China Glaze Seas and Greetings holiday 2016 swatched

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This collection by China Glaze was out of the common run big time for holiday season. I mean, it’s a bunch of spring shades, really, or summer shades, maybe – even the collection name seems to indicate that – and to release them during holiday season was a fresh and special idea. For a lot of people though these shades definitely don’t look holiday like. Not all of us are ready to experiment up to THIS point, you know. I mean, a little experiment, yes, we’re all up for that, because we all want to shake up our routine sometimes. But crazy artsy experimenting – not everyone would go for it. And why should we? There’s a reason why we’re comfortable with certain shades and textures and products. It’s because we used them more than once, and they work. Because they match our personality, life style and our needs and likes. Because we have good memories related to them and – subconsciously – they remind us of the extra happy moments in life we had wearing these shades. Anyway, you get my point here. Why try to snap out of habit that’s so us and that we’re so comfortable with?


That’s exactly why now that it’s spring and year 2017 already, we might as well take another good look at Seas and Greetings collection by China Glaze. I definitely feel like it. See if you do. There are twelve shades in this batch. It’s the usual China Glaze number. They release them in dozens most of the time. I like that. I mean, it’s a lot of shades, right? Like A LOT, even for me. It means, I’ll have choice. And variety. My two favourites J So, that’s where we stand with this collection. Twelve shades. Ten shade shades, two top coats, all ready to roll and to rock. By the way, if you take a close look at them, you’ll see that they aren’t just spring like. Some of them are very summery. So, there’s still a lot of time ahead to wear them and put them to good use. As for China Glaze releasing it for holidays, there’s only as much of red and gold I, personally, can take in three months. So, yeah, I do feel like wearing something else sometimes on holidays, and I kind of get the point of this collection, China Glaze, I do.


Ok, now that you’ve seen it all – have you, by the way? – not really, because those two glittery/shiny top coats make all the difference in the world and are capable of really really changing those shades. You’ll see. Now that you’ve seen them and have your own thoughts, emotions and questions about them, let’s roll back here for a second and take a look at the two very important manicure additions to nail colour proper. That would be base and top coat. I’ve already told you how for the longest time I was going – why do I even need them? – and then did come to understand their value and appreciate it. Guess what though, what made it possible for me to even wonder why I need those, was me mostly wearing one nail shade for just a day or two, maybe, and then changing it to a different one. So, the lasting power was not an issue for me. But there are few people like me, most wear their nail colour longer than a day, you know 🙂


And even in the course of one day nail colour can get chipped, to be honest. Especially when we’re talking brights or darkies, so now I do use top coats. Well, and when it comes to base, I’ve come to realize over time, that base does help my nails stay healthier than when nail colour goes straight on the nail. It’s not like I saw it right away, but I did see it. Then again, I’m always doubtful, when brands promise that nail base will strengthen my nails and such. Not damaging is enough for me, and I’m quite happy with it. Multi purpose products in makeup world cause only one sensation in me, as you might have noticed – they make me suspicious. There are enough products out there that don’t do their job. Even one job at a time. So, it’s super hard, really, to get them to do several things simultaneously. So, as far as I’m concerned, just give me a good base, and I can always get that strengthening effect or whatever from a product designed for nail care solely and specifically.


So, here’s China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier. It’s a nail base with a strengthening element to it. The packaging is all bright pink. Glamorous 🙂 To me, it’s a solid nail base. I can’t say there’s super care there, although it does help to keep my nails stronger than they would be, if I applied nail polish on my nails directly. Although it’s not like I wear this base every day for a long time. Maybe, if you do, it would have a stronger effect on your nails.


Here’s a list of ingredients for those of us who are interested.


The number of this base in China Glaze world.


And here’s the base proper. I like the combo of bright nail boxing and orange product in a bottle. It looks upbeat and funky. Good job, China Glaze.


And… top coat 🙂 The one I naturally went for in the range is the fast drying one. To me, it’s the most important thing in a top coat. I don’t need it to help nail colour last like two weeks. But I appreciate a lot, when it gets my nail polish dry fast.


China Glaze Fast Forward. The packaging is bright blue. Very conspicuous. Very fun. What’s in it? Here’s what.


And here’s the number of this top coat, in case you like it and want to have it.


I have to tell you, I had a little bit of an issue with this top coat. It does kind of ‘freeze’ nail colour on my nails, and it does do a quick job of it but… there’s something about its formula where it oftentimes kind of ‘crinkles’ the nail colour a little in certain areas of the nail when doing so. I don’t like that. I don’t want my top coat to damage my manicure in any way. To me, that’s a problem. I do like the fast drying effect though. You know what? China Glaze has the same formula in a spray form. Maybe, I should try that. Maybe it won’t do any crinkling. I hope so.


That’s our base and top coat that are pretty good. On we go to the shades now. There’s so much to see there. So much 🙂


One. How spring/summer like is that, huh? Turquoise. I mean, c’mon. It’s like the ultimate spring/summer season shade.


