CND New Wave spring 2017 swatched and CND Stickey Base

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This collection is called New Wave. Let’s see what it’s all about. As we know, new wave is one of rock music genres and variations. It was hot in the late seventies and up to mid eighties. Ok, that’s that, but what does it have to do with this nail colour collection by CND? I dare say, this collection is more about that time, when new wave rocked, than about new wave music proper. When I look at the six bright and neon like – but not quite neon – shades, I can’t help but see that they are very much in that time and in tune with those trends that reigned in late seventies and early to mid eighties. Bright colours, bold colours, neon colours, splashes of colour – to put it simply, colour, colour and more colour. It swept catwalks and then streets back then. Now it’s back in this collection by CND. If you like brights on your nails, if you like cheerful nail colour, fun nail colour, you might want to look into these six here.


Speaking about it, there are usually eight shades in CND collections. This time around there are only six, but they are vibrant and full of life and energy. Wouldn’t you agree? Before we look closely at each and every one of these beauties though, let me show you CND signature base called Stickey. I love this name 🙂 It’s fun to say. The name is self explanatory too, it’s pretty obvious, that it’s designed to help ground nail colour on your nails and make it stay there as long as possible. Or else, according to CND, it’s an anchoring base coat. The volume of this base I have here is the smallest. If you enjoy it and make friends with it, you might get more of it in one run easily. Anyway, this product appeals to me, because it’s just all so green. The box is green and then the base itself is green. Green is my favourite, so I get kicks out of just looking at it, to tell you the truth 🙂


Well, after seeing the name of this base – stickey – and reading that it’s an anchoring base – I was a little apprehensive to try it, because I was like – does it means it’s going to be stickey on the nails, it won’t dry fully, but will stay half raw kind of and this way anchor nail colour? To cut to the chase, will this base take forever to dry and always have the lingering dampness to it? Luckily for me, the answer to this question is no. This base does dry, and I don’t know what it is about its formula exactly that anchors nail colour, but it’s there, and you won’t really feel it, you’ll only feel the effect of it, you’ll see that nail colour will actually last on your nails. The other thing that worried me about this base is that it’s so greenish. Colour bases bother me a little on the level of – how are they going to interact with light nail shades? You know what I’m saying?


Namely, when it comes to Stickey, will the green shade in the base itself change lighter nail shades by mixing with them? I think it might, when we are talking super light nail colours or sheer nail colours. But the green in this base gets washed off and diluted a lot, when it goes on the nails, so in this collection, where the colours are so bright, it was not a problem, the base didn’t change those colours a bit. In terms of quality, it’s a solid quality base, to say the least. I don’t know about super lasting power, because I don’t wear my nail colour for way too long. You know that I like change 🙂 But I think the base does help nail colour last. Only mind you, that it says on Stickey packaging, that for it to work to the full, you need to finish off your manicure with a top coat. So, if you are looking for duration in manicures, do not forego the two simple base and top coat steps.


Ok, we are back to our batch of six now. Hold on tight. and prepare for a new wave. A new wave of colour and brightness. Number one. Blue.


Blue Eyeshadow # 238


I love this shade name 🙂 Blue eyeshadow. How cool is that, huh? It’s like my love for makeup meets my love for manicure in this one shade and its name. And, yes, CND, blue eyeshadow was very big in the eighties 🙂


This blue is bright, very bright, at the same time, it’s not light, it’s on the darker side, or intense, rather. Very blue, very new wave, very cool.


Bright blues of the kind have strongly kicked in a couple of seasons ago. I still remember that feeling of seeing a lot of blue and oh so blue manicures around back then.


It’s been a while, but bright blue nail shades still hold the ground, which means that they are appealing to a lot of people. There’s something about them 🙂


Can it possibly mean, that people are tired of turquoise and aqua? Nah, I don’t believe that 🙂 It just means that bright blue is a nice nail shade too.


If you are keen on navy blues on your nails, you might want to venture into bright blue manicure world by swapping your usual navy blue for its bolder counterpart one day.


Moving on. That blue was fun, I want more. And I’ll definitely get it here. Pink? Bright pink? Yes, please 🙂


Ecstacy # 241. How new wave is that name? 🙂


This ecstacy is pink, bright and… metallic. Which is great, because metallics are one of the biggest trends this fall, and I have a feeling it’s not going away any time soon.


There’s something fuchsia about this pink shade. A distinct purple undertone is lingering somewhere there, in the background, cooling it down.


This shade is a modernized classic. It’s a great way to make an ever so classic intense pink relevant and in the day. What does it – I think – is the pearl in it.


If you are a fan of bright pinks on your nails, this shade might be right up your alley, it might be a fresh take on your favourite stuff.


If you like fuchsia, you might dig this metalized version of it here. It’s energized, at the same time, it’s not too much, not crazy and not really neon.


It seems, we’ve seen pinks of the kind before, more than once, but there’s just something about this one. Ecstacy? I don’t know. It’s pretty nice though.


And next, please. More vibrance and more brightness. Ready for something real artsy? I sure hope so, because here it is.


Banana clips # 239


Ok, I think, the word ‘banana’ in the name of it pretty much tells it all. Or all you need to know, at least, to guess the shade or what it’s probably like.


It’s yellow. Not just yellow though. It’s super yellow. Super duper yellow. Yellow and then more yellow on top of it. Bright and then some bright.


