Jessica Phenom Futurist swatched

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When I hear ‘futurist’ or ‘futurism’, I see silver and shiny spacesuits and all kind of fashion styles wrapped around them. Well, it turns out, some people see totally different things on hearing these words. This mini nail colour collection by Jessica proves that world is an even more interesting place than I thought. Because there are just so many visions in it. And these visions can be as far from each other as humanly possible. The more interesting it is to learn what other people associate with different things and phenomena. Futurism, for one. You tell me. What’s futurism, according to you? And what nail shades you’d label as futuristic? I bet you, if we share our opinions, we’ll get some exciting results. Before we do though, check out this futuristic vision by Jessica. Who would have thought that future is going to be all baby doll! Huh? How’s that for a futurism for ya? 🙂 I mean, I could expect a lot of things here – neons, metallics, but baby doll? Wha? What? Whoa.



Before we launch into this bright and happy galaxy, let me quickly tell you about Jessica and how I feel about this brand. The first thing you wanna know about it is that it’s professional. Which means, solid quality and wider colour range. Wider range! Yay! Love that 🙂 Also, there are three nail colour formulae by Jessica. Well, four, including their Effects range. The name of this range is pretty self explanatory. It’s all about texture, special things in nail polish, all about, well, effects 🙂 One is Jessica proper, a traditional nail colour formula. The other one is Gelaration, professional gel nail colour. And then there’s this one I’m going to show you here called Phenom. It’s a two step manicure system, and it’s one of those non gel but gel feeling ones. That is, you get colour on your nails in one step – after using your favourite base – and then there’s a top coat called Phenom Finale Shine that helps your manicure to settle, dry, last and, most importantly, shine. The shine it provides is truly amazing. I mean, I haven’t seen such shine in just nail colour, top coats or even no gel but sort of gel nail polish ever I think. So, if you love shine in manicures, do take a real close look at this manicure system.



Having tried Phemon by Jessica, I can say it works. I’m not sure about lasting ten days. You know that I don’t need it to last that long. But this formula doesn’t damage your nails, lasts and shines. Shines. And then some. So, you’re all good, I think, if you like the shades, you can just go ahead and wear them. Speaking about the shades, there are only three in this collection. Ok, so, before you see them… Futuristic, remember? Now see what you think.



You know what I mean now? Obviously, they have a very happy picture of future there in Jessica. Happy and baby doll 🙂 Anyway, the shades…





PHEN-041 Celestial Blue



This shade is blue. Ever so blue. A bright blue. Celestial? I don’t know. But if that’s the colour the sky is going to be in the future… it might be interesting 🙂



Turquoise. That’s the word that describes this colour best, probably. Bright turquoise. If you are into turquoise nail shades, check it out.



This shade is not pastel. It’s vivid and bright, and the super shiny top coat seems to make the shade even more intense.



You know what? Summer is coming. And once it comes, turquoise nail colour is going to be relevant. It is every summer 🙂



So, this shade might be worth getting in preparation for summer. If you get it now, you’ll be ahead of the game and can start wearing it before it floods the streets, or else, hands, nails? I don’t know. You got my point though.



Celestial Blue is modern. It’s the kind of shade that’s conspicuous and is going to be the centerpiece of your look. Can it be futuristic? I don’t know. It’s your call.






PHEN-040 Electro Pink



Yes, Jessica, there’s definitely something electro about Futuristic collection. Can future be electro? I guess so. Why not?



This pink is cool and bright and baby doll like. Super baby doll like. Electro and radiant. It’s pink done right.



Once again, this shade makes me think of summer. Bright pinks always seem to make sense in summer, and this one is just too good to miss out on.



It will look awesome in the sunshine. On the beach. This shade belongs on the beach. On vacation. On the second thought, it can be a great summer office shade too.



What I like about this pink is that, even if it’s cool, it doesn’t get purplish. It stays pink and truly Barbie like. What did I tell you about baby doll, huh? 🙂



If our sky in the future is going to be turquoise, what’s going to be electro pink, I wonder? My pitch is clouds. Just imagine. Turquoise sky and pink clouds. Cool?






PHEN-042 Ultra Violet



Ultra Violet. UV. But of course. It had to show up in this colourful future by Jessica. It’s a great match for that turquoise and pink.



This shade is lilac. Having seen the two other shades, and judging by the name of it – ultra violet – I expected it to be super bright. But Jessica surprised me yet again…



All of a sudden, this shade is… rather tender. Delicate. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it is. Hm. I wonder how it fits in with the rest of the shades. If pink and turquoise are summery, this shade is spring like.



This lilac is exquisite, because it’s so cool. There’s no warmness in it, so it’s not purple, it’s on the other end of colour range.



Ultra Violet? I don’t know about that. Maybe, in the future that Jessica tries to show us, this violet is ultra. In present it’s not really.



You know how I feel about cool lilacs and violets. They are very womanly and very chic. This shade makes me want to change my concept a little and say that, probably, in the future the sky will be pink, and then it will have turquoise and lilac clouds in it. Yep. I have my futuristic vision all settled here for this collection, I think 🙂



Given it’s my first encounter with Jessica nail colour, it was a rather pleasant experience. Phenom seems to fulfill all its promises – it last and shines so much it’s almost futuristic 🙂 Just be sure to use Finale Shine top coat with it to get all the shine in the world on your nails. And Futuristic collection not only proved to be interesting and exciting, it stirred my imagination big time. I’d never pull these shades, if you asked me about futurism. These shades are so upbeat and so happy in essence, and it’s just nice to look at them and wear them. And the picture of the world and its future they paint is very optimistic and joyous. And that’s awesome. I like that. Happy future is a good thing. If your style is baby doll, you’re in for a treat with this collection. And even if baby doll is not really your kind of thing, wouldn’t you agree that pink sky with turquoise and lilac clouds is a lot of fun? 🙂 That’s my picture anyway. What’s yours?

img_6955   img_7250




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