Pink makeup and manicure trend holiday 2016

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Pink is not nearly traditional for holiday season. This holiday season 2016/2017 though pink is invading new territories. Luxury makeup brands have been dipping their toes in pink river on holidays for a while now. This season is different though. There’s a distinct pink mood hovering over those holiday makeup collections. Chanel did it big time, Sephora holiday 2016 collection packaging is all pink. Dior and Guerlain did it to an extent. And who knows who else would.


Generally, even if we see pinks in holiday makeup collections, those pinks are mostly muted and reddish. This time around pinks are pink all the way. They are bright, distinctly and unmistakably pink, electric almost at times. I mean, they are the kind of pinks that look summery almost but not quite. This trend is fresh and unexpected. I love that 🙂


Most pinks released for holiday season 2016 are for lips and nails. This is like the hottest thing. I’m pulling out my favourite electric pinks to be all ready for the upcoming holidays, because I find the idea of wearing pinks in winter exciting 🙂 This whole pink euphoria is very fresh and upbeat and trendy in a way.


In the season to come pinks are going be an accent kind of thing, they are going to be splashes of colour placed strategically against the nude and light coral background. With some gold and silver woven into our look to remind us it’s holiday time. Pinks are going to be nice and artsy, as opposed to summer boring. Speaking about boring…


This fall makeup collections were pretty much a disappointment to me. They were just so uninspiring in terms of new ideas and colour combinations and concepts. A lot of those collections were merely a bunch of eyeshadow paired up with some permanent range lip shades and supporting new launches. I was devastated to see that. So, I’m happy that the pink trend is really shaking and making holiday season 2016 worth it for me in terms of makeup.


P.S. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed here and anticipate more good stuff.

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