Deborah Lippmann Cool for the Summer summer 2017 swatched

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Cool for the Summer? Yes, please, I want some cool pretty much every summer, unless it’s a cold summer, to begin with, of course 🙂 Although, when I look at this quartet – that is, four shades – I don’t see anything cool. Instead I see warm, warm and then some, hot even. Well, on the second thought, there’s a little bit of a breeze in one of the nail colours, the lightest one. This collection is very summery indeed. It’s well put together in a way that two shades are bright, and then the other two shades are not really quite nude, but definitely more neutral and not as pop out and vigorous. Cool for the Summer by Deborah Lippmann is also very traditionalist in a lot of ways. We have everything we are used to getting in summers here – pink, orange, bronze. The only summery colour we are missing here is turquoise, really 🙂 So, every summer to come you might want to wear this quartet.


All four shades are gel lab pro. That is, they come in this formula that’s trendy right now – gel feeling without really being gel. If you want them to super last and super shine, don’t forget to start with gel lab pro base and finish by topping these shades with gel lab pro top coat. Then you’ll probably get what you want. Now, as summery as these shades look, I’m going to try and make a case, that these four are good things to have all year round, and that you can’t even imagine right now, how many times you’ll want to apply them and wear them, if you choose to get them. Just think for a second, how often you wear pinks on your nails. Bright pinks? Uh-huh. Checkmark. That’s one. Now, do you like coral manicures? Do you? Checkmark. Are you a fan of nude manicures? Noble beige nudes? Yep, again. Now, bronze is a little bit of a bonus in this case. It’s nice though. You’ll see 🙂


Actually, let’s start with it, shall we?




A pretty name. I like it. Like it a lot.


One of those names that are pleasant to say.


Now, it says on the pack that this shade comes in shimmer texture.


Shimmer texture by Deborah Lippmann is not full coverage. It’s kind of sheer, not all the way sheer, and then it has tiny sparkle in it.


And the shade is great in a way, that it’s bronzey without being too bronzey, it’s warm, oh so warm, even if it looks cooler sometimes, depending on the light you are in. Also, the sparkle in it softens it up.


A very rare and a very flattering shade. Try it. You might really get into it. It’s good for both special occasion and everyday wear.


Next, please. Orange.


Hot Child in the City


This child is hot, no question about that. Hot and orange.


The texture and finish it comes in is crème, it means, it’s a classic full on colour.


And there’s a lot of colour here. A splash of colour.


I mean, this orange is so bright it’s almost darker in a good way. At the same time, as bright as it is, it doesn’t strike me as neon.


And if in summer this shade will look like something you are used to and others are used to seeing…


…in fall and winter it will really stand out. It will be a statement shade that could easily get to be the highlight of your look.


On we go. Ready for another subdued shade here?


I’m Too Sexy


It’s an awesome shade name. Especially for such a close to skin colour.


Unlike its bronze counterpart – and these two are definitely counterparts in this collection – this colour comes in crème finish.


That is, it’s not shimmery, not sheery, it’s a traditional full bodied nail colour.


The shade is beige. And there’s something about it, where it tends to look cooler sometimes and under certain angles.


While in real life is markedly on the warmer side. So, keep it in mind, Ok?


I’m Too Sexy is comfy and cozy and languid the way nudes are sometimes. It’s a great thing to throw on and wear and be sure that your manicure is perfect, whatever the occasion is.


And the last one.


Shut Up and Dance


Pink as pink can be is a good way to describe this shade.


Surprisingly, when it comes to texture, it’s not crème, it’s shimmer. And this shimmery finish certainly gives this shade that very zest.


Don’t you worry though, if you like intense colours. Even if the texture is shimmer, it’s not sheer.


Instead it only adds intensity to the bright warmer pink. Because it has a shimmery or a pearly touch to it.


The result is spectacular. Imagine a bright hot pink – it’s hot, mind you, even if it looks cooler under certain angles – plus this glowy quality in it. Wow.


Even if you are a fan of radiant pinks, and you’ve seen and worn it all, when it comes to pinks, do check this one out. It’s worth it.


Well, are you ready to be Cool for the Summer? I certainly am. Especially as ‘cool’ doesn’t just mean ‘cold’. It also means ‘awesome’. And there’s definitely something cool about the shades we have here. They are not too edgy, at the same time, they are not boring in a way classic colours can be, if you’ve done them over and over again and feel like something new already. The four beauties in this batch somehow combine a little bit of an edge and a lot of class in them. It’s a very rare combo in manicure, makeup and life. Usually we only get one or the other. While the shades in Cool for the Summer by Deborah Lippmann definitely have sophistication to them that I, for one, am always trying to achieve, but that’s pretty hard to find, to tell you the truth. True chic is hard to grasp and hard to learn, it’s in the air, it’s intangible, evasive, it’s there though. And I sense it here in this collection 🙂



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