ANNY Aloha Hawaii swatched

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Aren’t you tired of all the gold, silver, red and sparkle in makeup and manicure yet? Or should I say – how exactly tired are you of all of the above? 🙂 I’m a little tired. Although there are some nice holiday collections, holiday shades and holiday products out there. But I’m already feeling like some bright colours. Feeling like something different. Say, this collection here by ANNY. It’s full of life and vibrance. It’s happy and fun. It’s summer in a bottle. Or else, summer in six bottles. And I just can’t help but want to wear some of these shades – or shades of the kind – now to splash some radiance into winter and shake it up just a little bit. In summer these shades feel like – yeah, yeah, I know, it’s summer, so, bright manicures are on. While now in the middle of winter they feel like – what do ya know, look at this nail colour here, awesome. Maybe, it’s just me, I don’t know. I’m all about variety though. I can’t stand having my nails painted gold and red alternately for three months 🙂 So, here goes Aloha Hawaii by ANNY. As usual there are six shades here. Look at them, aren’t they beautiful?






I think they are. And now is just about the time for me to get some of that on my nails. Oh, and if you want some red, by the way, see, there’s some for you here, so you don’t have to suffer through holiday manicure withdrawals 🙂


Our first shade. Aloha, summer. Aloha, ANNY. Aloha, yellow manicure.



The shade is called 373.90 sun & fun. See, I told ya. It’s high time for some of that.



The design with all the fringy stuff is great and suitable for this collection. And the shade is full of sun and fun indeed. It’s as yellow as they come.



A bright yellow without shine or pearl or sparkle. Just you and yellow by ANNY on your nails. Bringing sunshine into your manicure.



I generally like paler and pearly yellows on my nails, but there’s just something so happy about this shade. It makes me smile, and that’s a lot to ask from a nail shade.



This yellow is a great way to take a break from all the gold nail shades out there that have been dumped and dumped and dumped on us over the holidays.



Sun & fun somehow manages to stay bright without being too dark, which often happens to yellow nail colour. While this yellow here is loaded with summer instead.



And if you think it’s impossible to make it work and actually wear it in winter, think about all the brown, beige and pale yellow outfits and accessories you have, and you might just have second thoughts there.



Next shade. No less summery. No less fun. No less ANNY. And the design is still great.



It’s called 382.50 ocean queen. Ocean queen? Sounds good. Maybe, why not 🙂



This here is another shade that we almost never see in winter and holiday season collections. A fun blue, or turquoise, you could say.



If we ever get blues for holidays and in winter in general, they are always darker and navy blue like, sometimes pearly navy blue.



And even that is rare, if you come to think of it. There’s more purple and plum in holiday season and winter collections, generally speaking.



Well, who said I can’t have blue manicures in winter? Think about it, ice is bluish, sort of, snowflakes are bluish, sort of, even snow sometimes has a bluish gleam to it. And icicles and…



You got my point here. There are a lot of things in winter nature that have blue in them or blue reflections, at least, so blue manicures will work really well in the bigger winter picture.



And if you live in a climate where it’s pretty much summer all year round, then why should you give up your summer manicure shades just because the calendar is telling you it’s winter time? 🙂



On we go. And here’s another super anti-winter and all-summer shade 🙂



Orange. Summery, isn’t it? It’s called 170.20 hang loose. Hang loose, hang out and hang in there with bright manicures.



Corals are another big and exciting group of shades that almost get dropped in winter. It all goes towards bronze and copper, maybe, but not orange and coral.



Hence the effect orange manicure produces in winter. It’s like a splash of colour that reminds you that spring and, yes, summer, is somewhere there, and that it’s coming soon.



This orange shade in particular has a great quality about it. It’s not fully sheer, but there’s an underlying sheerness in it that brings even more light and shine into this shade.



Also, hang loose by ANNY is very bright but not quite neon or too light and glowy. It’s a medium orange that doesn’t slide into a too dark territory.



