OPI Iceland fall/winter 2017 swatched

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What do we know about Iceland? Iceland is a Nordic island state with subarctic climate that’s similar to the Alaska Peninsula climate. It’s located on the juncture of North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. Anyway… my geography lesson is over here, don’t you worry. To cut the long story short, our image of Iceland is mostly of a Northern European, Scandinavian country with pretty cold weather and beautifully stern and laconic nature. At least, that’s my image of it. If you live in Iceland, please, weigh in and tell us about your homeland. I would love to hear your stories and thoughts, because OPI decided to call their fall/winter collection Iceland this year. It’s an interesting choice that seems to make sense in terms of this country landscape and nature and weather, in my opinion. Here’s why.


They call Iceland the land of fire and ice. Or the land of ice and fire, for that matter 🙂 This metaphor has something to do with Iceland climate and history. Also, they often say that Iceland is a country of extremes. It has both glaciers and volcanoes in it, for one 🙂 And it has an exciting combination of warm and intense shades and silver white and blue colour shades in its landscape. I’m going to presume though, that as long as this here a fall/winter season collection, it’s going to be more about moody and subdued nail shades than anything else. With a couple of bright warmer spots in it here and there. The other thing that comes to mind immediately, when I think about Iceland, is its Scandinavian cultural roots. There’s so much there, so much heritage, so many myths, a whirlpool of images and possibilities that can be reflected in this collection.


Now, are you ready? ‘Cause here it is – Iceland by OPI – fall/winter 2017. We have twelve shades here, the usual number for OPI. And the dozen is…


Here’s my first impression. This collection does strike me as being on the cooler and darker side. There’s a lot of greige and a lot of violet here with a touch of green, blue, coral and pink.


The formula is good and solid, very much like OPI. In terms of texture, there’s a lot of cream and a handful of pearl scattered around. No glitters – they are all reserved for holidays 🙂


Now, before I get to shade by shade breakdown, would you take a minute to listen to these shade names. I mean, just listen…


Icelanded a Bottle of OPI, Suzi & the Arctic Fox, That’s What Friends Are Thor, Turn On the Northern Lights!, Krona-logical Order, This Isn’t Greenland, Less Is Norse, One Heckla of a Color!, I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic, Aurora Berry-alis, Check Out the Old Geysirs, Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots.


Well, there are some puns in the names, some history and culture and some economy even 🙂 I’ll take one more minute before moving on to the shades proper to draw your attention to the fact that OPI bottle design is changing obviously. In this batch of twelve shades I’ve come across both old design (on the left) and new design (on the right) that’s very much like Infinite Shine formula bottle design, if you take the Infinite Shine words out of the equation 🙂


Twelve shades. Iceland by OPI. On we go.




Icelanded a Bottle of OPI


NL 153


What a great pun in the name of this shade. I wish there were such a verb, actually, ‘to iceland’ 🙂


The shade numbering system also changed, obviously. Interesting.


The only part of the numbering that is intact is NL and a number part.


The shade is medium to lighter greige. Under certain angles it looks grey, under other angles it looks beige.


If you like both grey and beige manicures, this is the shade for you.




Suzi & the Arctic Fox


NL 156


OPI co-founder’s – Suzi Weiss-Fischmann’s – first name traditionally makes its appearance in each collection by this brand 🙂


You know, she’s the one who’s known all over the world as the First Lady of Nails. Anyway…


Arctic fox is super cute. I mean, super cute. No, really 🙂


The shade is an amazing deep blue violet. Rare. Very rare. Moody.


If you love dark manicures, if your eyes are violet or blue, do get it.




That’s What Friends Are Thor


NL 154


Another good pun in the shade name. And a mention of Thor. All in one. Nice 🙂


What did I tell you about the Scandinavian myths that had to make it here somehow, huh?


And in all of the Scandinavian mythology Thor is the most important figure, that’s for sure. God of Thunder. The big boss guy 🙂


This shade is a cooler darker greige. A dark milk and coffeeish colour with a lot of grey undertone in it.


A very nice and languid shade. A great balance of light and cool.




Turn On the Northern Lights!


NL 157


I love this shade name. Yes, let’s turn on the Northern Lights 🙂


I mean, the Northern Lights are beautiful.


Yes, this shade does have something in common with the Northern Lights.


It’s metallic violet with tiny little purple sparkle hidden in its depth. Pearly and nice.


If you like metallics, but are always worried that they might be too much, you might really enjoy this shade.




Krona-logical Order


NL 155


For starters, this pun is clever. Also, how do you like bringing economy into a nail shade name? 🙂


It’s really cool. You can paint your nails and be reminded that krona is the currency of Iceland.


