Lancome Sonia Rykiel fall 2016 swatched

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This collection was designed as a collaboration between Lancome and Sonia Rykiel and turned into an homage to this talented and very Parisian in her spirit fashion designer after the queen of knitwear passed away this summer. Sonia Rykiel is most famous for this very casual and easy chic that’s very true to what the City of Lights and the City of Love is. Elegance is always well matched and pulled together in its core. While chic always has this element of being relaxed and not too serious in it. A bit of humour, maybe. Or irony. And Sonya Rykiel definitely had that. My favourite Sonia Rykiel shoes are this gorgeous greige – or shall I say grege colour – that I’ve come to love so much, those shoes have crazy high heels, sort of open tips, just a little bit to have toes peeking out coquettishly, and this washed kind of finish on top of that making them chic that special way. Those shoes are great 🙂 And what’s your Sonia Rykiel is like?


Ok, off shoes and back to makeup. Not only this collection is Sonia Rykiel like in terms of shades, its design is by all means in tune with this fashion house DNA and by all means limited edition like. Here, let me show you. First things first. Tone is the basis of any good makeup. It’s not in vain they call it foundation, you know. It’s so is. Well, in this collection we don’t have any base, but we do have some tone, that is, we have here two blush shades to help us with the tone. This blush is a new thing and a new finish. It’s called Cushion Blush Subtil.


Yep, the cushion frenzy, obviously, overflowed just base and is now invading the blush territory. I’ve already told you about this whole cushion trend in makeup and about Miracle Cusion by Lancome. So, in case you missed it and are interested, welcome 🙂 Cushion hype with Lancome Miracle Cushion and Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion  This blush feels very much like Miracle Cushion base to the touch. It’s soft, spongy and unexpectedly dewy as opposed to solid. There’s one extra element there that’s not present in Miracle Cushion by Lancome. If we read into the name of this blush it’s there, but I was so eager to try I missed it and had to go back and read into it 🙂


This blush has this cooling effect to it that becomes pretty obvious once it lands on your cheeks. You know, like Stylo Eyeshadow by Chanel. There’s a big difference though. Chanel always releases their Stylo Eyeshadow in summer collections. While this collection by Lancome is a fall collection. And if I do appreciate a cool breeze like whiff on my lids or cheeks, for that matter, in summer, I’m too cold in the first place in fall a lot of the times to want any extra cool effect on my face 🙂


It depends though, if you live in a very warm or even hot climate, you might get a kick out of a little cooling bonus in this blush. Just think about it, instead of being hot like crazy you can wear Stylo Eyeshadow by Chanel on your lids and Cushion Blush Subtil by Lancome on your cheeks and be all fresh and glowy in the summer heat. Sounds good to me.


Other than that, just be forewarned and keep in mind that the whole cooling thing is there, when you consider wearing Cushion Blush Subtil. The other thing you probably need to know is that although it says it’s vibrant color and buildable intensity on the box, initially, at least, very little colour shows up on your cheeks, even if you do several swipes. It’s more of a naturally blushed cheeks kind of effect. So, if you like contouring or whatever else that requires some heavy lifting and precise application on your cheekbones, this might not be the texture you’re looking for.


The design in Cushion Blush Subtil boxing is really cool and comic strip and cartoon like. It’s in tune with Sonia Rykiel style, which I, personally, appreciate a lot. I like it when collections have a concept beneath them and everything in them, design included, fits this bigger concept. It gives makeup some essence and meaning beyond just cosmetics. And proves that makeup is serious business, you know 🙂 , that can be a lot of fun, nonetheless.



Also, it’s just nice when not only textures and colours in a collection agree with you, but when the design itself makes you smile and gets you in a better mood simply by virtue of boxing and casing and its design and all the beauty you see and hold in your hand every time you use this makeup. Makeup, just like fashion, is very much about beauty and very much about style, collection style and your personal style you create every day by picking, mixing and matching your makeup. And clothes and… well, everything in your look.



So, the boxing here is white with a cool pattern and the same is true about the casing.



Which is the same as in Miracle Cushion, by the way. Only this one is smaller.



The sponge here is the same though, that is, it’s probably only good to use on the fly, when you need to fix your makeup quickly.



While when you’re creating your look, you’d better use your favourite and well proven sponge.



Just like in Miracle Cushion, under the tray with the sponge there’s a paper with Lancome rosy logo that covers the blush itself and that you can stick back on and keep there, if you want an extra layer covering your Cushion Blush Subtil. I do 🙂



The first shade of Cushion Blush Subtil is called 021 Sorbet Rose.



