Clinique new launches (lips) – Pop Glaze, Pop Lacquer and Sweet Pots swatched

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Clinique has been firing out those lip colour launches of late, really firing out, I mean, not limited editions or something but full on ranges. And they keep doing it. Cream colour, sheer colour, liquid colour, lip balm, now they are going into the whole matt territory. It’s almost too much too fast. Still, I’m trying to figure it all out here, decipher the ranges, see what they are for and whether I like any of them, because it’s definitely true that of all makeup products existing lip colour is the most worn and the most loved one.


Clinique has never been my favourite, it’s a solid middle of the road thing to me. Their textures and design oftentimes feels too utilitarian to me and lacking that extra special and extra pleasant element I’m always looking for in luxury makeup. Although, obviously, it’s a matter of personal preference. And Clinique quality is quite good. And… their Clinique Colour + Primer proved to be a very pleasant surprise. It’s a great cream lipstick. Want more detail? See here Clinique Colour + Primer 07 Passion Pop.  So, I’m hoping to see more good stuff by Clinique and who knows, maybe, I’ll come to really love more of their lip products?


The first thing I got after Clinique Colour + Primer that made me so happy 🙂 is this one. Clinique Pop Glaze. Clinique says it’s sheer lip colour + primer. Sounds very good. We’ve already talked about how hard it is to do colour and primer all in one though. So, we’ll see.



The shade I got of Clinique Pop Glaze is called 06 bubblegum pop.



And here’s the list of ingredients.



The tubing is fun and young and hip. In fact, it’s more fun and hip than posh or elegant. Whether you like it or not, depends on what you’re looking for. Also, just like in Clinique Colour + Primer the tube is the colour of the shade you got. Another thing that’s a matter of taste. I, for one, don’t like it. What shade I got and am wearing is my private business, really, and I don’t need to advertise it to the whole world every time I pull that tube out. Maybe, it’s just me though 🙂



So, from the tube itself you see that the shade I got is a happy and upbeat cooler pink. Or is it? Let’s study it closely 🙂



Before we do though, here’s what this lipstick – and formula – is like. It does feels shiny and pearly but not quite like a really and truly sheer lipstick. It’s not as sheer as you expect sheer lip colour to be, the coverage in it is a little fuller. You can build it though the way you can usually build sheer lip cover on your lips. This formula somehow has a Vaseline like whiff to it up front. Only up front, then it goes away pretty much, still I wish it weren’t there. Texturewise, Clinique Pop Glaze feels heavier on the lips than sheer lip colour formula usually does. In a way that I feel it’s there all the time when wearing it. While I actually love sheer lipstick so much because I don’t feel it on the lips as much as cream lip colour 🙂



It feels like lip balm a little, surprisingly, in a way that it almost gets absorbed by lips up front the way lip balm does. It’s not unpleasant. You know the way sheer lipstick melts into your lips, sort of. It happens very fast here. And I was afraid it means the shine will disappear, but, luckily, it doesn’t. Very weird, not in a bad way. I’ve never felt anything like it before. Hm. This Clinique Pop Glaze is an interesting animal, that’s for sure. Just as in the case of Clinique Colour + Primer I do feel something distantly here in terms of lip care, but not enough of it to say it’s there, present, full on and worth it as a lip care product.



The shade is a lighter lilac pink or pink lilac, some people would say. It’s pretty tender, romantic in a way. Shy and pretty and kind of girly. Like a rosebud. You could also treat it as a nude cool pink or nude lilac lip shade, if you go really light on it. And if you can live with the shiny finish in nude makeup 🙂 This shade is a nice pink. If cooler lighter pinks look good on you, this one will probably do too. Also, keep in mind that in the tube it looks brighter than it is in real life, the way all sheer formulae do, you know.



My own and personal conclusion here is as follows. Clinique Pop Glaze didn’t click with me the way Clinique Colour + Primer did. It’s too heavy on the lips for sheer lip colour formula and doesn’t provide enough of balmy care to justify it for me. Although, once again, I just like sheer lighter textures in the first place 🙂


Here’s the next one. Clinique Pop Lacquer. Again it says here it’s lip colour + primer. Okay, I still have all my suspicions going about doing colour and care all in one 🙂 Still…



The shade I got it called 07 go-go pop.



Here’s what’s in this formula in case you’re wondering.



The tube is like a really small lipgloss tube. Small to the point where I could easily fit it into most of my clutches 🙂 It’s square and plastic with a silver metal cap and a sheer part where the colour shows. So, as you can see, again I went for a cooler pink here, only this one looks brighter in the tube. We’ll get back to whether it’s really brighter or not later.



First we’ll discuss what this lip colour is like and how it feels. Clinique Pop Lacquer is pretty much liquid lip colour. Shiny and full coverage. Cream colour like finish with an extra shine. This here is a very classic liquid lip colour finish, actually. There’s no scent to it at all, which, to me, is an advantage. The texture is a little sticky on the lips, but rather light feeling. I can kind of feel it’s there but not too much, and its presence doesn’t bother me.



