ORLY One Night Stand base

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Why did I get this top coat in the first place? Because I like variety in manicure, and I do wear glitter shades sometimes. And as much as I like wearing them, getting them off is a real drag. Ugh. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, it all looks so cool and special occasion like even, when it’s on your nails. Every time I try to remove glitter nail polish though… I swear – never again 🙂 And then time passes, and my hearts warms up again to this sparkly beauty. You know how it goes. Me wouldn’t be me though, if I weren’t trying to find a better way to do it. And when I try to find a better way, I don’t give up easily 🙂 So, first I started simply applying two base coats under any glitter polish. My thinking there was based on pure science, physics, specifically, more base coats under glitter means less adhesion for it, which means, it shouldn’t stick so badly to my nails and should come off faster and without that much trouble. I have to tell you, it kind of works. It doesn’t work all the way, it’s not like getting glitter shades off is a breeze now for me, but it’s definitely better this way.


I didn’t stop there though. I’m striving for perfection 🙂 So, my next step on this path was to sample a special base for glitter nail shades designed to make nail polish removal easier. One Night Stand by ORLY is a peel off base, that is, you are supposed to be able to simply peel the base together with nail colour off your nails in a day or two. Mind you, this base is not intended for long wear. It’s for having fun with your nail shade for a day and then off it goes, and you can move onto something different. It might be a disadvantage for some of us, for me, it’s not, because I like changing my nail colour often, so as not to get bored with it. So, two days and even one day of one and the same nail shade is more than enough for me, personally. ORLY says we should apply one coat of this base, then wait for it to dry, then apply glitter nail polish, and in a day or two peel it right off with the base coat. Honestly, when I hear that, I go – no way, there’s no way in the world it can work this way. I mean, sounds great, yes, but it just can’t be, it’s magical almost the way it’s described here 🙂


The base is milky whitish in colour. It’s not sheer. When it dries though, it gets more like matt and less visible on the nails, almost like a thin film and almost sheer. I’ll tell you what, be sure to give it time to dry, because if you don’t, when you start applying nail colour over it, it will just slide right off together with the base, that’s for sure. When it’s wet, it’s like extra slippery 🙂 Keep it in mind, better safe than sorry, when drying this base. Once it is dry though, you can apply nail polish on it as with any other base. This One Night Stand base in particular though sometimes can be tricky to apply. I’ve found that it goes on more smoothly, if you get a little extra base on the brush, as opposed to too little. That might be just me though. You do want to distribute this base on your nails evenly though for it to work the way it should. The more you do it, the more steady your hand will get, as in anything else. So, don’t give up 🙂 This base also has a rather strong and characteristic smell that goes away or almost does, once it gets dry.


So, is it really One Night Stand? Does it actually make it easy to get glitter shades off your nails? Can you possibly peel it right off? To me, it works, even if not a hundred percent. For starters, I can’t peel it right off, I have to peel it in several pieces, which isn’t as convenient as peeling it all off in one run, but it’s fine. In terms of damaging my nails, I think it might do a little physical damage, purely from peeling, but this damage is minimal and is no worse than the damage that comes from nail polish remover. So, to me, damage is not much of an issue. The only thing I can point out here is that peeling sometimes makes my nails surface a little bumpy here and there, and I use two base coats after using One Night Stand. Other than that, it’s pretty sparing on the nails, given all the peeling I do. Although, if your nails are extra sensitive, I think you might wanna be careful with this base as with any products that involve some physical action or traction on your nails, you know, like peeling, scrubbing and what not.


Now, I’m back to my ultimate questions here. Is this base really One Night Stand? Yes. You can get by with it for a day or two, maybe, three, but that’s all. And on day three this base can already start peeling off together with your nail colour. I find that it’s the easiest to get nail colour with this base off on the second day. It might be different for you though, because our nails are all different, unique, in fact. Moving on. Does One Night Stand actually make it easy to get glitter shades off your nails? My answer is yes. It does. It’s not a breeze, no, but it does make it easier. And that’s a lot to ask from a base. It’s not perfection, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s definitely closer to perfection than just base, when it comes to removing glitter nail shades. So, yes, I did include this base into my routine and found a place for it on my shelf. And the place for makeup in my home is precious 🙂 because there’s a lot of makeup around here. You know how else I use this base? To quickly change nail colour day to day, when I swatch it to show you in my posts.


That is, you can use this base not only under glitter nail shades. You can use it under any nail shades, if you are only going to wear it for a day or two and want to easily remove it afterwards. The main question for me about this base is as follows: can I really remove nail colour from my nails, if I wear this base underneath it, without even pulling out a bottle of nail polish remover? I’m happy to tell you the answer is yes. Yes, I can. And that’s awesome. Some people might choose to finish the removal process off with a quick run of a pad with nail polish remover over their nails for a super fresh and clean feel, but even at the times I choose to do it, one pad with not too much nail polish remover on it is enough for ALL my nails, while it takes several extra big pads soaked and soaked and then some in nail polish remover for me to remove nail colour, generally speaking. So, One Night Stand is what it claims to be AND it does make the ouch process of getting those glitters off my nails easier. Yay 🙂

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