To tell you the truth though, this shade is more coral than rose. Maybe, the sorbet part makes it rose, still this definition – ‘rose’ – when it comes to this shade, sounds misleading to me.



Even if we presume that this shade is pink, it’s a super warm pink. To my eye though, this shade is markedly coral. Medium to light coral.



Here’s the best thing about this collection. The second shade of Cushion Blush Subtil comes in a totally different packaging. This one is darker and all stripy. The colours of those stripes – orange, green, blue, white, pink, black – are all very Sonia Rykiel. So, once again, the design is well thought through.



The black casing is all round and on the smaller side.



The casing lid is all stripy too. Just like the boxing.



And then we have the tray with the sponge.



The sponge is all black and small.



And then we have the paper covering the blush.



The shade is called 032 Splash Corail.



Corail? If the other one was Sorbet Pink and proved to be coral, does it mean that Splash Corail will be pink, I wonder? 🙂



Yep. Right on the money. If Sorbet Pink looks totally coral to me, Splash Corail looks all pink.



This pink is medium, just like that coral. It’s not too light, not too dark and leaning to warmer. Just as Sorbet Pink, this shade is rather light texturewise, natural looking in terms of its finish. If you want more colour on your cheekbones, you’ll have to go heavy on it and layer it and layer and then some.



That’s Cushion Blush Subtil by Lancome. If you like cushion texture in base, you’ll probably like it in blush, because it feels very similar. If you’ve never used cushion texture makeup before, you’d probably better read my post about cushion hype first 🙂 to make sure it’s up your alley. The two things you need to know about Cushion Blush Subtil is that it has this cooling effect in it that you’ll feel on your cheeks once it’s there, and that the pink is actually coral, and coral is actually pink 🙂



That’s face. Now we’re going to talk eyes. There’s so much to talk about here. My favourite part of the collection 🙂


What we have here is two eye palettes. But they aren’t just eye palettes. They are those big palettes that Lancome’s been releasing of late in their seasonal collections. And then those palettes come in this limited edition design. So, you’re in for a treat here.


Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Paris La Palette Saint-Germain Limited Edition



Ok, it’s Saint-Germain.



But then from the side of the box I learn that it’s actually La Palette Saint-Germain A00 Saint-Germain.



See the pattern on the boxing? Yeah, I know, it’s awesome.



There’s even more on the casing. So pretty.



From the back of the palette we learn that there are 7 colors & 2 liners in this palette.



And this is the palette and it’s looking good.



Let’s see the brush first, then get to studying the shades 🙂 The brush is dual ended.



One side is a medium eyeshadow brush.



The other side is what they usually call an angled eyeliner brush which can be used for both eyeliner application and precise eyeshadow application.



I’m back to Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Paris La Palette Saint-Germain A00 Saint-Germain here. These are all the shades, including the three shades hidden under the metal lid.



Hm. The two navy blue shades on the far right are probably eyeliner. My question is though – why do we need two base shades in one palette that only has nine shades in it? I guess, both eyeshadow and eyeliner has its own base shade. Hm. And hm again.


Here are the first five. Eyeshadow.




First, there’s a matt warmer beige that proves to be an off white base shade, basically. Nothing more. Nothing less.



Then there’s a beautiful medium green that would be khakish if it weren’t so cool. It’s darker and khaki green like, but khaki green is traditionally warmer than that. This shade has a cool undertone in it and a bud like feel about it. The result is greyish green with, maybe, just a distant touch of blue lingering on its bottom. This shade would look great on you, if your eyes are green or grey. If your eyes are blue, you can wear it too, it will be more of an artsy option for you though.



A bunch of loose but pretty concentrated silver sparkle. It’s not too light. It’s a clever mix of darker and lighter pearl and sparkle. What I like about it is that it’s not too loose and will cover your lids fully in light and shine and pearl and sparkle, if you choose to wear it. This silver is one of those shades that can help you stop looking tired and start looking well rested and fresh in a second.



Greyish blue, kind of cool and sort of moody in a very good way. This shade is very elegant and it does have that chic feel about it. This blue is very pleasing and very flattering in a way, it’s a modern interpretation of blue eyeshadow classic. Very sophisticated. Very womanly. Very classy without being boring.



