ANNY Revolution Is On swatched

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Revolution Is On collection by ANNY has many slogans. Revolution Is On! Ladies, Let’s Run the World! Make Polish Not War – with ANNY, Girl Power for Love and Peace. From what I can tell, this collection has a big time feminist message wrapped in it. Ok 🙂 Why not? 🙂 If we try to apply feminism to nail colour, what do we get? I don’t know. Depends on your perception, I guess. Bright shades? Classically womanly shades? Dark shades? All seem to be good enough guesses. To me, personally, feminism in makeup – and nail colour – is just that you can wear pretty much whatever you like 🙂 It’s your personal choice, your self expression, you imagination and your creativity. So, I know very well what my colours are. You probably know yours. And now we can see what nail shades are ANNY’s 🙂


Before we do though, let’s see the new top coat that was released with this collection. It’s within the nongel but gel like trend that’s as hot as ever in manicures. One of those things that’s designed to give any nail polish of yours a very gel like shiny finish. Also, these top coats usually make your manicure last longer than traditional nail colour formulae. Whether you want that or any of that, is up to you. The thing I can say for such top coats is that these top coats are healthier and easier on the nails than lamps. I’m not convinced that they last that much longer than just top coats. But, probably, longer to an extent, yes. ANNY’s take on this gel without any gel and lamp trend is called # Gelista. The name is funky and cool. I like it.


The packaging is even better. It’s very well designed, very modern in feel, and those paper nail polish bottles on top are ever so cute. I don’t even care that they make it harder to transport this top coat, because they can get crumlped easily. They are totally worth it. Also, it’s pretty fresh. I can’t immediately tell you, who else in nail world has something like that. It’s a very good job, ANNY. Whatever this top coat is, I’ll love looking at this packaging. The other thing I like is that it says on the boxing here Gel Like Top Coat. That’s great, because that’s exactly what it is. Right on the money, easy to understand, perfect.



More beautiful design? Here. How about these shiny red sides of the boxing with some white lettering on them? Love it, and the shiny red provides a very stark contrast for the white front and back with shiny red lettering. It all comes very well together in one design batch that’s looking majorly good.



In case you’re wondering, the number of this top coat, according to ANNY, is 956. You might need it to find it in the maze of ANNY nail products, because their range is so wide, which is a good thing, don’t take me wrong 🙂 I love variety in manicure and makeup. I love it being different every day.



And here’s the other shiny red side of the box, that confirms my theory that one of the benefits of this no gel but looking like gel top coat concept is that no lamp is needed here, while the same effect can be achieved. Other than the healthy element, it’s much easier to just use a top coat instead of going to a salon and going through all the motions of lamp manicures. Personally, I’m all for time saving techniques.



On the back of the box in their mini presentation ANNY team points out yet another pro of formula of the kind. This top coat helps your manicure look gel like, and, as opposed to gel formula nail colour, this top coat can be easily removed with ordinary nail polish removers together with your favourite nail colour. Is that good or is that good, huh? 🙂



Here’s our # Gelista top coat bottle with the beautiful shiny red cap. I have to say, this red cap makes it stand out in the row of top coats I’ve seen, worn and have in my stash. Great, because I have a lot of them, and this red cap will help me tell it from all the other stuff.



Now, there’s always an easy number on ANNY bottles and boxes in the foreground, but I discovered long time ago, that they usually have a longer number hidden somewhere around, say, on the bottom of the bottle, that might prove more useful in finding this product in ANNY’s ‘library’. Yes. Here it is. A 10.956



Now that I’ve used this top coat, I can say I think it does what it promises to do. It gives your manicure this extra shiny look that gel manicures are associated with. This top coat might be a little thicker than the top coats you’re used to. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d just like to forewarn you, so that you know what’s coming 🙂 I don’t think that it being thicker hinders application, if anything, just a little. The shine is there, definitely. There’s more shine there than in just nail polish. In terms of its lasting power, hard to say. I think it does last longer. I don’t wear one and the same nail shade for a long long time though, so, you know 🙂 Also, how long nail colour lasts depends on you, your lifestyle and nails. So, you’ll have to try it yourself to know for sure. As for how this top coat looks, you’ll have a chance to see for yourself, because I’m wearing it on ANNY shades in this collection. Let’s get to them.


