Libre Synthetic de Chanel holiday 2016 swatched

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Remember I told you that pink kicked in pretty strong this holiday season? That pink is trending? That pink is the new red in certain ways? Uh-huh. Here we go with Libre Synthetic de Chanel holiday collection confirming and reflecting this trend. There’s pink here. And it’s awesome. Because it’s fresh and new. Once again, pink in summer is to be expected and a little boring, even though it makes total sense amid the summer brightness. While pink in winter, for holidays, is exciting because we don’t see it that much within this season. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities and combinations in celebratory collections. By the way, let’s agree that when we say pink in this context, we mean bright pink. Bright and bold and fiery in a way. Ok, back to Chanel 🙂 Aside from pink, there’s architecture going on here. Which involves contrasts most of the time. Pink in this case provides a stunning counterpoint for darker graphic anchor shades of the collection. Here, let me show you.


No face products here other than… this blush. Joues Contraste Powder Blush. You wanna guess the shade? Yep. Pink 🙂



The shade is called 360 Hyperfresh. Sounds hip and modern. And perfectly renders the idea and concept behind this collection. Hang in there, and I’ll show you how.



Joues Contraste formula is a good old classic. Powder blush that’s soft and applies nicely and can be easily built to full on colour or diluted to just a touch of shade on your cheeks and create a light play there flattering and enhancing your complexion.



As much as I like the texture of Joues Contraste by Chanel, I can’t say I’m a big fan of a pretty strong violet scent there is to it. It’s not that this scent is unpleasant, it’s nice, it’s just that, to me, personally, it’s too strong. I wish it were more delicate and less on the nose.



Here we go. Pink as pink can be. And bright as bright can be. And cool as cool can be.



Let’s look at the brush. It’s as much of a classic as the blush formula itself. A very traditional blush brush. Short stemmed but efficient enough to fix your cheekbone makeup on the fly.



Back to the blush here.



The shade is a super bright and super cool pink. Not fuchsia, no purple there. Just pink. Clear and clean and bold and proud. Very bright. Borderline neon but not really. This shade is awesome and glorious. The cool pink of this blush can turn your cheekbones into a big accent in your makeup. Ever wanted those higher than life catwalk like cheekbones, huh? Here they are all ready for you in this little black box by Chanel. That is, if you dare, because…



This shade is bright and vibrant. Very bright. Ever so bright. To the point where if bright blush is not your thing, it might be too bright for you. Or else, even if it looks good on you, if you aren’t used to wearing bright blush shades, you might feel uncomfortable wearing Hyperfresh. And feeling uncomfortable is the last thing you want. Although, this blush is actually a part of the bigger picture of this collection, so, please, see more of it before you make up your mind.



Moving on to eye makeup. Here we’ll start with this cream eyeliner that looks and sounds very professional.



Hyperblack. Everything is hyper in this collection. Everything is strong and bright and full of energy. Electric. Like a big city.



The instructions on the packaging seem to indicate we can use this product not only as eyeliner, but as eyeshadow too. Deep and black eyeshadow? Interesting.



Here’s the brush. It’s a two part brush, you know, like Chanel cream eyeshadow brush, where it’s compact and easy to carry around and at the same time it has a long enough stem to get a good grip on it, when you put it together.




The brush tip is smaller than Chanel cream eyeshadow brush. It’s designed to allow precise professional application. If you can pull it. Brushes of the kind can be tough to operate for consumers. Say, my hand isn’t steady enough, to do it, probably. Angled brush with a thinner tip is more like it, when it comes to me 🙂



The eyeliner comes in Chanel cream eyeshadow like glass round jar. I like those jars. They feel heavy and solid in my hand.



And the shade looks not just black, it looks hyperblack indeed. This eyeliner/eyeshadow is called Calligraphie de Chanel. Calligraphy. Arrows. Precise application. Graphic. Architecture.



What did I tell you about this collection concept? Just imagine. Electric cool pink on the cheeks and black arrows. Wow.



