Chinese New Year 2017 Giorgio Armani highlighting palette and Clinique Pop lipstick swatched

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It’s Chinese New Year, in case you are in the part of the world, where you’ve celebrated New Year Eve on December 31 and New Year January 1 and thought it’s done and over with till 2018 🙂 Chinese New Year officially came at 3:06 on January 28. Oh, and it’s Year of the Rooster. Why am I telling you all that? Well, whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, if you like makeup, you should know that all kind of pretty limited editions get released by luxury makeup brands in honour of this holiday. So, don’t miss out 🙂 I don’t know, if I’ve persuaded you yet. Here, let me show you two Chinese New Year 2017 limited editions. One is by Giorgio Armani, another one is by Clinique. Beautiful beautiful things. Personally, I love makeup so much that I welcome any limited editions that rock and any reasons and occasions to come up with limited editions. So, here we go, guys. Chinese New Year. And makeup 🙂


Giorgio Armani highlighting palette first. You’ll see why.



The boxing is all red. Festive. Gorgeous.



Look at this beauty. I mean, isn’t it great? I think it is. Totally worth.



I also think it’s fun how the bottom part of this case is black, and the top part of it is red. You can see it here.



Remember what I told you? It’s Year of the Rooster. Now look here.



It’s so-o cool. And just think of all the other years to come and all the other animals that will show up on this highlighter. I’m impressed. I really am.



Giorgio Armani face products are always awesome in terms of quality. This one is no exclusion to the rule. It’s soft and lush to the touch. A truly superb texture. And it’s not too shiny and pearly for a highlighter. Instead it has this satiny delicate sheen to it. Just right. And the shade is not too pale. Not too light. It’s beige like. Maybe, there’s a little bit of a shy golden touch there too. With a handful of light golden sparkle. This highlighter shade will work with your unique skin tone to enhance it and bring out all the glow hidden there. Love it. See how it almost blends in with my skin tone highlighting it exquisitely, as opposed to shining bright on the skin? Yeah.



Wow. This highlighter by Armani is really something. Now let’s see that lipstick and hope it’s no less chic.


There’s nothing limited edition about the packaging of this Chinese New Year edition of Clinique Pop at first glance. Or is there?



Yep. Here it is. On top of the box. Very nice. Laconic.



Let’s see the tube now. As we know, the tube in Clinique Pop gives us a hint of what the shade will be like.  Looks pink to me. What do you say? Also, it is limited edition indeed. Usually the bottom of the tube is the colour of the shade, the top is metallic silver. While here the whole tube is pink, metallic and shiny. Very nice. I like it.



I look at the top of the tube automatically. And sure enough, here it is. The pattern. On the same spot.



And then I check the bottom of the tube to see the shade name. And I find it. 10 Punch Pop.



Here’s our festive lip colour. I’ve already written a post about Clinique Pop, when it was launched.  Clinique Pop Colour + Primer 07 Passion Pop swatched  I’ll quickly recount here for you. The concept of lip care and colour all in one sounds nice, but works only rarely. In this case I don’t feel any primer. It’s a cream feeling lipstick formula. A classic. With a typically cream lipstick satiny sheen to it, when it comes to this shade specifically. There’s almost no scent to it, just a distant and short whiff of something chemical, but it’s gone almost right away. I would still use a primer first though, if I want my lips to look perfect. And I do 🙂



Back to the shade. If you like it, here’s some good news. It’s not limited edition. You can get it again and again in a regular boxing and casing. The packaging is what’s limited edition here. As for the shade itself, it’s bright, vivid, full of energy, life loving, vibrant, fun, vigorous. Modern looking. A great energy boost in a minute option. It’s a very cool purple pink. So cool some people would say it’s pink purple. If you like fuchsia shades, this is right up your alley. You might find yourself loving it. There’s something truly festive about this shade. And, hey, it’s not red, and it’s a Chinese New Year edition. So, it’s fresh in a way 🙂



A nice and elegant limited edition design plus an upbeat pink shade. What can be better?


These are the two limited edition products for Chinese New Year 2017. Year of the Rooster. And they are both splendid. They both make me smile warmly. I love Giorgio Armani highlighter with a rooster on it and the red boxing. And I love the purple pink shade of Clinique Pop and its design. Both are good reasons to follow Chinese New Year releases closely. Even more so. Those editions are exciting to me. You know why? Because it’s so exciting to learn about new cultures and countries, about their traditions and holidays. Chinese New Year makeup is like traveling without getting out of your place. They are loaded with positive emotions. To put it simply, there’s so much more to them than just makeup, just shades, there’s a whole world out there, and there’s a whole world in these boxes, tubes and whatnot in your hand. You only need to reach out.



img_5163   img_5197





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