ORLY Mulholland fall 2016 swatched

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When we hear Mulholland, what do we think? Southern California, Muldolland Drive, Los Angeles, Mulholland Highway, David Lynch 🙂 It only makes sense that ORLY of all brands decided to name their collection after this iconic American street and highway. Also, Mulholland has a very Hollywood sound to it and a veil of mystery about it thanks to David Lynch’s movie. So, if you ask me, what nail colour collection could be named Mulholland, what atmosphere would be dominating there, what kind of feel, I’d say, it will be something chic in a clever way and with an artsy twist to it. That’s my perception, anyway. We’ll see if it matches in any way ORLY’s perception of Mulholland. One thing I know is that, when it comes to ORLY, I don’t need to worry about quality, given I use the right base and top coat, of course 🙂 Instead I can relax and enjoy the ride.




When I look at the shades, I see some of the shades that are right on the money in terms of what I imagined and a couple of odd men out, which makes the whole batch even more exciting and interesting. So, on we go.





20892 Hillside Hideout



For starters, it sounds great. Awesome. Wouldn’t you agree? Hillside Hideout. On top of that, it looks very Mulholland.



All moody purple with some darker golden shine and tiny sparkle wrapped in colour and hidden in its depth. Very nice.



What’s even better is that this golden core of the purple doesn’t really come out on the surface on the nails. Instead, it stands back and supports the purple.



Making it warm and pretty and adding a touch of mystery to it. The result is exciting. And the shade is not plum in any way.



It balances on the edge of warm purple and cool purple staying cooler rather than warmer and curtseying to all the darker chic gold in it.



This shade is a wonderful fall manicure option. It’s not too light and not too dark, somewhere in the middle, rather, purple but not too obviously purple and not plum that has been done so much. Not quite red or pink, but very wearable and suitable for all kind of situations and occasions. Nice 🙂






20894 Million Dollar Views



If we decide to take this cliché based on exaggeration 🙂 seriously and think for a moment, whether there are actually million dollar views somewhere in the world, Southern California will most probably make the short list 🙂



The shade is all posh too. Can it provide for a million dollar manicure look? Probably so. It’s bronze and then it’s darker, which makes it so much better.



Just when I thought I’m all tired of bronze, this shade showed up in Mulholland collection by ORLY to prove that it’s just a matter of how you do it.



You know why this shade belongs in fall? There’s something about it reminiscent of fallen leaves and their shades and colours.



On the other hand, I’m so tired of all the holiday gold, I’ll enjoy wearing this shade right now. It’s a breath of fresh air amid the holiday golden frenzy.



There’s a random tiny darker golden sparkle in it here and there, by the way, saying hello to this very classic holiday look 🙂






20893 Cahuenga Pass



Cahuenga Pass is a mountain pass in Santa Monica Mountains where the main portion of Mulholland Drive starts, basically.



This shade is our first odd man out, because it’s ever so bright. It’s a fiery orange full of life and light and energy.



Here’s why it’s worth it for me. It’s not neon. Even if it’s an odd man out, it doesn’t drop out of the collection bigger concept.



It’s a vibrant but a little darker orange. As a result, it’s intense but womanly in a very special way. I don’t know how ORLY did it, but they did 🙂



Cahuenga Pass is one of those brights you wanna have, especially if bright nail shades are your thing.



It’s about a very different kind of fall – or any season, for that matter – than the rest of the shades in this collection. The kind of fall that’s a lot of fun, all smiles and joy, still gorgeous though.






20891 Mansion Lane



Mansion Lane? Ok. Very befitting for the collection that revolves around Mulholland and its vicinities.



To me, this shade is another odd man out here though. Here’s why. It’s grey and a very pleasant one, I must say.



For starters, it’s medium, not too dark, not too light, but leaning to darker, to my eye. The result is very elegant indeed and very modern at the same time.



Within the colour scheme and the general feel of this collection this shade is like a cool breeze blowing over all the other warm shades.



We’ve talked about grey nail shades many times already. There’s something about them. Something that makes them different, not like any other nail colours out there.



Grey nail colour can work as a solid every day manicure option, as an office nail shade, as a travel shade and as a special occasion shade too, if you like it and know how to handle it. And Mansion Lane is moody as fall itself and beautifully grey, no question about that.






20895 Meet Me at Mulholland



We’re getting to the very point here, don’t we? As long as the collection is called Mulholland, and this shade is called Meet Me at Mulholland 🙂



So, what is this shade like? It’s brownish loaded with medium to bigger copper and golden glitter. Wow.



And unlike Hillside Hideout where pearl and glitter more compliments the purple than actually shows, here the glitter is having a ball and dancing waltz with the brown colour.



Speaking about brown, this base colour itself is very interesting. Once again, it’s so warm. Warm and enveloping like all browns, when they are at their best 🙂



At the same time, it’s not dark. Splendid, really. And when you add the glitter adornment to all this brown beauty infused with light, it turns into an almost dangerously hot and stunning combination.



This shade is very very special. I haven’t really ever seen anything quite like it. And it manages to achieve all this glory and all this beauty without being rough textured. Instead it’s all sleek to the touch. I’m impressed.






20896 Party in the Hills



Who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want party and then for this party to be in the hills? In this case, I presume, in the hills of Southern California 🙂



This shade is the second stunner in this collection. It’s gorgeous. Special occasion like. Decadent almost in all it shine and sparkle and beauty.



It’s greige that explodes with a classically golden sparkle from inside, and then it’s like this golden glitter rockets in the sky and lands artistically on your nails 🙂



Sounds good? I think it does. Greige is a cooler colour, so a combination of greige and warmer gold is awesome and inspiring.



Party in the Hills calls for parties, celebrations, holidays and so many good things that we so like to have. A perfect special occasion shade. And a fresh one too.



Unlike Meet Me at Mulholland though, which is so nicely sleek, Party in the Hills is kind of textured, more rough to the touch, although not too rough, not sand like rough. To me, the look of this shade is worth the texture. Especially as you could easily achieve the sleek surface feel, if you wear a couple layers of top coat over it.



Mulholland is an awesome collection. Remember what I told you about Washington D.C. by OPI?  OPI Washington, D.C. fall 2016 swatched  It’s a perfect fall/winter season collection that you’ll love wearing. Mulholland by ORLY is sort of the same way, only more dressed up. These six warm nail colours are very languid and flattering. They can help you look good and feel confident in all kinds of situations. There are shades here to suit any taste. Grey and orange are artsy and edgy in a way. Purple and bronze are more of a fall and winter classic. And then brown with copper and darker golden glitter and greige with classically golden glitter are special occasion like. Speaking about special occasion, these last two are amazing, not quite like anything I’ve seen. Spectacular. If you can wear other shades in fall and winter, you can easily wear these two for holidays or any time you have your own and very special occasion, whatever it is. Very nice, ORLY 🙂

img_1674   img_1824

img_2164   img_2442

img_2730   img_2791




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