Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron fall 2016 swatched

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In fall Morgan Taylor released this collection that I happen to like a lot, because it has a bunch of very basic – in essence – nail shades in it mixed with some classy modern ones. As a result, these six shades are all great to have in any nail colour wardrobe. Trust me, even if you don’t think so now, these shades will come in handy again and again, and they’ll help you out in more situations that you know in life. And, yes, I checked, and you can still find them in a bunch of online and offline stores, in case you want them 🙂 On the bigger scale, this collection made me think about what being womanly is in general and what it is to each and every one of us. What manicures make us feel womanly and do they have to necessarily be red or pink, that is, classic. How different our definition of womanly actually is these days? Who wears and likes what and why? And what can we learn from each other, maybe? 🙂 Always a good thing. Anyway… Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron first.


There are six shades in this collection. The usual number for this brand seasonal collections, actually. It’s a good number, as far as I’m concerned. Not too little, not too many, a solid middle of the road number 🙂 Now, I have to tell you up front here that I enjoyed the theme and design of this collection. It’s called Sweetheart Squadron, remember? And squadron is an air force thing. That is, the idea behind this collection is, basically, clashing hot and pretty girly girls with strong military, to be more precise, air force aesthetics. There’s something about military style, there must be something, that is, as fashion world has been on and off this trend for a while and keeps coming back to it again and again. The secret is pretty simple, I think. The combination of – once again – womanly and manly, tender and stern is intriguing. As what can be more intriguing than a paradox, right? 🙂


Anyway, I liked this design so much that instead of just getting Morgan Taylor shades I got Gelish and Morgan Taylor duos with one and the same shade in two textures – gel and classic nail polish. All for the sake of packaging with more design on it 🙂 You’ll see. I’m talking only Morgan Taylor texture and formula here, as gel polish is not for me. It… lasts too long 🙂 I mean, seriously, if I had to wear the same nail colour for like two weeks, I’d be bored to tears. I need change so much. There are too many shades out there, and I can’t help but want to try them all. Ok, Ok, not all, but as much as I can 🙂 You got my point here. Now, Morgan Taylor formula is good and solid. It’s well put together, applies easily, lasts long enough, shines and doesn’t damage my nails. Their classic base and top coat are good things too, in case you are into one brand mood. If not, you can use any of your favourite classic base and top coat products with these shades.


Speaking about the shades. On we go. Here’s one. Perfect Landing.


Now, what did I tell you about all the design, huh? 🙂 Awesome, I know.


Here are more details for you. What’s in this nail polish? In Perfect Landing Morgan Taylor we have:


In Perfect Landing Gelish:


And here are directions for use and the shade preview. I love shade previews 🙂


And here it is. The shade proper. Perfect Landing.


I dunno. Coral? Yeah, but not quite.


Coral beige? Maybe. Peachy, I’d say. If anything, this coral is classy, elegant and well rounded.


It’s not a big time super bright summer splash coral. It’s subdued and held back.


There’s just something about it, even though I don’t love corals.


This one in particular is just so… nice. Yes, nice, that’s what it is.


It’s calm, soothing, can easily help you out through a bunch of occasions.


It’s one of those shades, when you just know that your manicure is looking good and high end. And what more can you ask for, really? 🙂


Next. Rule the Runway.


How’s that for fashion world meets military world, huh?


And here’s what’s in this shade. Morgan Taylor:


And Gelish:


Directions for use are here, and the shade itself looks… grey.


Now, that’s some modern elegance for you to behold.


Grey nail colour used to be so artsy not too long ago, and now here it is, all womanly looking 🙂


I can’t say I’m a huge fan of grey manicures, but I’ve come to like them at some point.


And this grey in particular is so pretty and enveloping and comfy. Warm.


I know, grey colour is cool in its core, but I can’t help thinking there’s something very warm, in essence, about this grey in particular.


Not on the colour or shade level, more on the sensation and perception level.


