ANNY Miami Nice (It Girl on Flamingo Road) swatched

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Again we’re talking ANNY, which means we’re talking nail colour 🙂  The collection is called Miami Nice. Nice is definitely the key word here. There’s something really nice about the whole thing. I mean, pink is nice. Flamingo is nice. Matt finish is nice. This collection’s slogan is Miami City of Flamingo, a Vision in Pink. It’s not like matt nail colour is something new. We’ve discussed already how the whole matt thing started in lip colour and then naturally overflowed into nail colour. It only makes sense to have the same finish on the lips and on the nails. By the way, right now matt texture is trending in eyeshadow. We’ll talk about it in detail later, just know that it’s happening. I’m back to ANNY here. Even if matt nail colour is not new stuff, a whole collection of matt pink nail shades is something fresh and exciting. I don’t think I’ve seen a collection of matt pinks yet.


For starters, here ANNY’s take on what they usually call a flat top coat. Pretty much, it’s a top coat without a glossy finish, designed to ‘flatten’ the nail colour and make it look matt. And that on top of matt nail colour finish proper. I’ve already told you that I generally prefer to skip the flat top coat step. Because of the way it works. If you want to know more, please, see here Matt nail polish top coat versus matt nail polish. Anyway, when I do wear matt or satin nail shades I wear them as is. And it’s a pity, really, because this way they don’t last quite as long. I’m sure you have your own opinion and your own way of wearing those nail colours though, so in case you do use flat top coats, here’s one for you by ANNY. Maybe, it can come in handy.


ANNY Matte Top Coat



No. 936 Matte Effect



And this is ANNY’s take on what it’s all about.



See how blurry it is in a way?



That’s how it matifies your nail colour. It creates blurry kind of film over the nail colour.



ANNY Matte Top Coat works just fine. It does its job and helps your manicure to last.



I’m going to stick to my nail polish preferences here though. To me, matt and satin nail colour still works better without a top coat. If for no other reason, then because flat top coat changes the shade you are wearing. All flat top coats do. ANNY Matte Top Coat is no exclusion to the rule. And I don’t want my nail shades to change. I want them to stand proudly untouched on my nails, just the way I picked them and wanted them to be 🙂


Let’s see the six shades by ANNY. Whether you use Matte Top Coat or any other flat coat on them is up to you. It works with or without 🙂


Anny Matte Powder Effect Polish. Did you hear that? Matte Powder Effect. That’s a pretty name for a matt nail colour finish 🙂



The first shade is called 247.30 lovebird. Lovebird sounds good, pleasant and romantic.



Let’s talk finish first. It’s matt, that’s for sure. No glossy shine here. You could call this finish satin too. It’s very lush, subdued and womanly.



The shade is ever so lovebird 🙂 It’s a well rounded medium purple pink. The kind of pink that a lot of people like in lipstick and lip gloss.



This shade is a wonderful everyday option. You can wear it with any of your favourite outfits. It’s a modern pink, so no need to be afraid that it will look old fashioned in any way.



Lovebird is the kind of pink that’s not neon, not too girly, not too hip, it’s very classy and very languid in a way. Kind of mauvish in its core.



If you like pinks and purples on the lips, this shade is great for you, because it will probably match most of your lip colour options. And I, for one, find it very chic, when we paint our lips and nails the same shade or the same colour but different shades.



If there’s still an elegant pink shade lingering somewhere in the world, this dusty rose nail colour is that. It’s gorgeous. You know how when we talk nudes, we always talk about a well groomed look? As far as I’m concerned, lovebird is a perfect well groomed look shade with a cherry on top.



Now let’s look at this shade with ANNY Matte Top Coat over it.



See how it changed? Changed a lot, I’d say. It’s a different shade now.



For starters, it got cooler. Markedly so. Also, it got lighter. The result is more romantic than nude and everyday.



The finish changed too. It’s not satiny now. Instead it’s truly flat.



I, for one, like the satiny finish better than this flat one. Naturally, it’s a matter of taste though.



If you like romantic medium purples and pinks and don’t mind the extra step of that matte top coat, this shade is worth a look.



Still, the shade is light enough and muted enough for you to wear it with a bunch of clothes and looks.



Next shade. Matte Powder Effect Polish 249 smiling duck.



Smiling duck? The name of this shade made me smile. Good job, ANNY.



