Givenchy Audace de l’Or holiday 2016 swatched

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Judging by the name of this collection by Givenchy, we can expect a lot of gold here. Or else, Audacity of Gold, I guess 🙂 This collection is very compact the way Givenchy collections usually are. That is, it’s small and there are only three items in it: a powder, an eye quad and a lipstick. Audace de l’Or is my first holiday collection of the year – Guerlain will be next – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed here hoping for a good holiday season rich in new makeup and new ideas. Although in this particular case I’or – gold – isn’t new in any way. It’s the other way around, actually.


Gold is traditional for holiday season in general and holiday season makeup collections in particular. This time of the year is somehow calling for this rich, dressed up and lush colour. Some people would say gold is the most dressed up colour out there. Whatever it is, gold has been there for so long, and it’s still there and still going, you know, so there is something about it. About all this shine. It’s a matter of doing it right. Now let’s see if Givenchy pulled it and how much audacity there’s actually in these products 🙂


Face first. This time around Givenchy prepared Prisme Libre for us in one very special limited edition and holiday like shade.



The shade is called 8 Voile Audacieux. Veil is nice, I like to think of powder as veil, a thin and weightless veil, that’s the texture I’m looking for in powder.



Prisme Libre is Givenchy’s take on loose powder formula, and it’s quite good. It promises us Matt Finish and Enhanced Radiance which sounds a little bit like a contradiction to me, but I’ll hold my judgement till I see it, feel it and wear it.



Here’s the list of ingredients in case you’re wondering.



And here’s the design of this powder that I, personally, find pretty impressive. And feel a whole bunch of Audace de l’Or in it 🙂 This textured leathery design with Givenchy logo ‘tattooed’, or else, stamped over it is so posh, decadent almost in its opulence. There’s definitely something bold and audacious about it.



On the back of this case there’s a chart with an instruction of how to use it and where to apply it. Personally, I’d like to use it a little differently, but it’s a matter of taste.



Let me remind you that Prisme Libre by Givenchy is actually 4 in 1 Harmony. That is, it consists of four different independent shades that mix and merge in the course of application.



The shades here look pink and peachy. Two of them look light pinkish. One looks orangy. And one looks yellowish. I’ve got to tell you, it’s an interesting combination. A clash of cooler pinks against warmer orange and yellow. Not typical. Not traditional. Exciting. I like it 🙂



Here’s a sponge that comes with the powder and that we can apply it with.



This sponge works for the purposes of quick application. I don’t know how efficient it is for strategic application that the chart on the bottom of the box seems to indicate it takes here. It will probably go easier, if you use your favourite sponge or shake some of the powder out in the lid and then apply it with a powder brush.



Speaking about shaking the powder out… The holes in the box are covered with a sticker.



And you need to get this sticker off to actually be able to get the powder out.



Here’s what I shook out on the sponge by pressing it to the powder case and then turning it upside down 🙂



From what I see here my initial breakdown of two lighter pinks – one is so cool it’s lilacey almost – and then orange and yellow holds true. But…



Once I swatch it, I don’t see any warm yellow or orange. All I see here is lighter pink creating an off white mixed with tender pink ‘veil’. In this pinkish off white tone there’s ever so fine delicate and tiny sparkle that’s hard to see, but it’s there, and there’s a lot of it. A whole lot. But you can only see it at certain angles and in certain light. It’s more of a radiance enhancing thing than a shiny thing. Still, this whole sparkly business makes it very fun and holiday like. And, yes, it does give you both – matt finish due to the powder shade proper and enhanced radiance due to that fine sparkle. Wow. They actually pulled it 🙂



This powder proved to be a universal, one shade for all kind of thing. You know how I feel about those. Such universal shades don’t really work for everyone. They only work for some skin tones. Mostly light ones. Nonetheless, this pinkish undertone and exquisite sparkle in this shade by Givenchy is nice and becoming. And should this powder be too light for you to apply it all over, you can always use it for highlighting and strobing. The design is really great. It’s a truly holiday edition.


Next we have something for our eyes here.



Palette Ors Audacieux



Intense & Radiant Eyeshadow 4 Colors. Intense and Radiant? Sounds good to me. I can’t wait to see it.



Here are the ingredients.



And this is the palette. The lid is the same darker vintage like textured gold with Givenchy logo.



The button on the side of this palette that you have to hit to open it is gold. It looks very elegant against the lacquered black background.



I’ll tell you what, there isn’t much guidance on how to apply those shades on the back of this palette, so it’s only up to us and our imagination how we do it.



Once I open the palette, I see the same black lacquered background with two spongy black and gold applicators and the black lid covering the eyeshadow quad. I like it that there’s a lid here, something covering the shades proper, it keeps them better preserved.



The spongy applicators are sleek and short stemmed.



One of them has more of a pointed tip.



The other one has more of a round tip.



The shades have stylized star design etched on them. And we know that the star is a big part of Givenchy DNA. I appreciate the brands keeping within their bigger concept and inventing new takes on it and new approaches. That’s exactly the case here in this eye palette by Givenchy. Those starts are awesome. Now, when I saw the shades, I was like – ugh, gold and silver for holidays again, what’s new? But once I swatched those shades, got to know them better, my attitude changed.



Gold here is not just this lighter shiny gold we’re used to seeing in holiday makeup. It’s more of a darker gold, mustard like almost, which makes it nobler. This golden shade by Givenchy is a darker yellow mustardy background with a handful of golden sparkle providing a contrast that makes the whole thing special occasion like and unusual. This warm sunny shade can help you to create red carpet like makeup, trendy and artsy smoky eyes, super cool cat like arrows or anything else you can think of. It’s beautiful.



