Pink outfit… what makeup will be a perfect match?

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. You know how pink is like the colour in fashion this season? And when I say ‘pink’, I mean ‘bright pink’. Very much so. Well, Ok, it’s established, and we know that pink is trendy. You know how I know it? When news anchors who don’t necessarily wear super bright colours all wear pink all of a sudden 🙂 Anyway, pink is on. If you come to think about it, it doesn’t happen that often. I mean, when was the last time hot pink was that hot? I can’t tell you immediately. It means, we don’t do makeup to go with our vibrant pink outfits every day of our life. And we might forget what – as far as I am concerned – is the golden rule, when it comes to having the right makeup for bright pink outfits and looks. It’s simple, really. Read my lips. Lips. It’s all there. All in the lips. As long as you are wearing bright pink in clothes, you wanna wear it on the lips too. To put it simply, when you have a bright pink outfit on, you don’t want your lip colour be lighter than your outfit. If it is, your lips – one of the important highlights of your face – kind of get lost. Kind of blend in. And you don’t want that. Seriously, even if you don’t wear vivid pink lipstick or lipgloss, generally speaking, you might really want to consider wearing it, when your look involves hot pink. Pale lips just don’t look good with bright pinks in clothes. They don’t. Trust me on that. Keeping up the brightness level is what makes it work. Now, when it comes to shades, there you’ve got some room for experiment, inspiration and creativity.


So… once you are set on bright pink territory in your lip makeup, what shade should you go with? Do you have to try to match your vibrant pink lip colour perfectly to your outfit colour? Or can you just pull out any bright pink lipstick you have out of your drawer and go with it? I say, it’s the latter. I don’t think it’s important for you to go out of your way to find a perfect match for each bright pink outfit you own. Although, you could definitely do that. That’s one way to go. To paint your lips the same shade of pink your dress or whatever else it is you are wearing is. And don’t you worry, it’s not going to blend in. There’s enough there in between to dilute it. Your chin, you cheeks, you neck, you know 🙂 Actually, it’s the other way around. It’s going to look classy, when you do it. And… if bright pinks are not your thing necessarily, but you decided to try it this season – why not? makes sense to do it when it’s trendy, right? – matching you bright pink lip colour perfectly to your bright pink outfit will add an unexpected streak of elegance in your look and make the whole pink thing easier on you. Check it out, you’ll see 🙂 Now, the other way to go is to wear any other bright pink shade on your lips. Other than the shade of your clothes. Probably, to keep safe you wanna do like cool pink in clothes + cool pink on the lips or warm pink in clothes + warm pink on the lips. Don’t be afraid of different pink shades. It’s not fifty, really, there’s like a hundred shade of pinks out there for you to pick from. Now, if you wanna be artsy about it, go cool pink in clothes + warm pink on the lips or warm pink in clothes + cool pink on the lips. This strategy will be sure to add an edge to your look and make it relevant and bold.


It’s one little thing really, one small little point in makeup to go with pink outfits, but it makes all the difference. So, please, promise me, at least, that you’ll be careful, when matching pale pink lips to bright pink outfits and consider trying something brighter there. Don’t like bright lip colour? Then go for the gloss. You know how bright shades in gloss texture as opposed to lipstick texture are always more diluted, right, thanks to all the shine and – sometimes – all the pearl and the sparkle? Well, why don’t you take advantage of that? You are not in any way obliged to wear bright pink lipstick and to fall for the whole matt lip colour texture frenzy that’s kind of going on right now in makeup world. Fashion is there for us to have fun and enjoy it, not for us to suffer 🙂 It’s there for us to look good and special, not for us to look all the same. So, let’s go for the good part of fashion. Let’s show the world how one trend can look ever so different on each and every one of us and bring out our personality and our beauty. Dream on, that’s what I say! And, yes, seeing everything through those pink glasses can be of value sometimes. When it come to clothes and makeup for sure 🙂

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