Sephora Valentine’s Day 2017 editions

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I’ve been looking for something Valentine like in makeup world to write about to get you in the right mood 🙂 Usually there are some Valentine Day editions circulating out there, but this year it seems like brands have run out of steam over the course of the long holiday season. Where are all the nail shades and makeup sets and stuff, all the cute pink and hot red design? I don’t know 🙂 I hope to see more Valentine in makeup in 2018. For now the only thing that perfectly renders this holiday mood I could detect and get hold of is this thing here. Or else, things. A handful of products by Sephora, and most of them aren‘t really makeup, more like skin care and bath. Still, here’s some good spirits for you, look, they are coming your way…



Huh, what did I tell you? 🙂 Ok, so, all these – with the exclusion of one product, lip balm – are cotton flower scented. This scent is nice, it’s not intrusive and clean, or pure, I guess, in a way. You know, like those scents that are based on green tea, bamboo and things like that. It’s a good choice, because a lot of people can find this scent appealing in bubble bath and shower gel, body cream and hand wash. Also, not only these products smell like cotton flower, they actually have cotton flower extract in them, which means they do – or they might, at least 🙂 – have some beneficial effect that’s associated with this plant. As far as I’m concerned all of the above sounds good, but…


…The best part of it all, to me, is Valentine’s design. Yes, it’s pink. Yes, it has hearts on it. Yes, it has lips and kisses on it. So, we have here everything your heart desires on this very special day. At the same time, what I love is that this design is stylized and is not over the top. Here’s what I mean. Pink colour here is not super cotton candy baby doll and then some pink. It’s a paler version of pink that’s more elegant. Yes, I did use the word ‘elegant’, when describing pink 🙂 Further on, the heart pattern is not all huge red hearts. It’s a bunch of modernized smaller hearts that are coral pink in colour rather than red. It all creates a more modern atmosphere around it and gives these products a more fun feel. Very nice 🙂


Now let’s see those products. First comes Cotton Flower Bubble Bath and Shower Gel. What’s so great about it other than the cotton flower scent, if you happen to like it? Well, it’s dual purpose. I love this. Pretty much, this planet population falls into two well defined categories. People who like to shower and generally need shower gel to quickly get in and out of the shower and just go. And then there are people who like to enjoy slow baths with bubbles. How different are the two experiences? Like crazy, I’d say 🙂 Then again, the fact that you usually shower doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice bubble bath from time to time. And if you generally take baths with all the bubbles in them, you might find yourself in the circumstances, when you need to move it, and shower would make more sense. But…



As I pointed out up front, if you are a shower person, you usually buy shower gel and not bubble bath, naturally, and might not have it immediately available, should you want to do that instead of shower. The same is true about bath fans. They might not even have shower gel on their shelf. That’s exactly why I love the concept of two in one. Shower gel, bubble bath, it’s all here in one bottle. And it’s up to you how you use it. Isn’t that great? It’s something that gives you freedom of choice and doesn’t take up too much space in the bathroom, where you have all those bottles and jars and stuff. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Uh-huh 🙂 And this thing is just so cute, pink and everything, it’s just nice to have it around.



Next thing we have here for this holiday full of love is hand wash. Again, it’s a matter of taste, I guess, what form you want your soap to come in. Whether it should be in a bar or be in a bottle and be liquid. Both have their pros and cons. Or, maybe, you are all about variety and want to have both? To alternate between the two? Why not? Then again, this pink bottle with hearts is nice. It will be a good addition to your bathroom shelf contents. And it can really get you into celebratory mood in a matter of minutes. Also, if you like cotton flower scent by Sephora, why not pick up this limited edition, while it lasts? This way you’ll have your favourite scent in this extra pretty pink and hearts and stuff design.



On we go. More Valentine’s glory from Sephora. Nourishing Velvet Cream. It’s body cream, more or less. That is, it’s not face cream, not hand cream, it’s more of an aromatic pleasant and soothing experience of a thing. To me, body creams are more about scent and softness than about nourishment, most of them. Unless it’s something very specific with big time nourishing elements in it. Like dry skin body cream, you know. Other than that body cream usually isn’t even enough to manage my sensitive hand skin and help it considerably. So, when I hear body cream, even if it’s nourishing, I mostly expect pleasant scent and after bath sensations. Well, if you are the same way, and if you are a fan of cotton flower scent by Sephora and all the pink décor, this cream is right up your alley.




Finally, we’re approaching something remotely makeup like here 🙂 Lip balm. Its design is even cooler in a way than other items design in this collection. Because it has a paper case like thing on it that looks like a sleeping mask on the doll face up front. Anyway… There’s something you need to know about this lip balm. Its scent is different than the cotton flower scent we had in all the other products. Instead the scent in it is desserty, more sweet and hard candy like. Pretty strong, or else, medium, probably. Not too strong, not too weak. As pink as it looks in the jar, there’s little colour to this balm. At first, I thought it’s sheer, but the more layers I applied the more the shy baby pink kept coming out. It’s just a touch, but it’s there, and you can get it, if you try really hard. Also, the shade seems to be a cooler pink when swatched than it is in the jar. All in all, the jar is super cute and very small, which, to me, is a plus.





Ok, so, even if it’s not full on makeup, these products by Sephora are loaded with positive Valentine’s energy. Just don’t take them too seriously, Ok? They are the kind of stuff that makes you smile, not in a big way, but in a small and warm way, every time you look at it. It will be nice to have those pink bottles and jars on your nightstand or your bathroom shelf or elsewhere on Valentine’s Day and after. The cotton flower scent is in tune with the packaging design. It’s not overly sweet and not overly anything. It’s cute rather, not like an explosion of balloons and chocolates and teddy bears that really really hits you. It’s warm and cozy. And it’s a great feeling. I hope it will make you smile, at least, once. And I hope you’ll get to spend this day the way you want and with someone special (this someone special might well be yourself, by the way). Have a good one! 🙂









P.S. Oh, and if you’re looking for makeup/manicure ideas for this day, look here Valentine’s Day makeup and manicure

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