Givenchy La Palette Glacee holiday 2015 and Givenchy Nudes Nacres holiday 2016

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All the holiday collections and editions are about to come our way any minute now. Are already coming our way, actually. And it makes me think about the most puzzling experience of the past two holiday seasons I’ve had. This experience had something to do with the two eye palettes by Givenchy. La Palette Glacee Nuances Glacees from their holiday 2015 Le Nuances Glacees collection Givenchy Les Nuances Glacees holiday 2015 swatched and Nudes Nacres Shimmering Nudes eye palette that was released separately – outside of their Audace de l’Or holiday 2016 collection Givenchy Audace de l’Or holiday 2016 swatched. In Audace de l’Or there was a different eyeshadow palette, a quad. The design in both collections was amazing – snowy white in Le Nuances Glacees and luxuriously gold in Audace de l’Or, and I was very excited to see the bonus eyeshadow palette and anticipating something spectacular there, which is my natural state of mind, when it comes to new makeup collections, especially holiday ones 🙂






Imagine my surprise though, when once I got past my oh-and-ah-and-look-at-this-design phase, I saw… exactly the same shades I’ve already seen and swatched and worn in La Palette Glacee back in 2015. What?? Wha?? I couldn’t believe my eyes, even if the shades looked super familiar, so I pulled out my stash back from 2015 and compared the two thoroughly. Yep. The design is beautiful and different and stuff, but the six shades in both palettes proved to be exactly the same. I was so-o disappointed. Given they are nice shades, and a lot of people liked them back in 2015, I just wish someone gave me a warning, told me that it’s a re-edition as opposed to a new edition. It’s a good way for people who missed it back in 2015 to catch up, true, and I’m all for it. I just expected something new and exciting and got something old, even if in a new wrap. Oh and oh again.





Why am I saying all that? I just can’t help thinking back to it now that we are getting closer to the holiday season and hope that this season I’ll see a lot of breathtaking, stunning and surprising makeup. And new is an important element of surprise, you know 🙂 No, really, isn’t that why we keep going back to those counters and those websites? Each and every time we are waiting to see something so great that we’ll be frozen in awe for a second and then feel the urge to get it and own it and wear it. When it’s about new products and new collections, we expect something unheard of, unseen of, something fairytalish. Something magic. At least, I definitely expect that 🙂 This element of new and different each time, every day, with every texture and shade is what makes manicure and makeup worth it all the way for me.





I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely here to be surprised, amazed, to have my breath caught at the sight of something… something… something… I keep looking for this something in makeup, that’s why I keep coming back. Maybe, I’ll never find it, but hopefully, while I’m looking for it, I’ll make a lot of new discoveries, learn more about myself, make a lot of new friends and have a lot of fun and smile again and again. Like many things in life, makeup is magic in a way that this moment of anticipation, longing and curiosity is one of the best moments ever and is a very mysterious thing, because I can’t even describe it to the full, I just know it’s there for me, when we are talking makeup. What is it about all those pots and jars and boxes and tubes and bottles? I don’t know. But there’s definitely something there. Something magic 🙂







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