Looking at this shade I come to realize that even though the batch of six in Miami Nice collection seems all pink, there are some strong undercurrents and undertones going on here.



Say, smiling duck is very coralish. Some people would say it’s a light romantic coral. Some people would say it’s a lighter and warmer coral pink. It depends on your colour perception.



This shade is all warm, cute and fluffy like cotton candy. It’s very girly. And somewhere in between romance and baby doll in terms of style.



Although, if you like small little nude corals, you could treat it as such or a step up from such. This shade is very sunny and the satiny matt finish in it is surprising and pleasing.



If you like corals and think you’ve seen just everything within this colour range, you might want to check out smiling duck to break through some new planes and territories.



This is by all means another universal shade. You can wear it when you’re shopping for an evening gown wandering through a mall and then just wear it with the evening gown you got 🙂 Especially. if this gown is warmer in tone.



Here’s what smiling duck looks like paired up with Matte Top Coat by ANNY.



Flat is the key word here to me. The top coat flattens this shade big time.



It gets to be less pinkish and less warm.



It almost seems like there’s less colour in it now that it has the top coat over it.



This warmth that was in the shade initially is definitely gone though.



And the satiny finish that was so becoming is gone too.




With the top coat smiling duck is even more muted and it gets really close to nudes.



Our third shade.



Matte Powder Effect Polish 246.92 pink duck. So, it’s all ducks here, huh? Smiling and pink. Ok 🙂



Oh, this is so upbeat and pink and nice. This cool medium pink is on the brighter side. It’s the brightest in the collection so far. I like it. Very nice.



The way you see and wear this shade depends on your style. If you like nudes and muted nail shades, pink duck is a disco level, night club level manicure for you, probably. If you like brighter nail colour, this pink is like throw on and go shade for you.



I do like it. It’s well put together in a way that it’s right in between cool and warm and leaning to one or the other depending on the light you are in.



This pink is well chosen in terms of being exciting and unexpected in matt finish and at the same time looking good in it. Not all shades actually look good in matt texture. This one definitely does.



I want to treat this shade as an accent kind of shade. Something in me wants to wear it with the kind of colour in clothes that will create a neutral background for it or a vigorous contrast.



I think pink duck can ‘grab’ even those of us who are kind of tired of pinks in manicure. This pink is special, and it efficiently brings us back to the roots of pinks and bright pinks specifically, to this great combo of classic and relevant and trendy.



Let’s see pink duck with the Matte Top Coat.



Here it is, and the pink in it is not as bright as it used to be.



It’s flattened and, once again, is more romantic or girly, maybe, you know.



And less of a go party kind of thing.



Still, this pink is not a nude shade. It has some of its brightness to it, there’s just less of it.



My preference is definitely the full on bright version of this shade without the top coat. See what you like best here.



The satiny finish is gone too here. It’s all flat now, as promised.



Next shade.



Matte Powder Effect Polish 244.10 wading in paradise. Ok, Ok, got it, ducks it is 🙂



This shade is markedly pink without anything mixed into it. It’s very pale though, nobly pale. Baby girl like. At the same time, it’s not really off white. It’s pink. By all means.



There was a time when I was really into this lighter nude like pink. And I still like it and do wear it time and again. There’s something very sophisticated about it.



This pink is like the opposite of all the bright and glamorous and neon pinks. It’s a fresh gust of wind in the pink nail colour world. A very womanly and modern pink.



This breath of pink like nail colour is very sophisticated. And one of the best nude manicure options out there, in my opinion. It’s not a sheer pink and not an overused pink. And it’s very light. So, using it for nude manicure makes all the sense in the world.



On the other hand, I guess you could think desserty, when you look at this shade. It’s very cotton candish, marshmallowy, nougaish, you know. So, if you like desserts you will probably enjoy wearing it 🙂



To me, personally, wading in pink is a very rare shade that combines in itself a very relaxed quality and a very exquisite quality. That is, it can give your look a very chic twist very easily. And that doesn’t happen too often 🙂



Here goes wading in paradise with the Matte Top Coat.



And again there’s less pink here.



And that tells you a lot, because there was very little pink in it in the first place 🙂



It’s almost off white now. And very nude like.



And this is the only case – or one of the few – probably, where the flat finish works nicely helping this nude look.



Or else, this shade is so nice, it’s actually looking good in both finishes 🙂



The top coat gives this shade a sort of milky look that’s pleasant to the eye.



One but last.



