Essie Getting Groovy winter 2016 swatched

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Metallic shades are so on right now. They are so hot. And metallics going all over the place and pretty much conquering makeup and manicure world reminded me of this one awesome metallic shade in Essie 2016 winter collection called Getting Groovy. And as long as the other shades in the collection are nice too, I’m going to show you all six here and let you decide, which ones you like best or want. Getting Groovy is a fun collection and a fun nail shade name, by the way. And the collection is nice. You know why? It’s six shades only, but it has it all in it. Nude, dark, metallic, classic. All compact and nice and all ready to go. These shades are the kind of shades you’ll feel you want to wear more than once. They can help make your life easier, because they’ll be right there for you. And ever so handy. They are sophisticated and not boring. Classy and interesting. So, let’s get groovy here.


As much as I love the shades, some of them proved to be a little clumpy, when they went on my nails. I’m not sure that’s the way these shades are. The texture and formula seems mine. Maybe, it’s just the way they work with my nails? I don’t know. Or, maybe, it’s because I wasn’t really using Essie base and top coat, but was using Deborah Lippmann base and top coat instead, you know. I just hope that you’ll have a better experience, and that these shades will cooperate with you more than they did with me in terms of finish on the nails. I had no problems though, when it came to application, they went on my nails rather smoothly. I’ll tell you what. There are so many shades and textures and brands in this world, when some products are being kind of difficult, I usually just move on to something else. But these shades here are one of those rare cases, where I’m actually ready to work for them.


So, here goes. One.


oh behave! How cool is this name, huh? I love it 🙂


The shade is a light and calm and nice coral. Wow. I haven’t seen a coral quite like that for a while. It’s just so-o nice. And a little pearly. Just a bit.


It’s nothing like those corals that pop and scream – look at me! look at me now! This coral shade is actually elegant.


Manicure world is so much into vibrant summery corals we almost forgot that corals can be elegant. That coral was and is one of the initial and basic makeup colours.


You know, how when women just started making up, they basically had red and pink and then plum and coral. And that’s it. And now… now we have everything 🙂


By now you are probably aware that I’m not a huge fan of corals. I’m tired of them. They are like beaten to death almost already in all those summer collections.


This shade is a totally different animal though. I want to wear it. It’s amazing. And it definitely has that something extra special about it, something I can’t explain, but always feel, when makeup and manicure shades have it in them. It’s rare, so don’t miss out.




ready to boa. Another fun shade name. I enjoy it, when shade names make me smile.


Double wow. Brown as a colour in clothes and a shade in makeup and manicure is one of the hardest ones to pull.


Maybe, that’s why few people really love browns. I mean, think about it. How often do you wear brown? But guess what, Essie pulled it and ever so successfully here.


This brown shade is as becoming as they get. It’s dark, languid, mesmerizing almost. Very sexy. Sexy the right way. Without being over the top.


This shade is enveloping, comfy and amazing. And vampy, vampy like crazy 🙂 You didn’t expect that brown can be vampy, huh? Well, check this one out.


And this brown in particular has this great aspect to it. Even though it’s vampy, it doesn’t make you feel like you have to perform or anything.


You’ll feel as comfortable as you do in your everyday life, when you are not being a femme fatale 🙂 , and at the same time you’ll be steaming hot. Are you in? 🙂 I think, the secret is that there’s just a touch of Bordeaux or bronze in this shade, or both, not sure, but there’s definitely something there, that makes it special.




satin sister. This alliteration in the name of the shade makes it fun to say it. Try it. I mean, say it. Satin sister. Fun 🙂


Well, for starters, this shade is green. Which makes me, personally, happy 🙂 Doesn’t mean you should be happy, but…


There are other reasons to like this shade other than it being green. It’s not just green. It’s a deep deep emerald green.


And emerald green is one of the most becoming greens existing. I don’t know why, I just find that emerald green works on more people, so much more.


And if you think green is way too out there and way too artsy for you to venture anywhere near it, here’s more good news. Satin sister is dark.


Really dark, so a lot of the edge green manicure has to it is taken off this shade by its intensity. If you like darker manicures, do take a look at this one.


