Deborah Lippmann Message in a Bottle spring 2017 swatched

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Here’s a little Message in a Bottle for you from Deborah Lippmann. It’s a spring collection, but the shades in it are not too spring like, if you know what I mean. They are soothing and pretty and subdued. At the same time, they are not too pastel, not too candy like, not too baby doll like. Which might be a good thing, if you are aiming at an exquisite look rather than a cute girly look. And aren’t we all sometimes? 🙂 There are only four shades here – the usual number in Deborah Lippmann collections – but they are definitely worth a look. These shades won’t try to change you and make you look so as to fit certain trends. Instead they’ll bring out the real you and present it to the world in the best possible way. They are the kind of shades you might want in your stash, the kind of shades that will help you out and come in handy more than you know or think right now. Trust me.


All these shades come in Gel Lab Pro formula – a relatively new non gel but gel feeling thing that’s really hot in manicure world right now. I’ve already told you about it here  Deborah Lippmann Afternoon Delight spring 2016 swatched and new Gel Lab Pro worn.


So, if you want more details, click the link above and read on. Gel Lab Pro by Deborah Lippmann is a good take on this gel like without actual gel concept, all these four shades are solid in terms of quality and won’t let you down. So, if you like any of them, no need to worry about application or lasting power or damaging your nails. Great, isn’t it? Yeah, I know 🙂 Now, once again. Look at these shades. Just look at them. See how great they are? How nice? How very nice? No? Let me show you. You just need to know them a little better to fall in love with them. And you will. You so will 🙂 Here.




Message in a Bottle


It’s lilac, a very cool, very light, very nude like shade, almost like there’s cool beige somewhere in it. It’s very nice and very pretty. Cool, crispy and frosty, kind of.


The texture it comes in is signature Deborah Lippmann texture called micro shimmer. I’d say this shimmer is not just micro, it’s super duper micro.


It looks like creamy texture with tiny little sparkle in it. It’s even and sleek to the touch and doesn’t have any of the sparkle and glitter texture roughness.


It more gleams than shines, really. That is, it’s good for those of us who don’t like too much gloss and too much shimmer in manicure. It’s not over the top.


This shade – and this texture in general, micro shimmer – is subdued, chic and sophisticated. Elegant and womanly. Can be girly too, if you’d like it to.


Message in a Bottle can be also treated as nude that’s so much more than just nude. Nude manicure fans can wear it as a special occasion shade.




Cake by the Ocean


This shade is a classic cream texture. Just colour, no sparkle or glitter or anything like that. Traditional in its feel and look, in fact.


Just like Message in a Bottle, this shade is ever so nice in its core. Pleasant and everything. Kind of a classic, but worth taking a closer look at.


It’s a warmer light marshmallowy pink. One of the best kinds of lighter pinks, I think. What makes it so good, in my opinion, is its warmness.


Because of this warmness, some people would probably see a beige undertone in it. Which brings me to the thought that this pink can be a nude pink shade.


You know how I like nude pinks. They are a great mix of classic and relevant. I mean, what can be more classic than pink? And more in the day than nude? 🙂


Also, there’s something cozy about this shade. Something desserty too. It’s like a soft and fluffy pink sweater. Or like cotton candy. Both are good things 🙂




Sea of Love


Well, for starters, sea of love sounds good. When we truly love someone and when we are truly loved, we do feel like there’s a sea of love around us.


So, the name of the shade is nice, but when I look at this shade, I don’t really think of the sea. I think of linen. Because, to me, this shade is linen blue.


This blue is not turquoise, not too bright, not too summery. So, even if you can’t or don’t generally wear blues on your nails, you probably can wear this one here.


It’s a great contrast to the abundance of aqua blues that we see on the market in summer. It’s not one season only shade. It’s timeless.


It’s elegant, simple and nice. A very pretty blue that you can easily pair up with grey and white and black outfits and blue outfits, of course.


The texture is traditional, creamy and classy. There’s no pearl and no sparkle here. Just like that cotton candy pink shade, this shade is super nice. Pleasant and cozy.






Beachin’, huh? What can be more summery than that? Even though it’s a spring collection shade? 🙂 So, who wants to do some beaching?


Now, when I saw this shade, I thought – another greige shade? But no, it’s not really greige. Instead it’s gorgeous and… milk and coffeeish.


Maybe, there’s some greige there, like greige undertone, but this shade is definitely, first and foremost, milk and coffee. And that’s great.


Milk and coffee kind of got pushed to the background by all the greiges out there, that are relatively new and, hence, have a special attraction to them.


I love milk and coffee shades on the nails though. They are relaxed, womanly and then some. This some or something they have in them is actually chic.


It’s the third shade out of four in this collection that is just oh so nice in its core. Comfy and everything. Sophisticated and easy.


This quartet of shades by Deborah Lippmann – Message in a Bottle – is full of harmony, sophistication and understatement. There’s something about these shades. Really something. You can easily make them your own. They are hot in a languid kind of way. Not flashy kind of way. These colours are rare and noble. And they are serene. Looking at them, I can’t help thinking about a house on the beach, sea and sand, about nature. About a place, where we can think about us and get distracted a little from all the information and standards that get imposed on us from all directions on a daily basis in ‘real’ world. What is it about these four? I couldn’t tell you for sure. They look simple. But this simplicity is full of meaning and beauty. True elegance is never too complex. And these shades aren’t that simple, if you come to think of it. They’ll always give you more than you expect. Always be there for you. Always make you comfortable in your own skin. They are gorgeous. You’ll see 🙂




    • Sure) I remember most things about a whole lot of makeup) In the pics I’m wearing two coats of Sea of Love. I’d say, two coats will get you a full on coverage. If you wanna be safe, you might do three coats, but I don’t think you have to. Personally, I prefer full on coverage for most shades. And I clearly remember being happy with the coverage with the two coats I wore in the pics and afterwards))

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