The texture of this eyeliner is superb. It feels so lush and soft and everything nice to the touch. I mean, it feels like skin care to the touch, seriously, it does. This is the kind of texture I want in high end makeup. It’s one of the best makeup textures I’ve ever felt, actually. Good job, Chanel. Yes, it can definitely be used as eyeliner and eyeshadow alike. Either one of them. It’s your choice. And the shade is truly black. Pitch black.



And then there’s this eyeshadow palette. Architectonic. All silvery. Love this design. It’s urban and understated. Modern chic. Very Chanel.



The name – Architectonic – yet again points out that this collection revolves around lines and contrasts and bright clear shades.



These limited edition five shade palettes by Chanel are always an adventure, and I can’t wait to plunge into this one here.



Now, when I hear ‘graphic’ or ‘architectonic’, I think black and grey first and foremost. That would be too simple though. So, instead Chanel does blue, brown greige and silver. Wow. Blue and brown greige? Really? Silver is the only shade I actually nailed here by saying grey 🙂 I’m intrigued.



The two brushes that come with this palette and dual ended.



One is a very traditional eyeshadow sponge on the one side and a no less traditional eyeshadow brush on the other side.



The other one has two sponges on both sides that are narrower than the sponge on the first brush.



And the palette itself looks sleek and elegant. The shades in it pique my curiosity. What’s this whole blue and brown business? I’m going to figure it out.



A deep satiny blue shade, it’s darker, yes, but here’s great news – it’s not navy blue. There’s a lot of navy blue around and not much of this kind of bright blue we see here in this palette. This here is blue before it got overused and overdone. It’s a deep sea blue full of life and mystery and power under its surface. Subdued in the best of the ways. And if navy blue eyeshadow becomes only few of us, really, this shade is more universal. It’s special occasion level beautiful. Personally, I want to take a dip in this blue sea.



You might call this one navy blue. Or not. You might say it’s a darker blue that stops just short of being navy blue. Whatever you call it, it’s the closest to navy blue in the palette. But there’s this clever thing about it that changes it and makes it special. Even though it’s dark, there’s some silver pearl and tiny silver sparkle hidden inside. As a result, this shade is stunning and becoming for most of us, as opposed to dead on navy blue, once again. You can always try it as an eyeliner first and then work your way up to blue as blue can be smoky eye look.



A darker metallic silver. Very metallic. Very pearly. Beautiful and decadent. Baroque in a way. Talk about dramatic eye makeup. It’s all here in this shade J Forget all you know about shiny and sparkly silver. This darker silver shade is a totally different animal. It’s deep, it’s sultry, it’s languid. It’s full of levels and reflections. It’s an easy special occasion makeup shade, because the shade itself rules the ball here and elevates your look to where you want it to be or even higher. With it you’re all ready for that red carpet. You could also twist it into a rock’n’roll clubby look, if you’d like. Just go ahead and do smoky eyes with this shade, and you’re all ready for a night out in town.



When I saw this shade in the palette, I was like – brown? Brown with blue? What?? Well, it’s not really brown. It’s greige with a whole lot of beige in it and leaning to darker and warmer. Boy, this is amazing. This shade is very appealing, and it’s very rare on top of that. It strikes a very warm and languid note in the cooler blues of the rest of the shades in the palette. In fact, this shade is so rare it alone makes the palette worth it for me, although the two blue colours are beautiful too. This darker warmer greige here creates the kind of contrast in this palette that makes it even more graphic. It brings out all the coolness of the rest of the shades, all the undertones, to put it simply, it brings out the best in them 🙂



A super pearly sparkly lighter silver. I’ve sung praises to this kind of light shiny glimmery silver more than once. What do you know, I’m gonna do it again now 🙂 You know why I love it so much? It lights up your look and makes you eyes shine and reveals all the sparkle hidden in them, and there’s a lot there, trust me, you’ll see when you wear this light shiny silver. This shade is one of those ever so flattering shades that are more about you and your eye colour than about makeup. Also, it’s like a magic wand in terms of helping you look well rested when you are not. And we can all use some of that during holidays, can’t we? I mean, we have all the parties to make and need to look amazing doing that, even though last night we were partying likewise 🙂



