Givenchy Point d’Encrage spring 2017 swatched

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Point of ink, huh? Ok. Ink paint and ink colours, that is? I don’t know. We’ll see. Also, this name is a pun on point d’ancrage, obviously, which means ‘anchor’. So, we have ink and anchor, and I wonder how it’s all combined in this spring makeup collection here by Givenchy. As usual, the collection is very laconic, that is, there are not that many items in it. It’s compact and easy to operate. Just a few products to create a full look. I like that. Quick and easy, if this handful of makeup proves to be what you personally like. Looking at all the products in this collection I more or less see the natural look going on here with some light play and some colour points that can be woven into the whole neutral noncolour colour background to add a little bit of a zest to it. Where there’s natural, there’s always – or almost always – colour enhancing. Givenchy did some of it too. To put it simply and use painting terminology – we have a pinkish background in place with some blue highlights.


Ok, so, I’ve already told you how base – that is, to continue our painting metaphor, canvas – is one of the most important things in makeup. Givenchy does a good job of taking care of that part of our look. Here’s what they have in store for us. Prisme Libre Travel. The travel part of it all is the size, for starters and among a couple of other things, because this powder is much smaller than Prisme Libre is generally.


The interesting thing here is that Givenchy promises us both – mat-finish AND enhanced radiance. Hm. Interesting. Sounds like it’s either one or the other. But Ok. Maybe, they can pull it. We’ll see. Also, just to recap here. Prisme Libre is a loose powder. Which we can actually gather from the name of this product – Libre it is. Loose, that is.


You know why I like loose powder texture, in general? It blends in easily and truly seamlessly into our skin tone. Because its particles are so tiny, microscopic and lightweight, compared to compact powders. Even though there are great compacts out there, no question about that. But to me, there’s just no beating this old fashioned lush loose powder texture that’s all airy like.


And the catch with loose powder is always the same to me. Size. It’s bigger than compacts, to begin with, due to, well, texture 🙂 That’s a con, not a pro, I admit it, but I’m ready to sacrifice some of ever so precious space in my oh so small clutches most of the time, because I do like loose powder. Then, on top of packaging size, there’s the brush that I have to drag along. Even if the brush is a mini, it’s better if it’s a brush brush and not a puff, when we are talking loose powder.


Anyway, that’s exactly why I like how this travel version of Prisme Libre by Givenchy is smaller. The shade is called 01 Mousseline Pastel. O-oh. 01? Is it going to be super light or something? Because that’s not what I usually like in powder. Then again, I’ll wait and make up my mind only after I see it, because colour perception is so different person to person, you know, that what brands call 01 and pastel doesn’t always look that light to me 🙂


I’ll say this. The design is like super cute. This small light angelic pink powder bottle with the elegant black lacquer top and the ring on it with that Givenchy logo looks like a glamorous baby dummy. Fashionable baby dummy. This is a trendy accessory to have around. It’s like, you know, you have you purse, shoes, hat, jewellery, and then you have Prisme Libre Travel by Givenchy 🙂


And here’s how Givenchy makes it possible not to have a brush brush with you, when you wear this powder, and not to have to carry it around and still be able to fix your makeup on the run, in case you need to. And here’s why they need the ring with Givenchy logo that I love so much 🙂 Turns out, in the cap there’s a puff, and the ring is something you can hold onto while applying your powder with it. Clever 🙂


And it works pretty efficiently. No need to shake the powder in the lid first. And then dip the brush in it. You can just press the puff to the powder case with holes in it instead – you know how loose powders always have holes in them, right, to kind of shake them out 🙂 – well, you press the puff to it, and the powder gets out through the holes and goes straight on the puff. Easy.


Let’s talk texture and shade now. As these things are no less important and, maybe, even more important than design and technology behind the product. The texture is pretty thick for a loose powder. And, in all honesty, it’s more matt than radiant. Is there some radiance there in the finish? Maybe, I don’t necessarily see it or see it that much. So, as I thought, combining matt and radiant is tough. Is it even possible, I wonder? I don’t know.


