Essie Kimono-Over fall 2016 collection swatched

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The theme of this collection is pretty clear from the name of it. Kimono-Over. It has to be Japanese, right? I mean, there’s no way around it 🙂 Let’s see how Essie interpreted this theme in their usual batch of six shades. At first glance, I see here some green. Love that 🙂 And then a little nude, a little deep and dark, a little bronze and a little red. There are some rich colours and some subdued colours, all of them fit the Japanese theme and some of the seasonal trends too, although not directly. They are reworked and tuned by Essie to be wearable, essential and pretty. They are well matched and well contrasted and by all means comprise a collection because they compliment each other nicely. The quality of Essie nail colour is good and professional, just don’t forget about that base and top coat, whichever is your favourite, and you’ll be fine. Now let’s see those eight shades.





Now and Zen. What did I tell you about greens, huh?



To me, green nail colour in general is very zen, I don’t know about you. Even if green nails aren’t necessarily your thing, hold your judgement till you see more of this shade, Ok?



This green is very special. Fall/winter like. Forget all your green prejudices. It’s not bright. It’s not crazy. It’s not punk. It’s serene and deep and elegant. Can’t believe it? Look here.



You think green matches only few outfits and colours? This one matches quite a few. You think green suits only few occasions? This can carry you throw a number of those successfully.



It’s well balanced in terms of warm and cool and tends to be on the cooler side. There’s a hint of khaki green there, but only a hint, so there’s nothing military about it.



Sea of calmness. That’s what this green is 🙂 If you’re about to wear something grey, especially, you might want to consider painting your nails Now and Zen. You’ll look exquisite.



Here’s how this shade is rare. Very often when they try to do dark green nail colour, it tends to get too dark, off black almost. While this beauty here is markedly darker without actually being dark.



If you want to get into the green manicure groove and prefer darker and subdued manicure shades, this colour might be your comfortable and relaxed way into the green nail shades world.



Next. Playing Koi.



Very different from ‘playing coy’, obviously 🙂 Do you know what koi is? It’s a kind of ornamental domesticated carp. Its full name is nishikigoi. Check out this fish, there are some beautiful kinds out there and some nice pictures online 🙂



It doesn’t help much though in terms of defining the shade here, because koi can vary vastly in terms of colour. So, here’s how I see this shade as a kind of guidance 🙂



It’s very warm and dressed up and elegant in the best possible way. There’s some bronze there, but it’s not purely bronze. It’s auburn brownish copper.



Languid and ever so warm. There’s a lot of fall in this shade with all the golden, bronze and red leaves. There’s a lot of holidays in it too though, because it references gold indirectly.



This shade is full of elegance and chic. Also, it’s lush in a way that it can be very special occasion like, if you choose to play it that way.



On the other hand, if you don’t, you can just treat it as a warm shade with a copper glow and pair it up with any of your brown, beige and red outfits.



This shade is very womanly and not that common. It has some of the gold in it without being gold proper, some of the copper without being copper proper, some of the brown without being brown proper. A very complex and nice nail colour.



And the collection name is… Kimono-Over. Love this pun.



So is the name of this shade 🙂 It’s purple. So-o purple.



Not just purple. It’s a dark and shiny purple. Also, this purple is very cool. It’s not plum in any way. Instead it’s a clear dark cool purple. One of those deep and intense shades.



But… it’s not off black. Somehow it manages to stop just short of being off black even though it’s definitely a dark manicure shade. Very much so.



What it shares with black nail shades though and what I like so much about it is this gloss. Not just gloss but the way gloss works with deep intense and mainly dark shades.



The gloss becomes darker manicure shades so much – if they are designed to be glossy in the first place, of course – because it creates a stark contrast brining out all their depth.



The way this purple is so cool and so intense is very exquisite. You can just swap your usual black for this shade to shake up your manicure routine and wear it in almost any situations when you would otherwise wear black.



I’m no big fan of darker than dark purples generally. There’s something extra elegant and extra beautiful about this one though. Something lacquered up and glorious. So, let’s Kimono-Over.



