Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother and Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda

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I’ve told you many times about the colour and care trend in makeup. It’s been going on in all planes and territories – in nail colour (and care), lip colour (and care), all over the place. And you know how I’m mostly skeptical about these type of products, because once you try to do two things at the same time, it doesn’t always work so well. You do remember, how to me, Lip Lover by Lancome is pretty much the only colour and care thing in lip colour that really really works. Well, guess what, as much as I’m happy with one thing done perfectly usually, there’s this one department in makeup, where the colour and care concept seems to actually rock. Base and tone. That is, face department. Why is that? Probably because the texture and formula of base and tone products is close enough to all the lotion and cream and serum variations, where they can be mixed together easily.


You know what I’m saying, right? Base and tone with care element in it has been around for a while. It just seems to make sense. In our time and in our world, when everything around is moving oh so fast, it’s nice to be able to do two things in one run. Say, even out the tone and disguise the imperfections and do base. Or moisturize and do tone. And, yes, I do think that you can actually do it efficiently enough with the products that are out there in the market. Keep in mind though, that skin care – even when it’s part of makeup 🙂 – is even more individual than makeup itself. Try to find the things and products that are right for you specifically. And not just for everyone. How can you do that? By reading reviews online and by testing and trying stuff. Try your favourite brands and textures and you’ll hopefully find what will be a blast for you.


And I’m going to tell you here about the things that work for me 🙂 Who knows, our preferences might coincide, or at least, you’ll learn some things about these products and, maybe, conclude that they aren’t really what you need. Anyway… here’s one thing that seems to be a really good match to me – primer and smoothening and tone evening skin care. I mean, it’s just logically compatible 🙂 Primer is there to even out skin tone and disguise imperfections. There are whole ranges of skin care that actually do just that. Say, Ibuki by Shiseido. So, when they came up with this primer not too long ago that combines makeup qualities and traits of their Ibuki skin care line, I was like – hm, this might work. So, I tried it, and here’s what I found 🙂 The product is called Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother Filtre Lissant Instantane.


The first thing I always do is read into what it says on the packaging. You’ll be surprised, how much you can learn, if you read past the name and whatever else it says on the front in big letters 🙂 Well, for starters, it says that this product blurs imperfections. Ok, that’s what primers are for 🙂 so, good. Now, if we look closely at the French on the packaging 🙂 (see, it’s not only small letters and caps, whatever they say there in different languages can also differ 🙂 , we’ll see that it filters and smooths it all out ‘instantly’. Nice 🙂 Next. From the back of the packaging I learn that it’s serum. See Smart Filtering Smoother (Serum). Uh-huh. It’s a good thing to know. Some of us like serum as skin care, others don’t. So, be forewarned. You know that serum is the most concentrated kind of skin care, it’s most intense, that is.


Next thing I wanna know is what this product is supposed to do. According to the packaging – once again – it visibly corrects: shine and pores. Let’s decipher that. How can something correct shine and pores? By mattifying. That’s the action behind the smoothing here then, I guess. Well now, I’ve learned a lot here already 🙂 I like learning new stuff, so I’m pretty happy. There’s nothing wrong with mattifying. Just be careful with it, if your skin is dry, Ok? And remember, as long as this is serum, don’t use too much. Once again, serum is a very concentrated thing, and if you use serum as part of your skin care routine, you know that you need a couple of drops of it, really. And as long as Shiseido Ibuki smoother is serum, the same goes for it. Also, the packaging itself gives us a hint we should only use a little, because it’s just so… small 🙂


Ibuki Smoother by Shiseido needs to be shaken up before use. It’s very light pinkish in colour. It has a makeupey skincarey scent that’s not too much, still, it’s conspicuous enough, it’s there, and it hovers over your face for a while, after you apply it, so in case you are scent sensitive, please, be careful. The bottle it comes in is small and thin, so you’ll be able to fit it into most of your purses, probably, and carry it around to fix your makeup on the run. In terms of what it does… It doesn’t really make you up. It doesn’t have colour to it or almost none. It’s more of a unifying skin care thing, when it comes to texture and action. So, you’ll need to top it with base to actually fully correct the imperfections. It does help to deal with pores and breakouts and things like that though, once it’s on. And it seems to do it in the long term.


