Halloween manicure and makeup 2016

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Halloween is one of those rare holidays that’s almost feels like it’s designed for dressing up and making up. No need to hold back on this day, or else, night 🙂 And if on other occasions you don’t do heavy makeup, Halloween of all times is the time to do it or try the things in makeup you never would otherwise. Have you ever thought about it this way? No? Halloween in a perfect experiment ground in makeup world. Bolder, brighter, darker, hotter, edgier or whatever your heart desires, really. You can always try in on Halloween, and if it doesn’t work, so be it, you’ll have fun. And if it does work, you’ll feel safer doing it again, on any given day of your life, because you’ve already tried it and worn it and found that it’s pretty cool or pretty vampy. I mean, what can be more Halloween like than vampy? 🙂 Anyway, I’ve already told you about Halloween manicure and makeup in general, so if that’s what you’re looking for, please, see here 🙂 Halloween manicure and makeup


Today I’d like to talk to you about trendy Halloween 🙂 Why not? Even when we’re going out on Halloween, we can still be fashionable and hip. We can still weave some of the seasonal trends in our look and stay relevant. Especially as doing one and the same thing every year for Halloween is just boring. While following some of the trends that keep changing all the time and interpreting them your own way and then combining them is a perfect way to be different. Does it mean your Halloween look has to be crazy? No, not at all. It can be just darker. Sultrier. Hotter. When I think Halloween, I think femme fatale. These two concepts seem to go quite well together. So, if natural look or nudes are what you usually go for in makeup, then if you do femme fatale look for Halloween, that would be more than enough. This looks will really play and really pop for you. In fact, you might even come to like it and get to be a little bit more of a femme fatale in your non-Halloween life 🙂


Ok, so let’s talk about Halloween 2016. Friday, Saturday and Sunday this year – that’s a lot of makeup.


Nails first.


If last fall – was all about blue – this fall is by all means all about purple. There’s so much purple in all kind of shapes and forms. And it’s predominantly dark. It can be warm or cool. It can be clear or plum like with a mix of pink in it. Any dark purple variations are super trendy right now. So, if you go for any of those in manicure this Halloween, you’ll look very much in the day.


I’ve already told you how berry shades are all hot this fall season. Think about it. These shades can be womanly and pinkish but… They can be dark too. There are a lot of dark berries out there. Black cherry is a classic, and probably, the best example. But then there’s blackberry and all kind of other stuff. So, if this Halloween you decide to wear berry shades, steer darker, you know.


Probably, the most popular Halloween manicure option is black. Makes sense. Darker than dark. Well, this season off black shades are on like crazy. Not black but more like super dark green, super dark brown, super dark blue, super dark purple and stuff. Those shades that can be so dark they almost look black but not quite. Or even if they do look black, they have all those rich and interesting undertones in them. It’s a good way to perk up the good old black classic.




Dark and bright lip is what we probably think first, when we think Halloween. This fall season though dramatic eye makeup is ever so trendy. Dramatic and heavy eye makeup can be very Halloween like. Smoky eyes that are even darker than usual. Bold and artsy and dark arrows. Super long and thick and curly lashes. All those options do not necessarily have to be black, by the way. They can be dark green, dark blue, dark brown, dark purple, you get my point here 🙂


So, what do we do for lips instead of the red lip and darker lip shades we’re used to wearing on Halloween? I’ve already told you about how I feel about dramatic eye makeup and dramatic lip makeup dilemma 🙂 in this post here Accent on the eyes fall 2016 trend and accent on the eyes versus accent on the lips big makeup clash. I’d say there are two ways to go for Halloween. One way is go all out. You’ve always wanted to do heavy eye makeup AND heavy lip makeup in one look but never dared? This is your chance 🙂


And if red lip isn’t really in the foreground this fall, you can always do dark purple lip, dark plum lip, black cherry lip or dark dark dark red lip instead. Who knows, maybe, you were made for really intense makeup, you just don’t know it yet 🙂 If that’s too much for you, think about this. Pale lip – I mean like really pale lip – makes as much sense for Halloween as dark lip. You know, vampires or any other dark creatures often have pale lips 🙂 So, if you’re going for dramatic eye makeup, you can always do ever so pale pink or lilac, purple that is, lip. Very Halloween like 🙂


Crazy artsy shades.


Yellow mascara? Blue lipstick? Red eyeshadow? Super purple blush? Yes, you can do that. For Halloween 🙂 You can do anything in terms of makeup on this particular night. Where do you find those shades that are out of the common run? In professional makeup ranges. Say, Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever released new lip ranges this season that have some very artsy shades in them.


Ok, so have fun on this day and night. Have fun on Halloween. Dress up, make up and manicure up. Because that’s what Halloween is about. It’s about partying and about fun and about, well, eventually, makeup 🙂 Once again, it’s one of the best makeup and manicure occasions period. And every time I put a look together for Halloween I find some new ways, new shades, new things that I do wear in ‘real’ life once this holiday is over and gone. Halloween is about pushing borders, crossing borders, crashing borders, it’s about discovering new things about yourself and the world. This holiday is special. It’s masquerade, really 🙂 And you know how they say this makeup is good for catwalk and not for real life? Well, what’s good for catwalk is definitely good for Halloween. So on this day (and night), you can use any shades in any ways and as much of them as you like, and no one will blame you. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂 It doesn’t get better than that.

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