In terms of lip care, once again, I don’t feel much. There’s probably something there, but there’s not enough of this something for me to say in all honesty I could drop my primer and just go with this thing here. I just don’t think the result will be as smooth as I’d like it to be. The brush in Clinique Pop Lacquer is flattened a little, still it’s very cushiony fluffy and nice. It’s very pleasant to apply lip lacquer with it. It’s one of those rare brushes that adds to the experience and makes it even better. If your lips are sensitive in the first place, and some spongy brushes are too rough on them, this is worth a shot just for the brush. Seriously. No kidding 🙂



The shade is a bright cooler pink. As long as we do get fuller coverage the shade is there all the way. And it’s as bright as it looks in the tube. And the shine there is to it makes it look only brighter. Some would say it’s a lighter version of fuchsia. To me, there’s not enough purple in it to say it’s fuchsia. It’s a very happy, energetic and upbeat pink. The kind of shade that can make you smile very easily. And even if it’s bright, it’s pink, not red, you know 🙂 So, it’s more relaxed in a way and can be a bright every day option.



Clinique Pop Lacquer is a really good liquid lip colour with mirror shine. It’s a little too sticky to me. I wish it weren’t that sticky. And again, it’s stated that it’s colour and primer, and I don’t get enough primer in it. But if you treat it just like liquid lip colour, and in case you like products of the kind and this particular texture, it’s a solid and good one.


And the last Clinique lip product I have for today. It has a very cute name. Clinique Sweet Pots. It does come in a pot, judging by the square shape of this box. And it’s a sugar scrub and lip balm. That’s new 🙂 I’ll tell you what, I’d love to love it.



The shade I got is called 03 pink framboise. Pink raspberry? I wonder what that means. Rasberry isn’t really pink. It’s raspberry 🙂 I’m curious.



Here’s the list of ingredients.



And here’s our sweet pot. It’s plastic, round, small and the colour of the shade, obviously. There’s something hot about lip glosses and balms that come in pots of the kind. I can’t explain that. I just know there is. Just like there’s something hot about those thinner lipstick tubes. Anyway…



If the top of this pot is shiny, the bottom is matt, so we can see a different take here on what this shade might be like.



Ok, so by the description of it, this sweet small pot is designed to hold two products – sugar scrub and lip balm. So, it only makes sense that it has two levels to it, and you turn the jar to unscrew those and release them. You can get one at a time. Or you can get both. The silver ring in the middle is what holds it all together. Here. I’ll tell you right away that the one on the left here is lip balm. The one on the right is sugar scrub. Although they are so close in terms of shade it’s hard to tell one from the other.



The lip balm is on top of the pot. The sugar scrub is on the bottom of the pot. Let’s talk about each of them.


I can’t say I feel much lip balm care element in the balm. I mean, yes, it’s soft. But then again, lip gloss in pots is soft too 🙂 So, just like with all those lips products by Clinique, and with most colour & care lip products on the market, there’s not enough care here to talk about. Moreover, there’s actually not enough colour in this product either. That’s new 🙂



This lip balm is distant warmer purply pinkish. Not quite what it looks like in the pot, surprisingly. There’s almost no colour to it. Almost none whatsoever. Just shine. In fact, there’s too little colour in it, to my taste. And it’s a pity, cause I do like lip balm and gloss in pots, as I’ve already mentioned 🙂 And if lip balm has any colour to it in principle, I want more colour to it than this.



The sugar scrub is gentle enough and delicate enough on the lips. My lips are sensitive, so I’m generally afraid of scrubs, but this one proved to be fine. I do feel the sugary effect without it being too rough. Although I have to tell you, that this scrub might be too delicate for some people. I mean, if you want full on sugar scrub effect, you might not get it here.



Even though the shade looks so close to the lip balm in the pot, the sugar scrub proves to be a cooler pinkish shade than the balm. Which is not that important, to tell you the truth, because there’s almost no colour to it either. As little colour as there is in that lip gloss. So, even if you put both on your lips, you aren’t really getting any colour there to show.



As far as Clinique Sweet Pots goes, there’s some care there, more than in Clinique Pop Glaze and Clinique Pop Lacquer but… There’s much less colour. Don’t even look at that pot, because you aren’t getting nearly the colour it seemingly indicates you’re getting. Of all these Clinique products Sweet Pots is more of a care thing. And still I don’t get enough care from it 🙂 And I definitely don’t get enough colour. 🙂



These are the three new lip colour products by Clinique – Clinique Pop Glaze, Clinique Pop Lacquer and Clinique Sweet Pots. That’s a lot to choose from. You know how I feel about them now. Your turn 🙂 Maybe, you’ll find your new favourites here. Who knows. Good luck 🙂













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