A darker blue that stops just short of being navy blue, stuffed with silver and blue sparkle to the very brim. This blue looks like midnight starry sky. It’s beautiful. Special occasion like. And it’s not too dark, which makes it great. When shades of the kind get too dark, they slide all the way into navy blue and sometimes even off black territory. This shade doesn’t. It stays proudly blue, sparkly and artsy in a very good way.



A darker grey with a bunch of silver sparkle changing this darker shade and making it edgier in a way. Just like in case of that blue shade, the best news about this grey shade here is that it’s not too dark. Not off black. Not smoky eye like although… I guess you could do a very party like and very edgy smoky eye look with this shade. This grey is actually dark enough to have depth to it and at the same time sparkly enough to look good on most people and light up our look.



The next three. Eyeliner.




First we have this base shade that’s different than the warm beige eyeshadow base shade. This base shade is off white too, but it’s cooler and pinkish, rather. But you won’t see much of that on the lids. Instead you’ll see off white 🙂



I can’t believe I like so many dark blue eye shades in one palette. I can’t say I’m a fan. I mean, my eyes aren’t blue, so you know 🙂 This blue is very dark, it’s eyeliner, so it makes sense, actually, that it’s dark, it has a handful of silver blue sparkle in it though dressing it up and making it chic. And again this navy blue is definitely blue and not off black in any way. I love that.



Another navy blue like eyeliner shade, only this one has no sparkle in it. It’s just a deep blue colour. There’s a distant greyish undertone in it that I appreciate because it helps it to not get darker than dark and off black. Instead it’s this dark and interesting Parisian like blue. Nice.



Boy, this palette is gorgeous. Sonia Rykiel like and Lancome like and Paris like and everything. It’s beautiful. Elegant. Exquisite. And clearly angled towards blue eyed, grey eyed and green eyed beauties. If your eyes are brown, you can wear these shades too, just keep in mind that they will look a bit more artsy on you. The shades in this palette feel good texturewise, apply easily, stay on and render the easy and casual chic with a little bit of zest and humour in it concept of Sonia Rykiel perfectly. As much as I’m not a fan of darker blues in eyeshadow and eyeliner, this palette is really something, and I’ll enjoy looking at it, holding it in my hand and wearing these colours.




We’re going to move on and see the second palette now. Yes, there’s the second palette in this collection. And it’s as big.


Here’s our stripy design in Sonia Rykiel colours.



The back of the palette is just black.



Believe it or not, this palette is called Saint-Germain too 🙂 Or else, it’s called Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Paris La Palette Saint-Germain M00 Parisian Spirit.



Oh, Ok, so it’s Saint-Germain Parisian Spirit. Now I get it 🙂



The case with the palette itself is as stripy as the boxing. So, if you like the stripy design, there’s more of it for you to have here.



The back of the palette case is black just like the back of the box.



The brush is the same as in the other palette. Dual ended.



Eyeshadow brush on one side.



Angled eyeliner/eyeshadow brush on the other.



Guess what, I see that the first shade is not quite a base shade here. Not off white, seemingly. I love that. I have enough base shades around. So, I want shades in palettes as opposed to no shades.



Here are all the shades, including the eyeliner shades under the metal lid. And as you can see, there’s a base shade here. So, don’t worry, in case you need it, it’s here for ya 🙂



We’re about to see those shades up close and personal. Eyeshadow first.




I was afraid this pink might prove to be too light and more of an off white base like shade. And I’m happy to report it’s not 🙂 It’s a lighter matt pink. And even though it’s light, it’s pink, no doubt about that. Very shy. Very pretty. Can be romantic but not necessarily. Such lighter pinks can help you look fresh, well rested. And it’s one of the best nude shades ever.



The next shade is pearly and sparkly and pink too, but it’s darker and so warm it almost looks reddish or coralish in a way. The sparkle in it is light golden and coral like. The shade is a great artsy smoky eye option. You can combine it with that first pink, only it’s probably better to use more pink and then to use this shade as more of an accent. If your skin tone is lighter, pale in that noble way, be careful, this shade has a red undertone in it, and red and pink undertones in makeup might not be the most flattering option for you.



