Morgan Taylor Wrapped in Glamour holiday 2016 swatched

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Wrapped in Glamour. How cool is that? It’s like a perfect name for a holiday nail colour collection. I love this collection name so much. Sets the right mood in a second. I want it. That’s for sure. I want to be wrapped in glamour for holiday season and then some. Anyway, Morgan Taylor is a professional nail colour brand, and their nail colour quality proved to be very solid. I enjoyed it a lot. The base and top coat work fine too helping the nail colour to go on the nails easily, last and shine. Very nice. Morgan Taylor nail colour collections come in batches of six usually. And that’s exactly what we get here. Six celebratory shades. To me, when it’s about holiday collections, the question is always as follows: can I actually wear these shades in real life, once the holiday season is over? I like it, when the answer to this question is yes 🙂 We’ll see, whether it will prove to be that with Wrapped in Glamour collection by Morgan Taylor.




In terms of packaging, there are no boxes here, just nail products and nail polish. Nail colour bottles are glass and heavier. While base and top coat bottles are plastic and lighter. Before we start closely inspecting the nail shades, let me show you their base and top coat that I used with nail colour successfully.


Base first. Morgan Taylor Stick with It 51000



As we can gather from the name here, this base is designed to make your nail colour last. You know how I am about nail polish. I just don’t need it to last that long, because I get tired of it and want it off and just throw another colour on real quick, so I can’t, in all honesty, account for its longevity to the full. Seems to me though, it lasts just fine. Enough for a well put together base product. Also, what I like about it is that it’s fully transparent. You know all those bases that are like milky white or pinkish, which makes it impossible to wear them underneath the see through shades? Well, luckily, it’s not the case here 🙂



The top coat is called Morgan Taylor Need for Speed 51001



Once again, if we operate by name here, it makes sense to presume this top coat helps nail colour to dry fast. I would say, it does its job. I didn’t feel like I had to sit there and wait for a long time for nail colour to get dry on my nails. It’s nice. Because the way I am I always manage to smudge it somehow. You know how it goes. There’s always something that comes up the minute you apply your nail colour, right? 🙂 Well, this top coat can help you to take care of that without ruining all the beauty you’ve just created on your nails. That’s a big advantage in modern day world, where everything seems to move so fast.



Now let’s see those shades. As base and top coat worked so well, I hope the shades are going to be good too. Here’s the first one.



Red. It can’t get more holiday like than that. The name of this shade couldn’t get any more holiday like either 🙂 Who Nose Rudolph? 50238



If you are in the States, you know all about Rudolph. In case you are not though, here’s the summary. Rudolph is a reindeer, or else, a fawn, who has a glowy red nose, and gets mocked by his fellow reindeer because of it. When Santa asks him to lead his sleigh one night – because his nose is so glowy – and after Rudolph does it successfully, he earns the other reindeer’s respect he was missing so badly before. Cute 🙂



Off Rudolph and back to the shade. It’s red. Suffice to say it? No, it’s not. Red is the most classic of all lip and nail shades, but it can be so different.



Think about it. It can be sheer and tender almost, or else, crispy. It can be glittery and artsy. It can be dark, sultry and cherry like.



Well, guess what, Who Nose Rudolph? is nothing like that. It’s a perfect holiday red and my favourite kind of red too. It’s red and bright.



Happy. Holiday like. Party like. Santa like. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it will help you grasp what this shade is. It’s a bright Santa red. Ok, Ok, Rudolph nose red. Whatever. But you got my point.



I’m back to the subject of whether we can wear this shade, once the holiday season is over. My personal answer is – absolutely. It’s a great red that you can wear whenever you feel like a red manicure.



Next shade. I’m all excited because of this red now, you know 🙂 Hoping to have more good things coming my way in this collection.



Just Naughty Enough 50233. Another awesome shade name by Morgan Taylor. I love it, when the shades names are fun.



Just Naughty Enough is so not like Who Nose Rudolph? It’s a totally different animal. Which is a good thing, because I like variety.



This shade is beige bronze, sort of. That is, it’s not a full on bronze, which is nice, because we’ve seen almost as much bronze as we’ve seen gold and silver over the holidays 🙂



The bronze in this shade is diluted, sort of, because the coverage here is on the loose side, even if it’s full enough, eventually. Just Naughty Enough is a metallic, that is, it’s pearly and loaded with tiny holographic sparkle.



Ok, Morgan Taylor, you got my attention here. It’s not too common to have holographic sparkle in bronze nail shades. It works nicely though.



Why don’t they usually have holographic sparkle in bronze or any other metallic nail shades? They are afraid it’s going to be too much. Morgan Taylor proves them wrong here. You just need to do it right, then you’ll get this translucent wonder of a shade full of light and reflections.



So, how about wearing this shade on any times and occasions other than the holiday season? Yes, by all means. This shade is Just Naughty Enough to give your manicure the zest and be interesting, and is not too naughty for you to have to think twice before wearing it anywhere you want.



So far so good. I can only hope this good groove will continue here for me. C’mon, Morgan Taylor. Next shade.



Rocking My Stocking 50237. Did you hear that? Rocking My Stocking 🙂 Is that holiday enough and naughty enough or what?



Another red, huh? Now, what did I tell you up front in the very first shade description about reds being ever so different? Well, here’s something different for you.



Forget all the red nail colour clichés you have in your head. This shade is going to really rock your stocking and make you reconsider those.



It’s red, yes, but it’s anything but cliché. For starters, it’s metallic. And then it’s darker without being dark. Berry like without being quite cherry. And not too shiny for a metallic, by the way.



