Makeup and manicure trends fall 2017

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Here’s what I’m noticing looking at all the fall collections. Brows are on. Definitely. I don’t know whether and how much exactly you like to shape your brows or use brow makeup products, but if you do, you are ever so lucky right now. Then again, if you’ve never thought much about brows, it’s a good time to start, because there are even more brow products on the market than usual at the moment. You can find the ones that suit your taste and – who knows – maybe, you’ll find a new way to make up and add something to your cosmetics arsenal. It can be fun. And if you are not a big brow makeup fan – I, for one, am not – you can always go to a beauty salon and ask a makeup artist to teach you or just shape your brows for you to see, what it will look like, and how much difference it will make for you, if any 🙂


That’s brows. Next on our list. Remember I told you some time ago that matts have been on so strong in makeup and manicure and that metallics will inevitably follow at some point? Well, this point has come. Metallics are all over the place now. On your lips, on your eyes, on your nails – if you so desire. Personally, I do like metallics. I’ve already mentioned more than once how gleam and glow makes certain shades more becoming, how it can soften shades and textures up or make them more mysterious and more vampy. A little metallic shine can easily turn day makeup into night makeup in just a couple of minutes. In a word, there are a lot of good things about metallics, so don’t miss out on this trend. If you aren’t that much into it, the easiest way to test run it is to wear metallic nail colours. Then you can go for the lips. And then move on to the eyes 🙂


Finally, there’s a very interesting clash of trends going on in makeup world right now, that I’d like to point out. You know what I’m talking about? Can you guess it? I’ve just kind of mentioned it, actually 🙂 Matts and still on, and metallics have kicked in already. It seems, these two trends are opposing things that will be in conflict, if they happen simultaneously… well, not necessarily. For starters, it’s a great thing for us, because we can simply pick what we like best, and what we are most comfortable with – shiny or matt finish. Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing in makeup, no doubt about that. Anyway… here’s what we got, when these two trends collided – metallic matts. What? Wha? Yep. You’ve read it right. Metallic matts.


Now that’s interesting. That’s rare. And certainly worth trying, as far as I’m concerned. Mostly we are seeing metallic matts on the lips now. This exciting texture comes in two different shapes and forms. One is just metallic matt lip colour all in one tube and one run, when you can just get it and apply it, and where the shades are already picked and tuned for you by the brands, and you can just get the ones you enjoy most from the range offered. If that’s what you want, go for Dior and their Rouge Dior Double Rouge or Estee Lauder with their Pure Color Envy Metallic Matte, for example. The other way to do this trend is more complex, maybe, and more artistic, maybe, but at the same time, it’s more versatile. You know how ombre trend in lip colour started the whole topping thing in lip makeup? Uh-huh. Well, why not use it to create metallic matt effect?


Now there are all those lipstick and liquid lipstick variations and new ranges out there with all kind of shades and all kind of textures in them, and you can just pick any matt shade you like and then top it with any metallic shade you like. Say, look at Estee Lauder new Pure Color range or Urban Decay new Vice range. Decide on the formula – regular or liquid – and then try the combination of colours that appeals to you. And then try another one and another one… you got what I’m saying here 🙂 By the way, if you aren’t planning on buying any new lipstick any time soon, because you have no place in your makeup stash – I hear you, by the way 🙂 – just take your favourite matt lip colour and top it with any pearly lipgloss you feel is a good match for it. Can you imagine just how many new shades and new looks you can create this way? Wow. I’m in! How about you? 🙂

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