The shade is a darker greige with a big time grey undertone in it.


You could even say this shade is brown, that’s surprisingly cool and has a lot of grey colour in it.


A very interesting dark manicure option. Modern and sophisticated all at the same time.




This Isn’t Greenland


NL 158


No, m’am, this isn’t Greenland, this is Iceland. Iceland by OPI, that is 🙂


A light warm khaki green.


A serene and easy chic shade that has a little bit of an edge to it.


Even if you don’t like green in manicures, you might surprise yourself by liking this shade a lot.


There’s nothing artsy about it. It’s full of understatement and warmth and languid mood.




Less Is Norse


NL 159


Less Is More. True. Less Is Norse. True too. In case of this collection especially 🙂


This shade is a head turning combo of blue, violet and grey.


The violet shades in this collection are spectacular. And there are so many of them.


Violet is not too common in manicure world. There are many more warm purples out there than violets.


While violet is an awesome dark manicure option without being too dark.




One Heckla of a Color!


NL 162


O-okay, in this shade we have some geography, obviously. You know what Hekla or Hecla is? No?


It’s a volcano in the south of Iceland. One of the most active volcanoes in this country, in fact.


This is a moody lilac shade.


All of a sudden lilac is not pastel, it’s… well, fall like.


And that’s great. Because there are so many pastel lilacs in this world and only few shades like this one here.




I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic


NL 161


How’s that for a pun, huh? Bringing cocktails and geology together in a shade name, I give OPI credit for that. By all means 🙂


This is a lighter to medium coral shade.


Sometimes it looks warmer, at other times it looks cooler.


Depends on the light you are in.


This shade is definitely not one of those summery corals though. It’s elegant, really.




Aurora Berry-alis


NL 164


Two shade names in this collection are devoted to the Northern Lights, huh. Aurora Borealis is their Latin name, so it’s the second one.


The Berry-alis part of it all is due to this shade being berry like, I presume.


It’s an interesting mix of purple and pink, that’s what it is.


Pretty bright, but not too bright.


A very womanly colour. A perfect modern day classic thing. Well balanced and classy.




Check Out the Old Geysirs


NL 160


Geysir – or the Great Geysir sometimes – is the name of a geyser in the south west of Iceland.


The English word ‘geyser’ is actually derived from this geyser name – ‘Geysir’. While the word ‘geysir’ itself comes from the Icelandic verb ‘geysa’.


‘Geysa’ means pretty much ‘to gush’, it dates back to the Old Norse language.


This shade is medium linen blue like blue that can make you love blue manicures, even if you couldn’t even imagine ever – ever – painting your nails blue.


Exquisite, beautiful, classy. It’s all here. Love it. Oh, there’s some sort of holographic pearl in it too, that doesn’t make it metallic, but gives it a sort of surreal – in a good way – sheen at certain angles. Wow.




Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots


NL 163


Another geology reference in the name of a shade.


In geology they call volcanic regions, that are fed by super hot mantle, hotspots or hot spots. So, that’s what it’s all about.


If you took greige, warmed it up to turn it into cappuccino and then made it metallic and pearly… then you’d get this shade.


Doesn’t sound so great? But it does. It is, that is. It’s oh so great.


Love it. There’s tiny little silver sparkle in it too. Pretty.


That’s Iceland by OPI. I’ll tell you what. It’s like it’s the ultimate fall/winter nail colour collection. These twelve shades are perfect for colder weather. They are moody and darker without being too dark. They are very sophisticated in just how subdued and understated they are. At the same time, OPI managed not to go to the off black territory. Instead we have all the violets here. Amazing violets. Rare violets. Special violets. Becoming violets. A great chance to try violet manicure, if you haven’t tried it yet. Also, there are some greiges here. Greiges are so chic. And the range of greige in this collection is a good one. From lighter to deeper and more intense. To suit any taste. And then, of course, there’s blue and there’s green there. I do like both colours in manicure. These two shades in particular though happen to be just wonderful.








If you are a traditionalist in manicures, check out that coral shade and that berry shade, purple pink, that is. You’ll probably enjoy them. They are a classic with a zest. And… don’t forget about the warm greige with a bronze edge. It’s a splendid shade. You’ll see  🙂 All in all, Iceland by OPI looks very fall like to me. It belongs in fall with its held back dignity and its small little artsy colourful streak. In the winter this collection will look exquisite, because these twelve shades aren’t all the way wintery. Or else, they aren’t necessarily, what we expect to see in winter nail colour collection or what we are used to seeing there. I really appreciate, when something is done in manicure and makeup alike, that’s off the beaten track, sort of. After all, fall and winter come every year, and every year we wear those shades, so it’s nice to see something new there, you know 🙂

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