Now, remember how the shade is called 01 Mousseline Pastel, and how I was afraid it’s going to be too light? Oops. I think I was right about that. This Mousseline Pastel is not just light, it’s very light. Too light for me, that’s for sure. More suitable for nobly pale skinned beauties. And even they should be careful with it and not overdo it, because then the pinkish undertone will kick in too strong, and baby doll big time will be the key word for your complexion 🙂 Unless that’s what you are going for in your look, beware.


Or, as long as it’s all about light play and glow enhancement in this collection – and this spring season in general, actually – this shade can be used for highlighting and strobing purposes. Yeah, it’ll be good for that. Just keep in mind that the texture here is thicker than what you expect in average, when you think loose powder. To me, it undermines one of the main benefits of this type of texture. If you don’t mind it though, go right ahead 🙂


Face products in Point d’Encrage collection don’t stop here. More is coming your way. And it’s one nice ‘more’. A highlighter. Or else, Highlighter Memoire de Forme. If you like Givenchy, you know what their Memoire Blush is like. They released it a couple of times as a limited edition within their seasonal collections. It’s usually light and nice in texture and colour and kind of glowy. We’ll see, whether it proves to be true for this highlighter.


Givenchy tells us it’s a Strobing Pop-up Jelly Highlighter. Yes, it’s a highlighter, so it’s for strobing, naturally. The two things I find interesting in this description is pop-up and jelly. Pop-up is a really good thing for a highlighter product to have in it, I think. And jelly textures work nicely most of the time in face products that are not all over but more like strategically placed things. So, it all sounds good, we’ll see if it plays that way.


Highlighters are great, I like to use them as blush and layer blush with them, believe it or not 🙂 Using highlighters all over? I don’t know. Not sure. Glowy face might look good on camera and in certain settings, it rarely looks as good in real life. To pull it, you’ll have to build a full on mermaidy look around your dewy complexion, and how often do you want to do that? 🙂 Yeah, I know.


In terms of using it on our body, as Givenchy says we can, think about all the evening gowns and party dresses that are low cut and open up your shoulders. That’s when you can try wearing highlighter not only on your face. Keep in mind that you can wear highlighter under base products and not just dead on. It gives your complexion and skin a healthier and a more real life look and glow.


The shade we are talking about here in this collection is called 01 Pink Ink. Now I have to tell you, as much as 01 scared me, when it came to powder, I see it more as a good sign, when we are talking highlighter. Because highlighters are appealing, when they are pink, or let’s say, pinkish. Not too pink. O-oh. This shade might look a little too pink, but who knows what it will actually prove to be, once swatched.


Before we swatch it, check out this packaging. I think this jar with black lacquer lid is awesome. It’s elegant and special. I love holding it in my hand. It’s just the right size and just the right feel. Not too big, not too small, not too light, not too heavy, not too… anything. Really well balanced. Well rounded. Well… you know. It’s just one of those things in makeup world, where there’s something about it.


The jar has this black lid on it closing it. The pink and black combo looks really modern and really cool. Very nice, Givenchy. I don’t know about you, I just have a weak spot for jars of the kind and products in them. You know, all those things like lip gloss, blush, cream eye shadow and stuff. Those jars are… hot. One of those things I can’t explain but definitely feel. And I love having things around that look superb, not just feel superb.


This highlighter does strike me as pink. Too pink? Maybe, maybe not. And… the texture seems to be loose and kind of spongy even. Would I call it jelly like? Yep. I would. Or else, it’s whip creamy. And, yes, I’m back to my dessert references here 🙂 I always am. There’s no way around it. Here’s another one for you. This texture is yummy. It’s soft and luxurious and fun. Pleasant to the touch. Very much so.


Now, you know how this highlighter looks ever so pink in the package. It even threw me off a little. I thought it might be too pink. Like that powder. And too pink face shades aren’t always flattering and aren’t flattering for most of us. So, I was very happy to see – when I swatched it – that it reveals more beige colour in it, when applied. It’s not really all the way and dead on pink. It’s pink beige or rosy beige, I guess. And there’s a golden cloud hovering over it. Now, this shade is super becoming for almost everyone out there. And there’s a whole bunch of delicate sparkle in it to help you play with the light. Very nice.