A bunch of loose lighter golden sparkle. This bunch is looser than that silver sparkly shade in the blue palette. Remember? Although it’s still intense enough, and the golden sparkle concentration in it is pretty high. This golden shade is not just golden though. It’s this clever vintage kind of gold that looks very chic and not just dressed up like shiny sparkly gold. It’s nice to see this darker gold, because holiday season is coming, and I’m sure it’s going to be as full of shiny golden shades as it always is 🙂



Satiny milk and coffee like shade. It’s a lighter milk and coffee with some khaki and gold mixed into it. The result is warm, elegant and womanly. At the same time, it’s easy going just like all the shades in this collection are. The concept of easy chic is still here and is well interpreted into all the makeup. This shade is super becoming, super flattering and exquisite. Anyone can try it and feel Parisian in a way 🙂



A satiny greige that’s cooler than the complex milk and coffee like shade that we’ve just talked about. This greige almost has a silver feel about it. It’s not silvery. It’s like there’s a silver cloud hovering over it and making it, once again, special. This greige is very satiny. More so than the milk and coffeeish shade. But it’s no less universal. I’ve already told you more than once that greige eye shades are very becoming, very sophisticated and look good on most of us. Don’t be afraid of the satiny finish in it. It’s more of an appealing glow than big time shine. Also, seeing these two shades – milk and coffee like and greige – makes me wanna pair them up in one makeup. Those two will provide for a red carpet level look.



Hot chocolate. That’s the best way to describe this shade. Just saying it’s brown is not enough. Just saying it’s warm is not enough. Hot chocolate is more accurate and it gives you a better idea of what it’s like. It’s matt and warm, so warm in its core. One of the best browns out there. Or else dark browns. Dark browns are though to pull, generally speaking, this one is not. It has a purplish edge to it too, just edge, not undertone.



And eyeliner 🙂




The first shade is just base. Off white leaning to lighter pink. It’s a matt whitish shade with a pink whisper about it. A perfect base for warmer eye shades.



An interesting eyeliner shade, a very deep dark plum, so dark it’s almost about to tip into the ink purple territory, but it doesn’t because it’s too warm to do that 🙂 Plum and purple eyeliner looks good most of the time. And this one is so dark more people can try it and talk themselves into wearing it 🙂 A very becoming shade.



Another eyeliner shade I like. A cool darker satiny purple with just a handful of silver sparkle. This eyeliner shade is often overlooked, and it’s a pity, because it’s great. Whatever your eye colour is, you can try it and see how great it is.



Wow. The second palette and it’s so wonderful. This one is angled more towards brown eyed beauties. It doesn’t mean green eyed beauties and blue eyed beauties can’t wear it. It’s just that it’s a little bit of an artsier option for them. These shades are rich, sophisticated, classy. And still they have this zest in them, this edge that Sonia Rykiel design always has to it. These shades are darker, and even though you can by all means wear them in everyday life, I can’t help thinking looking at them that they’ll look incredible at a party or special occasion and with an evening gown. The textures are good here, so no need to worry about application or longevity or anything like that. So, I say, party it is 🙂




We’ve talked about the blush, about the eyeshadow and eyeliner. Now we’re going to talk about lip colour. This time around there’s something really special here by Lancome. Lip pencil. If you’re asking yourself what’s special about lip pencil, one of the basic makeup items, let me tell you this. I don’t mean lip pencil here that you use with lip colour. I mean lip colour that comes in the shape of a pencil.


It’s another big trend in makeup. And I’m usually kind of apprehensive, when it comes to lip colour in this form and texture. Because most of those pencil things seem to dry my lips. Even when they aren’t matt, they still dry my lips. So, every time I see a product like that, it kind of scares me 🙂 and I go – oh, I hope it won’t do that.


I’ll tell you what. Lancome feels much better on the lips than most pencil like lip colour does. Lancome is softer, it almost doesn’t dry my lips – almost but not altogether – and it’s the closest to cream lipstick texture I’ve ever seen in lip pencil shaped products. They usually do feel harsher, harder on the lips, more like pencils. Lancome feels more like a classic cream lipstick texture.



Here’s a little tip. Lancome Parisian Lips le Crayon is dual ended to provide the blurred effect promised on the packaging. One side is more of a cream lip colour kind of thing. It has more of that dry lip sensation hidden deep down in it. While the other side is more of a sheer wet shiny like finish. And it’s softer to the touch and to the feel, the way sheer lip colour is almost always softer to the touch than cream lip colour.



So, if you’re afraid that this product will dry your lips, go for the sheer side first and then once you’re sure it’s working for you, move on to the full on colour side. The way Lancome designed it is obviously to colour first and then ‘blur’ it by topping it with that sheer shiny finish side. It works and once you top the colour with this sheer blurring thing, it softens the whole thing up sensationwise.



I’m no big fan of topping things in lip colour. It almost never works for me. It’s close to impossible to distribute the top layer evenly without smudging the bottom layer. So, as much as they say that lip colour can be topped with lip gloss, I do it only rarely, when brands release things that are designed to be worn one on top of the other. Which is exactly the case here.



