Clarins Love Blush and Clarins Kiss lip balm swatched

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In all honesty, these are Valentine’s specials, that is, limited editions that Clarins released in honour of Valentine’s Day, but there’s just something super spring/summer like about them. You’ll see 🙂 This mini collection has three blush shades in it and one universal lip shade. It’s all about lightweight and natural makeup. And isn’t this kind of makeup best suited for spring and summer, when the sun and warmth and beauty make us glow with health and joy? I think, it is. Also, summers are often just too hot to wear a bunch of makeup. You know what I mean 🙂 So, wearing minimum might be a good idea. And some of us are just too much into natural look to use bright summer shades that are going to be dumped on our head again and again now that the season is turning all summery. Yeah, fuchsia, turquoise and orange are going to flood the counters soon. But what do you do, if it’s not your thing? Here’s what. And, by the way, even if it’s your thing, you do like a change of scene sometimes, don’t you? 🙂


First things first, this heart packaging design is girly, upbeat and perky in the best possible way. There’s something fresh about it. Pink hearts against the white background are arranged in a rather loose and fun way. Did you notice how I said it looks fresh, by the way? Isn’t that what we want most in summer? Freshness? 🙂 Summer is the time to show all the vitality we’ve accumulated over the year and recharge for months to come. Clarins formulae can help with that, as they contain plant extracts and trigger our system own mechanisms to make us really really shine. Now, when it comes to natural look and nude look, there are several strategies. Lips and nails is one. A classic. Then there’s lips and eyes. What Clarins is going for here is a more rare variation – lips and cheeks. Think about it for a moment though. Where do we naturally have brightness in our face? Other than in our eyes. Yep. Lips and cheeks are the focal points. So, lips and cheeks look is the most natural of all natural looks ever.


That’s why I like the idea of this mini collection by Clarins so much. It goes with the natural, as opposed to going against it. There’s nothing wrong with creating artsy looks and your own world in makeup, but sometimes, especially in summer, I can’t help but feel like emphasizing what’s there instead of changing it all completely to create something new. Clarins is offering an easy and quick way to do it, and I’m all for it 🙂 Who knows what adventures might be out there, when I get out of the house in the morn in summer? I wanna be ready, and I don’t want to spend too much time away from it all making up. At least, sometimes I don’t 🙂 This handful of makeup products by Clarins smiles and winks at me promising the whole world beyond it. It’s a clever combo of modern and classic. Because what can be more modern than a clean natural look without much lipstick and powder? And what can be more of a classic than no makeup makeup and a fresh and pretty look instead? When the two come together, they provide for an easy chic, and that’s very rare.


Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blush conveniently comes in three shades to flatter all skin tones and suit any taste in cheek colour. I like that. Nude and natural doesn’t mean boring and doesn’t mean all the same. Other than natural, by the way, these products can be used for colour enhancement. That is, they can bring out your own unique cheek and lip colour and your natural glow. It’s there, don’t you doubt 🙂 It just needs a little push to come through.


The first shade of Clarins Blush with Mineral & Plant Extracts is called 01 luminous pink. Sounds good. I do want some of that. Some of the luminous pink. Don’t know about you 🙂 And when I see the pot, I want it even more. It’s just so nice with the bottom showing off the shade it has in it and the top bragging golden gleam and more pink hearts that are like loaded with joy. This design is made for lifting spirits right up and getting smiles on our faces in no time.


The pot construction is simple to let us get to the blush quickly and apply it super fast. You won’t necessarily need a brush, because, see, Clarins planted a sponge here for you to always have it with you. Also, a sponge can be very efficient sometimes to get the texture seamlessly blend in with your skin leaving no hint of makeup almost and that much hankered healthy glow behind. Oh, and there’s a mirror on the bottom of the jar, so you’ll definitely be able to fix your makeup on the run, if need be.


The shade is just perfect for what it is and for the purposes I’ve already stated here. It’s pink in a super natural, not overused, not glamified and not fashionized way. Instead, it’s shy and cute and nude like and pretty and healthy looking, not bright, warmish and spring like and summery and nice. Niceness is the overpowering feeling there is about this collection. It’s hovering over these products like tiny little fairies waiting to get on your cheeks and do their magic there.


Next blush shade by Clarins that’s as full of joy as you can’t believe, is, yep, it’s… coral. Or else, 02 luminous coral 🙂 Luminous. Nice. Now, please, please, can I ask you to forget for a second everything I said about bright summery corals that might be too bright for you, if you prefer natural makeup? Because, you know, there’s a lot in coral. More than just orange. So much more. Trust me. There’s an endless range there. I’m going to show you that right now with this LOVEly shade here 🙂


Look how cute it is in this coral pot with the golden lid and pink hearts. Of all the shades here this one is, probably, the most summery, the warmest and the sunniest. In fact, it’s like sun in a jar. Holding it in my hand gives me a boost of positive energy and, hopefully, it will have the same effect on you 🙂 If you asked me, whether pink hearts as a pattern match coral pot colour as a background, I’d say no, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Clarins pulled it and made it all work.


Here’s the small little sponge to ease the application. Speaking about it, if you don’t feel comfortable using the sponge, you can always get your favourite brush going here instead. Just make sure it’s not too big, so that you can efficiently dip it into the pot. Notice how deep down in this coral shade there’s just a handful of golden sparkle hidden and cushioned and wrapped in this warm colour. There’s too little of it here to give you sparkle sparkle, but it can accentuate coral marvelously.


