Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and OPI Infinite Shine fall 2016 swatched

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Aqua and coral and pink – summer always brings bright colours with it. Bright colours in clothes and shoes and purses and makeup… and manicure 🙂 I don’t know about you, I, for one, like bright manicures, but – let’s be honest here for a second, Ok – it’s July, and I’m just a little tired of all the intense colours. I can’t say I’m a huge dark manicures fan, but I kind of miss deeper, darker and sultrier shades here. Or more neutral shades. I want them in my rotation for variety sake. So, what I did is – I took a good look around for a nice batch of shades of the kind. And I found one, Ok, not one, two, really. Shades that can rock the dance floor and give my look – and yours – a sophisticated and sensual twist. There are six shades in each batch, which makes it a dozen altogether. One is by OPI, the other one is by Sally Hansen. All these nail shades were released in fall 2016, so you can still find them and get them, if you want them to be yours on seeing them here.

I’ll start with OPI Infinite Shine. If you like the whole lasting manicure, gel in its feel and look without any actual gel or lamp stuff involved concept, you probably know this formula and enjoy it. It’s pretty solid. I’ve already told you about it, when it just came out and about. So, if you want to know more about this formula, please, look here OPI Infinite Shine Nudes swatched  Here’s what I like about this take on gel without any gel in it by OPI specifically. I like that it comes with a base. It’s not a two step system with just colour and top coat, which is what most of these systems are, where you keep wondering, what base would work well here and support the effect of gel like manicure. When it’s about OPI Infinite Shine, I can relax and just follow the usual manicure steps: base, colour, top coat. The catch here is this: to get the longevity and shine and stuff, you have to use OPI Infinite Shine base and top coat with OPI Infinite Shine colour and not just any base and top coat.


Ok. Six shades. Remember, right, that I’m looking here for a little darker, a little hotter, more neutral, more nude, but not all the way. Looking for something that’s summery, basically, but not one of those brights or neons. Looking for something different. And fun. And I’m going to get it. From OPI Infinite Shine 🙂


One. This shade is, probably the most summery of the whole dozen I’m going to show you in my post.


It’s green. And when I say green here, I mean really green. This shade is called IS L80 612421 I Do It My Run-Way


This green is just what I’m looking for. It’s green. It’s bright enough. At the same time, it’s a little darker and a little more intense.


It’s not neon in any way. It’s not off black in any way. It’s a rich grass green shade. Gorgeous. And pretty safe, I’d say.


And guess what, this green doesn’t really have any blue in it. It’s not aqua. It’s not turquoise. Not even close.


I don’t know about you, to me, seeing a clear green without a blue undertone in it and that’s not too artsy is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the summer heat.


Two. Well now, this shade here is a totally different animal. Not green, in case you are wondering 🙂 Comfy and perky at the same time.


The shade is called IS L75 612512 Made Your Look. It’s nice to have a nail colour that can make your look, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


This shade is air like, nude like, fairy like. It’s not white. Although, I guess you can call it off white, if white is what you see most in it.


Other than white I see here some grey and some blue though. And it makes it special. Like a cloud or mist or something. Very nice.


It’s a well groomed nail look with a little bit of something else in it. This something is an elegant and clean touch, very exciting, because it’s so rare.


I can’t say I love nude white based nail shades, generally speaking. But I love this shade here. Each and every one of us will see something of our own in it. It’s like a magic mirror, really 🙂


Three. Grey for summer? Dark grey for summer? That’s unusual. I know. Still… this wet asphalt like shade is something I want to wear now.


It’s hot. So hot. Like asphalt after a summer thunderstorm, when the sidewalk is still wet, but the sun is already out and reflected in myriads of drops.


This shade is called IS L78 614612 The Latest and Slatest. Slate is a good key to understanding this nail colour, actually.


Here’s what I love about it. First of all, it will be a great contrast to a vivid and lush summer colour scheme. And contrast is a good thing.


Second of all, this shade is not just grey, there’s a whole world behind it. A blue undertone that’s lingering somewhere in the background, among other things.


It’s not like it’s blue grey. It’s not. But there’s this hint of blue, a blue cushion at the bottom of it all, that I can definitely feel, if not see.


Four. Lilac. Summery in a way. Spring like in a way. Or is it? Let’s take a closer look at it and see. The first thing that comes to mind is how cool this shade is.