That’s face. Let’s move on. We have eye products to talk about. There are two. And that’s where our blue zest is hidden in this collection. Our blue ‘points’ 🙂 Having some points in the middle of all the natural and healthy glowy look is a good idea, as far as I am concerned. When it’s just nude, just natural, to me, it’s often kind of boring, or else, it’s like it’s lacking something, there’s something missing there, I so wanna see a little more there, a point of contrast. Speaking about the points… the blue points… 🙂


Here’s one. Givenchy Liner Vinyl. I’ve already told you about this eyeliner formula, when we saw it first on the market. It’s liquid eyeliner with this thin little brush. To put it simply, it’s a classic. Which can be both good and bad, depending on how you look at it. The good side of it all is that it’s something familiar and something you know how to operate.


If your hand is steady enough, you can pull it, and you probably have pulled it before. And then a little bit of a cloud in this bright blue sky is that this kind of eyeliner is probably the toughest to apply, so if your hand isn’t super steady – mine, for one, is not, even though I can do it, if I try – application might be a challenge. So, it’s your choice. You know best what’s best for you.


Here’s what I gather from the packaging. It’s Brush Tip Eyeliner. Ok, I guess, it means, it’s an eyeliner with a super thin brush brush 🙂 And then it’s High Shine. Well, that’s what Vinyl products by Givenchy are all about from what I can gather. They are all about vinyl like shine, or let’s say, mirror like shine to be perfectly clear here. Whether or not you want this high shine in your eyeliner, is once again a matter of taste.


When eyeliner has this shine to it, the look you get, when you apply it, is more of a striking disco like look, you know, with those bold shiny black – or are they black? we’ll talk about it later – arrows. It’s a classic look that’s kind of daring at the same time. And that’s rare, because a lot of classic looks are muted and understated, right? Anyway… if you do arrows often, you know how to weave this shiny beauty in your look and get the wow effect you want.


If you want the arrows but don’t want to have all the shine to them, because you think it’s too much, there are two ways to go. One. You don’t have to do eyeliner on top of eyeshadow, you can do beige (or any other light shade) sheer like – and shiny, maybe – eyeshadow on top of your arrow. In fact, I do it often and enjoy it a lot 🙂 There are so many pretty pearly lighter eye shades you can apply on top of your arrows and achieve a very classy and sophisticated effect and, well, look.


The second way to go here is find a liquid eyeliner with less shine to it. There are some that, once they settle, lose shine and become more neutral in a way. Keep in mind though that Vinyl eyeliner by Givenchy is not one of them. It’s vinyl, that is, shiny. There are so many eyeliners on the market though, I’m pretty sure, you can find the finish you want. Including matt finish, which has been the trend for a while all over the place – in lip products, eye products and face products – and which provides a more vintage and more languid feel than shiny finish in eyeliner does.


Finally, we are getting to the shade here. What can I say? It’s a winner 🙂 The shade is called 5 Black Blue Ink, which seems to indicate – to me, at least – that it’s navy blue leaning to ink purple. I have to be honest here, I’m no big fan of navy blue eyeliners. They basically only become those of us whose eyes are blue. And even on blue eyed beauties brighter blue shades look more interesting than just navy blue. Unless…


Unless you are a traditionalist in makeup, of course, a blue eyed traditionalist, that is 🙂 , and you only wear navy blue eyeliner and navy blue mascara. I get it. And respect your choice. How very elegant of you 🙂 Anyway, I’m back to the shade here, it’s not really just navy blue, it’s more of a dark grey blue. And that makes all the difference in the world. As a result, we get an elegant and exquisite shade with a little bit of an edge to it. If your eyes are grey or blue, it will look awesome on you. And everyone else can try it, if they are planning on wearing a blue outfit. A really good job and a really nice shade here. Wow.