It’s called 1492 Partridge in a Palm Tree 83784. Very cute. I like it. There’s a little secret about this shade. You can’t tell it’s there by just seeing it in the bottle.


This turquoise shade is… matt or satin in its texture. Wow. Love that. It immediately makes it special. Makes it stand out from the endless row of all the blues.


Very interesting. Exciting even, I’d say. As a result, we get a major wow effect. Satiny turquoise shade. Lush and awesome.


I mean, really. I haven’t seen a shade quite like that yet. And I’ve seen and worn all kind of shades. When someone manages to surprise me in makeup world, it always makes me happy.


If you like turquoise or blue in manicures and have tried it all, this shade might have that extra kick or element to it that will make you go back to your favourite colour of the season.


This shade can be anything. It can be an everyday shade, if you do blue manicures. Or it can be a stand out kind of nail shade. A contrast shade that will be a key element of your look and help you show off your outfit.


I dare say, when it comes to summer, this satin turquoise beauty can be a special occasion shade, if you play it right. Anyway, see what you wanna do with it 🙂


I’ve got to tell you, it was a good beginning. I’m intrigued now and expect the best from this collection. Next shade.


1494 Good Tide-Ings 83786. Good Tide-Ings, huh? Nice pun. No satin finish here. This shade is a classic this way.


The shade is lilac. A pretty intense lilac. Not shy little spring lilac. It’s very very cool. Violet almost. Or else, it has a violet undertone to it.


This undertone brings it to a whole new level of sophistication. It’s not a baby doll lilac. It’s more of a young elegant lilac. It’s rare, and that’s good news.


First of all, this shade is so cool it immediately makes me wanna wear it in summer. I enjoy cool shades on my nails in hot weather. Whatever it takes to chill out, ya know 🙂


At the same time, this shade is pretty bright. So, it will make a great summer manicure shade, when we can go for a little bolder and more colour in manicure department.


Good Tide-Ings can be a lot of things. Depends on your manicure preferences and your vision in general, I’d say.


Some people would say it’s a vacation or hang out with your friends shade. Others will daringly weave it into their office look and make it work with the outfit they choose. So, go right ahead 🙂


Three. Uh-huh. This is our glitter shade. Or is it fully a glitter? I don’t know. You’ll have to wait and see and draw your own conclusions 🙂


The shade is called 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782. Another fun pun in this collection. Great. To me, entourage matters. Design matters, shade names matter, so it’s all good.


As you can see, this shade can be treated as both – glitter top coat that you wear over other shades or shade proper. Depends on your taste.


Personally, I like it, when nail colour fully covers my nails. I don’t like sheer nail shades. Can’t explain that, just don’t. So, to me, sheer shades are more top coats.


Even if I’m picky this way though, this shade has enough coverage power in it to suit my taste. I could wear it as a shade proper, even though there’s a lingering distant sheer feel about it, just a feel though. Then again, if you do three coats, this feel will probably go away 🙂


Now, enough about texture, because this shade is complex and beautiful. Worthy of attention and discussion for sure. It’s beige lilac brownish with purple glitter and golden sparkle to it. This mix is amazing. I’ve never seen a shade quite like that, so I’m all horny for it.


Just think about it. All this sparkly shiny beauty is going to – well – sparkle and shine, you know, when you wear it, and look amazing, I might add 🙂


Let’s Shell-Ebrate is gorgeous. It’s a high end shade with an extra something to it. It can easily be a special occasion manicure shade. Or anything else you might want it to be, for that matter.


Four. Look here and don’t tell me you don’t think this shade is super summery. When I think of summer shades, I think turquoise first, but then I inevitably think coral.


This shade is called 1487 Tis the Sea-Sun 83779. Sea-Sun? Oka-ay J More summer here, I guess, China Glaze. Why not?


This shade is not just coral. It’s orange. It’s not just orange either. It’s an orange colour bomb that explodes washing you in this neon almost orange something.


If you dare wear it in spring, you’ll draw a lot of attention, that’s for sure. And even if you wear it in summer, most corals out there will be more subdued than that.


At the same time, there’s something there in this shade. Something that makes it different. Not all the way like other bright oranges.


It’s like it’s a touch darker or deeper, maybe, than what bright orange nail shades usually are. It depends on your colour perception, of course, but this shade is just not that simple. In a good way.


It’s fun and bright, there’s no question about it, but there’s also a kind of exquisite almost element to it. Like you’re a very posh girl, and you’re only playing this bright neon game, and then you’ll switch right back to your Chanel dresses, you know 🙂


Coral manicures are one of the most popular manicure kinds out there period. Tis the Sea-Sun is a good coral option and a nice addition to the whole orange frenzy that’s been rocking the world for a while.


Five. Oh, nice and sultry, kind of. Pearly red berry. This shade will appeal to a lot of people. Red manicure fans and purple manicure fans alike. Nice.


The shade is called 1488 The More the Berrier 83780. See, berry? Told ya 🙂 But it’s not just berry. There’s so much more to it than just that.


