CND Vinylux Craft Culture fall 2016 swatched

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I’ve already told you about Vinylux holiday 2016 collection called Starstruck. It was my first encounter with CND Vinylux Weekly nail system, and this encounter went well. So, I’m back for more. More comes in the form of this fall collection. Craft Culture. Hm. Interesting. When we say ‘craft’, what do we usually mean? Basically, we mean that something is made by hand. Crafted by hand. Handmade. Furniture. Clothes. Fabric. Embroidery. Patchwork. Hand crafted stuff can be cozy and simple. It can be couture too. Think about all the work that goes into haute couture gowns creation. And it’s all done by hand. So, when at CND they call their Vinylux fall collection Craft Culture, how do they mean it? More cozy? More couture? More what? And where does the culture part of it lie? These are the questions I’m asking myself on knowing the name of this collection. And as long as it got me thinking, hooked, got my imagination going, I’m ready to see the eight shades. So, here 🙂




Well? What do you see? I see rich, intense and fall like hues that will look awesome in any given fall/winter season. They are subdued enough to be worn in colder weather. At the same time, there’s an exciting twist about them, a little bit of an artsy streak of an undercurrent. Ok. I got it. It’s a combination of ‘crafts’, that is, warm and cool colours you’ll be comfortable in, and ‘culture’, that is, some artsy shades that are grounded enough to withstand weather and match clothes that are a little heavier and to look good both indoors and outdoors. When I look at these shades, for one, I see fallen leaves, stormy skies and warm tea. Or coffee 🙂 Yes, the eight shades in Craft Culture collection are just right for fall and winter seasons, when we feel like dropping corals and turquoises and moving onto something less sunny and carefree and more cloudy and substantial in a way. Oh, and if you live in a really warm climate, where summer never ends, you probably could use a change of pace too, right?


The first shade.



Fern Flannel # 224



Green. What a good start 🙂 Greens are one of my favourites in manicure world. They are splendid. Serene, magnificent and so different.



If you’re thinking to yourself that green nail colour is like too artsy for any season, give this green a moment to try to win you over.



It’s not crazy. Not too bright. Not too much. It’s reserved and elegant and on the darker side, to tell you the truth.



At the same time, it’s not too dark. It’s metallic, which means it’s lit up from within, and the pearl in it is busy bringing out the best of its dark soul.



This green is cool and emerald green like. It’s a perfect dark shade that’s not overly dark. Instead it’s all shiny and glowy.



Fern Flannel has all the good elements of green nail colour without any bad ones. It’s a well shaped shade that will appeal to many. And if it’s off the beaten track a little, well, that’s even better.






Brass Button # 229



Brass. What’s brass? A kind of metal. A mix of copper and zinc. Think music instruments, pipes, specifically 🙂



Brass is golden like but a little darker, it’s gold with a mix of something. There’s a little more there than just gold there.



Green? Is that it? It might be. It might be that really really deep down there, at the very bottom of it all, in all this gold, there’s green.



Or else I love green so much I’m just seeing it everywhere 🙂 Check it out and see what you see in Brass Button. Hopefully, it’s something you like.



Usually in the course of the holiday season, I get really tired of gold nail shades, because they get released like crazy at this time of year.



This shade is by all means an exclusion to the rule though. Because it’s not just gold. It’s vintage. And posh but not in an over the top way. Very nice.






Denim Patch # 226



This shade is blue. So, the word ‘denim’ in the name of this shade is a pretty good hint at what it’s going to be like.



‘Patch’ is a small little hello from the craft theme of the collection. Patchwork is one of the first things that comes to mind, when I think about craft and fashion.



Blue as a nail shade is no less artsy than green. Just as that green Fern Flannel, this blue Denim Patch shade is reserved and understated.



It’s not too bright. Still, it’s blue. Markedly so. Not navy blue. Not ink blue. But actually blue. A sea of calmness.



I don’t even know what makes this shade so womanly, elegant and wonderful. Maybe, it’s grey. I think there’s something greyish about this blue. An undertone.



It’s so pleasant, this blue. Definitely a way to try blue manicures and to get into them. An easy way in, I might say.






Brick Knit # 223



Brick. You know what it means. Brick is big in makeup. Brick lip shades and nail shades are classic. They’ve been around for a while.



This brick colour is a little different though. There’s more brown in it than orange. So, it’s a little edgier than brick proper. A little twist on the good old classic.



Further on, the name of this shade is Brick Knit. And knit and knitwear is definitely another very big craft that often becomes a source of inspiration for fashion and beauty.