Next. Our second blue point in the collection is in the eye department too. You’re guessing eyeshadow? Nah. Not that. It’s a mascara top coat. Givenchy started releasing those as part of their big vinyl move some time ago. The idea behind them was to give your mascara that shiny or even super shiny vinyl twist and look. I’d say, it’s a good idea, in general. Shiny black lashes can be lush. Once again though, we aren’t really talking black here, so we’ll see 🙂


And are we even talking mascara top coat here, I wonder? Let’s read into the packaging for a minute. Enre a Cils. Hm. Ok. So, it’s not mascara top coat. It’s mascara ink. Makes sense within this collection and this concept. Ok 🙂 Ink presupposes the same things vinyl does though, doesn’t it? Intense colour and, well, shine. Yes, all the roads lead to shine here, obviously 🙂


The shade is called 2 Blue Ink. Not black blue ink? Just blue ink? Interesting. I can feel some brighter blue coming my way, and that’s just what I asked for, basically 🙂 Good  🙂 You know why? Brighter blues become more people, believe it or not. So, when it comes to blue, don’t be afraid of brightness, even if your eyes are, say, brown or green. Bright blues might be very exciting and artsy in the best possible way, when you wear them.


While darker blues, navy blue, for one, can look glum instead of vampy and really really dissonate. So, if your thinking is – my eyes are dark, and it’s Ok, if I wear darker shades, they are kind of like black, be careful. Dark with dark doesn’t always give you the desired effect. In fact, bright shades can reveal such depths in your dark eyes you’ll be surprised, pleasantly so.


Here’s the question. Why do we even need a mascara top coat? I mean, we have mascara, right, it’s mostly shiny, Ok, kind of shiny 🙂 Anyway, as long as we have mascara, what do we need a top coat for? I think, the answer brings us back to the whole vinyl theme by Givenchy. Shine is what it’s all about. We wanna achieve shine – if we want it, that is – that’s why we go for the top coat 🙂


Now let’s talk brush. Every time I see it, I go – it can’t be that easy or comfortable to use. I mean, it looks like a mini shovel or something 🙂 I’ve never seen a brush quite like that in makeup products. So, the look always throws me off a little. But then every time I do use it, I go – wow, that is easy enough to use. And this brush doesn’t glue my lashes together. All in all, it’s a good thing and a good brush 🙂


Aaaand the shade. Remember how the blue eyeliner is so dark and greyish? Well, the mascara top coat is blue too, but it’s so much brighter and lighter. Cornflower blue, really. And kind of satiny shiny too. Givenchy is always artsy, even in the most delicate collections of theirs. Most brands would do brighter blue eyeliner and dark grey blue mascara top coat. And Givenchy does the opposite. Swaps the two and adds that zest I’m always looking for in makeup. Well, good for them 🙂 It’s very fresh.


These are our two blue spots in the collection. Now, we have two more products left to talk about here in this inky Givenchy world. And these two products are not all the way natural and not all the way bright and colourful. They are somewhere in between, and that’s an achievement. It’s imagination stirring. How can the two be possibly combined? Here’s how.


First we have lip oil. Lip oil is all over the place in makeup world these days. A lot of brands do their versions of it. The two main traits all lip oils share are the care factor they all have in them in addition to colour and – as long as we are talking colour – little colour, actually. At least, there’s less colour to them than we are used to seeing in lip colour products most of the time. We’ll see, if any of this proves true, actually, in the case of Givenchy.


Here’s what Givenchy promises. It’s not just lip oil, judging by what it says on the packaging. It’s irresistible lip oil 🙂 Huile Irresistible Pour Les Levres. Well, I hope it’s irresistible, that’s for sure. And the shade is called 01 Fuchsia Ink. Fuchsia Ink? I never think fuchsia, when I think ink. Don’t know about you 🙂 I’ll be happy to see what fuchsia ink looks like though.


I don’t know about the irresistible part, but there is some care there, the way there’s usually some care in lip oil. Not too much. Colour and care products, in my opinion, never – or almost never – have as much care in them as just care products do. If you want care and colour in equal proportions, go first lip balm, then lipstick or lipgloss (or Lip Lover by Lancome 🙂 See more about it here Lancome Lip Lover all shades swatched.


There is some care here though. And little colour. So, it’s an exemplary lip oil this way. Also, there’s scent here, strong scent. Sweet scent. As far as I’m concerned, this scent is almost too much. Although I do admit that I’m very scent sensitive. So, If you aren’t, the chances are, it won’t bother you that much. You might wanna take a sniff before you buy this lip oil though. Better safe than sorry.


