Guerlain Shalimar holiday 2016 swatched

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Shalimar? I guess, we’re about to see something related to a very classic perfume in this holiday makeup collection by Guerlain. The collection is very Guerlain like. It’s concise, that is, there are not that many products in it. It’s packaged beautifully in navy blue with gold. It’s classy, breathing with tradition and holiday season atmosphere. It has a scented shimmering powder in it, in case you’re wondering 🙂 And Meteorites Perles. And Terracotta. And… anyway, let’s see it all first and decide what we like. I’ll tell you what I like 🙂 I like holiday season collections. They are usually even nicer in terms of design than other collections. And I happen to love beautiful design. These collections have the power of putting me in a holiday mood, even if I’m not quite there yet. They sing and chant and whisper – holidays are here. They lure me – and you 🙂 – into a magic world, where we can all have a lot of fun and some really great times, those times will create some warm memories later for us to keep all through the year till the next holiday season knocks on our door.


Shalimar. Remember? Well, turns out, it’s not just Shalimar. It’s a scented shimmering powder all right. And it’s not scented like a classic Shalimar. It’s scented like its newest flanker called Shalimar Souffle de Parfum. Let’s see it.



Souffle d’Or de Shalimar proves to be the usual holiday thing by Guerlain. That is, it’s a perfumed iridescent body and hair powder.



The packaging is truly beautiful. Sophisticated and elegant.



The bottle looks spectacular. Shalimary and vintage. That is, there’s extra little something here compared to Shalimar Souffle de Parfum bottle proper.



Also, Souffle d’Or de Shalimar is a darker blue than the perfume bottle. The packaging is stunning. So womanly and chic. Also, there’s something mysterious about it. And this mysterious vibe is very much in tune with the holiday season.


Ok, so, I’m about to do here something that I’ve never really done here in this blog before. I’m about to describe a scent 🙂


Shalimar by Guerlain is a classic, and it’s oriental, right? Well, the scent here in this iridescent powder Souffle d’Or de Shalimar is kind of oriental with a desserty twist to it. Desserty twist is a very good thing, as far as I’m concerned. I do like desserty scents, at the same time, believe it or not 🙂 , I don’t like cloying and stifling scents. Yeah 🙂 So, it’s really hard for me to find something that works.


I was afraid that this scent will prove to be exactly that. Too sweet, too desserty, to put it simply, too much. I’m happy to report it didn’t. Instead the scent here is warm, desserty, marshmallowy. Enveloping, yes, but not in an intrusive way. Actually, it’s not as cloying as expected, still very sweet. Just right, I say 🙂 There’s some vanilla there, but it’s not straightforward, it’s wrapped in other things. There’s some citrus on top of it all. And somewhere in the middle there are white flowers, one of the most classic perfume ingredients 🙂 And then at the bottom of it all there’s musk. To me, it’s one of those scents, where it’s all blended really well together. So that the scent is lingering and floating and echoing. All in all, I think, a lot of people would like this scent, given that you like sweets in perfume department, especially as this powder here is a lighter version than the perfume proper in terms of aroma. You know what the scent is like that comes with this powder? It’s like a grown up version of Cinderella. Yes, that’s what it’s like. Definitely. Still, I’ve got to tell you, if you’re scent sensitive, which I am, for one, make sure you get a good sniff of this before you buy, because it might just prove to be too sweet for you. If it doesn’t, and if you love it, enjoy 🙂


Ok, back to makeup. That is, the powder proper. Did you see that the hole it comes out of is sealed, by the way? Good thinking, Guerlain. And I managed to unseal it partly, get a bunch of shimmering powder out, swatch it for you, wear it and then re-seal it and stick it back in the box. I like that. It will keep the powder from getting sprinkled and sprayed and scattered all over the place.