For starters, this mix of red and purple is very exciting. Usually berry shades tend to lean towards one or the other, so seeing both in one shade in such an even proportion is awesome.


Also, this shade is metallic. It’s not like it’s pearly, but it’s definitely shiny in that metallic finish kind of way. This shine makes it elegant and gives it an artsy twist.


There’s a certain energy to The More the Berrier. Which means it can be clubby or date like or an everyday statement shade. You know yourself what’s you best use for it is.


The metallic satin sheen and the darker core colour also makes it possible to wear it for any special occasion, even if it includes red carpet.


This shade is hot. Berry shades are yummy, to begin with. And this berry shade is metallic, on top of that. That is, it’s extra yummy. Mysterious in a way.


Yes. Mysterious is the right word. There’s something there, something I can’t fully grasp. It’s in the proportion of red and purple, in the gleam, in the… I don’t know. It’s just definitely one of those shades that have a gimmick about them. Dangerous attraction 🙂


Six. Ok, summer continues here. Pink. So-o pink. Super pink. Almost neon, really. Bright, bright and then bright again. And warm.


The shade is called 1486 Warm Wishes 83778. Warm Wishes. Wow. This name is right on the money. It’s so in tune with this shade essence. It’s warm. Or else, hot.


Hot pinks re-emerge every summer, and there’s a reason for it. This splash of colour is always welcome, when nature peaks and blossoms.


I like this shade, because it’s very bright, borderline neon, but not quite. It’s great, because it makes it interesting and makes it stand out from that pretty long row of summer pinks that’s coming at us.


I mean, a lot of people don’t enjoy neons, and this step back this shade kind of manages to take at the very last moment will be appreciated by them.


Also, this pink is warm. And that’s rare. We always get all those cool pinks, bright cool pinks, fuchsia like pinks. And here, behold, finally, we get pink and warmth all in one 🙂


I’m sure you know pink – bright pink specifically, in fact – is the colour now. It’s super trendy. So, under the category of ‘why not try it while it’s hot’ this shade by China Glaze might be a good idea.


If you like baby doll manicures, this shade might be right up your alley. Baby doll pinks are usually cooler too, so this one is a new way to do baby doll, so don’t miss out.


Next. Wow. Wow. And wow again. It’s all I can say marveling at this cool metallic blue. For one, it’s not light, not cream and not turquoise.


It’s just so beautiful. Serene. Awesome. Like sea. China Glaze agrees with me, obviously, about the sea part :-), because the shade is called 1493 Joy to the Waves 83785.


For starters, such blues are just so rare. They almost never happen anymore in beauty world. Everyone is too distracted with baby boy blues and aqua and navy blue 🙂 Or so it seems.


There’s nothing wrong with these shades, it’s just that the amount is overpowering almost, and it makes me wanna look for other options, at least, for a change.


While blue colour can be so versatile, so full of shades and variations. Almost as much as my favourite green. Almost…


This blue is so well balanced – I love it. It’s noble. Metallic just enough, not too much. Not too dark, not nearly navy blue. Somewhere in the middle, not too cool, not too warm. Just perfect.


There’s a lingering aquatic feel about it. Sea feel. But it’s not aqua in any way. It’s probably the metallic part of the package that does it, I don’t know. But if you like bright aqua and turquoise shades, you can surprise yourself by liking it.


This blue is elegant, it’s sophisticated. It brings blue manicure to a whole new level proving it can not only be fun, it can be womanly, understated and chic.


Next. Uh-huh. Guess what, if Warm Wishes are just too bright and too warm for you – it happens, you can be a fan of cooler and lighter pinks, right, why not? 🙂 – then look here.


This pink is called 1485 Eat, Pink, Be Merry 83777. And it’s more of a princess like pink, if you know what I mean and how I mean it 🙂 No? Bear with me.


This cool light cream pink is ever so fresh and preppy. This shade is what I, personally, call nude manicure 🙂


To me, nude manicure is not the kind of manicure, when it looks like you aren’t wearing nail colour. To me, it’s the kind of manicure that looks subdued and natural in the best possible way.


This pink can multi task. Not only it’s nude on a certain level, or else, well groomed look like, a little more than the two but still in the area, I’d say :-), it can also be pastel.


Yes, definitely this shade is just a touch brighter than what we usually call pastel pink. And this touch brighter is for the better, as far as I’m concerned 🙂


And then, of course, there’s the romantic part of this pink. It’s romantic to the sky like pink. Light and girly and tender and everything nice. Very pretty.


Finally – and I’m about to say something crazy here, so brace yourselves, please – I think this pink can easily be baby doll. Yeah. Not all dolls are Barbie like glamorous show offs 🙂 Some are shy pretty types, and this pink is their baby doll pink. A more modest but no less pretty version of it.


Nine. Purple. This purple stirs my imagination and wakens the same emotions in me that the blue shade does. Remember? Here’s why.


