Estee Lauder Envy Ombre lipstick swatched

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Ombre trend has been really strong in lip colour recently. And it still is. I’ve already told you about it here Ombre and gradient trend in beauty and makeup spring 2017.  If you are interested, take a look. It’s a fun and artsy trend, it’s not easy to pull and to do though for those of us, who aren’t professional makeup artists. So, beware. On the other hand, this trend is a good way to bring a fresh start and spirit into our makeup routine, so to say. I mean, how many times have we applied lipstick in our life? The only thing that was different about it is colour. Ombre is a new way to do lip colour, basically. And that’s good news. It’s nice to have this one more trick at our disposal. Still, to me, ombre is more of a rare thing to do, when I’m like tired of everything else. I don’t think it will be something I’ll be doing on a regular basis. Maybe, you would though, who knows. If so, here’s an easy way to go about it for you.


Estee Lauder came up with Ombre variation of their Estee Lauder Envy lipstick following this trend. In terms of Envy formula, we’ve already discussed it here Estee Lauder Envy lipstick – all three variations swatched. So, check it out, in case you missed it. We’ve also talked about Envy formula in lipgloss form here Estee Lauder Envy Red Extrovert Gloss & Wicked Apple Lacquer swatched. I’m not going to say much about the formula proper here, so as not to repeat myself. Pretty much, the formula is the same as in Estee Lauder Envy proper. Only there are two shades in one stick. The only thing that’s worth mentioning – again 🙂 – is the sweet, sweet and then some scent. It’s not the strongest scent that I’ve come across in lip colour, it’s there though. Also, this formula is sculpting, which means that it will try to shape your lips, sculpt them, that is, instead of just being there all relaxed on your lips 🙂 I don’t know if you like this kind of thing, just be forewarned. To me, it’s not unpleasant in any way.


One more thing about this formula, which I’ve seen before in various Estee Lauder lipstick formulae, in fact. If you look closely at the lipstick I’m going to show you in this post, you can spot little pimples on it, so to say. Tiny little bumps. I believe, it has something to do with the ingredients and the way this colour is mixed and put together. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad, it’s just very characteristic of Estee Lauder lip colour, for some reason. Over time I’ve come to realize, that when it’s the case, and when those bumps are there, it usually means, I won’t be ecstatic about the texture and the way this lip colour product feels on my lips. It’s true across the board, not just for Estee Lauder. Maybe, it’s just me though, I don’t know 🙂 Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre Sculpting lipstick comes in four shades. Given that each shade is ombre, it actually means, we are getting eight shades here – two in each stick. Nice 🙂


The packaging is classically Estee Lauder, navy blue with gold lettering. It’s no different from just Pure Color Envy packaging. Only it has a word ‘ombre’ on it.


The first shade is called Envy Ombre 01 Siren + Sizzle. I checked, and these shades don’t seem to be available in just Pure Color Envy form, by the way.


The tube is all navy blue lacquer. It’s on the thinner side, but not as thin as sheer lipstick tubes usually are.


The whole ombre thing is in the lipstick colour being split in half. One side is one colour, the other side is the other colour. Okaaay 🙂


Here’s something I don’t really get. How are we supposed to tell, which side is Siren here, and which side is Sizzle? I wish Estee Lauder gave us some guidance on that. As it is, let’s just simply say that one side here is orange, the other side is red.


The orange shade is medium to bright. To me, it looks medium, pretty much, or a little brighter than medium. Be careful with this shade, please. As much as we love corals, this orange is bright enough, where it isn’t universally becoming – by a long shot. So, make sure it looks good on you before you venture into buying it and wearing it.


The red shade is a bright darker hot red. Vampy. Femme fatale. Hot. It’s not a bright and happy red that has some orange in it. It’s a clean and clear red shade. Intense. A classic. It’s not in vain that red lip has been around for so long, you know. There’s something there, in it. The finish in this ombre lipstick is also classic, by the way. There’s some sheen there, not much though. Mostly colour.


That’s our first shade, or else, shades. Envy Ombre 01 Siren + Sizzle. This duo is hot. I mean, just imagine clashing red and orange in one look and one lip makeup. Two vivid shades paired up. It’s a bold thing to do and a daring way to go. Still, both shades are traditional, not artsy, so it’s just the brightness that actually makes it so striking.


Next shade of Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre.


02 Rose + Rebel


As long as there’s ‘rose’ in the name of this duo, I presumed one side of this lipstick is going to be pink. I didn’t expect in any world though, that the other side is going to be… beige? Really?


