Nude and natural colour and glow enhancing trend in makeup and manicure spring 2017

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Nudes are hot. They are popular. They are common. They are loved. They are big. But they rarely actually get to be a trend in spring. They are more of a fall thing. While natural colour and glow enhancing makeup has gotten to be very spring like stuff of late. We usually get at least one natural beauty enhancing collection every spring. I don’t know what you like more – nudes or natural glow and colour boosters, but in case you like any of those, guess what, you’ll really enjoy this spring. Because this season the two trends united and kicked in really strong. For nude makeup and manicure look at Chanel Coco Codes collection. If you are a fan of natural glow and natural colour in makeup, check out Givenchy Point d’Encrage collection and Guerlain Happy Rosy Glow collection this spring.


Why are natural colour and radiance enhancers so popular in spring? Well, you know, it’s that whole concept of spring is all about awakening, blossom and bloom, so it’s a natural time of the year and a romantic time of the year in principle. It’s all about subdued colours and understatement. Remember pastels that are a traditionally spring trend? Yeah 🙂 Anyway, that’s why we’re getting all the colour and glow enhancers. Instead of bright blush or lipstick it’s more about emphasizing your unique complexion and lip colour. Nudes naturally follow in this natural colour boosting trend footsteps. As long as you’re only bringing out your own beauty, potential and colour in your lips and cheeks, it doesn’t make sense to throw something extra bright in this look, so they’ve gone with nudes.


If you ask me, when it comes to nudes, spring is not as much about beiges and corals, it’s more about pinks and lilacs. They are more tender and more spring like. They are often overlooked in both makeup and manicure, but… pink beiges, especially are amazing in terms of how becoming and almost universally flattering they are. And cool lilacs are rare and splendid. When and if you’re going to follow this nude and natural colour and radiance trend, the key to making it spring like and making it work is not to follow it religiously. That is, it being spring, you might wanna include some glossy and shiny pinks in your nude and natural look. Say, on the lips, a muted pink lipgloss shade will make a difference and elevate your look to a whole new chic level.


You know how I’m not a nude fan, but… understatement, subdued and muted shades in makeup and manicure are elegant, sophisticated and exquisite. There’s no question about that. When you don’t say it all with your look but leave some things there unsaid, it’s intriguing and can be the best show stopping and heads turning trick ever. More efficient than wearing neons J And as long as there’s room for everything in makeup, and it’s nice to have a change there, so that it doesn’t turn into routine, spring might be just the season to launch into the nude, natural, colour and glow enhancement world. It’s a good way to be yourself and the kind of trend that shows off to the full how beautiful and how different we all are. Just remember – customize and personalize. Throw in something there that’s you and not just nude 🙂

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