Parisian Lips le Crayon by Lancome works efficiently enough, where you can blur the colour with the sheer top layer, if you so desire. To me, it’s more of a fun try it once kind of thing. And then I’ll just wear the two separately depending on whether I want cream colour finish or sheer colour finish. And as I like sheer texture better, and I find that in this lip pencil texture the sheer part feels more comfortable and softer on my lips, I’ll probably wear that side of le Crayon more.



Eventually, this ‘blurred’ finish is there for you in Parisian Lips le Crayon by Lancome, if you choose to top one side of the pencil with the other. The side that produces blurred effect feels like lip gloss and wears off like lip gloss does leaving a sticky sensation behind, the way it actually happens with lip gloss sometimes. Also, le Crayon has this basic Vaseline like makeup scent to it, you know, before they put all the good things in it to make it scented 🙂 This scent is not overpowering but can be a little tough on those of us who are sensitive that way.



So, the first shade of Sonia Rykiel x Lancome Parisian Lips le Crayon by Lancome Blurred Effect Lip Duet is called A01 Parisian Audace.



And it’s all white and has those nice patterns all over it. Looking good.



The shade is more or less coral. A bright and happy coral on the cream lip colour side.



And a sheer and tender light coral on the ‘blurring’ side.



As to how you wear those – separately, together, only one of the two, it’s up to you, obviously 🙂


I don’t love corals in makeup. I don’t love them on my lips, but there’s something nice about this one. The bright coral side is not too bright, not too crazy, not dead on orange. Instead it’s vibrant, merry, energizing. While the blurry side is romantic and girly in a way. Or, I guess, you could say it’s nude like, if you like coral nude lip.



Next shade comes in the same white packaging with all the gorgeous design.



And Sonia Rykiel x Lancome logo on top of the box.



The shade is called A02 Parisian Spirit.



Here’s the pencil with two caps.



Speaking about the caps, to me, it’s hard not to smudge the pencil itself when I open it and close it 🙂 Harder than with lipstick in a tube.



The two shades are, basically purple pink. Or else, a very cool pink.



The full on colour side is this really cool pink with a distinct purple undertone. Once you apply it, even more purple shows up.



The ‘blurring’ side is a shy pink lilac. A very pretty lilac. Princess like 🙂



So, these are the two with all the obvious combo options. This shade – or else, shades – is a modern version of the good old pink. Both pink lip colour fans and purple lip colour fans might like it, because the two shades are mixed in almost even proportion here. This shade is upbeat and on the run kind of thing. It’s a new pink vision and Sonia Rykiel like take on fuchsia by Lancome. Just keep in mind – there’s a lot of purple there 🙂



Next shade. New packaging. Black with colourful stripes, well, you remember by now 🙂



The tip of the box with the logo is black here.



The shade is called M01 French Sourire.



And the pencil itself is all stripy.



I have to tell you, this stripy design looks at its best in pencil shape.



The only thing I don’t like that much is that white space between the stripes on the back of the pencil. Still love this design though 🙂



The shade here is pretty much raspberry.



The full on colour side is a bright lip colour classic. Raspberry. If you think about it, raspberry is the most modern looking of the initial lip colours. And here it is in full glory.



The sheer side is a very much diluted raspberry. Diluted to the point where it almost becomes a cool pink.



This raspberry is a great bright lip colour option for those who like elegance with a modern twist to it. I’ve always liked raspberry lip. There’s something yummy about it, something active and fun. And something French. So, this shade fits it really well here in this collaboration of two famous French brands.



The last shade.



The design is the same here – black and then some colour in stripes.



I’ve been wondering what the fourth shade in this collection might be.



What shade is missing here.



The shade that’s French. Can you guess it?



The shade is called M02 French Baiser.



Red lip colour had to show up in this collection. There’s no way around it. And here it is. My favourite kind – a vibrant and fiery red. Not dark and vampy but happy and hot.



One side of it is exactly that. It’s cream colour red. Radiant red. Parisian red.



The sheer side is like super diluted red lip gloss red. It’s the same kind of red only washed to the point where there’s very little of this red left in it.



This red is gorgeous, really. It’s so womanly. It’s the ultimate lip colour, it’s Lancome classic with that Sonia Rykiel zest in it. I just love this bright red because it brings together everyone – those who like bright lips shades, those who like hot shades, those who like classic shades. Red lip is something we all do from time to time. And this shade here is a way to do it.



