Ombre and gradient trend in beauty and makeup spring 2017

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Ombre means ‘shaded’ in French. It’s a trend. And it’s big right now. If you think back a little, you’ll recall that it all started in manicure. Remember? Several years back we started painting our nails different shades of one and the same colour. One finger – one shade. So that we had five different shades on one hand. Or sometimes two shades with two fingers in the middle painted one shade, and the three other fingers painted another shade. Well, now this trend is in hair. You know how dying your hair using two or more shades from light to darker or vice versa is popular right now. This trend is spreading like wildfire. From nails and hair it goes everywhere (I know, it rhymes 🙂 ).


The next step will be lips. They’ve been painting lower and upper lip different colours on the catwalks – when it suits the mood and look – for a long time. On it goes from catwalks to the streets. Think Estee Lauder Ombre lipstick. There’s a different version of this kind of lip makeup, by the way – when you paint your lips one colour and paint the very centre of your lower lip a different shade or add some shine there. Another variation of this look is when you paint the top of your upper and lower lip one colour and the bottom of your upper and lower lip – a different colour, or else, shade. And then on top of shades there’s texture. Don’t forget about cream and matt, or, say, shiny and cream textures that can be collided in makeup as efficiently as shades. That’s lips.


What’s next, you’ll ask? Eyeshadow, I think. Look at Dior makeup collection this spring called Colour Gradation. Colour gradation or gradient is very close to ombre. It’s gradation of shades from darker to lighter or from lighter to darker. Transition. Step by step. Transition is the key to ombre and gradation alike. Here’s the difference between ombre and gradient, by the way. I’ll use manicure as an example here. When each of your nails is painted a different shade of one and the same colour from darker to lighter or the other way around, that’s ombre. When on one and the same nail you have transition between several shades, and that’s the way each nail of yours is painted, that’s gradient.


As far as I’m concerned, the more gradual and smooth this transition is, generally speaking, the better it looks. Say, when there are more than two shades, like three or four. Then this transition is not as abrupt, if you know what I mean. Although it depends on your goal, of course. Whether you want to shock and attract attention or just flirt a little with the idea and give your look a little bit of a twist. Whatever it is you want and decide to do, I hope you’ll have fun with ombre and gradient trend. It’s fresh and bold. And it’s always nice to have something new to try in beauty and makeup, as long as we don’t go off the cliff with it.

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