There are six shades here in Revolution Is On collection. A common number for ANNY collections. It’s all about girl power and women ruling the world, remember? So, think about what shades you’d pick, if that was your concept. I’d say, that there will be some red here, some darker shades, probably, not necessarily black, but dark. Purple, maybe. Now we’ll know whether any of these presumptions prove to be true 🙂




Huh. Interesting. There’s red here. But it’s not quite what I expected it to be. I’d vote for more of a classic. There’s purple, but it’s lighter than I pictured it. There are some darker shades, three, in fact, but there’s more colour to them than I could hope. Then there’s something nude like, even if edgy, which I didn’t expect at all. And then… glitter? Really? In Revolution Is On collection? Didn’t expect that for sure. But can’t wait to swatch it 🙂


Here’s the first one.



368.90 women for president!



That’s something I never expected to see in Revolution Is On Collection. Green. To me, this surprise is super pleasant. I love green nail colour.



Before you go –o-oh, green, too trendy for me – let me tell you that this shade is one of the darker shades in this collection.



So, it’s not too green. It’s a very very dark, sultry and marshy green. Some people would even say it’s off black, rather.



You’ll probably like this nail shade, if you like darker manicure, black and off black manicure, manicure with a little bit of an edge to it.



Does it make sense to have such a dark shade in this collection that’s wrapped around women are on and strong theme?



Probably so. I expected to see black or off black here. Although I didn’t expect that there’ll be three darker than dark shades out of six in this collection. I mean, that’s half. A lot 🙂






150 make polish not war!



It’s a very funny pun and a great word play on the famous make love, not war slogan. Makeup fans all over the world will probably enjoy this pun.



Speaking about the shade, this is the one that looked nude to me up front. Although, upon closer inspection, it’s more than nude.



It looks like a warm beige deepened, intensified and taken to a new level. There might be a very slight coral and pink undertone in it, but just a little.



It’s a great shade. Very sophisticated. Will look different on each of us. A lot of people will like it. Check it out, if you are a fan of nude, pink or coral manicures.



This shade is an awesome multi tasker. You can wear it on so many occasions. Special or casual, work or fun, nude or colour, it’s your call.



Also, this shade strikes me as the kind of shade that might look good in combinations with other shades, say, glitters.






314.60 boys for butler!



So, it’s women for president, boys for butler, huh? It’s a nice counterpoint, but I wonder, what boys might think about that 🙂



The shade is another dark dark shade. Only it’s greige. That’s surprising, actually. I like that. There’s a lot of off black browns and very few off black greiges.



Although, I have to tell you, that given that this shade is so dark, it’s pretty close to super dark brown. So, if you like lush browns, it might be your kind of thing.



When I see such deep brown shades, I can’t help thinking about chocolate – bitter chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate cake. Maybe, it’s because I have a sweet tooth, I don’t know 🙂



Here’s how this shade is nice. It’s dark, off black, sultry, but it’s a warm dark shade. If you come to think of it, that’s rare.



Darker than dark nail colours are usually blue, green, purple, black. You see where I’m going with that? They are all cool colours. While brown is one of the warmest ones, if for no other reason, then because it’s associated with tea and coffee than are physically warm most of the times 🙂






207 for a free world



Here it is. The third super dark shade in this collection and yet another cool sultry shade we have here. Purple. Very purple, cooler and very dark.



When cooler purples are all dark, they often slide into ink purple and stop being interesting to me.



Luckily, this shade doesn’t go all the way to ink purple. Probably, because it’s a little lighter, even if dark. It’s the lightest of all darker than dark shades here.



As a result, it keeps a lot of its purple essence as opposed to acquiring a lot of black essence, which off black shades do very often.



To me, it’s good news. I want to see colour in colour. And black in black. Just have it all figured out and see it all clearly, you know. That’s my preference.



If you love dark and punk rock like shades though, hear me now, this purple is dark, but not as dark as it can be. Not quite ink purple.



One but last.



145.50 match the matchos!



This shade name is also nice. It has a fun alliteration going in it. Match the matchos! Sounds good. Really good.



The shade is red. One of the shades I was betting on to show up in this collection. But… this red is not the way I thought it would be.



I expected to see here more of a red classic. A bright red. Raspberry. Black cherry, maybe. Something like that, you know.



Instead this red is red wine like. Masala. Which isn’t bad at all. It’s just unexpected. Masala is kind of a classic too, but not all the way.



It has coral somewhere on the bottom of it and brown, maybe. All in all, it does look womanly, elegant and has a modern twist to it, so it makes sense that it’s here.