The shade is called 1489 Seas and Greetings 83781. Ok, so this shade is the eponym – or namesake – of the collection. I wonder, if it has any significance. We’ll see.


This bold purple shade is metallic. That’s one. Two, it’s glorious and stunning. It’s not super duper dark purple. Instead it’s full of light and reflections and on the brighter side.


Just as I’m kind of tired of aqua blues, even though I like them, I’m kind of tired of dark sultry purples. Maybe, it’s an attribute of them being released so heavily in fall/winter season.


But I’m hankering something purple that’s different. Not necessarily vampy purple and not necessarily shy little lilac either, by the way. Something, something… like this 🙂


Like this clubby purple here. Bold and daring and artsy and modern. At the same time, you can play it exquisite and elegant, if you so desire. Modern elegant, but, to me, it’s a good thing, so why not? 🙂


To be absolutely truthful, I exalted on seeing purple in this collection that’s not femme fatalish or pastel, but, well, just fun instead. Although there’s definitely more to this shade than just fun.


It has an artsy elegant thing going about it. You know, like when you want to be elegant and still give your look a little twist, so that it’s not a full on classic? That’s it. That’s exactly what this shade is. Love it.


On we go. I’ve been going for a while like – I can’t believe we haven’t gotten a single nude proper shade or beige in this collection yet. You too? Then here it is.


It’s called 1484 Sand in my Mistletoes 83776. How cute is this name, huh? Super cute, as far as I’m concerned. A great tandem of summer and holidays 🙂


So, the shade is beige. You know that nudes aren’t fully my thing, even if I wear them now and again. But this beige is very very nice.


Even though beiges aren’t my favourites, they have this inherent niceness to them, so if they are done right, which does happen once in a while, they are ones of the most pleasant shades ever.


And whatever it is that renders this wholesome feeing to beige nail shades, this one by China Glaze, has got it. There’s no question about it. It does. And hence, it’s a winner. Here 🙂


Let me start by saying it’s a warm beige shade. I know, I’ve already said it before, but nothing really changed since, so once again… there’s a lack of nice warm beiges in makeup world.


I mean, cool beiges – yes, they are plentiful, they are all over the place. Warm beiges? Not so much. I couldn’t tell you why that is. Maybe, it’s because – just as in case of pinks – it’s just easier to come up with a good cool beige than a good warm beige? Maybe.


So, this beige here is an exclusion to the rule, and a pleasant one, I might say. It’s on the lighter side, leaning to medium, warmish and nice and cozy and yummy in a way. Desserty almost. Cotton candy and candy like. And this combo of comfortable and sweet is sexy and appealing on a lot of levels.


One but last. And this is one of the two shades that can be either shade shades or top coats for the rest of them. But we’ll talk about the top coat part of the two a little later.


The shade is called 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783. Another fun name. Another great pun gracefully uniting winter and summer in one swirl.


Remember that stunner of a matt turquoise shade we talked about first in this collection? We’ll this one here is aqua too, but it’s totally different. So different. You’ll see 🙂


First and foremost, it has more green in it. So that some people will actually call it all the way green. I say, it’s aqua with more green than blue.


Next. It’s not full on coverage. Naturally, because it can be a top coat. Although, if you love it but don’t love sheer manicures, you can go three coats and achieve just short of the coverage you want.


Also, this shade is shiny, pearly and sparkly. It’s full of light and is designed to cooperate with light, work with light, make love to light and reveal new angles of light, whenever you move your hands. It’s mermaidy, that’s what it is. Splendidly so.


As a result, you get a gem stone of a nail shade that’s light enough to look understated almost before it surprises everyone by its magnificent gleam and glow.


This shade is like a secret weapon 🙂 Also, being a big green manicures fan, and blue manicures fan too, to an extent, I know that these manicures are artsy, and can’t be worn on all occasions. While this shade is subdued enough for you to pull it wherever you go almost.


And the last one. Not a top coat. A shade. White. Snowy white? Holiday white? Winter white? Kind of, but not really. This shade is special like all the shades in this collection.


This shade is called 1483 Snow Way! 83775. See, it’s not in vain that I compared this shade to snow. Although snow is a natural association, when we are talking white, I guess.


White is another top nude or well groomed manicure shade. A lot of people like it and wear it. It’s easy, matches everything and doesn’t stand out too much.


I get it, even if I don’t share this enthusiasm or don’t always share it. Whites can also be preppy. And preppy is an interesting look to do, if you know how to do it right. This look is a stark contrast to everything else you wear most of the time, so it can be a head turning thing.


Summer is generally about brighter shades, but wouldn’t you say that among all the summer heat and sun and vivid colous, white manicure looks refreshing? I think it does.