The sparkle and shimmer that shows up once you squeeze it is pink gold. Or else, gold with a pink undertone. And there’s a LOT of sparkle. Did you hear that? A lot. I mean, a lot. A whole lot. The gold here is darker, noble and vintage like due to this pink undertone in it. Very nice. If you like shimmer powder products, you’ll probably like this one. Don’t forget, by the way, given that holidays are getting close, that it’s not just body powder, it’s iridescent body and hair powder. Keep that in mind. It’s so exquisite, when you use this powder on your hair. Cinderella? Cinderella grows up? Cinderella is going clubbing? Any of these versions, styles and combos can be achieved with this small little bottle by Guerlain. Speaking about it. It’s surprisingly not that small. I mean, I’ve seen a bunch of these holiday shimmer powders by Guerlain. This one is on the bigger side.



Moving on. Here they are. Holiday Meteorites. All dressed in navy blue and gold. Shalimar theme is consistent in packaging and design here. Great.



These Meteorites are called Meteorites Perles de Legende. Meteorites Perles are my favourite Meteorites product. They are superb, and they are the powder to start with, a perfect first powder, where you can’t go wrong. Only right.



Also, in case you don’t use or wear powder much, this is an easy way to nailing powder. You know how Meteorites shades are mostly universal, the kind of shades where they enhance your own complexion, as opposed to altering it big time. And this famous violet scent is exquisite and it doesn’t bother me, although scents in makeup do bother me usually.



Oh, look at this beauty. Navy blue snowflakes against the golden background for the holiday season? Why not? 🙂 This feels so classy, like all of a sudden Guerlain decided to bring us back to the origin of beauty, fashion, makeup and couture. Spectacular.



And here’s the peacocky side of the box. Navy blue and gold again. Lush.



Let’s read into what Guerlain says about their Meteorites on the bottom of the box. Light-revealing pearls of powder. Ok, sounds right. That’s what Meteorites are famous for.



I open the box – and here’s the first oops of the collection. Where’s my cute power puff? Something staggering with a bow and all fluffy and stuff?



There’s none. Nothing like that. Instead there’s this dull grey rubbery sponge. Ouch. It’s such a disappointment. For sure, there could be something nice and blue and gold like done here, Guerlain? Pity.



Further on, I’m not convinced that this thin rubbery sponge is efficient in terms of application. I know, we’re supposed to apply it with Meteorites brush that I do have, of course. Still… What if I need to fix my Meteorites on the cheeks on the run? Real quick? I definitely can’t do it with this grey something.



From what I see in the box (and on that grey sponge), there seems to be a lot of gold in these Meteorites, much more than there is usually in them. I’ll wait and see though. You know how Meteorites are. They aren’t always what they look like. So, maybe, just maybe, this gold is just for enhancement and highlighting purposes there?



No, it’s not. It’s really gold. Or else, it’s golden with fine sparkle, smaller than Souffle d’Or de Shalimar sparkle. I mean, it doesn’t feel like Meteorites. It’s a full on golden powder. Unfortunately, this warm golden powder shade is probably too yellow for sallow skin tones. Alas. These Meteorites have most shade or colour in them than I’ve ever seen in Meteorites, probably. So, beware. They are very holiday like. On the other hand, this holiday like golden tilt in this powder can come in handy this upcoming season. And at any other party or special occasion you’re having in the future. This warm golden shimmer like powder can be used for highlighting purposes too and add to any going out and party kind of look. If you do want some gold, really want it, there’s definitely some for you here. Dig in.



Next on our list of holiday makeup by Guerlain is the product that’s no less legendary than Meteorites. Meet this season Terracotta edition. It’s not navy blue and gold, huh? It’s black and gold instead. Very elegant too. This Terracotta is called Terra India. And it’s a bronzing powder. But of course 🙂



Terracotta got relaunched just recently. And that tropical scent that’s always been there and has always been too much for me, changed a little, seemingly. It’s still strong and still tropical, but I can actually wear it now for more than two hours. And that’s good news 🙂



You know how I feel about bronzers in general, right? I think, one should be really careful with them. Bronzers are just so easy to go off the cliff with and overdo. I don’t know what it is about them. One of the easiest products to go too heavy handed on. I don’t know why. I’m just telling you what I see and what I know. One has to be especially careful with bronzers in the winter. Unless you’re in a warm climate, where there’s not much difference between winter and summer in terms of the amount of sunshine provided by nature. Then you can wear bronzers all year round 🙂



Here’s the blue Terracotta box. It’s not quite navy blue. It’s a darker blue though. And it’s looking good. Once again, this blue design becomes this collection and elevates it to a whole new chic celebratory level.