So, what’s the colour of this lip oil? For starters, there’s little colour here and a whole lot of shine. Although more colour is revealed in time on your lips. So, give it like five-ten minutes to settle. It will probably look a little different on each and every one of us, depending on our unique lip colour. Colour enhancement rules here 🙂 To me, it looks like it’s a little too warm a pink for a shade that’s called fuchsia. Then again, maybe, it’s a warm pink on me, and it will be a cooler pink on you? Pinkish is the key word here. Lilac pinkish, maybe, to be more precise.


The thing to know about this lip oil is that you won’t know for sure what it will look like on your lips, till you wear it for a bit. So, if you want to be a hundred percent sure about the shade, try it out. This way you’ll feel the scent too 🙂 Now, did you see that brush? The big fluffy one? I love it. I love that big fluffy brush. The first time I saw it, I was suspicious, actually, but it just feels so soft and nice on my lips. Posh.


To round up our look, we need… manicure. Yep. Nail colour, that is. I wonder, whether it’s going to be inky. Will the shade be diluted? Probably so. My guess is it won’t be full on colour. Sheer, maybe? Jelly like? What’s inky in nail polish? I’ll be happy to learn the answer to this question. Just so that I know it for the future 🙂 I hope the shade will be like that lip oil shade. Lips and tips painted the same colour. That’s classy.


This shade of Le Vernis by Givenchy is called… wanna take a guess? There’s going to be ‘ink’ in the name. Uh-huh. 31 Purple Ink. Purple? I wonder, how it will correspond with the lip oil that’s fuchsia. I mean, there’s purple in fuchsia, isn’t there? Fuchsia is actually purple pink or pink purple. Mix of the two. And then it leans one way or the other depending on the specific shade and its intensity 🙂


Actually, purple is an interesting choice, when it comes to natural look. Because when it’s about natural, it’s somehow more about pink or beige usually. These are the first two things one gets naturally drawn to or thinks about on hearing ‘natural makeup or natural look’. So, seeing purple – not lilac but purple – in the name of the shade makes me curious. Purple is close enough to pink without actually being pink, that is, without being as common as pink 🙂


And I think there are some awesome purple, pink purple, beige purple manicure options out there. Also, there’s usually a touch more colour in purple than in pink or beige – both can be really really light and nude, in fact. And a touch more colour is what I truly appreciate. I do believe that a touch of colour makes nude manicure special, sophisticated and chic, makes it wonderfully womanly 🙂


In terms of quality, Givenchy nail polish is quite good. Of late it’s been a little jelly like feeling texturewise. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something you want to know before you start applying it. The brush is pretty wide, wider than an average nail polish brush. Probably, a little too wide, to my taste. Maybe, it’s perfect to yours. It works efficiently enough though. By all means, it does.


Ok, so it’s purple. Warm purple rather than cool. Plumish purple. Well rounded. And sheer 🙂 Not all the way though.


There’s colour in this shade. It’s definitely a step up from a natural look, nude look. Even two steps. Even three steps, maybe 🙂


And it’s not too sheer. In fact, you can vary from sheer to almost full coverage. Depending on whether you go light on it or heavy.


Also, the texture is good. So, you can do three coats easily. And with three coats you’re sure to get full coverage here.


This shade is exciting. Here’s how. It’s nude vampy. How’s that even possible? I don’t know 🙂 But it is.


And the jelly like texture, where there’s a lingering sheerness about it, even when it’s not sheer almost, adds to how hot it is.


That’s Givenchy Point d’Encrage. A natural look, fresh and spring like with colour patches here and there. Everything in this collection is smooth and washed and soft. All transitions are easy and slow. Not abrupt in any way. I guess, it makes sense to compare it with painting. Neutral background with colour splashes, no, not splashes, points here and there accentuating the beige pinkish glory of the main colour scheme. And then the points are blue – contrasting – and purple – matching. When we put it all together, there’s such a nice look there, inherently nice with a naughty streak. A mischievous streak that makes the whole package even nicer. It’s just such a great balance of natural and sort of edgy. And you know what’s the best news about Givenchy Point d’Encrage? That whole colour enhancing part of it that makes it as personalized as it gets. These products will get adjusted to your look and only yours. Instead of trying to make you look something. They’ll flirt and play with your hair colour, your eye colour, your complexion and bring out the new dimensions of your beauty.

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