The long term part is the best part of it all. It means, pretty much, that you’ll get less of the issues you are trying to deal with day by day, when using Ibuki Shiseiso Smoother. It’s not skin care all the way though. So, don’t think that you’ll deal with your skin needs that go along the lines of Ibuki Shiseiso range by using this Smoother alone. If you want skin care proper, go for the whole range by Shiseido or for the range of the kind that you like best. As for the primer in question, it’s a good primer (primer is the key word here). It doesn’t work miracles, but it’s solid in terms of quality and actually works. A good example of successful skin care and makeup fusion.


The second product in colour and care family I found that works for me is not a primer. It’s a full on base that does have shade and colour to it. Base and tone is probably the best liaison in terms of colour and care. There are even products now, where you can add drops of colour to skin care products and come up with your own mix. Say, Clinique has a thing of the kind 🙂 I found this tinted cream base here by going to one of my favourite brands. Told ya, it’s one of the ways to do it 🙂 This product is called Crema Nuda by Giorgio Armani. The first thing I gather from the name of this product is that it sounds like Crema Nero, a high end skin care line by Armani. According to the packaging – once again – it’s a supreme glow reviving tinted cream. Tinted cream. Interesting. It pretty much says here it’s more of tinted skin care than colour with a skin care element to it.


I’m also noticing that it’s glow reviving. It sounds like a product that will bring out the natural glow of our skin, but something’s telling me that it’s going to be one of those glowy bases that have been hot for a while now in makeup world. We’ll see. It says on the box too that it hydrates, corrects, unifies. Correcting and unifying sounds primer like and base like, these are traditional face makeup functions. The exciting and skin carish element here is that Crema Nuda is supposed to hydrate our skin. Hydration is what skin care does, generally speaking, not makeup. What is hydration, in essence? Mosturizing. Moisturizers are hydration products. We know, that in terms of skin care, hydration is one of the most important or even the most important thing period. It’s what our skin needs most. And what the environment tends to deprive it of 🙂


It’s also seemingly the easiest thing to do. Moisturizing. Sounds much easier to achieve than correcting imperfections, anti age treatment and what not. Still, finding the right moisturizers that work efficiently and give you what you of all people need is a tough cookie to crack. When it comes to me, it’s all about trying all kind of products and reading about them. Say, just recently I’ve reading online about moisturizers here and found a couple of products I might want to try. You know why I read about skin care? Its components and ingredients are complex, and sometimes it takes expertise and knowledge to decipher it all and understand it all to the full. Ok, Ok, I’m back to Crema Nuda by Giorgio Armani here 🙂 that, according to the packaging, hydrates.


The key word in the description of how Crema Nuda feels is the first word we saw in its description on the box. Remember that word? No? Supreme 🙂 Supreme glow reviving tinted cream. Well, sure enough, this tinted cream does feel supreme. Feels awesome, lush and wonderful. There’s this extra something there. That extra kick on top of it just feeling caring and soothing and nice and pleasant. It has makeupey skin carey scent to it. It’s not too much, but pretty persistent. In terms of hydration, I’ll tell you something, there’s something there, something skin care like, in this product, I can’t tell you for sure though, whether it’s hydration, nutrition, care or what. It just feels good and feels lush on the skin. And I love that. Now, in terms of glow, it’s glowy, very much so. Might be too glowy for me, personally 🙂 It’s not just glow reviving, the product itself is glowy.


The shade I got is 02. And it’s called light glow. The shade is a lighter beige with rosy or pink undertone to it. A very nice and flattering shade. The packaging is heavy in my hand, in a good way. It’s posh looking and feeling. There’s also a small little shovely thing there, so that you don’t have to go into the jar with your fingers. All in all, Crema Nuda by Giorgio Armani is a great colour and care product. It works as base and tone and feels like skin care. Keep in mind though, that it’s not just base, it’s a glowy base, so be sure, that you like glow in your face products, really like it, before you venture into wearing it. The quality is so good, you don’t have to top it with powder, unless you want to.


That’s my duo of colour and care products that work for me. Ibuki Smoother by Shiseido and Crema Nuda by Armani. See if you agree with me 🙂 Personally, I’m confirmed in my opinion that in all of makeup, base and tone is the best direction to take, when trying to do skin care and makeup fusion. The two merge without colliding and bring out the best in each other. A perfect match 🙂


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