Let’s get back to our bronzers discussion here for a second. Here’s one more reason why I’m no big fan of bronzers. Bronze face product shades and their variations aren’t universally flattering by a long shot. There are a lot of skin tones that are better off staying as far from bronzers as possible, in fact. Say, skin tones with any sallow in them. More or less, you can’t just fall for the big bronzer hype. Do yourself a favour and tell yourself the truth as to whether bronzers really become you or not. And act accordingly. If they don’t become you, just drop them. There are tons of other face products in the world.


And even if bronzers become you, consider using them for highlighting, contouring and strobing. They are at their best there and not all over. There’s something about those bronze shades, where they work so perfectly with light. So, bronzers are as good as highlighters for any light play in makeup. You’ve got to make sure though that bronze face shades actually look good on you.



Here’s Guerlain logo and design meets snowflakes pattern etched on the powder itself. It’s laconic. Nothing extra here. Just Guerlain. Just elegance. I’m happy 🙂



The shade looks very bronze like. I wonder whether it’s universal in any world. Remember what I’ve told you? Yeah. We’ll see though. You never know till you try, really.



Wow. Talk about pleasant surprises and holiday expectations. Terracotta Terra India is not just bronze. It’s golden bronze. And that changes everything. It’s on the darker side. A full on bronzer shade. But there’s actually something nice about this darker warmer orange beige and gold mix. This gold in it softens it up, adds a lush and couture element to it, makes it very holiday like and winter season like. This bronzer shade is posh, there’s no question about it. And it will stand out at all those parties you have already planned. You’ll be in your own category. Red carpet territory. Special.



The last face product in this collection is a limited edition shade of Precious Light illuminator that has recently been relaunched. Our amazing navy blue and gold packaging is back after the short black and gold Terracotta break 🙂



The shade is called Rose Nacre. Pink Pearly. Very nice. I like the way it sounds. And I think that pink tone is very appealing in highlighters, generally speaking.



You know what this illuminator is like? It’s this pen with a brush at the tip. And then you twist the bottom and get the liquid product out. And use it to illuminate… what? It’s up to you. To cover dark circles. Or to launch into that light play we’ve talked about already highlighting certain areas of your face.



Personally, I prefer cream highlighting and concealing products. Because they are fuller coverage than liquid ones. If you like lighter coverage though and try to avoid mask like effect in makeup at all cost, liquid highlighters might be a perfect choice for you. Also, I don’t really like to twist those things to get the product out. Especially the first time I use them. Because it takes a lot of twists to get anything out. Given it goes easier once you push through that first time. Still… I want things to be easy 🙂 I have to tell you though that Guerlain Precious Light was easier to twist and get out of the tube than those things usually are. And the coverage in it is better and fuller than it usually is in liquid highlighters. And the brush is very efficient. Surprisingly so. And the pink part of the shade appeals to me…





The shade proved to be not just pink. It’s golden pink. Warm pink. Holiday pink. At the same time the gold in it doesn’t make it dark which is the way it usually goes with golden pink shades. Somehow, Guerlain managed to mix pink and gold here in a stunning proportion. Without sliding into orange. Pink pearly is a good name for this shade. It’s light and warmish and flattering. Light pinks tend to be cooler. This pink is not. Which makes it even more desirable. This shade can light up your skin from within. Get it to glow from within. Shine from within. And it’s not just healthy glow. It’s more than that. It’s dressed up, high heels and evening gown wearing glow. Totally worth it.



Off face products and onto eye products. Eyeliner first. L’Or Eyeliner. Felt Eyeliner. Sparkling Gold. All sounds very good to me.