You know what? My eyes aren’t blue, and, generally speaking, I’m not a fan of blue eye palettes in any way. I mean, can I pull blue eye makeup, if I want it? Yep. How often do I want to do it? Not that often 🙂 On a bigger scale, can those of us whose eyes aren’t blue wear blue eye shades and look gorgeous? Absolutely. Whether you do it or not and how often you do it, is up to you 🙂 Now, even though I’m not ecstatic about blue eyeshadow usually, this palette is awesome. It’s rare, because blue eye shades these days tend to be on the brighter and lighter side. While this here is a classic taken to a new level and turned relevant. I love this palette. Everything about it is great. That brown greige is amazing. And metallic silvers always work, there’s no way around it 🙂 All in all, this palette is a great thing no have – holidays or no holidays. If you like blue eye shades, take a close look at it.




The part of the collection that has most shades in it is this one here. Lip colour. Three textures. Five shades. A lot to talk about.


We have two shades of Rouge Allure here for those of us who prefer lipstick proper. I like Rouge Allure formula a lot. In fact, it used to be my absolute favourite in Chanel cream lipstick world before Chanel relaunched their Rouge Coco. Now Rouge Coco is right up there with Rouge Allure and they are competing for my love 🙂



Rouge Allure formula is a cream lipstick formula but it somehow feels very light on the lips. There’s no heavy feeling there at all that a lot of cream formulae create on the lips. Also, its finish is very satiny. And that’s exactly what it feels like on the lips. Satiny and posh. Luxurious and special. One well put together lipstick for sure 🙂 And the scent is makeupey and not intrusive.



And I love this Rouge Allure tube where you just press the top and then pull it right out. It’s like this tube has a little secret that I share with it. And you share with it, when you carry it around. Isn’t it great to have your own makeup secret, huh? I think it is.




You know how long and thin tubes can be ever so hot? Well, this one is too, even if it’s not that thin. It’s hot though, there’s no question about that.



The shade is called Ultraberry. Told ya, everything is ‘ultra’ here in this collection. Everything is radiant, bright and clashing with other shades.



So, what is this shade? Violet? Not really. Berry? Maybe, to an extent. You know what it really is? Purple 🙂 Dark and sultry purple. Vampy. Ever so vampy. Ultravampy. If there were more red in this shade, it would be a very classic berry that we all know so well and that many of us like. It being this purple and this dark means it won’t look good on just everyone out there just like that. You’ll have to work for it to make it work for you. On the other hand, this way it would make a better contrast with that architectural eye palette and the bright cool pink blush and the cream eyeliner.




Next shade of Rouge Allure. Let me guess. Pink?



Ultrarose. Ok, I was close enough, I guess, because rose is a variation of pink. And pink lip colour just had to show up in this batch with the pink blush and those blue and silvery graphic eye shades.



Here’s our hot little black and gold tube.



A bright pink lip colour rounds up Libre Synthetic de Chanel look nicely. This pink is exciting, saturated with light and pink undertones and is not that simple. Probably, because it’s ultrarose, you know 🙂



For starters, this pink is bright, but not as bright as the blush. It’s cool too. And it has some purple mixed in it but not too much. I’d say it’s a medium bright mixture of pink and purple. It’s not what I expected to see here in this collection, I’ll tell you that. I expected a crazy bright pink. A hot bright pink. The kind of pink that’s neon almost. Something along the lines of that blush. The way it is though makes it more universal, more wearable and desirable for more people. It’s a modern pink classic, Chanel updated pink lip colour real nice here.




Lipstick shades in this collection by Chanel can bring us all together. Whatever you like – hip and trendy or womanly and elegant, it’s all here in these two black sleek square tubes. Not only it’s all here, it’s merging almost proving that womanly and hip and elegant and trendy aren’t necessarily contradictory concepts.



