Guerlain Happy Glow spring 2017 swatched

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What is it about Meteorites? In 2017 they are celebrating their 30 years anniversary. Can you imagine? 30 years! We’ve been drawn to them and enchanted by them for thirty years already. Wow. I mean, in the world of beauty, where everything flows and changes so fast, where new products show up every week, what can actually be that permanent? Only something people sincerely love. Well, Meteorites by Guerlain is one of those things. There’s no question about that. What makes them so special? I think, it’s them being beyond natural. I mean, yes, Meteorites are all about natural look, but they always seem to give you something other than that, right? I think this something other is pretty. Natural and pretty seem to be two contradictory concepts, and Guerlain being able to combine the two in their Meteorites products is exactly what makes them so special. They give you a natural not made up look, at the same time, they use light play like a magic wand to make your natural look even better, or else, bring out the very best of your natural beauty and show it to the whole world. And that’s a great thing to have in makeup, isn’t it?


Now, there’s some confusion with the name of this collection. All over the place and even on Guerlain website proper they seem to alternate, kind of, between calling it Happy Glow and Rosy Glow. Which makes it harder to find any information about this collection, because this information is dispersed through the net with two different names, hence, two different sets of tags and stuff. As a result, it’s harder to find what you are looking for. So, be forewarned and look for both, actually. Then you’ll get more coverage and wider choice. I still want to find out what this collection is actually called though. So, as long as immaterial sources – that would be the net – do not have a consensus, I turn to material sources and find the answer I’m looking for there. You are asking what material sources would be in the case of makeup? I’ll tell you. Packaging. Probably, the most material and oftentimes the most reliable source of all. On all products packaging is says that this collection is called Happy Glow. So be it, I say. I do understand though, why Rosy Glow is applicable too in this case. I mean, look at the packaging. And I don’t mean boxing proper. I mean casing. You’ll see 🙂


First things first. The iconic Meteorites Pearls. See? They are called Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls.


Also, these ‘Light-Revealing Pearls of Powder’ are 30 years limited edition, according to the packaging.


The boxing and the casing alike are all nice and sweet and light pinkish. The boxing is on the warmer side, the casing is on the cooler side. The design is beautiful. It really is. So tender like a spring version of those Guerlain holiday snow globes.


The mirror is nestled in this face powder lid as usual. I’d say, if you really want to see something though, you might need another mirror 🙂


Look at the pretty pink furry puff. Love it. Love the bow too. Very cute. I missed this design. Guerlain hasn’t done it for a while.


The scent is still here. The famous romantic violet scent all Meteorites face products have in them. The powder itself looks all romantic too. It’s all pink and lilac and white pearls with a little bit of a lighter yellow touch here and there.


Once swatched, the shade looks very light, but as usual by some sort of magic – I still don’t know exactly how Guerlain does it – it blends in with my skin tone that’s not too light or pale or whitish, actually. There’s a handful of sparkle hidden in the depth of this shade, but it’s micro, so small you won’t see it. It’s more of a light play kind of thing than actual sparkle. These are Meteorites at their best, the way we know them and love them.


Ok, so as long as we are talking powder, we have to talk this brush. You know it almost as well as you know Meteorites themselves.


And as long as it came as part of this collection, I expected something different, something limited edition, something new.


To tell you the truth though, I don’t see much difference about the brush proper. Maybe, it’s a little longer. A little different in colour, just a touch. And that’s it, pretty much.


Where I do see the difference though is the packaging. Look at this case. This case is awesome looking. Finally, finally, the velvety case that had everything stuck to it and on it ever so fast – all kind of hair and specks of dust and whatever else – is not here. The leathery (or else, plathery) case we have instead looks elegant and chic and a little like high end glasses cases. But… this new case is just too hard to open. And close. Super hard. I mean, it’s a major let down for me. I was so happy with the way this case looks, and then this. Pity. The way this case opens and closes is too much effort. And that’s a problem. I hope it will get fixed somehow.