A warm pink beige, to be more precise. When I just saw this shade in the stick, I was like – how does beige correspond with bright pink in terms on clashing the two in one look? In terms of ombre, that is? It just doesn’t seem to work. When this beige revealed so much pink undertone in it though, it made much more sense to me.


The pink here is bright and hotter. Warmish, although it’s not all the way warm. And definitely bright. But not too bright. It’s more of a pretty looking pink shade. Girly in a way. Or just fresh and romantic. It reminds me of pink flowers. A nice shade, be careful though and give it a test run first. As pretty as it is, it’s not universally becoming.


This duo – 02 Rose + Rebel – is interesting. By the way, I have no idea, why any of the two shades would be called ‘rebel’. To my eye, there’s nothing rebellious about any of those. They are more on a step up from natural, baby doll, or maybe, romantic makeup side. Everyday like option for pink lip colour fans – and there are a lot of them 🙂


On we go.


03 Blush + Bloom


There’s something purple about both these shades. It’s not like on the nose purple. More like pinkish purple, I guess. But purple is there. That’s for sure. All in all, the impression it makes is a modernized pinkish look. Something in the moment like.


The first shade we have here is a purple beige. Medium purple to lighter purple with a beige undertone. And the beige undertone in it is pretty strong. Strong enough, where some of us will see more beige in it than purple even. I see purple though, especially as the other side is definitely in the purple family, so it will pull this one in the purple direction too.


The other side is a bright happy purple. Bright but not as classic as red lip. More relevant, more in the day, more now. You know what this shade is like? It’s like they took fuchsia and then added and added and added purple to it, till it turned into this intense pink purple colour. It’s very nice, perky and more flattering than you think. Will look good on almost all of us.


I like these two. There’s a certain energy level in them. Certain vividness. At the same time, this combination is not too edgy, not too artsy, it’s more like off the beaten track a little. Especially, when it comes to ombre. You know how many people like pink lip colour? Well, purple has almost as many fans, I think. So, this duo is very appealing.


And the last one.


04 Fierce + Fragile. I like the sound of it.


Now this combo is the weirdest, or let’s say, the artsiest of all 🙂 Not in a bad way. It’s just more edgy, that’s it. The colour combo is not something that immediately comes to mind. And it’s good, because it’s not boring and can help you shake things up a little.


Here we have a medium beige with some pink and purple, probably, lingering somewhere there in the background all unintrusive and stuff. It’s cooler than the other beige we’ve seen in duo # 2 – remember? – but not all the way cool, really. Medium to cooler, I’d say. And the shades that are mixed into it warm it up a touch.


And then there’s a warm red pink with an orange undertone. A rare shade, actually. It was very trendy at some point, several seasons ago, and I’ve already told you about it. It’s hot, blazing hot, energizing. Bubbly in a good way. Looks good and upbeat. It’s not universally becoming and flattering though. So, you really have to make sure that it works for you and on you.


This last duo will require most thinking and preparation, I’d say. You really have to think carefully about your whole look to make sure this shade fits in easily and smoothly with whatever else you are wearing, both makeupwise and outfitwise. This ombre look in particular will draw a lot of attention to your lips. So, just keep it in mind.


That’s Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre Sculpting lipstick. There are only four shades of it as of now, and you’ve seen them all. The thing that comes to mind immediately after looking at them is the following. You don’t have to stick to the combinations suggested here. You can go across and clash any colours you want – from different sticks, that is – in one look. Say, red from Siren + Sizzle and warm red pink with an orange undertone from Fierce + Fragile. Or pink from Rose + Rebel with purple from Blush + Bloom. Or anything, really. I always tell you that. Customize after you’ve tried what’s offered to you by the brands. Their options are well matched usually, because professional makeup artists work on them. But you and only you can know best, what’s right for you. So, grab those colours and get off the beaten track and into your own world. Find your own way to wear them. Left to right: 01 Siren + Sizzle, 02 Rose + Rebel, 03 Blush + Bloom, 04 Fierce + Fragile.


I, personally, have conflicting emotions now that I’ve tried these shades of Pure Color Envy Ombre. On the one hand, this here is a really good way to test drive all these shades to know which ones you like best. I like that. I’m always looking for new makeup, new combinations, new things 🙂 On the other hand, as convenient as it might seem to have both shades in one place, in one stick even, and not to have to carry two separate lipsticks around… I think the fact that one stick is divided in half makes application more difficult. It’s not drastic, but I could feel it, when applying the shades. Sometimes, when it comes to ombre, you need precision, and when you need precision, it would actually be better to have two colours separately. At least, for me it would. Maybe, you have a steady hand. I don’t 🙂 But as long as ombre is more like a thing to play with for me than something I’ll do all the time, I can live with it 🙂 Now see what you think.






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