Next. Go Go Geisha. Some nice alliteration going on here, Essie 🙂



The shade looks the lightest of all we’ve seen so far in this collection.



Like all the other shades, it’s well rounded and has several undercurrents in it. There’s definitely some pink in it, but this pink is understated and muted.



There’s some lilac in it, but this lilac is so well mixed with pink it’s hard to tell where one of them ends and the other one begins. There’s probably as much lilac in here as there is pink.



Is this pink nude? I’d say, no, it’s not. Although it does look kind of warmer and nude pink like sometimes and at certain angles and in certain light. So, yes, if you like nudes, you might see a nice beige pink here.



There’s something very nice and flattering about this shade. You know how there are nail shades that are almost universally becoming. They are rare, but this one is one of those for sure. It has this quality in it.



I like this pink best when I see its cool side, its lilac pink side. It’s not romantic as it might sound, you know, because both lilac and pink are classically romantic shades.



Instead this lighter shade that’s not too light and not too pastel is elegant, womanly and can serve you well on all kinds of occasions from very special ones to highly informal ones.



You like reds? Here’s red for you. And it’s a beautiful one.



Make Me Happi. Don’t you love this collection shade names? I do 🙂



This red is not quite what you picture when you hear red. It’s very Japanese like. There’s something cherry like about it, although it’s not a full on cherry red.



It’s like this shade combined all of our favourite reds in it – cherry, raspberry and a bunch of other darker reds. And all those shades together create something that can make most of us happy 🙂



Also, speaking about cherry, raspberry and stuff, berry nail shades are all the fashion now, and when they aren’t, they are a classic, so if you are a fan, you might want to go to a store and get to know this one up close and personal.



The name of the shade makes sense. This shade is hot, yes, but not directly, it’s more of a happy shade, a happy red and a happy manicure option.



Although it does have all the womanly and elegant attributes that classic reds always have in them. If you like red manicures, you’ve got to have this one 🙂



I honestly and truly think that you can wear this red shade almost anywhere. The way it’s put together softened up the brightness and vibrance of red and made it a great take on a red classic.



And the last one. Green again. I’m one happy person 🙂



The shade is called Udon Know Me. And it’s an awesome pun.



This green is so much cooler than Now and Zen. You could even say it’s blue green. Or else, some people would definitely see a blue undertone in this green nail colour.



Udon Know Me is more traditional, probably, than Now and Zen, but it’s as well balanced. So as to not scare you away, you know 🙂



This green shade is a medium green, not too dark, not too light, not too anything, like all the other shades in this collection. So that it will match all your blue and all your green outfits.



You know what this green could do for you? If every summer you look at those turquoise nail shades and can’t help thinking – how could anyone wear that? This is so bright, even if beautiful.



Well, this shade is a more understated version of those aqua and turquoise beach shades. The chances are you can wear it – finally 🙂



If you like blues and greens and blue greens and green blues 🙂 , then believe it or not, this shade might just be the shade you don’t own yet. And even if you do have something along the lines of it, it’s so pretty, it’s actually worth it 🙂



That’s Kimono-Over collection by Essie. And it didn’t disappoint. These six shades are splendid. Are they Japanese? Yes, in a stylized way. They are based on classic and then tweaked to meet the new day with all the power and all the beauty there is in them, and there is quite a bit there. The result that Essie achieved here is exciting. You know what these shades have in common? If I had to name one thing, I’d say serenity. They are so serene in the best possible ways. They’ll go on your nails easily and make you feel comfortable in your own skin wherever you go. The shade names are a bonus, they make me smile every time I grab one of those bottles. Also, Kimono-Over collection by Essie is so well put together. It has everything in it, shades that could suit any taste, any season, any look. It’s a great basic collection to have at hand to be able to quickly pull out the shade you need at any given moment. So, Kimono-Over and let’s go 🙂




img_9288   img_9009

img_9454   img_9703

img_1306   img_1193

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