Halloween makeup and manicure ideas 2017 with Urban Decay Electric eye palette

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You’re ready for Halloween? Not celebrating Halloween? Ready to party then? 🙂 If you come to think of it, Halloween makeup and manicure and just party makeup and manicure have a lot in common. Here’s how. What is the most popular or common path to take, when in comes to Halloween makeup and manicure? Dark, sultry, smoky. Right? Well, what’s the most popular or common way to make up, when you are going out? Uh-huh 🙂 Smoking hot and darker, more intense, that is, seems to be the strategy the two occasions share. When I hear Halloween makeup and manicure, I can’t help seeing images of red lip and red manicures, dark purple and plum lips and black manicures, black arrows, smoky eyes and such. Me being me though, I can’t help wanting to go a different way 🙂 To me, Halloween is not a yearly occasion to do red lip or paint my nails black. I mean, I can do it on some other day or days 🙂 I wanna do colour for Halloween. Wha?? What? Colour? For Halloween? Yep. Let me explain.


Halloween is the best time of the year to try new things. Tell me, what other time can you paint your lips… green? Or yellow? Or blue? Or use red mascara? Or highlighters with green and lilac sparkle? Only for Halloween. Unless you are going to a costume party or ball. And isn’t that what Halloween is, essentially? One giant costume party. How many other occasions do we have in life, when we can do something out of the box in makeup and manicure department? Not that many. Most of us can’t do it at work. At home? Maybe, but this kind of manicure and makeup that’s special, to put it simply, calls for a special environment and special atmosphere, where it will work best. It also calls for dressing up. So, just hanging at home made up like that or going shopping in your neighbourhood made up like that is not as fun as doing that at a Halloween party or just a party. No, you don’t have to do it for Halloween necessarily. You can just go clubbing and be the centre of attention there with your look.


The simple way to create the look I’m talking about in terms of makeup and manicure – and in clothes department too, by the way – is doing something you don’t usually do. Say, when we go out, a lot of us tend to do brighter eyeshadow – green or blue – and brighter lip – red or pink. Makes sense. A lot of people do it. Well, why don’t you swap it? Red eyeshadow and green or blue lip. Now, how many people do that? How often? Uh-huh. That’s the simplest example. It can be your starting point, and then you can just let yourself go and do just anything your imagination will tell you to do. Trust me, a colourful look of the kind will be no less striking as the usual dark Halloween look. Be sure to rehearse and test run your makeup and manicure on the eve of the event. In fact, any special occasion makeup and manicure should probably be tested before the actual day and time you are going to wear it. This way you’ll have time and chance and room for improvement. Always a good thing 🙂


There are so many interesting and exciting shades out there in the world. You don’t have to be super artsy, if that’s not your kind of thing, you can just go a little outside you usual range, be a little bolder and a little more daring in your makeup and manicure. If you are looking for inspiration for your Halloween look, check out my two posts about what you can do and places you can go, when you are considering, what you want to look this Halloween, any other Halloween or any time you are going clubbing or partying, where it involves dressing up. Halloween manicure and makeup and  Halloween manicure and makeup 2016. I just want to show you this one palette by Urban Decay called Electric to give you an idea of what I mean, when I talk about brights in makeup. It’s eyeshadow palette, but when you see it, you’ll know where to go in terms of lip colour and nail colour and anything else, if you so choose.


The design of this palette itself is very much in tune with how I feel about this year Halloween look 🙂 See how vibrant and intense it is? Just look at this major splash of colour. Too much? Think about it this way. It’s just so happy looking 🙂 Wouldn’t you agree? If such bright shades – neon like shades even – are way too much for you, don’t forget, that you can introduce elements of brights into your look. Don’t want to do eyeshadow or lip colour that’s so artsy? How about doing it in eyeliner or manicure department? 🙂 It’s easier to do it there. You are going to be surprised how small bright touches – here and there – can change your whole look. You might come to like it so much you’ll use these techniques and new elements you’ll discover this Halloween in your everyday makeup and manicure and your party makeup and manicure. That is, you’ll find something new, some new things you enjoy. To me, that’s the best thing that can happen. I love new things 🙂


Ok, back to my example. Electric eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. Ten shades that definitely stand out in the best possible way 🙂 Let’s get to know them better. Here’s what we have:

Revolt is a whirlwind of silver pearl and sparkle


Gonzo is matt aqua with blue taking over green in it conspicuously, and a couple of handfuls of metallic light cool blue sparkle


Slowburn is matt bright orange with a lot of metallic pink sparkle wrapped in it


Savage is matt cool and bright pink, neon pink


Fringe is classically aquaish aqua, pearly, metallic, that is


Chaos is matt bright blue that’s not dark at all, but bright and intense instead, with a bit of metallic purple sparkle, sprinkled here and there


Jilted is satin fuchsia with cool lilac sheen in it and super tiny lilac sparkle, just a touch


Urban is a super cool and intense satin violet with really cool lilac sheen and super tiny pink sparkle


Freak is an ever so pearly and bright tropical jungle like green


Thrash is neon acid pearly yellow green packed with golden sparkle


That’s Electric palette by Urban Decay. And that’s my take on Halloween makeup and manicure this year. Instead of going dark, I’m going bright. There’s something fresh about these shades. Something artsy and edgy. Something modern. And it’s a good thing. It’s always nice to open new territories and discover new grounds. To me, that’s what makeup is all about. It’s about having fun. So, it goes well with parties, with holidays and with Halloween, in particular. Because isn’t that what they are all about? About having fun 🙂 Of all holidays, events and occasions, Halloween happens to be the one to give us most opportunities and space for experiment. You don’t have to celebrate Halloween, you can just go out on this day – night, that is 🙂 – go party and try something in your look, that you haven’t tried yet, but really want to try. This way you’ll know, whether this something can really work for you, or you’ll see that it’s a one time thing. Both outcomes are pleasant and beneficial, as far as I’m concerned. Now see what you think 🙂

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