Matt lip colour: the catches

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Matt lip colour is a sweeping trend. I mean, it’s so big it actually overflowed into nail colour and triggered matt textures there. Now it starts overflowing into eyeshadow, that’s how big it is. Matt textures are lush, languid, luring, so it’s no surprise they trended so much, especially for holiday season, when it’s all about special occasions and going out. As good as matt lip colour texture sounds (and looks, sometimes), it’s not an easy one to deal with. Here’s why.


I’ve said it before – matt lip colour textures get our lips dry. I’ve tried all kinds of matt lip textures by all kind of brands: liquid matt lip colour, cream matt lip colour, just about anything. The best ones cushion the dryness. Still they do get your lips dry. All of them. I don’t know what it is about matt lip colour formula, where it seems to be impossible to avoid this dryness emerging at some point. I mean, if it were possible to avoid it, they would, right?


When other lip colour textures dry my lips, it doesn’t bother me that much, because I can just use primers or my favourite lip care before I apply them, and I’m all good. But when I do it under matt lip colour products, they dilute the matt finish with all the Vaseline in them 🙂 turning it into more or less a classic cream lip colour finish. That is, lip care applied as a prep – whatever it is – pretty much undermines the main purpose of matt lip colour, it looking matt on the lips.


What are the possible solutions? You could apply that prep step thing – lip balm or any other lip care product, for that matter – like half an hour before you apply your matt lip colour product. But… how often do you find yourself in the circumstances, when you can actually spare this extra time and do it? When you are at home you can do it, maybe, yeah, but even if so, what happens, once you get out of the house and your lip colour gets smudged?


How do you fix your makeup and reapply, if you need half an hour in between the prep step and the matt lip colour proper? I don’t know. The result of this is obvious. Matt lip colour doesn’t always look perfect on the lips. Alas. Just recently I saw a girl out in the street wearing a very nice pink matt lip colour shade. It looked good on her but… her lips were all dry. She’s obviously been out and about for some time, and that’s what her pink matt lip colour got to look like in the process.


Maybe, there are some professional makeup artist secrets that consumers need to know to make sure their lips don’t get dry, when they wear matt lip colour? I don’t know. I seriously doubt it. You know why? I’ll tell you. In the promo photo of one of the luxury brand makeup collection this holiday season the model is wearing a matt lip and cheek product, and even though it’s concealed better there than in real life, I can see this creeping dryness lingering on the model’s lips. And that’s with all the Photoshop 🙂


And even if we forget about how matt lip colour texture tends to get our lips dry, it emphasizes every single little fold on our lips, once we apply it. To put it simply, to wear matt lip colour textures and for them to look really good on you, your lips should be in a perfect – I’m not kidding here – perfect condition. Now, I don’t know about your lips, my lips are sensitive, very much so, and I can’t say in all honesty there’s ever a time, when they are in a perfect condition 🙂


Maybe, your lips are different, I don’t know. But lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our face, and the chances are even with lip car their condition in real life and without Photoshop is, Ok, 90 percent perfect but not a full on 100 percent perfect. And once this condition isn’t perfect, the way matt lip colour texture is going to highlight every single minor imperfection is stunning. Cream lip colour and glossy lip colour helps to conceal and hide those little folds on the lips, it’s flattering, basically. Matt lip colour is uncompromising.


What’s the solution? I haven’t found the one that always works. That’s exactly why, to me, matt lip colour is like very dark lip shades. They are supposed to look amazing, and they do, if you get them right, but getting them right requires effort, a lot of effort. It’s not an easy thing to quickly throw on your lips. You have to know in advance that you’re doing a look that involves matt lip colour and go full on with those lip care products beforehand and then have them with you, when you venture out.


The other thing I do when I wear matt lip colour texture is simple, really. I stick in my purse a cream lip colour product, say, a really good classic cream formula lipstick that always works for me. Only it should be close in terms of shade to the matt lip colour I’m wearing. Then once I’m out and about and once I feel my lips start getting dry, I swap my matt lip colour for cream lip colour. If it’s close in shade, no one will notice, and applying cream lip colour after all the dryness your lips had to endure with matt texture is a good idea.


This simple trick helps you to shine all through the night. Even better. Instead of cream lip colour of a similar shade you can stick in your purse a good colour & care product of a similar shade. There are few good ones in this category. But it will be like the first aid thing for your lips after that exhausting matt texture. Don’t get deceived by lush sensations up front that some matt products provide. Matt texture is harsher on the lips than any other texture, so any help you can get on your lips afterwards is a really good idea.


Having said all that, do I wear matt lip colour? Yes, I do. It’s an option that’s nice and interesting and voluptuous looking, yes. Do I love matt lip colour? Honestly, it being so difficult in some aspects gets in the way of me falling head over heels in love with it. But there are a lot of people who love it, and we should all be able to wear what we want. It’s not a matter of giving it up. You just need to be prepared. That’s the key to wearing matt lip colour. Be prepared and think it through, then you’ll be fine and look gorgeous.


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