Matte Powder Effect Polish 149.50 flamingo fashion. This shade looks darker than the rest of them, but not really dark.



Flamingo fashion is a tough call to make and a tough shade to describe J It looks beige almost in the bottle. But once it’s on the nails, more pink and purple shows there. The result is complex and interesting.



This beige pink with some purple fluttering there can be a darker nude shade, first and foremost. Although, if you like classically nude manicure, flamingo fashion might be too dark for you.



The thing you really need to know about this shade is that it’s very warm. And that it has a good deal of beige in it. So, if you don’t like beige pinks, you should probably steer clear.



Just like almost all the shades in this collection, this shade here can be suited to a bunch of looks, clothes, shoes, purses and occasions. It can be that stand back and enjoy kind of thing letting the rest of your look really pop.



Flamingo fashion appeals to me on the level that it’s a rare shade that doesn’t get released much in nail colour ranges. It’s always nice to have something relatively new.



This shade is very flattering. You know how I feel about mix of pinks and beiges. It’s the kind of shade that looks really good on the hands and works with your skin tone to create something unique and something you.



We’re getting to flamingo fashion with the Matte Top Coat here.



If there were any mauve or purple in this shade, the top coat got rid of it 🙂



Now the only thing I see here is beige. Pink beige instead of beige pink, in fact.



Also, it’s considerably lighter than the shade on its own.



This warm beige looks pretty good in this flattened state and texture.



The satiny finish in it is lost as usual though. Happens every time the matte top coat comes into play.



Seriously, if you like nudes and beige nudes specifically, check out flamingo fashion with the top coat.



And the last one.



Matte Powder Effect Polish 245.20 flying beauty. Flying beauty? Not duck?    🙂



This shade is another light pink, but it’s brighter than wading in paradise pink. There’s more pink here. And this pink is warmer in a way. Maybe, there’s a touch of purple there too.



In terms of warmness, a lot here hangs on the light. Sometimes flying beauty looks warmer, sometimes it looks cooler. It’s well done in a way where it will work with your skin tone and your look and be different in different situations.



Just like all the other pinks in the collection, flying beauty is very pleasing and very nice in its core. It’s medium to lighter, it’s becoming and it will suit a lot of people.



It’s universal so that you can wear it with most things and look great doing that. The style of this shade will tune in the style of your clothes. If you wear jeans, this shade will look more nude. If you wear a cocktail dress, it will look more sophisticated. Well, you get the idea here.



This pink is warmer than most pinks in the collection. A lot of people like cool pinks, I know that. I’ve got to tell you though that warmer pinks are ever so flattering. I don’t know why, they just are. So, think about wearing them sometime 🙂



If you like lilac nail shades, you might sense – rather than see – a tiny little bit of lilac in this pink working to create a mauvish undertone hovering somewhere in the background of this shade and making the whole package very sweet indeed.



Here’s flying beauty and Matte Top Coat combined in one manicure.



The shade gets lighter, almost baby girl like but not quite.



Also, it looks cooler. That nice pink warmness is almost gone, unfortunately.



With the Matte Top Coat this shade looks close to wading in paradise.



I mean, it’s still brighter and still kind of warmer, but there’s some similarity there now. The flat finish does it, probably.



Speaking about the flat top coat, the flat version of flying beauty is much more nude like than the shade is on its own.



In this pink I do miss the satiny finish a lot. It works without it, but I miss it 🙂



These are our six pink matte shades by ANNY. All nice 🙂




I do like the idea of across the board pink nail colour collection in matt finish. It calls for creativity, because one has to come up with a whole lot of variations and nuances there to stay in the pink range and still be versatile enough. The pinks here look fresh and modern, still pinks in manicure always reference classic on some deeper level. Pinks are wearable and pretty. And this bunch of pinks in particular is a good one. There’s something for everyone here. From nudes to go out like brights. Here’s why doing a handful of pink nail shades is so great. We’re talking pink here, you know. Pink was there almost before any other nail colour. And this satin finish about it is really nice. Miami nice? I don’t know. But nice 🙂

img_0769    img_0567

img_1586    img_1674

img_2355    img_2521



img_1164    img_1031

img_1857    img_2028

img_2696    img_2904











Real quick see the comparison for no top coat/top coat for all shades.






img_0769    img_1164








img_0567    img_1031








img_1586    img_1857








img_1674    img_2028








img_2355    img_2696








img_2521    img_2904


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