Next lip colour texture for us to see is Rouge Allure Gloss. And again we have two shades here.


Now, how is Rouge Allure Gloss texture different from Rouge Allure? Rouge Allure Gloss is your typical liquid lip colour. That is, it’s a more or less full on cover colour with a whole bunch of shine on top of it. It’s a solid liquid lip colour formula that works really well, if you like this kind of texture on your lips.



As far as I’m concerned, here’s the coolest thing about this lip colour product. The tube 🙂 It works the same way as Rouge Allure tube does. You press on the top, the golden top shows up and you grab it and pull it out.




It’s not as easy to operate as Rouge Allure tubing, unfortunately, because it’s longer, so you have to take more effort to pull it out. As much as I like it in Rouge Allure, with Rouge Allure Gloss I’m always afraid to break this brush, every time I do it. And the lip colour stains the tube, because you have to poke around a bit before you can close it.



Looks cool though. I’ll give you that, Chanel 🙂 And the first shade is called Super Nude. Nude? Really? Nude in this collection? Hm.



I don’t know about Super Nude. It’s more of a shy warm little nude thing of a shade. And then it’s shiny without being too shiny. Full enough coverage with gloss on top of it that softens it up nicely and makes it very womanly. Even though I’m not really a nude lip fan and not a warm nude lip fan in particular, this shade is so cute it appeals to me on a certain level. I’ll wear it, and that tells you a lot 🙂 If you love nudes on the lips, be sure to look at this one. It feels comfortable on the lips too and has a little bit of a makeupey scent to it, but just a bit.



Next shade of Rouge Allure Gloss.



Super Coral. Super – of course. Coral? In this collection? In this concept? Among these shades? Okaaay…



Here’s our tube. All black and gold and press on the top like.



Every time I see it and use it I get a kick out of it.



Now let’s see that super coral and find out how super it is.



This coral shade is interesting. It’s medium, full softer coverage with some shine on it. And it’s very warm and sunny to the point where I think there’s some pink mixed into it. This pink in there makes me like it more than if it were just coral, because it’s more interesting. I think a lot of people would like it. Be careful though. A mix of coral and pink isn’t always flattering for everyone. Although this softer texture, not dead on cream, and then shine on top of it makes it easier to pull. So, if you have to try this shade at all, this is the way to do it.



These two Rouge Allure Gloss shades are puzzling. They are nice, and I like them, but they just don’t seem to fit the rest of the colour scheme of the collection, which is more or less based on the clash of cool shades with an exclusion of that brown greige. I mean, intense and dramatic eye makeup can go well with nude lip shades, but why are they so warm them? Seems to me, they are good on their own, not sure they are a good match for that blush and eyeliner and eyeshadow palette. Maybe, something will still show up here that will explain it though, we’ll see.



The last lip shade in the collection. Rouge Double Intensite. What is Rouge Double Intensite formula? It’s a dual ended lip product with colour and shine divided and kept apart.



Yes, I know, makeup artists almost always do colour and shine separately, well, you know, in two steps. And brands have been trying to introduce this concept in consumer makeup for years now. Seriously, I remember the first thing of the kind I had was when I was in high school, and this thing was by Maybelline New York 🙂 Somehow though, these two steps colour + shine things never work for me as well as they do for professionals and as well as one step things. I’m ready to try though. Let’s see if Chanel pulled it.



Ok, so the shade is called Curious Orange, and it is orange indeed, a medium orange, but I can already see how the shine will turn it into a blazing hot and bright orange 🙂



The colour part of Rouge Double Intensite has an overpowering super sweet and desserty scent to it. Ouch. Chanel products usually don’t have that. I’m scent sensitive, and I definitely get a reaction here, so I won’t be able to wear this product on my lips for a long time, even if it’s perfect. The brush here is a sponge.