And that’s all we have in lip colour.



The last part of the look and this collection is nail colour.


There are four shades of Vernis in Love, so there’s a lot to pick from.


Here’s the first one.



With all the cartoons on it.



The shade is called A33 Joie de Vivre.



It’s just like that lip pencil. Orange. Very much so.



With Lancome rosy logo on the cap.



Even though I don’t like to wear orange nail colour, this shade is pleasant. It’s orange nail colour done right. And it makes sense within the collection.



This orange is light enough and still bright. Ever so bright.



You know what’s the good news about the amount of corals in makeup? Even such a bright orange shade as this one here doesn’t look too artsy anymore.



It looks edgy, sort of, yes, but you can probably weave it into the most elegant look and be able to pull it.



This is the way I like to wear orange nail colour. With peach or beige or brown womanly outfits. As an accent.



Although, you can definitely do a casual look with orange nail colour. This easy chic like look.



Here’s our next shade



From Sonia Rykiel x Lancome collection.



A44 Saint Germain



It’s navy blue.



Unlike those eyeliners, this nail colour is really and truly navy blue. Not just dark blue but navy blue.



Navy blue is a very elegant nail colour option. It’s not red, not black, it’s a little off the beaten track, you know.



And it’s elegant not in a linear and simple way, but in a more complex and sophisticated way.



Once again, this nail shade is a good match for those blue eye shades and the rest of this collection.



The fact that it’s darker only makes it more exquisite.



There’s something about navy blue nail colour where I just keep coming back to it. It’s special.



Next shade.



This one comes in stripy design.



It’s called M11 Café Blanc.



The shade is white. Naturally 🙂



You know how I feel about white nail colour. It’s not one of my favourites.



But there’s something about the way the shades in this collection are, they are put together so cleverly, that I like even the ones I generally don’t.



This white is clean and clear. And not sheer. I can’t say I see any undertone in it.



Still, it looks like I dipped my nails in whipped cream or something.



There’s something there. Something more than just dead on white.



This dipped in whipped cream feeling is very nice. It’s like there’s an extra layer of niceness added to my nails, when I have Café Blanc on. Pretty cool 🙂



And the last one.



I do like this blue, black and white top of the box, by the way.



The shade is called M22 Café Philo.



And the shade is a super interesting khaki green.



Again they did it. It’s khaki green, but it’s better than just khaki green, kind of.



Khaki green, generally speaking, is a good nail colour option. A little trendy, but still darker and not neon or something. Within the modern classic range, I’d say.



While this khaki green in particular is somehow warmer than what I imagine when I think khaki green.



It’s like there’s more yellow in it. Or else, it’s full of light. That’s what it is. This khaki green is full of light.



Wearing it is pleasant. And the shade itself not too artsy. It’s a way to be elegant and modern all in one run. Or should I say in one manicure?



And just think how well it matches that blue green eye palette. That would be one great look, if you wear Café Philo nail colour with any of those green eye shades.



The best thing about the four nail colours here is that they are so in tune with the collection concept. They are Lancome. They are Sonia Rykiel. They are stylish. They can easily be matched with the blush shades, eye shades and lip shades. They are true to the Parisian spirit that this collection has in it every step of the way. And the four nail shades are inherently charming. And casual 🙂

img_5628   img_5725

img_5962   img_6145


Vernis in Love by Lancome is one of the few nail colour ranges that didn’t go into the whole gel formula thing yet. It’s a solid and traditional nail colour formula. It’s easy to apply, it’s not streaky, even when we’re talking white nail shade it’s not 🙂 , it’s shiny without a top coat. It lasts as much as nail colour can humanly last. Everything about it is good. It’s one of those choices in nail colour you can always rely on. So, I hope this formula will stand 🙂




That’s Sonia Rykiel x Lancome collection. The design in this collaboration is one of the best limited edition designs in a while. But there’s more to love here than just design. This collection is so well put together. You could easily create all kind of looks and makeup options with these products that will be different and that you will enjoy. It’s a full package, where all the shades are united by the same style and the same concept. And this concept is very Sonia Rykiel. Becayse the shades in this collection are all about casual chic and sense of humour. It’s about being womanly without being overly serious. About feeling comfortable and having something in your look that one can’t quite grasp immediately or ever, maybe, but that one will remember for a while. About being yourself. And having your own view and style. And about having fun. The statement in this collection is very life loving, and it’s a very rare and a very appealing kind of statement.




























































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