The felt tip concept is great. It’s one of the top two for me in eyeliners. Felt tip for liquid ones. Angled brush for cream ones. I can’t say my hand is that steady. I mean, can I get a straight, or else, curvy enough line on my lids, if I try? Yeah. But do I wanna try so hard? Nope. Do I always have time to spare to make the arrows perfect by trying extra hard? Nope. So, these two – felt tip and angled brush variations are my favourites. I use them most often. If application is a challenge for you, this felt tip in eyeliner will make a difference. So, stay tuned 🙂



More black and gold packaging.



And here’s the tube. It’s black and gold too. No navy blue here. It’s so thin and small. Very small. Immediately makes me think how it would fit even into those clutches I love so much. You can sneak it into almost any purse. And this snowflakey golden pattern looks striking and great against the black background.



It really does. I appreciate all the work that’s gone into this design and the fact that this snowflakey pattern is actually a theme in this collection.



Here’s the felt tip. And it works as great as expected. Better and easier than a classic liquid eyeliner brush, that’s for sure.



The shade is a darker sparkly gold. Very nice. When gold is darker, it looks vintage and sophisticated. And this sparkle in it is like a burst of shimmer from within. It has the power to light up your look and bring out the kind of gleam in your eyes you didn’t even know is there. This eyeliner will show you it is. Consider wearing it with beige or chocolate brown outfit. You’ll be surprised 🙂 And, yes, this eyeliner shade is a holiday season shade. There’s so much gold in makeup at this time of year, so many warm shades, you know, gold actually goes really well with all those things.



We’re going to talk eyeshadow now. Not just eyeshadow. Ecrin Shalimar. Precious Eyeshadow. Gold and sapphire shades.



It’s an eyeshadow duo with precious shades in it, according to Guerlain. What can be more holiday like than that, huh?



I wonder how those precious jewellery like tones will work here? You know, gem colours will actually make sense in this collection. Opulent and wonderful.



I do like those duos by Guerlain. They are usually great quality. Posh texture. We’ll see if it holds true here. The boxing is traditionally gold.



The brush is spongy.



Eyeshadow sponge on one side and pointy sponge for precision application on the other side.



Here are the shades. And I immediately have one great thing to point out and then one question. The great thing is that gold here isn’t really fully gold. It’s beige gold, sort of. As for sapphire – that’s my question – sapphire? it’s not really sapphire. Sapphire is blue, right? This shade seems to have more purple in it than blue. Interesting.



Here’s what we have here for real 🙂 A super pearly and sparkly greige with all the gold in the world in it. Looks awesome and very interesting because of the clash of cooler greige against all the golden sparkle. There’s little colour here and a lot of pearl and sparkle. This shade is beautiful, beautiful and then some. I love that it’s not dead on gold, because dead on gold has been done so many times in holiday makeup collections. While this shade is rare and truly precious. And noble.



Next. Sapphire that’s not really sapphire. More of an amethyst, I’d say. Sapphire is a deep blue. Amethyst is purple. And this here is definitely purple. A darker deeper cooler purple that gets diluted due to its looser kind of texture. And then there’s a whole bunch of tiny little purple and tiny little blue sparkle in it. In all honesty, the texture here feels more like eyeliner than eyeshadow. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just something you don’t expect necessarily. Or else, I guess, you could use this purple shade for a diluted and smudged rock’n’roll smokey eyes kind of look.



This eyeshadow duo by Guerlain is exciting. Decadent in its opulence. Awesome. And the texture is fabulous.



We only have lip colour left to cover. Both shades come in lipstick form. But they are different formulae lipstick. First we have Rouge G Exceptional Complete Lip Colour.



I like Rouge G very much. It’s a very solid cream lipstick it terms of quality. Well put together, rich, creamy, not too heavy, feeling good on the lips. And then there’s that tubing on top of it all. Are you saying the tube is too heavy? I get that. Still it’s unbelievably gorgeous. That mirror doesn’t do much for me, but maybe it does for you? If it does, it’s worth it. I guess, in a pinch you could use this mirror.



The shade is called 821 Rouge Saphir. Rouge Saphir? So, red purple? Red purple makes plum or raspberry, I wonder? Curious.



Here’s the fetish tubing. And see how there’s a purple limited edition thing on it? Like a gem? Very nice.