It says the colour part of it all will dry in one minute. On me it doesn’t 🙂 I need to take extra time. To make sure it actually dries I wait like five minutes, but, maybe, it’s just me, I don’t know. Anyway, after I make absolutely sure it’s dry or almost dry because it takes a lo-ong time for it to get fully dry on me, I apply the shine, which proves to be what it’s expected to be, pretty much – a transparent mirror glossy thing. The brush is not a sponge here, by the way, it’s a synthetic lip brush and it works nicely.




The colour turns into a vibrant and bright orange once I top it with the gloss. See, told ya 🙂 Ok, and here’s why the two steps things never work perfectly for me. It’s nearly impossible to distribute the glossy coat evenly over your lip colour, so that there are no bumps and pits there. It always goes easier, when it’s just one product, say, lip gloss, one formula that has shine in it, then it slides on the lips and gets smoothed out automatically almost. While here you have to work to distribute it around.





Oh, and good luck with trying to wipe that colour off your lips. Before you do though, brace yourself, cause it’s going to be one high mountain to climb. I mean, you can easily get the gloss of your lips, but the colour, boy! Even when you use special makeup removers for waterproof makeup, still tough. Very much so.



To me, still it’s better to achieve the colour and gloss in one step, which is possible, given modern makeup formulae and technology. And if Chanel even couldn’t persuade me that the two step system works better, I don’t know who can do it 🙂 I like new stuff though, new textures and new formulae, so I’m still waiting for that superb colour first and shine next product that will lure me into the whole two step world. So far I’m sticking to my good old liquid lipstick things that give me both colour and shine in one run.



As for the shade, this bright orange can be an artsier option to wear with the black eyeliner and the blue and silver of the eyeshadow palette. It’s the kind of lip colour you can wear when you feel adventurous with the other products from this collection or any of your favourite makeup for that matter.



To round up the holiday look by Chanel we have three nail shades to pick from. What’s your first guess? Pink? Uh-huh. Second guess? Silver, yes.


Ok, so I’ve already told you how up front I couldn’t make friends with Chanel Le Vernis new gel formula. But then I managed to make some progress once I started using Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab base and top coat with it.



The first shade Chanel prepared for us is called Hyperrose Glass. That must be really something. Not only it’s Hyperrose. It’s Glass too. I can’t wait to see it. Chanel managed to seriously work up my expectations here.



This Hyperrose looks very pinkish, very cool pinkish. And I can see the ‘glass’ part of it. It looks sort of pearly without being all the way pearly and kind of sheer without being all the way sheer.



Yep. It’s another modern classic item in the collection. It’s like Chanel took the rose nail colour, which is one of the very basic and one of the most womanly nail shades ever, and then played with the texture to make it special and hyper and hip.



As a result, it’s like this rose shade glows with lilac from within. How very synthetic, very urban, very hyper of it. As for being sheer, it’s sheer under certain angles and then not sheer under others, you’ll see.



What can I say? It’s interesting. Just make sure you don’t mind the sheer part of it. I, for one, would very much like it to be full on coverage, but then again it’s just me. I don’t like sheer nail shades period. Whatever they are.



Another shade in the collection where modern and hip nail shades fans and classic nail shades fans can shake their manicured hands and agree that they love this nail colour here by Chanel. It has it all in it wrapped around its pink core.



So, you could wear it with an evening gown to modernize your look or you can wear it with a super trendy dress when you’re going out clubbing and then before you do you can easily get through a day in the office with your nails being all pink and elegant.



There are few shades out there that have such a range in them and that can either adjust to your outfit and look or give your outfit and look the right twist. And then if you wear it with that blush, your manicure will look like a reflection of the rosy glow on your cheeks. I’d say that I expected Hyperrose Glass to be artsier and edgier, but I’m not disappointed in it in the least the way it turned out. This shade is ever so synthetic and ever so Chanel, achieving that in one shade is a lot to ask, and they pulled it here 🙂



Next shade of Le Vernis. Remember my second pitch for nail colour? Silver. Well, here we go. Liquid Mirror. I wonder, is it going to be special in terms of texture or something? I hope so. I would like that very much.