Next. Meteorites Happy Glow Blush. See? Happy Glow. My conviction is even stronger now that the collection is called Happy Glow.


Meteorites Happy Glow Blush by Guerlain is also 30 years limited edition. And the boxing of this ‘Light-Sculpting Compacted Pearls of Powder’ blush is still the same warmish light pink.


This lighter pinkish case, even though it’s the same in terms of finish as the Pearls of Powder case, looks kind of cheap. Too plastic. I don’t know why. Can’t explain that. That’s just a feeling I get on looking at it.


The violet scent is still here. If you enjoy it, you’ll be happy to know that. If you are scent sensitive, I am too, but this scent is one of the few makeup scents that doesn’t bother me.


This blush is rosy in colour. Cooler pink like rosy. It’s diluted a lot, when applied, compared to what it looks in the case. So, don’t be turned off by the brighter pink you see up front. It’s a healthy blushed, healthy glow look kind of thing. No blush blush, if you know what I mean. There’s tiny little sparkle here too, actually, there’s more sparkle in this blush than there is in Meteorites Pearls of Powder. Or else, I guess, this blush is a step up, really, from natural no blush blush. It’s still natural, but it’s like perfect natural that’s achieved by what we like so much – making up 🙂


The last thing there is in this collection that’s meant to round up our look is lipstick that comes in two shades. KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour, to be more specific.


I’ve already told you about this lipstick, when it was just released. And I have to admit I’m no big fan of this formula. I don’t like it trying to ‘shape’ my lips 🙂 and being pretty hard to the touch, as a result. If you are Ok with it though, you might like this limited edition. The scent of this lipstick is flowery and pretty strong, so you might want to check it out first, if you don’t know what it’s like.


The case looks whitish almost, like, you know, Guerlain lip balm packaging – while KissKiss lipstick usually comes in a black tube – but it’s not really white, it’s this pearly touch of pink, and you can see it pretty clearly in certain light. This tube is like marshmallow or cotton candy. All cute and baby doll like. Yummy. Love it.


The first shade is 564 Pearly Pink.


Pearly Pink sounds very nice, I have to say. Looks nice too in this pinkish tube 🙂


This shade is very nice and very womanly. I expected something more girly here. While this shade can be girly, but it can be elegant and sophisticated too. It’s a cooler pink with a lot of sheerness to it that will help all the light play. A beautiful basic kind of lipstick shade to wear on any day and any occasion you feel like it. The ultimate pink lip colour, when it comes to natural looking pinks.


The second shade is 565 Blossom Glow.


Blossom Glow sounds good too 🙂 Hm. It’s warmer, huh?


This shade is more intense, less sheer and, yes, warmer. Also, it’s – well – more pink, I guess. It’s a brighter and more modern pink. You’ll get more colour here, more pink in your pink lipstick, and if warmer pinks are up your alley, you’ll probably like it better than the other shade. To put it simply, it’s for those of us who like more of a made up look as opposed to all nude and natural look.


These are our two pink KissKiss shades.


That’s the collection. Meteorites Happy Glow by Guerlain 30 years anniversary. I think this collection shows really well what it is about this formula and concept in makeup that drove the world crazy for decades. This beige pinkish magic Guerlain has been working on our lips and cheeks and chins and foreheads for years and years is lightweight, fairy like and simply amazing. Those pearls, this glow and this happiness hovers over our day and makes us smile again and again. Makeup that makes me smile is my favourite kind of makeup. Because, to me, makeup involves a lot of things past just shades and textures and formulae. Happiness and smiles are all part of makeup too 🙂 Now, this collection in particular is so great, because, as I’ve already told you more than once, pinkish natural look is very appealing. Once you add a pinkish undertone to almost anything – almost – it gets better. And here we have pink in packaging. And then pink in shades. All this pink is pearly without being over the top. And without being too pink 🙂 It’s glowy without shining too much. Sparkly without really sparkling. Nude without being boring. Meteorites Happy Glow by Guerlain is the ultimate pretty look collection. Charming.

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