ORLY La La Land spring 2017 swatched

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Fairyland. Wonderland. Dreamland. La La Land. La La Land by ORLY, to be precise. Let’s not get into talking movies here and argue about, whether it’s a good one or not, and whether we like it or not 🙂 Let me just say, that in terms of tone and mood, it seems to me, this collection is very much in tune with the movie. It’s delicate, fragile, tender in a way. And a little fairytalish. Romantic to a certain point. Pretty and desserty. If you come to think of it, the qualities listed above are pretty rare in this world. Nowadays it’s more about drive, more about movement, more about progress. We rarely stop and marvel at something that’s beautiful but kind of shy. And that’s the best thing about this collection, as far as I’m concerned. It helps us do just that. This la la land ORLY created in just six strokes – as there are only six shades in this collection, the usual number for ORLY – is amazing. And once we are in it, we feel happy.


This here is a true romance with a little bit of fantasy – or fairy tale – element to it 🙂 That’s what this collection’s got in it. And that’s a lot. And that’s rare. And I like that. Also, there’s something desserty about this whole La La Land by ORLY. Which appeals to me, personally. At the same time, this desserty feel and mood is not too straightforward, not too on the nose, not overly sweet. Not really sweeter than life. It’s just a little sweet, sweet enough, just right to be yummy in a good way. Once again, that’s rare. It’s hard to balance it all so precisely and not slide into the candy girl world. Ok, so, there are six shades total in La La Land collection, as I’ve already mentioned. Or if we look real close at them, we’ll see, that five of these are definitely shade shades and one is actually a top coat. Or is it? Maybe, it’s a complex shade. Or a multi tasker? I’ll wait till I see all these shades swatched 🙂 Especially as we are all set to go here.




20923 Cool in California


Cool in California. Boy, I love the sound of it. The alliteration. It’s all smooth and nice sounding. Awesome.


The shade is pink. And light. This light pink is surprisingly warm though. While most delicate pinks tend to be on the cool side.


This one is warmer without being too warm. Because of this warmness it has a coral tinge to it, somewhere deep down and well hidden.


It’s nice to see a warm cute little pink for a change. In the long row of all the cool pinks that we see so often – bright and light pinks alike.


Cool in California can be a fun nude shade. The kind of nude shade that’s so much more than just nude. Just the way I like it.


We see and wear pink so much in makeup and manicure, you know. Seeing something off the beaten track and this pretty in pink is pleasant.




20926 Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not, huh? This shade has to be blue, right? 🙂 There’s no way around it. Yep. It’s blue, and this blue is surprisingly warmer.


In fact, it’s very much like the colour of actual forget-me-not small little flowers. And I love it. That it’s not just a shade name, it’s true to what’s mentioned in this name.


Remember what I told you about pinks? Most of them are cool, when they are light. I’d say, that the same is true about blues.


Pale blues, specifically. When blue is light enough, everyone seems to go in the baby boy blue direction almost instinctively.


While this shade is a warm and kind of sunny blue. It’s light, but there’s enough colour in it. It’s not an off white shade with just a touch of blue in it.


Forget Me Not is proudly blue and splendid. The warmness there is in it makes it cozy. It’s enveloping and easy and all the good things.




20921 Head in the Clouds


Head in the Clouds. I often have that 🙂 Anyway, here it is. All pink and cool. Told you, cool pinks and rather common, more common than warm pinks.


This pink is not just cool though. There’s always more, when it comes to this collection. It’s not real world we are talking here. It’s la la land, you know 🙂


So, this pink is not just cool and not just light. It’s super light. And super cool. At the same time, it’s not off white. Surprisingly not.


Instead it has a lilac undertone hovering over it, or else, under it, I guess. This undertone makes the shade look outlandish and fairytalish.


Another great nude shade that’s not just and not really nude. It’s pink, yes, light, yes, but it’s not a well groomed look shade.


It’s a full on shade that will easily take you to la la land and lift your spirits for the time you are wearing it on your nails and more.




20925 Big City Dreams


Big City Dreams, wow. I’ve had some in my life. This shade name is great. I absolutely love it. If you have any big city dreams, I hope they will come true 🙂


What makes this shade even more my kind of thing is that it’s green. You probably know by now how much I like green manicures.


This green in particular is light and pale and delicate, and it’s on the warmer side, which makes it very special, because greens almost never are.


There’s certain niceness about this shade. It gives me a fluffy and plush feeling, like I’m up in the clouds or something having my big city dreams 🙂


Seriously though, greens are usually cool or cooler, especially when they are pale or as pale as this one. And I’m happy to see this sudden warmness here.


I know that green manicure is an artsy option and not really everyone’s thing. If you wanna start though, this shade is light enough and innocent enough for that.


One but last.


20922 As Seen on TV


Another great shade name, given that the name of the collection is the same as the name of the movie. Very clever.


You know what this shade is? Lilac. Not purple. Not at all. Lilac. Tender. Flowery. Cute. Lilac is a rare flower in manicures. Not nearly as common as purple.