By the way, notice how it says Longwear Nail Colour on the boxing now that the formula turned gel. It’s designed to last and wear for like a week. Not that I need it to last that long, just saying 🙂



And the shade is silver and darker and metallic. It looks pearly, very much so. This finish goes well with silver colour, but I don’t see much ‘liquid mirror’ here. Instead I see a good old metallic shade. A silver classic that shines and shines and then some.



Ok, so, maybe, that’s what makes it ‘liquid mirror’? All the shine and glow and gloss? Maybe. I wish there were something artsier here though. Anyway… What I do like is that this silver is on the darker side. Makes it nobler, more sophisticated.



You know how metallics are, right? How they aren’t always smooth, how they can be streaky and stuff? Well, I can’t say that there’s none of it here. But there seems to be less of that in this new gel formula by Chanel. That’s good news.



I intentionally didn’t top it with any top coat here for you to see what it looks like as is. But metallics require top coats, generally speaking, if not for the purposes of making them last, then to even out all the streaky business that can occur in them.



Now, why is darker silver, to me, even better than the super shiny lighter silver? Because it’s decadent in a way, not as common, more subdued and sophisticated. Not as on the nose as the shiny silver we’re all so used to.



Also, darker silver is more versatile. You can play it a lot of different ways. You can go elegant. Pair it up with grey or white. And then you can go punk rock. Wear it with jeans and a stunning top or shirt or jacket and studded high heels.



Silver is no gold, but it’s shiny and celebratory and special occasion like too. So, I do want silver for holidays. It looks good and fancy and dressed up. And as long Chanel came up with a nice silver shade, why not put it to good use this season, right? More or less though, I feel the same way about Liquid Mirror as I do about Hyperrose Glass. I expected more from it, expected something more hip, maybe. But I don’t mind it the way it is at all. It has a whole whirlpool of styles and concepts wrapped in it. Truly synthetic.



And the last shade in the collection. It’s Velvet Nail Colour. Which means, it’s matt. Or satin, as some people would call this lush and languid nail colour finish. So, basically, Chanel keeps playing with textures, light and reflections here. Nice 🙂



I just love the name of this shade. Pink Rubber. Sounds good. Also, pinks don’t get released that often in velvet /satin /matt finish in nail colour. I don’t know why. They just don’t. And it’s a pity, because they look as good in this finish as they do in glossy finish, you know.



On top of Pink Rubber being pink, it’s a very light pink. A light satin pink? It’s quite rare. Good 🙂 This pink looks light and warmish, nude almost. Nude pink. It looks like a bubble gum, kind of. Or like a candy. Cotton candy. Yummy 🙂



On the nails it looks cozy and a little cooler than it does in the bottle, but only a little bit. Wow, this delicate satiny pink is so beautiful. Girly. Desserty to the point of no return almost. And in the day for sure. Another modern take on pink nail classic by Chanel.



What I want to do with this pink is pretty much just wear it instead of a light pink nail colour classic in all the situations when I’d wear the latter. It’s an easy way to make my manicure relevant and trendy without going off the cliff with trying to be artsy and edgy.



This pink is pretty. It has an extra plush element to it that glossy nude pinks don’t have in them. It’s the kind of pink you want to own or, at least, try to wear, at least, once. The texture makes this shade fluffy and frilly and fuller, kind of.



Pink Rubber is a perfect pink nude contrast manicure shade for all the graphic darker and brighter shades in this collection by Chanel. Once again, notice how they are not just playing with colour here, they are playing with texture too. Exquisite.



Another way to go with this shade is to treat it as s nude manicure option. Throw it on and just go out and about doing all the things you usually do. The fact that this nude shade is all velvet will easily make you look posh and gorgeous and add a zest to your look.



There are so many people who love pinks on the nails, who wear pink nail colour very often, who keep coming back to it. It’s so popular, it comes in so many shapes and forms, there must be something there, and Chanel worked some to make their shade stand out in the row of pinks. I have to tell you that Pink Rubber proved to be even better than I hoped it would be on seeing it in the bottle. Talk about shades that feel like second skin. More than second skin. This cushiony pink compliments all the graphics in makeup shades in this collection and all the architecture going on there.



