time Is On collection by ANNY. I have mixed feelings here. It’s a collection that fits this big hippie trend. But the shades aren’t really hippie. It bothers me a little bit. On the second thought though, those shades have the most important element of the hippie world in them – happiness. So, let’s just say ANNY interpreted those shades their own way, and that’s fine.





But… those smaller bottles and especially those smaller brushes really bother me. They work better in some shades, worse in others, true. All in all though, they undermine the application. Further on, that flowery top coat is beautiful but… those flowers won’t come out of that mini bottle through that mini neck no matter what. The fact that it’s so beautiful makes it even worse 🙂 It’s like – oh, I want those flowers, can’t get them though 🙂

img_7996    img_7807

img_8495    img_8728



And it’s ever so puzzling that in one collection there are two conflicting concepts of matt nail colour and glossy top coat. Why would that be? And how was it intended? I don’t know. My own conclusion here is as follows – I’d love this collection even with the whole matt versus glossy thing if only… if only those bottles and brushes were full size. It would make it – application, quality, experience – so much better. As cute as those mini bottles look.







As it is, I’m afraid that design overpowered quality here. Design is part of experience, yes, but application is such a nuisance in this particular case, it kills all the joy design can get you. And it’s a pity. The idea of this collection rocks. Hippie and all. The shades are pretty. So, the collection could be great. I’m going to hope for the better though. Despite everything. Following the hippie culture lead 🙂 So, I’ll just say here – better luck next time.

img_8278    img_8367

img_8779    img_8920


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