Givenchy Striking Night Lights holiday 2017 swatched

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Holiday collections are in, and even if you are not celebrating this upcoming holiday season, why don’t you stack up on some pretty shades and cute limited editions? 🙂 The first holiday collection I’m looking at this season is Striking Night Lights by Givenchy. Striking Night Lights? Sounds good and just right for the holidays. Or parties, for that matter 🙂 We’ll see how exactly striking those lights by Givenchy are going to be. Givenchy collections tend to be compact, that is, there aren’t that many items proper in them. Also, of late nail polish hasn’t really been part of Givenchy collections that much. Which is a pity, by the way, because manicure rounds up our look nicely usually. Here’s good news though. In holiday collections especially – not only in holidays ones though – Givenchy usually does kind of artsy and beautiful packaging design. So, I hope to see something special this year.


Givenchy stands out among the luxury brands that produce makeup in a way, that it’s artsy and edgy and chic at the same time. It’s more like couture artsy, as opposed to real big time edgy like, say, Urban Decay, which is very different. It’s certainly nice to see something off the beaten track a little in luxury makeup world and bring in some fun elements into our looks, even if those looks tend to be womanly and sophisticated. Givenchy edginess is pretty safe, they don’t push the limits too much, so it’s a good way to try something in that field. Especially when this something is packaged the way it is in this collection 🙂 The packaging here is amazing, really. And green. Or else, grey green with some blue and purple here and there. Amazing 🙂 The boxing looked so purple in promo pictures, I was pleasantly surprised, no, stunned really, when I saw all the gorgeous snaky glittery green and grey of it in real life. Green is my favorite 🙂


The first item in the collection is Prisme Libre.


The shade is called 9 Eclats de Rose.


This powder is pretty much light pink, but very very light, so light it works like Meteorites by Guerlain, more or less, that is, it evens out skin tone, lights it up a little bit, but it doesn’t paint it any specific shade. It also has tiny holographic silver pink and then shining all kind of kind of colours glitter in it that you can’t see almost. It’s more of a light reflecting thing. They always say such shades are universal, I do believe though, that they work better on fair skinned beauties and on those who have any sallow in their skin tone, because pink neutralizes it best.


Next in this collection we have a very Givenchy thing – mascara top coat.


The shade is called 04 Eclats Violines.


I’ve already told you about how I made friends with this mascara top coat shovely brush. I mean, it looks impossible to operate, but once you do it, it’s actually quite easy and efficient somehow 🙂


The mascara top coat is amazing violet colour with a whole bunch of purple and blue sparkle in it. It has a lot of blue sheen in it too. Beautiful. I love it. I’ve told you already, how violet in makeup is rare, underrated and extremely becoming. It looks good on almost everyone and brings out the very best of your brown, blue or green eyes. Also, it looks very exotic, by the way, when you clash it with warmer yellow tone eyes.


On we go. Eye palette.


La Palette Eclats Nocturnes


The starry sparkly design is stunning and then some. Also, it really stands out. Even among holiday limited editions. Givenchy managed to take their signature star and turn it into a beauty of an eye palette form.


We have three shades here:


Lighter satin violet with silvery sheen and tiny little pink and purple and blue sparkle hidden in its depth. This shade will make for a dangerously hot combination with that violet mascara top coat.


Satin bronze with golden pink sheen and tiny bronze and pink sparkle. See, what did I tell you about clashing violet against the yellow of your eyes, huh? That’s exactly what Givenchy is doing here with this shade and the violet shade.


Darker vintage copperish gold. It’s all sparkly and shiny, not satiny, its texture is different from the two other shades. It’s pretty loose and very very sparkly. Very festive. And for once it’s not that crazy shiny kind of gold that we always seem to get for holidays. This is a much nobler version of it and a much better match for that violet shade. Try to swap the usual shiny holiday season gold for this one here. You might achieve some incredible results 🙂


We are getting to the finish line here 🙂 Le Rouge.


The shade is called 328 Grenat Nocturne.


Once again, this lipstick is not really matt 🙂 I don’t know why they keep calling it that 🙂 It’s a classic creamy satin finish, maybe, a little less shiny and, maybe, a little more satin than the good old creamy one. Still…


The makeupey powdery scent is still there, and I do hope you like it, because it’s as strong as ever. In all honesty, it’s always that strong. Too strong for me. It makes me like Le Rouge less than I could otherwise. Then again, I’m very scent sensitive, maybe, you aren’t.


The shade is brown red. I guess, you could call it a darker brick shade. That is, if brick is orange red, this is, once again, brown red. It’s a nice darker sultry red shade that’s not too common and that’s easier to pull for more people than femme fatale like black cherry.


And… the last item in this collection. Le Rouge a-porter.


The shade is called 306 Brun Nocturne.


When they just came out with this variation of Le Rouge, I was like – lose the scent, lose the scent, please – but no, it’s still there. A little more manageable, yes, but it just wouldn’t go away. I guess, there are a lot of people out there who enjoy it 🙂


This is a lighter and shinier version of the red brown we’ve just seen in Le Rouge, really. It’s more diluted, there’s a slight chance there’s a touch more orange there, still it’s definitely very close and in the same family.


See, told you, for some reason there’s usually no nail colour in makeup collections by Givenchy. At least, it’s been true of late. They used to have some really good limited edition nail shades before. I wish they got back to making them 🙂


That’s it. Striking Night Lights by Givenchy. Everything in this collection makes me love it so much. The stunner of the green and grey design, the starry eye palette, the shine that’s there in a kind of holiday way but without going overboard. Here’s the best thing about this collection though, in my opinion – the shades. The shades are handpicked and matched so carefully, they really stand out from the row of incessant holiday golds and pinks and reds. You know what I’m talking about 🙂 These shades by Givenchy are truly exquisite proving that anything is possible, and shine and sparkle can be sophisticated and elegant, if you so desire and think carefully, when you put your makeup and look together J This small batch of products is a great way to add that very zest to your look that’s ever so stylish, you know. And not just your holiday look. Your everyday look too 🙂

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