It’s like a burst of snowstorm in the middle of summer. Ok, Ok, not a burst of snowstorm, a sip of ice lemonade or Seltzer. Better? 🙂


If it were just white though, I’d probably be yawning with boredom right now. Sorry, that’s me though, just white can’t really get my imagination going most of the time 🙂


Told you already, I’m not a huge fan of nudes. Well, China Glaze made sure that my curiosity does get piqued here. Because this shade is not just white. It has a warm yellowish and cold bluish gleam to it that shows up unexpectedly depending on an angle. I love this. It totally changes the narrative and makes this shade not just white but fairy like 🙂


That’s our dozen. If we look at it closely, here we have blues and purples that dominate the scene, some pinks, one orange, one beige and one white shade.









Now we have the two top coats that transform these shades and make them sing and rock even more than they do on their own. It’s worth seeing. So…


Here’s our first top coat. 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782. A light beige brownish purplish mist of a shade with a bunch of brighter metallic purple glitter and fine darker golden sparkle and shine. Beautiful. Well, you know, you’ve seen it already 🙂


Here’s what our shades look like, when they are topped with it. I’m going to talk about ten shades here. Minus this one and minus the second top coat. Twelve minus two makes ten, as we know. As for the top coats together, I’m saving it so far, Ok?


So. One. 1492 Partridge in a Palm Tree 83784 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


May I remind you here that this turquoise shade is actually matt in texture? Which means, by topping it with any shiny top coat, we’re gonna undermine the matt part of it.


It’s not going to stop me though, as this shade is part of the collection, and I AM gonna try top coats over it no matter what 🙂


I have to say, I could easily sacrifice the matt finish in this shade to get the effect that’s created by Let’s Shell-Ebrate on it.


It turns this turquoise into the ultimate mermaidy shade with an interesting contrasting glitter streak in it.


Think Deborah Lippmann Mermaids collection and finish. Only there the glitter was matching the shades, here it’s aqua shade and purple glitter.


And it’s great, because it adds an edge to it and an artsy sensation that’s not easy to achieve, you know. This manicure is fun and sort of bubbly in a way that it’ll probably make you smile.


Next. 1494 Good Tide-Ings 83786 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


This is a purple nail shade topped with purple glitter, basically. Less artsy. No less beautiful. Truly exquisite.


This combination is romantic, it’s elegant, it’s fresh, it’s anything you might possibly want it to be. The kind where each of us can find something they like.


Also, here’s the good news about this manicure. It’s not too edgy. It has a certain edge to it, yes, still it’s not too much, so that you can wear it anywhere you go.


If your style is romantic, then these two nail colours put together are right for you. They are flower like, violet like, rain like.


In fact, there’s something very flower like about this pair. It almost feels like there’s scent coming off it, the scent of wet flowers after the rain.


You know where these shades will be super efficient? If you are going to wear something very businesslike or sporty, and you want to bring a girly element in your look. Then go for it. Absolutely.


Three. 1487 Tis the Sea-Sun 83779 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Now that’s artsy. There’s no way around it. Super artsy. Super bold. Orange and purple. Bold, right? Very much so.


It’s like a burst of colour, burst of sparkle. Fireworks, that’s what comes to mind, when I look at these two here.


This orange shade is one of the brightest shades in the collection, that’s why topping it with anything is an edgy thing to do.


It’s one of those manicures you aren’t going to do every day of your life – although it depends on your style, of course – but wanna probably try, at least, once.


Obviously, this shade combination is a good option for when you need a statement manicure, the kind of manicure that attracts attention.


You know why this combo actually works? Because other than the purple glitter in our top coat we have the golden tiny sparkle and shine. And gold and orange merge nicely and bring out the best in each other.


Four. 1488 The More the Berrier 83780 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Ok, so The More the Berrier has more red in it as is. But once you top it with Let’s Shell-Ebrate that’s puple, more or less, at least, in some ways 🙂 , we see the purple side of our berry come through.


So, we get a sultry hot berry shade. It’s metallic in the first place, but all the glow and shine in it is intensified by the top coat adding some golden reflections to it.


The purple glitter doesn’t stand out here as much as it does on the rest of the shades. In fact, this combination looks very natural, like it’s one shade and not a shade and a top coat.


This manicure is a very interesting mix of sultry and funky. More sultry and a little bit of funky, I say. Yep, that’s right.


The glitter and pearl adds depth and whole new dimensions to this berry red nail shade. The shade and the top coat compliment each other nicely.


The combination of these two can easily help you get into an artsier manicure groove, if it’s not naturally your thing, but you want to try it.


Next. 1486 Warm Wishes 83778 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


This is one of the two brightest shades in this collection. The first one was orange. And this one is our bright warm pink. Plus the top coat.


But the effect produced here by the top coat is totally different from the effect it produces on that orange. Here the top coat softens the pink up.


It’s still bright and warm, even if less warm, but, all in all, a little subdued. The contrast here is less obvious than with orange. Although it’s still an artsy manicure option.


It’s fresh, upbeat, young. It’s Barbie like. And classically baby doll like. Baby doll with a little bonus to it that makes it even better.


This combination is super fun. It’s like kids birthday party. Like lemonade. It’s fizzy. Gives you smiles and makes you wanna laugh.