It’s probably that inherent prettiness and niceness all six shades in this collection have about them that does it.


When something is super nice, it’s associated with warmth in our mind. At least, in my mind, it obviously is 🙂


On we go. Up In the Air-Heart


Another classic in a way. Beige.


Let’s see what this shade is made of. Morgan Taylor:


And Gelish:


Directions for use, and this beige shade is more than beige. There’s always more in this collection 🙂


This beige looks kind of cooler in the bottle. Or on the cooler side, let’s say.


Once it lands on the nails though, warmness shows up and shows through.


You know what this warmness brings with it? Pinkish and coralish undertones.


And they change everything and make this shade much more appealing and interesting than just nude.


This is a great basic shade that will match anything you like and give your nails a very chic well groomed look.


Whatever you wear and wherever you go kind of thing. And that’s rare.


How many shades do you know and own that are incredible multi taskers?


This one is. To me, this shade is the perfect nude shade. Even though it’s not classically nude by a long shot 🙂


Next. Looking For a Wingman. Romantic, huh?


Yeah. Here’s something bright for a change.


What’s in this shade? Here’s what. In Morgan Taylor:


And Gelish:


Directions for use are as follows for this plum shade.


Or is it plum? Let’s take a closer look at this heartbreaker of a nail colour.


Some of us would probably say it’s Bordeaux.


Red and plum are just mixed so well in it. It’s hard to tell where one ends and the other one begins 🙂


This isn’t just a classic. It’s the new Old Hollywood classic.


This deep shade is either a party shade or an everyday shade for those who like it hot.


If anything, Looking For a Wingman actually looks even more intense on the nails than it does in the bottle.


Just as the rest of the shades in this batch, it’s not all the way classic.


Although it does have a very classic and classy feel to it. But of course, it’s a darker red, you know.


One but last. Oh, Para-Chute!


That’s a fun shade name. Wouldn’t you agree?


Here’s the shade ingredients list. For Morgan Taylor:


And Gelish:


Directions for use are still here 🙂 and the shade is grey? Nah, not all the way.


This grey is amazing, really. Worth a look, even if you are far from liking grey manicures.


There’s a distinct green undertone in it. Or else, some of us could see blue green undertone here.


And, maybe, there’s a touch of green khaki here too at the bottom of it all.


What do we get as a result? A beautiful and complex shade.


The shade that has elegance and edge combined in it. Which is a hard thing to pull.


The artsy feel about Oh, Para-Chute! is not too much, so don’t be afraid of it.


This green grey is exquisite. It really is. Special.


I haven’t seen a shade quite like that. And I’ve seen all kind of shades 🙂 So, I’m gonna get all over it. You’re with me?


And the last one. Put a Wing On It


Here we go. Another bright one.


The ingredients here for Morgan Taylor are:


For Gelish:


Directions for use and the shade preview. Blazing hot, if I might.


Ok, so what kind of animal is this red?


First of all, it’s the only metallic in this collection.


And there’s not just pearl here. There’s shimmer too.


This shimmer is understated though. Not over the top.


The shade is red. With some orange lingering in the background.


And it is blazing hot. There’s no way around it.


If you like bright reds or bright corals, this shade is right up your alley.


Another shade that embraces both classics and relevance with a flourish and a certain easiness.


These are our Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron six. Remember I told you up front that this collection made me think about what being womanly is? Morgan Taylor proves right here with wonderful design and idea behind it all that being womanly is always relevant. That it’s a concept that runs deep and can change with time. Change as much as women change and their vision of the world does. Also, women are different, which means, if you ask different women about what manicures they find womanly, you’d get different answers. Being womanly is as elusive as being elegant. When you see it, you know it’s there, feel it, but can’t necessarily define it. These Sweetheart Squadron shades are womanly, to me. They don’t have to be red or pink to be that. They just need a certain level of sophistication to them and understatement. Well, I say, they’ve got it. See if you agree with me 🙂




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