As a result, this orange looks sophisticated on your nails, at the same time it creates a burst of colour there and a surge of energy few winter manicure shades can do.



In terms of when and how you wear it, once again, think about all the corals, browns, beiges you have in your closet and about all your favourite coral lip shades. Yeah, I know 🙂



Are you ready for more? I am 🙂 I’m enjoying this colourful summer feast a lot.



And I’m enjoying the design still. The shade is called 245.80 surfing bird. Surfing. Another all summer reference.



This shade is another very classic shade that gets pushed in the background every winter, pretty much. Pink.



What can be more wearable, more worn even, more universal and more loved, when it comes to nail colour? Almost nothing.



Then why are we supposed to give it up in winter? And even if there’s any pink in winter collections and holiday collections, it’s usually bright, fuchsia almost.



While tender pinks look so great in winter. Just like blues, they easily slide into all the light play there always is in winter with all the reflections and gleam and glow.



I mean, what season can be more tender than winter with its fragile and beautiful and romantic snowflakes and icicles?



Yep. Not only spring can be romantic. Winter can be romantic too. And this medium cooler pink with some pink sparkle wrapped in it tightly is just the shade to wear in winter. Try it, you’ll see.



One but last. A holiday classic interpreted in a totally new and different way.



The shade is called 089.70 hot body. And it’s red. I know, I know, you’re fed up with red.



This red is different though. It’s not a special occasion, darker and elegant red. It’s a super happy and summery red.



It’s bright and bold and beautiful. It’s on the move kind of red. Warm kind of red. Modern kind of red. Not classically red red.



This shade is a classic in terms of texture, there’s no peal or sparkle in it. But it’s so much more than a classic in terms of colour.



It’s red like summer berries, apples, watermelons. Like summer sunset. Like tropical flowers. Like summer itself.



Who said that in winter and during holiday season reds have to be sultry and cherry like and suitable for being topped with glitters?



I want a happy red. And I get it here with ANNY. It’s happy. It definitely is. Also, it’s hot. Very much so. Hot and red. And glorious. And good for any season.



And the last shade. Oh, pity. I wish it weren’t 🙂 I’m going to miss these shades and this bottle design.



The shade is called 168.50 bikini bash. And it’s all coral and nice and cute and radiant and delicate and…



For starters, bikini bash is an awesome shade name. It rolls so nicely around my tongue. Bikini bash. Very summery.



As for the shade, it’s coral and radiant. And understated. Another shade that never – or almost never – pops up in winter and holiday collections.



This coral is all warm. It’s like a warm smile in the middle of winter, like summer waving hello to you and saying it’s coming.



In summer this coral shade would be boring like yet another coral in the longest possible chain of corals we always see in summer.



In winter the very same shade, especially one as tender as bikini bash, looks surprisingly chic. Sophisticated. Crispy. And elegant. Very much so.



It’s yet another shade in the batch that will cooperate with all the winter glow and reflections creating its own story on your nails. You know what it can be? It can be a perfect non-nude nude shade. If you wear it instead of your usual nudes, you’ll see how it will elevate your winter manicure to a new exquisite level.



These are the six shades from Aloha Hawaii collection by ANNY. And the more I look at them and the more I wear them, the more I think how well they work in winter. There’s something extra fresh and pretty about these shades and the way they look and feel now right after (or before, depends on where you are in the world 🙂 ) the holiday season. These shades are just the shades to bring into your manicure routine in winter. I’m definitely bringing them into my manicure to have as little routine in it as possible 🙂 Holidays or no holidays, I want some brightness on my nails from time to time. Some shades that aren’t pearly or glittery. I want to break the rules sometimes. And wear spring and summer shades in the middle of winter. And then I can easily get back to golds and reds and like them more than I did before 🙂 Even in winter there are times, when I want to be colourful or romantic or artsy. And these six shades by ANNY will help me with that. Yellow, blue, orange, pink, vibrant red, coral… not wintery? Who said that? 🙂 They so are.

img_2581   img_2837

img_3032   img_3204

img_3564   img_3839




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