This manicure option proved to be a surprisingly exciting thing. I expected a totally different feel about it, when I looked at those two shades separately. They look great together though. More fun than ever.


Six. 1485 Eat, Pink, Be Merry 83777 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Another mermaidy one. This light pink gets pretty artsy, when combined with this glitter shade. At the same time, it remains pretty proper and tender.


The pink shade itself acquires a lilac undertone. It’s cooler now. Even though there’s a golden gleam here or there. And then there’s all the purple glitter over it.


The manicure we get here is full of options. Delicate and girly is one. Romantic is another one. Very romantic, in fact.


And it’s hard to pull romantic manicure with glitter. Glitter calls for disco, nights out, parties, not romance, usually 🙂


This nice manicure option can also be a great first step on the artsy path for you, if you’re more into classics, but want to try something in that area.


Modern baby doll is another way to apply this manicure. It’s not dead on baby doll, not too baby doll, more of a playful kind of there kind of thing.


Seven. 1493 Joy to the Waves 83785 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


I’ll tell you what, if you thought there’s no way this blue can get any more interesting and mysterious… guess what 🙂


Something happens to this metallic blue nail shade, when it’s topped with this purple glitter with purple mist and golden glow.


It’s not just metallic and going out like anymore. It’s ephemeral, stunning and incredible, that’s what it is. Wow. And wow again. And again.


The combination of these two shades gives us something very special. Unique, really. Love at first sight like manicure.


If you love it, you can probably wear it anywhere. It’s one of those shades that’s either yours or not. If it yours though, then it’s really yours.


If you don’t love it, then this manicure is an edgy one for you, something you might wear occasionally, when you’re in the right mood for it and ready to go artsy.


Next. 1489 Seas and Greetings 83781 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Ok now. A purple nail shade plus purple glitter and golden pearl. They are such a good match it feels like it’s one shade that was formulated this way in the first place.


This is a gorgeous purple manicure option. It’s lush, it’s elegant, it’s womanly. Can be vampy and sexy, if you choose to play it this way.


I especially love how the golden glow adds depth and texture to this shade. Even more so than just purple glitter. Dimensions is what matters here.


You know what this shade is? The shortest way to coming to like dark manicures. Even if you are not a fan of those, generally speaking.


This combo is another mermaidy one. And it’s inherently chic too, because it’s so straightforward in a good way. Perfectly linear.


The combination of shades is very clean here, and this clean feeling about it makes it very elegant. So, if elegance is what you like, dig in.


One but last. 1483 Snow Way! 83775 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Hm. There’s even more contrast here than I expected. Crispy white became a touch lilac with just a breath of golden glow and very well defined purple glitter.


It’s like pastel manicures fan decides to give the manicure of the day a really fun twist without killing the pastel concept altogether.


This manicure option is ever so versatile. Depending on your perception and preference, you’ll either feel it’s super romantic or pretty artsy.


One thing is for sure. The result we get here is rare, fresh and not boring. Not boring – I like that. Now, whether you dare or not, is up to you.


Maybe, if you like bright manicure shades, there won’t be enough colour here for you. Then again, it’s pleasant to wear something out of your milieu sometimes and come to miss you usual shades.


This snowy manicure is fairy like, princess like and elevated in a good way. If that’s what your nails look like, there’s no way you can care that much about everyday issues. They don’t concern those who walk on clouds, you know 🙂


And the last one. 1484 Sand in my Mistletoes 83776 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


Oh, it’s a version of fairy and snowy pair we’ve just seen, only a warm version. For fairies who like warm shades, I guess.


It’s for summer fairies, not winter fairies 🙂 There’s something really nice about this cute beige with purple glitter over it and golden gleams showing up here and there.


In fact, the golden part works well – very much so – with the warm beige here. And the cool purple glitter, surprisingly, helps to bring out this warmness and emphasize it.


Cute is definitely the word here. That’s what this manicure is. It’s cute. Wholesome cute. It’s like natural or nude, maybe, with a little bonus.


This manicure is well rounded and very womanly. And hot in a way that natural manicures are hot. On a deeper level than red manicures that are more showy.


This manicure option is a way to get yourself into nude manicure routine. If you think nude is about nothing, but wanna try it somehow, this is your way. It’s more than just nude, still has the same atmosphere wrapped in it.


These are our ten shades topped with Let’s Shell-Ebrate. I have to tell you, some of the results I got here are even better than what I hoped for.







So, I’m full of anticipation for more great stuff to come, when I try the second top coat over them. I want more adventures here, you know. The second top coat is not glittery, it’s more of a shiny sparkly thing. Will it be something totally different? I don’t know. We’ll see where it gets us. Let’s roll 🙂


One. 1492 Partridge in a Palm Tree 83784 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Ok, so – yet again – Partridge in a Palm Tree is matt. This effect will obviously go away, once the sparkly Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish lands on it.


Oh. Gorgeous. You know how I love green manicures. And this one here is just amazing. It’s like aqua with starlight woven into it.


