OPI Infinite Shine Nudes swatched

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Believe it or not, we’re back to nudes here. They are imbedded so deeply in our everyday life and have so many fans in all the nooks and crannies of the world that brands keep coming up with their takes on those colours that pretty much let us be ourselves instead of painting us whatever. Nudes are casual, easy, chic, personal, cozy, the closest to the skin of all shades. And there are surprisingly many variations of nudes out there. Seemingly, what’s nude? Beige. Ok. Off white. Yeah. But even in those two there’s off white with a touch of grey, lilac, beige, you name it. And beiges can be dark, light, medium, warm, cool, they can have something mixed to them. And then think about corals, pinks. That tells you how much is actually hidden behind this word. Nudes. Talk about expressing yourself. And feeling comfy. There are few things in makeup that can give you both at the same time.


This nude collection is not just OPI, it’s OPI Infinite Shine. That is, it’s gel like without actually gel formula. This kind of formula in nail colour is pretty popular right now. I’ve already told you about it here OPI Infinite Shine spring 2016 swatched. It’s a good formula of this long lasting kind. So, if you want your manicure to last and don’t want to go to a salon to get all that, you might wanna take a look. What I like about Infinite Shine by OPI in particular is that it has a base that comes with it. While a lot of manicure systems of the kind only have colour and top coat without a base, which makes me wonder every time what base I should use with it. Anyway, there are six nude OPI Infinite Shine shades. It’s not too much and not too little, I’d say. Just right to have enough choice and wiggle room without having shades that will be too close.




Now let’s see them. One by one.



607711 IS L69 Staying Neutral on This One



What an awesome shade name for nude nail colour. Staying Neutral on This One. Love it.



The shade is a nude classic. Beige that’s so light it’s almost off white. Some would actually say it’s off white with a beige undertone.



This is a typically nude shade. It mostly provides a well groomed look. As opposed to providing colour proper.



It’s a nice shade with just a breath of pink lingering somewhere in the background. And pink always helps beige, always makes it look even better somehow.



This shade is well rounded, well put together, classy and elegant. Just what you like, probably, if you like nude manicures.



And it will match all kind of outfits of yours, that’s for sure. And isn’t that another reason we like nudes so much?






609711 IS L72 No Stopping Zone



No Stopping Zone? Not sure how that’s related to nudes, anyhow… The shade is beige too. But ever so different.



In fact, this is a great example of how much variety there is in nudes shades. I mean, seriously, it’s there, variety.



You could easily say that both Staying Neutral on This One and No Stopping Zone are nude. But they couldn’t be any more different.



Because No Stopping Zone is darker, so much darker. It’s a full on beige, medium beige, I’d say, with a pleasant warmness about it.



I didn’t even expect it to be that warm on seeing it in the bottle, but once it lands on the nails, this warmness comes out.



I don’t know what it is about this shade, maybe, all the warmness, but it reminds me of cacao or whatever’s your favourite beige warm drink you have in the middle of winter 🙂 Nice.






609612 IS L71 Can’t Stop Myself



Even if this shade name is not related to nudes either, unless you’re so much into them you can’t stop yourself, of course… 🙂



It’s a fun shade name that makes me smile and relate to it, because, when it comes to makeup, I often can’t stop myself, that’s for sure.



If you had to know only one thing about this nail shade, it would be this. It’s coralish. Very much so.



In fact, it’s very coralish for a nude nail shade, although, of course, the coral in it is subdued and nude like.



What can I tell you? Coral nail colour fans could easily compete with nude nail colour fans both in numbers and ardour 🙂



So, if you like corals in manicures and always want them, this is your chance to still have them, even when you’re about to wear nudes. Isn’t that great?






607811 IS L73 Hurry Up & Wait



Wow. A nail shade name based on a paradox. Really? Almost never happens. And makes it even more fun and easy to remember.



Remember No Stopping Zone? That pleasant warm beige? Uh-huh. Hurry Up & Wait is its counterpart.



It’s beige too. Medium beige. Only it’s cooler. There’s no pink in it, really. Just rich medium beige. Very pretty.



When it comes to lighter nudes, off whites and pinks are probably the biggest. When it comes to medium nudes, beiges rule the world.



So, it’s nice to have the two beautiful medium beiges in one collection. I’m sure a lot of people will like them. And having both gives you a chance to find an almost perfect, or else, the best possible match for your complexion.



I can’t help myself though somehow. I look at it and I see… cacao. Again. There’s no escape. Either these pleasant beiges wake some warm feelings in me or I should urgently go and have cacao, so that I stop seeing it everywhere.



One but last.



607812 IS L74 No Strings Attached



Hm. An interesting name for a nude shade. It makes me think about one more reason why nude manicure never ceases to be so hot and desired.



There’s a certain freedom in it, believe it or not 🙂 It’s a truly no strings attached thing. Matches anything. Doesn’t make you think and try to coordinate your clothes, makeup and manicure.



It’s just you and your manicure and a whole world out there wide open for you to explore and enjoy.



Anyway, No Strings Attached is another off white shade. Only this one is cool. And greyish in a way.



So, if you like off whites, but prefer cool ones, go for this one instead of Staying Neutral on This One that’s warmer.



Under certain angles I see greige undertone in this shade instead of grey, which makes it interesting, because you never quite know what to expect.



And the last one.



607712 IS L70 Don’t Ever Stop!



That’s what every nude manicure fan wants to say on seeing a nude nail colour collection. Don’t Ever Stop! Keep going!



Which is ironic, by the way, because it’s our last shade of the six. Still… it’s a beautiful one to have.



It’s pinkish. What did I tell you? Pink nudes are big and loved and common. They can easily compete with whites and beiges in terms of popularity.



This pink is nice and warmish, surprisingly. So warmish some of you could say it’s pink beige. Or beige pink, depending on your colour perception.



It’s a nice addition to a nude shade batch. Pinks are loved. So, this shade, just like that coral one – Can’t Stop Myself – can be great for those who can’t live without pinks.



With it you can wear pink even when you wear nude. There’s a reason why pink nudes have so many fans. They are very flattering for a lot of people. Just like… well, pink 🙂



These are our six OPI Infinite Shine nude colours. If you look at them closely, you’ll see how cleverly they are put together. Two off whites – a warmer one and a cooler one. Two medium beiges – a warmer one and a cooler one. One coral and one pink. Talk about covering all your bases. OPI managed to make most nude manicure fans happy with just six shades. Given they are solid quality I hope you’ll enjoy them. And all the shine in them. Infinite shine. Freedom is a good thing. If you have to have it everywhere, manicures included, think about all the nudes. They can always be with you without getting you all tied up in any kind of obligations or strings, for that matter. Also, nudes are always about understatement. And understatement is one of the most elegant and chic things ever. Think about it, and you’ll see lots of it in these six nail colours by OPI.

img_9066    img_9339

img_9499    img_9703

img_0318    img_0480




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