And here we go with the mirror.



Even if it doesn’t help me in any way to apply Rouge G, it makes the whole tube feel heavy and nice in my hand.



The shade looks dark cherry red. I don’t see any purple in it. Do you?



Cherry red colour in Rouge G here is femme fatale like without being too on the nose. You know, one of those reds that aren’t too red or too obvious. Pretty rare, I’d say. Oh, and I see now what they mean, when they talk about Rouge Saphir in terms of shade. There’s a surprising pink undertone in this red lip colour that surfaces from time to time and in certain light. It doesn’t make the shade purple or raspberry altogether. Instead it adds to the red in all its depth making it very rich and giving it dimensions and layers. This pink undertone I’m talking about works here to support the cherry red and make it even better. The result is fresh and hot at the same time. Womanly. Elegant. It’s an ultimate lipstick and an ultimate lip shade. The kind of shade that will settle on your lips proudly and make you feel beautiful.



I’m going to show you three separate ways this lipstick can look 🙂 When it looks cherry red.



When it looks just red.



And when it looks pink red.



Wow. What an awesome tube, texture and shade. This lipstick is so festive.


Let’s see the second lip shade and, sadly, the last shade in this collection. It comes in KissKiss lipstick formula. Creamy Shaping Lip Colour, according to Guerlain.



I’ve already written about this new KissKiss version, when it just showed up. The shaping element in it makes it kind of hard on the lips. As opposed to softer sheer lip colour texture. And even cream lip colour texture proper. Not my personal preference. I like softer textures. As for shaping, there’s something there. In the formula. I can feel it. It’s not a magic wand, of course, but it’s doing something to your lips, you know. This extra element of care or shaping in KissKiss by Gerlain makes me not want to wear it as cream lipstick though. Maybe, it’s just me, but I want cream formula lipstick to feel normal on my lips and not try to do anything to them 🙂



The shade is called 563 Rose Indien. Rose Indien usually means raspberry like, fuchsia like, cool pink like. We’ll see if it holds true here.



The tube is traditionally KissKiss. Black and sleek. There’s nothing limited edition like about it.



Hm. This looks like hot pink. A little warmer than I expected after hearing the shade name. Not too warm though. We’ll see how it behaves in the swatches.



Ok, so let’s talk this pink shade. It’s a cooler pink. Brighter to medium pink. Fuchsia like pink. Only there’s more pink in it than there is in fuchsia, where purple is an equal partner of pink. While here pink definitely rules the ball. I love that it’s not just bright but diluted just a little bit to make it medium to bright. Just as that shade of Rouge G, this shade has undertones in it revealed in certain light only. Sometimes it gets a little warmer. It’s still cool, but it shifts to warmer, kind of. At other times it remains proudly cool with a touch of purple. All in all, it’s a happy and brighter pink. Did you know that bright pinks are the thing this holiday season? Very trendy. So, it might be a good idea to grab this shade, if you like it, if it becomes you, and if you like bright pinks on the lips. It’s a modern way to do bright holiday lip. Not red, but pink instead. Anyway…



Here are two sets of photos for you in different light. Warmer.



And cooler.



And that’s Guerlain Shalimar holiday 2016 makeup collection. It’s by all means an all-I-want-for-Chiristmas (or whatever else you’re celebrating this holiday season) kind of thing. Noble and high end and chic. And then surprisingly warm, festive and full or sparkle, surprises and glory. It envelopes you, lures you, tempts you – with its design and shades and textures – telling you not to wear jeans to this holiday party, to wear a killer or a dress and heels instead and to shine and star there. Can you feel this temptation? Can you? I know 🙂 It’s there. And it’s so strong and so pleasant I might just give in to it and wear these makeup products by Guerlain starting like now and then now and again in the course of the holiday season to come. I know that even just holding them in my hand will make me feel happy and feel like celebrating. And isn’t that what the holiday season is all about? Turns out, it might be all about Guerlain Shalimar. Who would have thought? 🙂


















P.S. One last question real quick. Where’s nail colour, huh, Guerlain? 🙂

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