This shade looks pearly and shiny now instead of matt. But it’s so beautiful it doesn’t really matter 🙂 Pearly, so be it.


If you are into aquas, greens or blues, check this combo out. It’s worth it. It looks amazing. And not too edgy, by the way.


This manicure is kind of mermaidy, not too mermaidy though, so a lot of people can probably enjoy it. Especially in summer.


I just love this. The turquoise shade that we get by pairing up these two shades is even better than each of them on its own. It’s spectacular, really.


Two. 1494 Good Tide-Ings 83786 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Oh, the joy! Just look at this tender violet with blue glow on it and greenish gleam and sparkle within it. Beautiful.


Another combo that can be interpreted both as romantic and artsy, depending on your view, your style, your mood.


This manicure is exquisite. It’s not too common. And there’s just something about it. Maybe, the fact that it’s so cool colourwise.


You won’t be able to find a lilac shade like this one out there. These two shades combined work magic. They do.


This manicure option screams romantic, at the same time, it’s ever so coquettish, not on the surface, but underneath it all. Adding a zest.


By the way, some people might actually see more blue than lilac or violet here. How you see it depends on your colour perception.


Next. 1487 Tis the Sea-Sun 83779 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Talk about surprises. I expected to see something mega artsy here. A big clash of hot orange and cool greenish blue.


Instead I got hot and hot. I don’t see any clash here. At all. Or any green or blue, for that matter. Instead I see orange and… gold.


Where did gold come from, you’re asking? I don’t know. But it’s here. Big time. Turning the whole thing into a golden orange.


The combo is very interesting, by the way. You know why? They don’t usually make such bright shades pearly.


Usually it’s either super bright colour or metallic sheen. And here – for once – we get both. Turns out, it’s a great thing too.


This shade looks like sun. So warm and spectacular and all the good things. Warmth is the predominant feeling here. And a very pleasant one, I might say.


Four. The More the Berrier 83780 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Another mysterious one. Another sultry option. Sultry in a deep way, the hottest way there is. The true way.


Somehow, the blue is almost gone here, or else, it merged with the purple changing it a little, shushing the pearl, kind of, and all we see in terms of sparkle here now is… green.


And then from time to time there’s some golden gleaming going on there. Among all the green. All in all, it’s very appealing. Exciting even.


So, that’s our combo. Green and purple? Who would have thought, huh, that it would work so well? But it does.


Maybe, it’s because the purple shade paired up with the top coat becomes more plum than purple, actually. Warmer.


And then it’s warmer background plus cooler green sparkle. The contrast is nice, hot and not too common, so this manicure is all yours, if you want it 🙂


Five. 1486 Warm Wishes 83778 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


This is another one. Just as in the case of that orange shade, I was like – there’s no way this top coat will work with the super bright pink.


Or else, if it works, it’s going to be a super artsy thing that only few of us can wear, those who are truly artsy in their style.


Well, instead this manicure proved to be ever so wearable. I mean, it’s pink, right, and pink is one of the most worn nail shades ever.


And the shiny sparkly top coat softened it up. It’s sill our bright warm pink, but it’s kind of pearly and has a cooler accent on top.


The sparkle and shine doesn’t really look green or blue in any way. It looks pinkish silver, if anything, and is a really good match for the shade.


Speaking about the shade. It’s like it’s romantic baby doll. And two don’t necessarily go that well together. Other than in this manicure here 🙂


Next. 1485 Eat, Pink, Be Merry 83777 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


O-oh. Princesses rule the world with this wonderfully delicate and pretty nail colour combination. It just looks so cute. Majorly cute.


Somehow, the turquoise top coat looks super silvery on this shy pink intensifying its pink essence and bringing out some lilac too, but just a little.


What we get here is cool pink with silver pearl and sparkle sprinkled all over it. It’s beautifully romantic, girly and spring like.


Which doesn’t mean you can only wear it in spring, by the way. It means, you can wear it anytime you feel springlike. And that can be all year round.


This combo proved to be so classically romantic. I mean, like good old fashioned romantic. Really romantic and really pretty.


Also, when I look at it, I can’t help thinking – wedding! And it doesn’t have to be bridal manicure. In fact, I’d say, it’s more of a bridesmaid thing.


Seven. 1493 Joy to the Waves 83785 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Beauty. Beauty. And more beauty here. I thought this top coat will turn this metallic blue… green. Which, to me, is not a bad thing, actually 🙂


But no. It remained proudly blue. And metallic. And pearly. If it’s humanly possible – and it is, obviously – this top coat added more light and shine to this shade.


Now it’s full of reflections. It’s like a lake in dim light playing tag with this light and alternately winning and losing.


Another mysterious combo and shade in this collection. I love that. How many mysteries are actually left in our life?


I mean, think about it. We live in the age of social networks, check ins and photo posting. Every step we take – or most of those – are documented one way or another.


Information of all sorts and kinds is only a click away. So, everything is in plain view. There’s no mystery anymore. Or almost none. While mystery is very exciting. Just like this blue manicure option. Imagination stirring.