You got my point 🙂 For a minute though, let’s roll back to the shade name. Banana clip is something from the new wave age too. You know what I’m saying, right?


Banana clip hairpins were trendy back in the eighties. So, CND is true to their collection concept and name here, which I, personally, like a lot.


As bright as this yellow is, it’s very intense, that is, it’s darker rather than lighter. Stuffed with colour. Colourful to the point of no return, actually.


Even if this shade is bright, which it is, it being darker might make it wearable for more people out there. And if you still find it’s too much, you can always soften it up with a pearly top coat.


And on we go. And steering towards another metallic. More trendiness is coming your way, that is. So, brace yourselves 🙂


Jelly bracelet # 240


Another attribute of the eighties. Jelly bracelets. These fun, colourful, often neon fashion accessories were very big back then. So, once again, the name is right on the money.


Well, I’ve already told you, that this shade is a metallic. I remind you, that metallics are all the fashion now and seem to be here to stay for a while.


This one is a new wavish metallic though, that is, it’s orange. It’s very wearable and very in the day though, because it’s not neon by a long shot.


Instead, it’s kind of darker and kind of moodier, even if still preserving its exuberant warm core. Very nice and, surprisingly, not over the top.


To tell you the truth, I enjoy looking at this shade after all the super bright oranges and corals we got this summer – like we always do 🙂


And even if I’m not too big on orange manicures, this shade is interesting, exciting and definitely worth it. Don’t be afraid of it. Join me in going for it.


One but last. Really? Already? That’s one quick collection, CND, I’ve gotta tell ya 🙂 Pretty cool though.


Video violet # 236


Video is another thing from the eighties. These guys at CND really know what they are doing here 🙂 Good choice of the name. Very good.


Violet, to me, always indicates, that it’s going to be a cooler purple. But cooler purples and true violets are so rare these days, I get kind of distrustful almost on hearing the promise.


Plums and warm purples definitely rule the world right now. Hence, my joy that I feel every time I see a cool purple or violet, as I find both of them so becoming.


Well, I do rejoice now, because this here is a cool purple, no doubt. Violet, no doubt. It’s bright and daring, like all the shades in this collection.


It’s darker though, or else, deeper and intense. No pearl or shine in it. This shade comes in a classic nail colour cream finish. And it’s a beauty.


I mean it. Forget about your lilacs and plums for a little while and try this. It’s cutting edge, at the same time, it’s womanly and oh so hot. Take my word for it.


And the last one. Sadly, as I’m enjoying this collection by CND. Told you, six shades instead of eight, so it’s quick.


Pink leggings # 237


Ah. Leggings. Another eighties thing. Pink leggings – even more so J Bright and pink and tight. Yep. Definitely eighties.


The shade is pink, which is natural, I guess, given that pink is in the name of the shade. And, yes, this pink is hot and bright. Not sparkly and not pearly though.


This pink is cooler, there’s something fuchsia like about it, but it’s not fuchsia, not nearly as much as that other metallic pink shade – Ecstacy.


Instead this pink is actually more pink, even if cooler. There’s no purple undertone in it, it’s pretty clear, all pink. And pretty happy, I might add.


To me, this is a great pink shade. It’s not overused. It’s bright, just the way we like it. There’s definitely something eighties about it. At the same time, it’s distantly classic.


Well, it’s classic, because it’s pink, you know. Or else, new classic. Yes, that’s it. New classic it is. Floral in a way and very womanly. Awesome.


These are our six. Only six shades, but they have the whole world in them. Just think about it. Eighties in all their glory, new wave and all the music, brightness and neon touch, fashion and clothes and hairpins and so many good things. This collection is a good concise representation of the eighties with their fashion and their style and their colour scheme. It doesn’t try to be dead on eighties. It’s a modern take on this time. But it’s warmly reminiscent of what made eighties so significant in fashion and, well, culture in broader sense. Pure repetition is boring though, so there’s enough modern stuff here. It’s really more of a reflection of the eighties through the prism of our time and our day and our current life style. We have a lot in common with that period, or else, we have things that came from there, started there, transformed and still exist in a different shape and form.





New Wave by CND is a good way to look back, smile and get the best from that decade and apply it now the way we can do it in 2000’s, where there’s even more freedom and even more creativity. Also, this collection is kind of a reference book on how to use colour in manicure. How to wear bright shades, what they should look like, where they should lean, to cooler or warmer side, and how to match them up with the rest of your look. Brights are not the easiest animals to tame, but if do tame them, they are one of the most striking shades ever that have one of the biggest wow elements to them. A simple and always efficient way to go about brights is using them as accents. You might not want or know how to combine and clash bright colours, but you can definitely weave one of them into a more neutral background as the focal point of your look. The effect it produces is pretty impressive.


Now, let’s quickly look back at what CND had for us last spring. In 2016, that is. The collection is called Art Vandal. The shades are juicy and bright. Brighter than what we usually get in spring, in fact. Colourful and pretty.


A warm metallic beige








A bright hot pink








A vibrant blue








A modern classic medium pink








A brownish bronze








A metallic pink purple








A lighter lilac pink








An intense green with sparkle hidden deep in it








It’s like CND took traditional spring nail shades and then intensified them like crazy. Very interesting. Very different from New Wave collection. A great batch of brights that aren’t too artsy, even if the collection is called Art Vandal 🙂





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