Now, everything I said above when I was talking Pink Rubber, referred to Pink Rubber as is. That is, without a matt top coat. I’ve already told you many times that I don’t usually like how matt top coats change velvet nail colour. But… I have to show you Pink Rubber here with the top coat, in case you like it 🙂



See what I’m talking about here? The top coat somehow made it warmer. It looks more nude now, warmer beige like. Still looking good. It’s just a matter of taste, you know 🙂



With the top coat it looks a little more nude and a little less desserty. Keep it in mind, when you’re about to top it with that velvet or matt top coat of yours.



Still, it’s cute and pretty and girly and nice. And it will still match a lot of outfits and styles and suit a lot of occasions. So, you can wear it for several days in a row.



What are the advantages of wearing Pink Rubber with the top coat? It will last longer, won’t chip or peel off. So, if you don’t mind the nude beige undertone the top coat brings out, you can definitely do it.



My heart goes all out for the cooler pink in it though, when it’s on the nails on its own in all its proud glory. Its yummy marshmallowy essence appeals to me big time.



Please, see Pink Rubber by Chanel as is on the left here and Pink Rubber with a top coat over it on the right.



See the difference?






It’s only slight, still…



It might matter to some of us.




Also, it means, you have two shades in one here.



Remember I told you, maybe, something will show up in this collection that will help me understand where the nude and coral lip colour falls in their colour scheme? Well, Pink Rubber took care of that. If you wear the eye palette shades (and that eyeliner, if you want) and pair them up with nude or coral Rouge Allure Gloss shade and Pink Rubber on your nails, you’ll get a softened up version of darker graphics and pinks juxtaposition. In fact, it might be an amazing twist you wanna give it.


The nail colour in this collection is amazing in terms of just how well it renders the main idea and concept behind the collection, how well it supports its main direction and message and how well it works with makeup shades in it. I love that.

img_3961   img_4149



Libre Synthetic de Chanel collection is so clever, I can’t get over it almost. It’s not just a bunch of shades thrown together, it’s not just designer boxing and packaging, it’s not just luxurious textures. It’s a whole new vision of colours and trends, their combinations, and then beyond that a whole new vision of fashion and makeup evolvement and the correlation of classics and tradition with new and relevant and of how one becomes the other and vice versa. Because there’s something futuristic and urban about these shades, the way they are put together, about all the graphics, all the straight lines and angles of this collection, about its architectural feel and atmosphere. Libre Synthetic de Chanel, in a way, is about how the world changed, what it’s like right now and what it might be in the future. And it manages to comment on that without rejecting the history of makeup industry in general and Chanel in particular. All said above has a very practical application right here in your makeup stash and then in your looks, believe it or not 🙂 Here’s how.









What are the two main holiday season colours in makeup collections? I mean, traditionally? Off the top of your head, what two colours do you see in holiday collections every year? Right. Red and gold. Well, see what Chanel did here? They have pink and silver instead. These shades are close enough and can easily perform the same functions. At the same time, they are so fresh and original and special as opposed to red and gold that has been done to death for holidays by pretty much everyone. Further on, Chanel made a very smart move here of introducing all the graphics and architecture and light and texture play in their holiday makeup batch. Usually there’s glitter and shine and sparkle that merges and flows. Here we have clear graphic lines and contrasts and softer gleam. More or less, you’re getting all the same holiday elements that you love so much, only your look is going to stand out in the crowd and be more chic and sophisticated because it’s different.










What does Chanel do in this holiday collection? It goes back to the basics and proves that it’s always relevant and always exquisite. On top of that, it perfectly nails the pink colour trend that’s so strong this year for holidays. And then it offers a new way to do your holiday makeup. All that is achieved in one strike here, which is pretty impressive. I’ll tell you what, if you don’t feel the holidays yet, look in these Chanel makeup boxes, the holiday mood might just be hovering somewhere there, you know 🙂

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