I mean, lilac is cool in the first place, but this shade especially is cool and crispy, even cooler than lilac shades usually are.


This coolness is something that’s pleasant and something I like to have in summer. It’s like milkshake, only in manicures 🙂


The shade is called IS L76 612312 Whisperfection. For starters, this is an awesome shade name. I love it so much. It makes me wanna wear this shade.


Also, Whisperfection is not just a fun name, it perfectly renders the essence of this shade or whisperfectly, I guess 🙂


This lilac is really just a whisper of a shade and only a whisper away from being a classically spring summer season shade. Whisperfection it is.


One but last. Navy blue. What? Navy blue in summer? Yep, I want to wear this shade in summer. Bear with me, and I’ll explain why.


Let me say here first that, to me, navy blue is a classic in manicures. It’s a modern classic, yes, it’s a little artsy, true, still, it’s a classic.


There’s something artsy and bold about this shade without the Gothic black manicure element to it, which some of us might not favour or be tired of.


This shade is called IS L79 613911 Boyfriend Jeans. It’s a great shade name, by the way. Yes, this shade does look like boyfriend jeans. Cool 🙂


So, what’s in navy blue for us in summer? Well, there are occasions in our life, when we wanna wear darker shades, even in summer.


Navy blue is a surprisingly womanly shade, it being darker provides that contrast I’ve already mentioned to all the summer colours out there. Also, it’s a great summer substitute for black.


And the last one. Should I call this shade a darker lilac? I don’t know. It’s purple, but not a classic purple by a long shot.


Purple shades are very often warm. This shade might be on the cusp, but even if so, it’s markedly leaning to cool and cooler.


This purple is misty, stormy, it’s full of weather, basically. It’s called IS L77 612511   Style Unlimited. I agree, this is style unlimited. By all means.


Cloudy, rainy and windy Style Unlimited is a perfect middle of the road shade, which makes it just right for a whole lot of purposes.


It’s not too light, not too dark. Not too nude, not too bright. Not too classic, not too edgy. It’s anytime anywhere kind of thing that comes in handy more than you know.


You can wear it anywhere you want, and it will look relevant, interesting and appropriate. Also, it’s just not too common, so I, for one, want to have it in my collection. How about you? 🙂


Next. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure fall 2016 shades. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is a good old classic nail polish formula. For those of us who don’t want any gel feeling from our nail colour, but want exactly the kind of feeling we’ve had since we first applied nail polish. Traditionalism in manicure is not a bad thing in any way 🙂 Feeling comfortable is important, and if no gel but gel like formulae make you uncomfortable, this Sally Hansen formula is a nice option for you. It’s easy to apply, works well with most bases and top coats, lasts long enough, doesn’t damage your nails and has enough shine to it, but not too much, which is something not everyone out there likes. Also, this nail colour formula has been around for a while, which means, there’s a huge range of shades available for you to pick from. It’s your choice, of course. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not ready to let go of the good old nail colour. So far no one has managed to release a new formula, where I’d go – it’s so much better, no doubt, I’m just switching to it 🙂


We have six shades here, the same number as in OPI Infinite Shine batch. You’ll see how these six here are kind of like OPI Infinite Shine shades in a way that they are darker than usual summer shades and/or more neutral, at the same time, Sally Hansen shades are different in a lot of ways. Let’s go 🙂


One. I told you that these two collections have a lot in common. Well, here we go 🙂 We’ve already discussed two shades in OPI Infinite Shine formula that give you this one here, if you put them together. This combo of navy blue Boyfriend Jeans and darker grey The Latest and Slatest comes in conventional nail colour formula now – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.


The shade is called 533 574 Tropic Thunder. And it’s a darker grey blue or blue grey, depends on how you look at it and what you see.


Tropic Thunder is pretty cool in terms of it’s not overdone, which makes it relevant and interesting and a multi tasker.


This shade can go with blue or grey outfits. It’s in the day. And in the moment. It’s modern day classic.


It’s dark but not too dark. Not quite blue, not quite grey, in case, you are tired of any of the two, and given how much they get released, you might well be.


It’s not black, but kind of close. Which means, it can be treated as off black or darker manicure shade and be artsy or special occasion dark. And it’s great for summer. Just great 🙂 And, well, it’s a tropic thunder.


Two. 375 Seal of Approval. This shade is greige with a good deal of grey in it. Some of us might actually see grey here.