A great and hot red without being too on the nose with its hotness. There is definitely something berry like about it. Although I can’t quite define the berry. It’s a mix. An imaginary berry from an imaginary garden.



It’s hot in the best possible way. And relevant due to this metallic touch in it. A lot of people are afraid of red metallics, because they think that pearl on top of red is too much. Well, here’s one for you that’s not. Instead it’s sophisticated and special.



And again I’m pondering here over whether this shade is suitable for anything other than all the holiday season parties. It is. It’s a great date night shade, night out in town shade and just an artsier version of red manicure shade. Good one.



We’re really rolling here, because the shades are so good. Half of the collection done, another half left to go. Or should I say – to see?



Let’s Get Frosty 50234. And another cute shade name. Also, it’s very becoming, because the shade is silver.



Silver, yes, but there’s more to it than just silver. For starters, silver is very underestimated as a holiday season shade. Gold beats it down into the ground on holidays, and it’s a pity.



With all the snow and ice associated with holidays – even if you don’t have any out where you are, because you live in a hot climate, or, maybe, you live in such a cold climate that you have enough ice and snow all year round not to associate it with holidays – silver of all shades is most reminiscent of all that.



It’s one of the most wintery shades out there, as far as I’m concerned. And the light play it starts once it finds itself on your nails is very becoming and very exciting in a way.



As I’ve already said though, this silver is not just silver. On top of pearly metallic silver proper, it’s full of tiny little fine sparkle, which makes the whole thing look and feel a little textured, not enough to bother you and be rough to the touch, especially if you use top coat, but enough to look all beautiful and radiant.



Having so much sparkle in silver is as rare as having holographic sparkle in bronze, you know, so I’m happy to have it here 🙂



As to whether we can actually wear this shade in real life, I would, even though it’s shiny and sparkly. Silver can be a great alternative for grey manicures and can bring out the very best in your favourite grey outfits.



Four down. Two to go. Please, let them be as awesome as the first four. I cross my fingers and look at the next one.



You’re So Elf-centered! 50236. Boy, these shade names! They know what they are doing there at Morgan Taylor. This shade name will make me smile every time I take this bottle in my hand.



I wonder, by the way, what’s better: to be elf-centered or to be self-centered? I bet that every one of us will have a different answer to this question and different reasoning. Anyway…



This shade is plum. Before you start yawning though and get all bored, remember, it’s a holiday collection by Morgan Taylor, so you always get a bonus, always more here.



This plum is not just plum, like all the other shades, I guess. First and foremost, it’s not too dark. I love it. Plum tends to get too dark and slide into off black a lot.



Further on, this plum is… metallic. Now, tell me this, how often do you see metallic plum in nail colour world? I know, not so often, to say the least.



And it’s a pity, because when plum isn’t too dark, and when it’s metallic, it looks ever so good and yummy. Just like it does here. This shade is rare and nice. And hot.



So, when can we wear it? Can we wear it, once the holiday season waves a good bye to us? I think we can. I will, no question about that. This shade can be a steaming hot manicure shade. It can be an edgy and party like shade, because it’s metallic. And if you love plum manicures, you can easily swap your plum crème for this metallic beauty any time you feel like it. Lucky you 🙂



The last shade. It makes me a little sad to think it’s the last one in the collection. The shades are so nice I’m going to miss seeing them all laid out like that. I’ll be sure to wear them though 🙂



As if to comfort me a little bit, Morgan Taylor calls their last shade in the collection Girl Meets Joy 50235. Yes, Morgan Taylor, Girl Meets Joy and gets all Wrapped in Glamour 🙂



Remember the plum? Metallic plum we’ve just talked about? If you like it, pay close attention, as I think you might like this shade too.



It’s purple. And metallic. Just like You’re So Elf-centered! Only this shade is darker, deeper, it’s ink purple. As usual though, there’s more, so don’t tune out.



The more part here is a handful of delicate and tiny silver sparkle planted in the depth of this dark and intense shade. All put together it looks stunning. It really does.



Metallic ink purple is rare in manicure world. It’s usually an off black crème shade, and that’s all there is to it. But look how beautiful it looks, when it’s metallic.



The pearl in it provides a contrast for the dark shade, brings out the best in it, lights it up from within making it even more dark, sultry and mysterious. This nail shade is calling for dangerously hot manicures.



I’m no fan of ink purple crèmes, but I like this shade a lot. It doesn’t even bother me that we have plum and ink purple in one collection, because both are so special. Now, back to whether we can use this shade after the holidays or before them. I say, we can, easily. It’s so wonderful. If you’re into dark manicures, be sure to check out this one. You might want to add it to your collection.



That’s Wrapped in Glamour by Morgan Taylor. I love it so much. It’s an awesome holiday nail colour collection that doesn’t have to get pushed off to the side and stashed till next holiday season. It’s the kind of collection that will get you in a festive mood again and again, every time you wear those clever shades. I can’t even tell you which shades I like most. They are all fabulous. And me liking all shades in a collection is something that never happens. There are always exclusions to the rule though. This one here is a pleasant one. I wanna get all wrapped in glamour and party and have warm memories of this holiday season, and I anticipate already all the fun events and special occasions this year is going to bring us. Well, guess what, these six shades by Morgan Taylor will see some of these special occasions, because I’ll enjoy wearing them, especially as they are such a good quality. This collection is a wonderful example of combining some of the traditional holiday stuff with something new and special and specific to you and your brand and just making your shades beautiful and fun. My first experience with Morgan Taylor nail colour was a highly pleasant one, I can only hope yours will be too. As for Morgan Taylor nail shades, all I can say is – see you in spring 🙂

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img_1659   img_1913

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