This darker greener shade is a killer, when it comes to dark manicures. Off black nail shades are striking, to begin with. This emerald will give your darker than dark manicure an extra zest and an extra kick. You’ll see. Even if you are no fan of deep nail shades, you might find yourself liking this one.




go with the flowy. This shade name is kind of cute. No? 🙂


This grey here is ever so noble and pale. Just a touch of colour in it, which is enough for it not to be an off white shade though.


There’s also the tiniest possible little sparkle in it, that you can’t see almost. It’s there to add texture to the shade and play with the light.


It’s a great nail shade for a well groomed look. It doesn’t stand out too much. At the same time, your hands will look manicured and sophisticated.


Sophistication easily could be this shade’s middle name. I guess, then it would be called go with the flowy sophistication 🙂


I’m no big fan of such light greys, generally speaking – just as I’m not really a big fan of corals. But… just as in the case of that coral shade, there’s something here. Something about this grey. It’s pretty. No, it’s beautiful, actually. It whispers my name – and it will whisper yours, once you apply it.


Even if you don’t like colour without much colour manicures and well groomed nail look, you might totally surprise yourself by liking this shade. Remember I told you there are shades that just have this thing in them I can’t define? Well, this one does. That’s for sure.


One but last. Sadly, to me, because these shades are oh so good.


party on a platform. More alliteration, Essie? I certainly appreciate that 🙂


This nail colour is red. Let me ask you something. How much new things can one do in red shade department in makeup and nail colour, in your opinion? Yeah, I know 🙂


It seems like everything’s been done and then redone and done again there. Red nail colour has been around for so long.


So, every time someone comes up with a red nail colour variation that makes me stop and marvel at it – in awe – it means, this red is great.


And party on a platform is no exclusion to the rule. There’s nothing super artsy about it. No glitter, no sparkle, nothing like that.


But it’s so well rounded, cherry like, yummy, womanly, amazing. Just when you thought you are fed up with red manicures, here it is 🙂


Just as all the other shades in this collection, this red is not on the nose, it’s more about understatement, it has the zest in it, but it’s not too obvious or too flashy, hence, it’s so hot, hot and then some. This red is the way to wear reds on your nails. Or one of the ways, for that matter 🙂


Six. The last one. And the one I mentioned up front, actually.


getting groovy. Yep, the collection is named after it 🙂


Gold. Pearl. Metallic. Sparkle. Too much? Not if you do it right. And Essie did. And even if you don’t usually wear such shades, now is the time to do it.


Metallic shades are rocking catwalks, photo shoots and red carpets right now. And they’ll keep doing it big time this fall.


And this shade here is the ultimate metallic shade, as far as I’m concerned. Because if you wanna do metallics, you wanna do them right.


And even if you think gold is just too much and way over the top, this gold here is not. It’s clever the way all shades in this collection are.


It’s darker, just a little darker, but this ‘a little’ makes all the difference in the world. It makes this nail colour exquisite. Lush.


And the sparkle in it is so fine and so tiny it supports the shade and the shine in it, rather than stealing the whole scene and just glowing away of your nails. Getting groovy by Essie is truly fascinating. It proves, that metallic nail shades can be less disco like and more elegant and feminine and voluptuous in a way. Love it.


These six shades by Essie are moody and subdued in the best possible way. There’s something fall like, something wintery about them without them being all just dark. They are not too edgy, so that most of us can wear them. And then the best thing about them is that they are not too linear, not too simple, there’s a lot of thinking behind them. They are well put together. They are chic. They are more than just manicure. They are something that helps you look exquisite. There are few shades like that out there. But these six definitely fall into the category. And, as I’ve already told you before, there’s something here to suit any taste. You like nudes? How about that coral? Nudes with a little twist? Pale grey with sparkle is there for you. You like darker manicures? Go for the gorgeous brown. Darker but artsy? The emerald green is waiting. You enjoy classic and womanly polish? The red is superb and right up your alley. And if you are looking for something special and trendy, that golden shade is just perfect this fall. You pick it – you wear it – and feel happy doing it 🙂





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