And yet again ORLY does something here to make sure the shades in this collection are in their own category and not like everything else out there.


This shade is lilac, yes, but it’s… warmer, believe it or not. Just as pinks, blues and greens, lilacs are usually cool.


It makes sense, lilac is a cool shade, in essence. So, most shades that are built around lilac are cool. And this one is not. And I enjoy it.


As Seen on TV is lilac with this warmness to it that makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s wonderland on your nails, that’s what it is.


And the last one.


20924 Anything Goes


Anything Goes? Really? 🙂 Anything goes is manicure? Anything goes in makeup? Maybe. To an extent. I guess 🙂


Here’s the question though. I’m back to where I started my post, more or less 🙂 Is it a top coat? Is it a shade? Or is it both?


Well, this pearly white with sparkle in it and bigger metallic green star and pink dot shaped glitter can definitely be a top coat. I’ll show you how a little later.


But now that I look at it here, I can say that two coats of it on your nails don’t give you full coverage, but are close enough to it to be a shade in its own.


So, my answer is it’s both. You pick how you want to wear it. A sheer one coat thing, a two coat artsy nail colour or a top coat.


This shade/top coat looks awesome but there’s a big but there. It’s pretty hard to operate. I had issues with application. Now let me tell you more about it.


I’ve already said it here in this blog, in my post about this Annie nail polish collection for one ANNY Hippie Time Is On swatched. I’m going to say it again. Bigger glitter is hard to get out of the bottle through that small little neck. The only way to make it easy on us, when it comes to application of shades of the kind, is stuff these shades with glitter. Only part of it is going to come out as it is. Not all of it, that’s for sure. But the more glitter there is there, the easier it goes. Here we have a lot of white pearly sparkly sheer colour and not too much glitter. That is, there are only few metallic green stars and pink dots there. As a result, good luck trying to get any – I’m not kidding – any out and on your nails. You’ll have to do two coats to have enough glitter land on your nails. And even that won’t be a breeze. You’ll have to practice to get that glitter out. It won’t come just like that. The only reaction I have to all said above is – why oh why does it have to be so hard? I mean, seriously. It has to be easier than that, just has to be. As pretty as this shade is 🙂


Ok, we’ve seen Anything Goes as a shade. Now let’s see how it works as a top coat. While we do, keep in mind, that as any glitter shade, it’s a little rough to the touch, the glitter is, that is, so you might wanna use a clear top coat over it.


We’ll go shade by shade here. And see each topped with one coat of Anything Goes and then two coats of Anything Goes.


One. 20923 Cool in California + 20924 Anything Goes


Warm pink, remember?


Now see how it looks with those stars and dots on it.


And silvery sparkle 🙂


One coat on the left. Two coats on the right.


Well, what do you say?


La La Land? I think, it is 🙂 Definitely.


Two. 20926 Forget Me Not + 20924 Anything Goes


Topped with one coat of Anything Goes on the left. And two coats of Anything Goes on the right.


This is just so pretty.


The top coat makes it perky looking, somehow 🙂




The whole batch looks like a birthday party.


With presents 🙂


Three. 20921 Head in the Clouds + 20924 Anything Goes


One coat on the left, two coats on the right, Ok 🙂


Head in the Clouds is such a light pink that the top coat almost makes it off white.


With the outlandish lilac undertone still hanging in there.


This manicure option is fresh and artsy.


There’s something striking about it.




Four. 20925 Big City Dreams + 20924 Anything Goes


Once again, one coat on the left, two coats on the right here.


Wow. This green can get even better, huh?


I guess, it can 🙂 Notice how two coats make it oh so cooler.


Fairytalish to the point of no return.


Big City Dreams just got bigger with this top coat.


I really love this one. Nice, nice and then some.


Five. 20922 As Seen on TV + 20924 Anything Goes


One on the left, two on the right – just saying 🙂


Lilac, stars and dots. And sparkle. Pretty.




There’s a lot of wonderland there, that’s for sure.


It’s not just lilac, it’s lilac as seen on TV.


See how two coats make this shade cooler? No less beautiful though.


That’s La La Land as seen by ORLY 🙂 I agree with this collection name. It’s la la land all right. There is a lot of magic here. These shades are more than just shades. They have the power in them to pull you out of reality and carry you up in the clouds, fantasy forests, big city dreams or whatever else. I’m sure you can come up with dreams of your own to have and to hold. I’ll tell you one thing. This land is full of wonders, and you can have them all at your fingertips and on your fingertips, if that’s what you want. I love the feeling hidden in this collection that it gives me so skillfully, when I wear any of these shades. You know what this batch of nail colour reminds me of? A pleasant distraction, basically. It’s a very personal impression and emotion that’s just mine or just yours, if you make friends with it. Just don’t mistake La La Land by ORLY for an ever so romantic, super sweet or baby doll manicure option. It’s more than that. It’s a miraculous adventure.




















La la la la la la la la la la la la la land 🙂

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