Red classic gets released over and over again in manicure world, while masala is not as common, so I’m glad it’s here 🙂



And the last one.



154 be a girlboss!



If you look closely at the bottle cap, you’ll see that it says there that this shade is a glitter effect top coat. Hm. Really?



The sparkle here is tiny, but it’s pretty thick, the bottle is packed with glitter, that is, it seems to me, this can be a full on shade, not just top coat.



Which is good news, as far as I’m concerned, because it means you can wear it two ways. As a shade proper and as a top coat over other shades.



The sparkle in this shade is really small, silver and golden and then there’s pink gleam to it under certain angles. As a result, it looks bronze like, sort of. Pretty 🙂



It’s like they took the most classic glitter ever – silver and gold – and then made it relevant by getting it to be ever so tiny. Clever. I’m still surprised to see glitter in Revolution Is On collection by ANNY. Given all the dark shades in it though, it’s a good addition.



I’d like to tell you though, that as thick as this glitter is in terms of coverage, it’s not full on. There’s some sheerness there, so, yes, it can be a top coat. Let’s see it in action.



Here are all our shades one by one topped with glitter.


368.90 women for president! + 154 be a girlboss!



Dark green and gold with a bronze shine to it and some silver? Yes, please!



Given this shade is so dark, it’s a perfect background for this glitter.



Green and gold always work well together. And they so do here.



This manicure looks posh, opulent, dressed up.



It’s awesome, trendy and a good option for when you’re bored with just about anything else.




Yes, ANNY, this shade is a good background for be a girlboss! glitter.



150 make polish not war! + 154 be a girlboss!



Warm beige with some coral and pink to it and golden, silver and bronze glitter? Interesting.



When we think glitters, we usually picture them against a dark background.



This shade proves that glitters can be worn with more neutral and even nude like shades too.



And look chic and exquisite. The key thing here is that your nude shade should be intense, not pale.



Like this shade here by ANNY. It’s just right.




I can’t help thinking about numerous special occasions to come, when looking at this shade.



314.60 boys for butler! + 154 be a girlboss!



We’re back to traditional here.



Dark dark greige and glitter. That is, off black with glitter.



There’s a reason why darker shades are worn with glitter so often.



They provide contrast, and the whole concept just works, pretty much.



I’d like to remind you, that this shade is greige, that is, brown, in essence, that is, warm.




And warm brown with golden glitter over it looks super lush.



207 for a free world + 154 be a girlboss!



Another classic take on glitter combos.



Dark purple and bronze golden glitter.



The idea behind it is pretty obvious. Starry night.



Starry nights are beautiful. Purple shades with golden glitter are too.



There’s something mysterious about dark purples being topped with glitter.




And this purple is not all the way dark. Remember? So, it’s not off black with gold. It’s actually purple with gold.



145.50 match the matchos! + 154 be a girlboss!



Red nail colour and golden glitter? Sure.



It’s rather traditional. In fact, we’ve seen incessant variations of it just recently in holiday season releases.



So, I’m glad, it’s not a bright red and not a cherry red. Then it would be too much of that – again – and not too exciting 🙂



As it is, masala and golden glitter? Very elegant. Understated in a way.



The nail colour is not too red. And the glitter is not too gold. Perfect balance.




And, just as in case of that brown, this combination of warmer masala and warmer gold is hypnotic almost in its feel and look.



That’s the collection.

img_0930   img_1183

img_3332   img_4169

img_4445   img_3454

img_1673   img_2219

img_3928   img_4868

img_4979   img_3454


Now I see why half of the shades in the collection were off black or very dark. Because ANNY had glitter coming up. Ok, I get that. If it weren’t for that though, I’d say – too many off blacks. As it is, with this pretty glitter, the collection is all well rounded, cozy and chic. And not too artsy for a collection called Revolution Is On 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with it though. Things that are well proven and that many people wear and like are good things. There’s a reason why they lasted so long in makeup and manicure worlds, where we actually tend to have a bunch of seasonal flings and distractions 🙂 Well, and that warmer beige nude like shade with glitter is really really something. To me, it’s the most striking thing in the collection. Special. Chic. Sophisticated. Splendid. All in all, this revolution by ANNY might not have enough revolution in it for me, or else, edge, but it’s a good and solid nail colour collection. Womanly. It definitely is.










P.S. And # Gelista top coat is not bad at all 🙂



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