The shade that I initially thought was silver is not really that, it’s a stunning satiny pearly greige loaded with golden pearl and shine on top. The combination of a greige shade and golden sparkle provides a stunning and wonderful effect. This shade is lush, darker, dressed up and flattering. I’ve already told you how greige is a very appealing shade that looks good and different on almost everyone. Greige has come into play recently, relatively speaking, so it hasn’t been beaten to death yet. And there’s something very lush about greige eyeshadow, while the golden sparkle here makes this shade specifically extra lush. This shade took my breath away.



The third shade is awesome, because it’s ever so hard to describe and categorize. You know what it means? It’s means, it’s rare 🙂 It’s copperish but not quite and all the way copper. It’s red brownish with beige and coral mixed into it to dilute it. There’s little colour there, this shade is lighter and then there’s a bunch of loose pink golden sparkle. Wow. I only rarely see shades I haven’t seen that much and worn that much. This is definitely one of them. I’m excited. This shade is elegant, sophisticated and delicate. It’s a find.



Finally, we have here a good old satiny and kind of pearly copper with some fine golden sparkle, but not too much. Just a handful. Copper eyeshadow is another eye shade – along with gold – that we see a lot in holiday collections. Although it’s not as common as gold, to be honest. This copper shade by Givenchy is softened up by pearl, and it’s good, because the satin finish makes it even more sophisticated. You know what the shade is great for? For drawing bigger and artsier arrows with and for doing smoky eyes. Copper smoky eyes are super hot.



That’s the eye quad. I still can’t get over the vintage golden design in this collection. And if my starting point with the shades was not too positive, once I tried them, I’ve come to love them. They are understated in the most exquisite way. At the same time they are full of holiday like sparkle that will provide amazing reflections and make your eyes and the look in them really stand out. This palette is a very good job.




And the last thing in the collection. Lipstick.



There’s only one shade. 213 Rose Audacieux. Givenchy is obviously sticking to their guns, or else to their ‘audacieux’ thing here. Ok 🙂



The lipstick is Le Rouge Intense Color Sensuously Mat Lip Color.



Here are the ingredients for you.



And this is what the beautiful tubing looks like. The whole opulent textured golden leathery design is still here 🙂 Very holiday like. Ok, Givenchy, you’ve talked me into it. Let’s go party 🙂



Every time I get Le Rouge and read on it that it’s Mat Lip Color, even if it’s Sensuously Mat, I go – no, it’s not really. I mean, Intense Color? Yeah, I second that. But matt? I don’t think so. To me it’s more of a good and very classic full cover cream lipstick formula with satiny shine to it. Maybe, though it’s just my perception of what cream lipstick finish is like? I don’t know.



Also, as much as I’m not a fan of heavy scented makeup products, especially lip colour – I’ve already told you – it’s just too close to my nose 🙂 – and Le Rouge by Givenchy does have this pretty strong and pretty heavy, albeit not unpleasant, old fashioned powdery makeupey scent to it, this time around and in this particular shade and this particular limited edition, something’s different. The scent is still strong, but it’s less powdery and more lipstickey. And I like it more this way. And I can take it much easier. This scent on my lips. I don’t know why that is, I’m just reporting on what I see and smell 🙂



We’re getting back to our lipstick here and the shade. So, they say it’s rose, huh? Rose Audacieux? So, pink?



No, it’s not pink. Not quite. It’s more complex than that. It’s better than that. It’s a holiday pink upgrade, that’s what it is.



Naturally, I thought from the name of it that it’s pink, but Givenchy surprised me yet again here, they managed to surprise me every step of the way in this collection, and that happens only rarely. This lip shade is so becoming and so not overused or overdone. It’s pink with a good deal of red and coral and beige in it. What we get as a result of all this mixing is a fabulous and interesting medium bright shade that looks very natural and will look very flattering on the lips on all of us. And very different depending on our eye colour and hair colour.



Just like that eye shade – remember? – it’s hard to describe it, but the two have something in common, actually. Rose Audacieux is a brownish coralish red pink. And it will be a great match for all those eye shades in the collection. Or any warm and warmish makeup shades you like. This shade is rare. It’s worth having. Especially designed the way it is here by Givenchy.



Rose Audacieux is gorgeous, there’s no question about it for me. It’s natural looking without being nude, that is, noncolour. It’s elegant. It’s not too light and not too vampy. It can be an every day shade or a special occasion shade. It looks different depending on the light. More natural in daylight and more intense, mysterious and sultry in artificial light, dim light or disco light. But most importantly, this shade shows up only rarely in seasonal collections and almost never in permanent ranges. So, it’s a keeper.


That’s the collection, and I’m ever so happy I started my makeup holiday season with this one. It makes me smile. It makes me happy. It piques my interest. It’s special. It’s not boring. And it does feel like holidays. This merry feeling in it, this sparkle and the fantastic design and packaging, it’s all done right. The shades are not too crazy, not too artsy, they are in tune with what we mostly want for holidays, at the same time, they have a zest in them. And this zest is very Givenchy.










Givenchy Audace de l’Or holiday 2016 collection is classy and has a little bit of a fun and modern edge to it. It’s posh and is designed to bring out the best in our looks, to emphasize that shine in our eyes and that sparkle in our smile. To put it simply, it has a festive feeling and mood hovering about it and dragging us right into it and enveloping us and calling for celebration. Doesn’t necessarily have to be this holiday season celebration. You have any other celebrations coming? This collection will come in handy 🙂





P.S. Nail shade? Where’s that nail shade, huh, Givenchy? To round it all up. Just one. C’mon 🙂

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