CND Vinylux Starstruck holiday 2016 swatched

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Starstruck for holidays? Sounds good. Very good. Sounds sparkly and shiny and shimmery. Sounds like fun. Sounds like joy. Starstruck is a great holiday collection name. No, really, holiday season, stars, beautiful manicures, starstruck. It all makes perfect sense 🙂 I can’t wait to see those shades, CND. Do you know what CND abbreviation means, by the way? Creative nail design. Do you know something else? This brand actually invented SHELLAC. Now that’s impressive. It’s as big as ORLY coming up with French manicure. Shellac is CND professional nail colour range. Their consumer nail colour range is called Vinylux. It’s a typical nail colour formula that’s not really gel, doesn’t require lamps and tools and stuff, but is designed to feel as close to gel manicure as possible. This effect is achieved in two steps. Nail colour and top coat. The two shades I have here are from CND consumer Vinylux range. After I had all that fun with the name of this collection – starstruck – I got a little disappointed on seeing that this holiday season CND released six shades in their professional Shellac range and only – attention – two shades in their consumer Vinylux range. C’mon now, CND, I know you’re a professional brand, but consumers get no less kicks out of holiday nail colour collections. The four shades that we don’t have in consumer range look good and I’d love to have them. Anyway…


Here’s our two step system that starts with nail colour. If you are asking yourselves, by the way, where’s the base? I’ve asked the same question many times under similar circumstances 🙂 If you can recall, last time I asked it was when I swatched ORLY Epix Nudes collection. The answer is very simple, really. Those gel like without gel systems are just nail colour and top coat. There’s no base there. And as apprehensive as I am every time I try it, they do work. Moreover, these formulae are actually designed to kind of cling to the nail, so something’s telling me that using base underneath them can undermine my manicure longevity. Although that’s my supposition only. So, as I’ve already told you, there are only two shades in Starstruck collection.


Here’s the first one. CND Vinylux Weekly nail polish. The shade is called Dark Diamonds.



Dark Diamonds it is. Pretty much, it’s black nail colour loaded with silver sparkle. A solid classic in sparkly nail colour universe.



The first time I saw this kind of shade I couldn’t help but think about the starry sky. The shade is very much like it, really. Dark, mysterious, boundless and exploding with light from within.



And no matter how many similar nail shades I see, I always think about stars in the sky. This shade is spectacular. It’s built around this very stark contrast of silver (in this case) sparkles and deep and dark black background.



If you keep wanting to try darker than dark manicure and can never bring yourself to do it, Dark Diamonds might be you way in. It’s so much easier to try to wear this shade than just pitch black on your nails, if you aren’t really used to it.



This shade is very holiday like, special occasion like and celebratory. It’s like a little black dress with a big bonus in manicure world. So, it’s a good option for one of those times you’re going out on holidays.



You know why dark crème works so well with shiny glitter? Black nail colour is very deep as it is. While glitter adds new dimensions, new textures and new levels to it making your head spin with all the glory that’s there.



Moving on. Our next shade is… green. Oh. I love green. It’s called Emerald Lights. Emerald makes total sense in this context. And this shade is very different from Dark Diamonds. Here’s how.



Dark Diamonds is the shade built around contrast, as I’ve already mentioned. While Emerald Lights is all about dimensions, not contrast.



The glitter in Emerald Lights is very close in colour to the dark and deep foresty emerald green basic shade. There’s also lighter emerald green glitter there, still it’s in the same family as the nail colour itself.



As a result, we get a stunning effect of an emerald colour sparkling from within like gems usually do, to the point where you just can’t stop yourself from marveling at all the beauty there is on your nails.



I have to say, it’s an interesting way to go, because shades of the kind are mostly wrapped around contrasts. Well, what can I say, it’s even better. It’s nice to see something that hasn’t been done to death just yet.



Also, this approach, this combination of deep green colour and green glitter makes manicure look highly sophisticated and exquisite. I mean, if you’ve always been afraid of glitters, don’t be afraid of this one. There’s a certain elegance about it.



It won’t look too sparkly, too shiny, too everything. It won’t look over the top. It won’t look like you’ve overdressed your nails and went off the cliff with special occasion manicure. It will look good. And if you like darker greens that aren’t too dark, be sure to take a close look at this one 🙂



These are our two shades. Now let’s talk top coat. Weekly Top Coat by CND Vinylux that promises us 7 days of wear.



Here’s a list of ingredients in case you’re asking yourselves how exactly chemical it has to be to last so long 🙂



In all honesty, I’m just kidding, because I don’t think it’s much more chemical than other kinds of top coats. By the way, here on the packaging in directions section it says openly that no base is needed for this system. Just Scrub Fresh (it’s a nail prep by Vinylux that they recommend for any consumer manicures, pretty much) and then two coats of Vinylix colour and then Weekly Top Coat.



Speaking about Weekly Top Coat… It’s gel like in terms of texture and feel. A little thicker than traditional thin shiny nail colour top coats. The brush is on the longer and thinner side. It’s synthetic, so no hair sticking out and getting in the way of application. I’m quite happy with the brush, actually. It’s quite easy to apply this top coat with it. And then nail colour brush is similar to it. So, we’re all good.



Weekly Top Coat does give you shine on your nails. As for lasting seven days, I couldn’t honestly account for that. I just don’t wear the same nail colour seven days in a row 🙂 Also, there’s something about my nails, where whatever base and top coat I use, my manicures tend to last less than average. But Weekly Top Coat does help manicure to last longer than it would without it. Longer than average? Yes, I think so. Longer than regular nail colour formula with base and top coat? Maybe. It lasts at least as long as your regular manicure would.



All in all, it’s a good and solid gel like without actually being gel manicure system. I like the two shades very much. They are so Starstruck. I just wish there were more shades in this collection, Vinylux. C’mon, there are usually eight shades in your seasonal collections 🙂 Weekly Nail Polish is easy to apply and wear. Weekly Top Coat is fine by me too. The only thing that bothered me a little is no base in this particular case. Glitters are harsher on the nails than crème nail colour, so I usually use not just base, but an extra coat of base underneath those. And here I did feel this harshness, when I wiped those shades off. So, I’d prefer that they don’t go straight on my nails. Guess what though, this sparkly black and sparkly green is so gorgeous I’m ready to take some effort for it. Maybe, I’ll try to apply base underneath it. Or else, I’ll use some intense nail care products after I wear these shades. My nails are pretty sensitive though. So, if your nails aren’t that sensitive, and if you do wear glitters with no problem, go right ahead. If your nails are sensitive, be careful with these glitters and with any other glitters, for that matter 🙂 Keep that in mind, because you might find yourself wearing glitters now that the holiday season is stepping on our toes big time. So, brace yourself and get all your wonderful nail shades together, these two included. Are you ready to be Starstruck with this black and green by Vinylux? I certainly am 🙂







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