Eight. 1489 Seas and Greetings 83781 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


I can’t believe there are so many absolutely wonderful manicures in one collection. Seriously. Usually it’s like twelve shades, and you like one, right?


Here almost every shade combo takes my breath away. And here’s another example of just that. Breathtaking.


Remember metallic purple Seas and Greetings? Uh-huh. Well, here we go. Look how this green sparkle becomes it.


For starters, it feels like this purple got even cooler, when topped with this top coat. And it makes sense it did.


The top coat is blue green, so, yes, it might well have a way to ‘coolify’ shades. Now, green and purple might not be immediately friendly, as we’ve already discussed.


But they surely made friends here creating a whole new and artsy world for us without getting too artsy, which is a good thing, probably, in this case.


One but last. 1483 Snow Way! 83775 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


Snow turns… icy with our top coat. Instead of white with blue and yellow sheen we see crispy icy white nail colour with silver sparkle all over it.


I wanna say ‘snow queen’, when I look at it, but on the second thought, it’s not queen like. It’s princess like. Just like many other shades – or else, shade combinations – in this collection.


This combination is a good way to bring some variety into your nude manicures, if you prefer white well groomed nail look.


Despite all the shine and sparkle, there’s something very clean, pure and linear in a good way about this manicure.


The sparkle here doesn’t feel too much. It feels properly placed and working nicely with the white ‘canvas’ of the main shade.


Although which shade is the main one here? I’m not sure I could tell ya. You know what I always think, when I can’t tell which shade is dominating? It usually indicates that the shades work so perfectly together, they merge and create something new.


And the last one. 1484 Sand in my Mistletoes 83776 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783.


What? The last one? Already? Now that’s a pity. Really 🙂 Can I have more stunning shades and shade combinations, please?


Are you ready for more romance? ‘Cause I’ve got some for you here. Believe it or not. Romantic souls will feel a lot of joy looking at this collection photos.


Anyway, here it is. Our last shade with the top coat. The shade is a delicate warm beige, remember? Warm and delicate are the key words here.


On this shade the top coat magically turns… beige almost. It’s like the sparkle in it became beige all of a sudden. Wow.


Talk about versatile. This top coat is so that. It doesn’t make all shades look the same. Instead it works with the shades and makes each of them special.


In this case we get this super cute and super nice manicure tuned for romantic souls and for nude manicure fans looking for a little special occasion twist. Awesome.


Well now. I don’t know about you, I, personally, don’t wanna let go of this collection.







So, I’m going to do one more thing, before I rest my case here of telling you how much fun you can have with it. I’m going to do something crazy, kind of, but it’s not going to stop me 🙂 As long as I’ve run out of shades to top, I’m going to top top coat with top coat. Yeah, I know 🙂 Both top coats are beautiful, and they work so gorgeously well with other shades, it just makes me want to see how the two will work together, what new dimensions they’ll bring out of each other, how they’ll compliment each other and make each other even better or… ruin the whole effect 🙂


Before we go, let me tell you, I tried it both ways – 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782 topped with 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783 and 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782. And I think, using 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782 as a top coat in this case works a little better, because it’s almost always better to use the shade with pronounced glitter on top. Texturewise. Anyway… Braces yourselves, manicure traditionalists, get all excited, artsy and edgy manicure lovers, and perk up your ears, everyone who’s not too emotional about it all but curious. Very rarely you can see one top coat over another one, but here it is… 1491 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starfish 83783 topped with 1490 Let’s Shell-Ebrate 83782.


When it comes to this collection, there’s no disappointment, as far as I’m concerned. China Glaze, thank you for that.


Everything in this collection is beautiful and out of the common run without being too out there. And that’s the key to great manicures in a way 🙂


There’s just no way around it. I’m gonna say it again here. Mysterious. That’s what a lot of combinations in this collection whisper to me 🙂


The top coats combination does too. It’s very aquatic or mermaidy, I guess, in its feel. Thanks to the cool shades put together here – aqua and lilac.


The shade we get isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. It’s greenish-greyish-lilacish with a golden glow about it and darker cool purple glitter. Wow.


Understatement. That’s the main thing I wanna point out here. Understatement is everything. It often makes for a bigger statement than the loudest and brightest shades and combos.


That’s it. Seas and Greetings by China Glaze. What can I say? The potential of this collection is huge. The combinations I’ve shown you are just some of the combinations possible here. The amount of manicures you can get out of these twelve bottles is enormous. Endless, almost. This collection calls for creativity. You don’t even know you have so much of it in you, maybe, till you start playing with these shades 🙂 These Seas and Greetings are all year round, not just holidays. They are full of fun and life and joy. They provide manicure entertainment any time you want it 🙂 And they will allow each and every one of us, probably, to find something special and something we can really call our own. Forget for a second about trends and season colours and your usual manicure shades and venture on this exciting journey to new uncharted nail colour territories, where you can make a whole lot of amazing and very personal discoveries.