This warm orange brown shade is a lot of fun, and you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again in fall and winter, when you’re about to wear a brown outfit.



Also, if you think about all the brick lip shades you probably have in your stash, Brick Knit is a great alternative for brick, brown or coral nail shades you usually wear with them.



I love this shade. I can’t say I’m generally a fan of brick and auburn shades. But this shade is a keeper. There’s something about it.






Patina Buckle # 227



Patina? What do you picture on hearing ‘patina’? Old domes and statues? Makes sense. I picture only one thing though. Green 🙂



Because that’s what patina’s like. Green. Or is it? I mean, yes, it is, but looking at this shade I don’t really see any green.



Patina Buckle actually looks… purple. Metallic purple with blue pearl or aqua pearl, as some of us might say and see it.



Okaaay… I guess it’s a matter of colour perception. Whatever it is, this shade is awesome. It’s lilac, but not a shy and cute romantic lilac.



It’s a fall/winter season shade, remember? So, it’s brighter and bolder, more intense and, well, metallic.



Lilacs are rare, and even if we get any, they are usually all pastel, all spring and all romance. So, I’m happy to see this shade that’s lilac and so different. Lilacs are very becoming. Bold lilacs included.






Hand Fired # 228



Hand Fired? Given how fiery this shade is, and how crafts are all about handmade items, the pun in this shade name is pretty clever.



The shade is red copper. And metallic. Now let me ask you this. How often do you hear of metallic red copper nail shades? I know, not that often 🙂



That’s one reason to like it. Here’s another one. In fall this shade perfectly corresponds with all the fallen leaves colours.



And one more reason. In winter this shade creates a perfect contrast for all the cool and white tones there are all around you in nature.



This shade is hot. It’s clubby. Artsy in the best possible way. Modern, relevant and in the day. At the same time there’s something from that classic brick in it.



Browns, oranges, auburns are all classic shades. It’s just that Hand Fired is metallic, and the mix of colours in it, the way they work together is on the edgy side. In case you like brown clothes, this is another great nail shade for you to have and wear with them.



One but last.



Oxblood # 222



Is this shade oxblood? Yeah, it is, I guess. Although, to me, oxblood is more purple, probably. But technically it fits into the oxblood range.



What’s oxblood? It’s red mixed with purple and turned dark. You’ll get oxblood, if you take Bordeaux or Burgundy or black cherry and add purple in it.



So, yes, this shade is Oxblood. It’s vampy. All about vampy. One of those steaming hot nail shades. A classic.



On the other hand, there’s something about this Oxblood by CND in particular that makes it stand out. Makes it special.



You know what it is? There’s something a little loose about its texture. Not all the way loose, not sheer, just a touch.



As a result, there’s air in this shade, and even though it’s full on coverage, there’s light in its core that emphasizes all its red and purple nuances. Gorgeous.



The last one.



Leather Satchel # 225



Satchel, or else, bag in general, is another item that can be crafted and handcrafted efficiently. And there are companies who do just that.



This shade is not about just any leather satchel out there. It’s all about a brown leather satchel, obviously 🙂



Because that’s what this shade is. Brown. Which is rare as is. And that’s not it. Also and on top of it all, it’s metallic.



Cool. Browns are not too common. Metallic browns are a find, because there are so few of them out there. I don’t know why.



Browns fall into the category of dark nail shades that have a tendency to slide right into darker than dark colour and then off black.



While this shade being metallic means it’s not going to be that. Not going to be too dark. Because metallic finish always brings light into play. And that’s what happens here. A marvelous shade. What did I tell you about browns in this collection, huh? Wow.



That’s CND Vinylux Craft Culture. What a perfect fall/winter season nail colour collection it is. Just don’t forget about CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat to help your manicure last. The concept of craft culture this collection is built around produced a batch of shades full of warmth, radiance and colour. I’ve got to give CND credit for working on every shade and making each and every one of them so well rounded and well tuned to the collection message. These eight shades do look hand crafted almost, made especially for you and your own and very personal fall and winter. Your wardrobe, your weather, your days and nights. That green, lilac and blue are stunning. And the browns and auburns really rock. CND Craft Culture nail colours are artsy to a point, but not past that point, so that they are still comfortable, super comfortable to wear, second skin like. You can really own them. And once you do, you wouldn’t want to let them go. You’d want to have them close and feel the good vibes and a surge of fun they’ll bring into the cold seasons and the cold weather.

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img_8543   img_8781

img_9345   img_9470

img_0067   img_0221





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