To me, this shade is greige. Not a classically summer shade. Greige usually gets released in fall and, maybe, in winter or for holidays.


Well, I’ve already told you how I didn’t get greige colour first, then tried to understand it and then come to really really love it.


It’s mild, a little darker, neutral, but not nude, relevant and not too overused, just what I’m looking for and wanna add to my summer nail wardrobe.


There’s something inherently hot about greige nail shades. Hot in the best possible way. Not in a flashy way, hot on a much deeper level. Naturally hot.


In summer greige gives us everything. Warmth and coolness all in one. Depending on what we wear, what looks we create, greige looks one or another and easily becomes part of our world.


Next. To me, this shade here is probably the most exciting and the most luring one of the whole dozen. Because it’s so rare.


I haven’t seen a shade quite like that. And I love it, when something shows up, that I haven’t seen or worn yet.


The shade is summery and not summery simultaneously. It’s a mix of blue and green. But it’s not aqua and not turquoise.


It’s called 585 515 Bow to the Queen. And it’s darker than aqua and, to my eye, is leaning to green a little bit more than to blue.


It’s a spectacular nail colour. The kind of nail colour that doesn’t stand out too much, but will give your look the kind of zest nothing else can give it.


It’s the kind of nail colour I’ll enjoy wearing this summer and on any given day of the year. The kind of nail colour that gives me this super rare sensation of trying something new.


Ok, so think back to greige Seal of Approval for a second. Well? Have you? Good 🙂 Now, this shade here is its warm counterpart.


It’s a warm beige shade. Medium beige. Not too light, not too dark. Not too nude, which is a great achievement for a beige nail shade, btw 🙂


This shade is warmer than the greige we’ve seen here already, but it’s not super duper warm. There’s a touch of a breeze in its core. Just a whiff.


The nail colour we are talking about it called 373 Nude Awakening. What a wonderful nail shade name 🙂 Nude Awakening. Very poetic.


Just like greige Seal of Approval, this shade is very customizable. Depending on what you wear it with, it will look a little warmer or a little cooler, a little darker or a little lighter.


It will round up your look with an easy chic and flourish. It’s kind of more of a classic than the greige shade, so if you like classic manicures, check it out.



One but last. This is blue. But not the third navy blue shade in our dozen, of course 🙂 It’s a darker bright blue.


As all shades in the batch though, it’s not too artsy. It’s something you can wear and feel good doing so.


I guess, some people would still say it’s a dark blue. You’ll agree with me though, I think, that this shade is more intense than navy blue.


This nail colour is called 515 A Blue Attitude. Still, there’s nothing blue or sad about it, take my word for it. In fact, it’s fun.


It’s a great step up from navy blue, if until now navy blue was the only blue you could actually wear on your nails.


A Blue Attitude is super chic. And it’s not turquoise or aqua or baby blue or one of those shades that get overdone every spring summer season.


And the last one, believe it or not 🙂 Yet another take on greige and beige by Sally Hansen. Amazing.


This greige is the darkest one of the three here. At the same time, it’s not too dark. See? I promised that these shades will be wearable in summer.


It’s one of those nail colours that has this inherent niceness about it, that’s hot in a way that only naturally hot shades are.


Let me introduce it 🙂 445 558 Talk is Chic. I agree, actually, talk can be very chic. This talk here by Sally Hansen is definitely chic.


I think what makes this shade so stunning is a truly perfect proportion. There’s just as much grey in it as there is beige.


As a result, we get a stunner of a shade. If you wanna do dark manicure in summer, this here is absolutely the way to do it.


This is our fun dozen. These shades have it all in them. Natural, kind of artsy, intense, hot, sophisticated. And even if you don’t find any of the dozen all the way summery, trust me, there is summer there, even if it’s not immediately obvious. It’s not on the surface, it’s hidden deep beneath it all. And that’s exactly what makes these shades so exquisite. If you come to think of it, true chic is never too obvious. It’s more about understatement and ‘signals’, if you like. About how much your makeup, your outfit, your accessories, your look, eventually, is you. If your personality is reflected in your image, it all clicks and gives you that mysterious something we are all trying to capture and render, when we dress and make up. And manicure is a very important step on this way to perfection. It might seem less conspicuous and kind of be the last thing on the list, but if your hands don’t have that well groomed look, or if your nail colour dissonates with the rest of it, it can be that one tiny little inch that will stand right there, between you and, well, whisperfection 🙂








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