As for coral itself, it can do so much for you. It’s a great apricot like shade that has the most wonderful warmth to it without the excess of colour and brightness. It’s not a vigorous and intense coral, it’s rather a cloud of warmness that will work with your skin tone to give it a cute summery twist. There’s something pinkish about this shade, warm pinkish, but only distantly. Nonetheless, if you like warm pinks, you might like this coral that proves yet again it can be romantic and elegant and not just bright bright and then some.


And the last shade. The darkest one of all here. Called 03 golden havana. Now, when you hear about dark colours in summer, is bronze the first thing that comes to mind? And does ‘golden’ in the name of the shade sounds like it’s definitely going to be in the bronze family? Makes sense, especially as bronze is like the colour this season, but… that’s not what it is 🙂 This collection is full of surprised, and I love that. Havana though? Wow. I mean, havana is really dark, right? We’ll see 🙂


First I get a really good look at the bottom of the pot. The shade preview looks most intriguing. The shade seems greige almost warmed up to the boiling point though and with a good deal of golden sparkle in it. Not like a whole bunch of sparkle, but the most sparkle I’ve seen so far in the products in this collection. This shade doesn’t look golden or bronze or anything traditionally summery. It looks hot and darker and mysterious and… awesome. I only hope it will look as great as it promises to be.


How can we use such intense dark beige shades in summer, and why they can be so great? Well, not everyone loves getting their cheekbones all gilded, that’s one. Two, gold is not really universally becoming, whatever everyone’s telling you about it 🙂 It’s not. Most of us can pull ‘a touch of gold’ look, but this highly demanding shade can’t be everyone’s shade of choice. And why would it be? There are so many shades out there and so many different people, right? 🙂


This shade here is made for those of us who like contouring. This is like the ultimate contouring shade that can provide that catwalk look you’ve been craving for years and months. It’s an easy higher than life cheekbone thing. There’s so much in it, so much there, you never knew you could look that model like 🙂 And even if contouring isn’t necessarily your thing, you can always dilute golden havana big time and turn it into a darker beige warm blush shade that’s ever so appealing and ever so flattering.


I have to say, these shades are subdued, exquisite, chic and imagination stirring. Personally, I highly appreciate the latter. Clarins Love blush is like no way to go wrong with almost. If complex blushing is not what you like or are interested in, you might wanna take a look at this trio and pick one of these shades up to have it in your stash and be able to quickly dress your cheekbones and show the world the real you, the most beautiful and special.


Ok, that’s Love by design and by Clarins. Once and if you’ve fallen in love, you’re probably ready to move onto the second product in this perky and cute collection – Kiss. The bright pink hearts against the white background are still here and still looking good. The packaging of this lip balm is all paper, by the way, and very little plastic. That is, it will feel very light in your hand. Much lighter than you think. The packaging looks… well, lovely. I mean it. Pretty and lovely and nice.


Clarins knows it, as their lip balm is called Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm. All sounds good. Daily. Yes, I do need my lip balm daily. Evergizer. Ok, I don’t mind some energizing and revitalizing for my delicate lip skin. Lovely. Absolutely. I’ve told you already the design is super lovely. No question about that. And lip balm – well, yes, it is a lip balm. A highly useful lip product, that is. And in summer it can actually be the only lip product I wear on my lips.


So, are you ready for kisses? Pink kisses, white kisses, all kind of kisses, they are right here, in the palm of your hand, on Clarins Kiss Lip Balm 🙂 The tubing is modern looking, modern feeling and energizing, just like the balm in it, obviously 🙂 This design rocks. It’s spring like, summer like and clean. And it renders the natural concept with a little fun twist perfectly. Also, white is a great colour for summer, cool in essence, running deep and light. So, everything in this design is right for the season.


The shade is super customizable. It looks delicate coralish in the tube, but don’t be deceived by it. This lip balm is all about natural colour enhancement. So, what shade you’ll get, as a result, depends on your complexion and your lips. On me this balm looks a touch pinkish, much cooler than it looks in the tube, actually. And has more of a sheen to it than big time shine and pearl. You won’t really know what it will look like on you, till you try it. So, good luck 🙂


In terms of care element in this balm, it’s there, but I can’t say it’s super strong. Then again, Clarins tells us we should use it day by day to experience its benefits to the full, and I tend to switch from one balm to another and then to something else 🙂


Well, how’s that for love and kisses by Clarins, huh? I say, it’s pretty cool. These basic products Clarins put together for us in one collection are charming in their design and their essence. They have a youthful natural look in them that’s only a couple of brush strokes away from you, if you like it. To me, this kind of look, a happy look, basically, makes total sense in summer, this season, when nature peaks and blossoms. It’s the most suitable time for showing the world your real self and emphasizing your favourite traits that are so you. Get ready for love and kisses that keep coming at you from all directions in summer. From the sun and the sea, from the trees and the flowers, from the wind and the air. In summer nature breathes love, saturates love, and we are more than tempted to love it back. And on those rare summer days, when nature is going to frown, maybe, sneeze and wince, we can pull out a handful of sunny Clarins makeup and smile brightly. And who knows, maybe, the world will actually smile along? 🙂

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