Summer 2017 makeup and manicure trends

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This summer is very much of a classic. You know how? Because of all the bronze 🙂 Bronze is a traditionally summer shade, because it looks so good with tan and… well, because it kind of looks like tan. Anyway, bronze definitely rules this season. It’s almost always in base and tone, sometimes in manicure and eye colour, a lot of the times on the lips. It can be glowy and pearly or kind of subdued and satiny. More or less, it’s up to you how you play it. To me, the most important element in doing bronze in makeup is not overdoing it. Because of all the sun and all the tan the temptation to really go for it, when we are talking bronze colours in makeup, is strong, but if you ask me, you have to resist. Let’s be honest here. Too much bronze in makeup, especially in base and tone, of course, makes you look older, which might be good, when you are sixteen, but kind of stops being good later on in life. Also, too much bronze on the face can look weird in a way, and when I say that, I mostly mean that it sometimes looks orangey. And orange is not the most natural shade for our face. For lips and nails – yes, but face? No. But when it comes to eyes, lips and nails – there bronze can actually look lush. It’s up to you what combinations of the above you’ll go with. Oh, and it seems to me, bronze looks very nice, when it comes in pearly finish. I don’t know what it is about pearl, but a metallic touch seems to soften up bronze and make it more becoming and customizable. So, prepare your brushes and dip, dip, dip in this fun summer shade. Looking for a match clue? Well, in general, bronze looks really good with orange, red and beige and two of those three mixed together. Say, orange and red, orange and beige, well, you got my point here 🙂

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