ANNY Elena and the Unicorns swatched

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Unicorns are hot. There’s so much hype about them. They are cute too. So, it’s no surprise 🙂 This nail polish collection by ANNY is yet another link in the long chain of unicorn stuff getting thrown at us at every corner 🙂 Who’s Elena? I don’t know. It’s a fairytalish name. There’s a book called ‘Elena and the Unicorn’ (unicorn in single person), but there’s nothing, really, that’s called Elena and the Unicorns (in plural). So, I’ll just presume ANNY came up with this collection name, as they needed something unicornish. As usual, they have six shades in their collection. Not that many, if you come to think of it 🙂 All six come in the finish, that they call Chrome in ANNY. I’ll decipher it for you. In simple terms, chrome finish by ANNY is metallic. Or, I guess, you might say, it’s like super metallic finish. That is, finish, stuffed with pearl and then some. Well, that’s what these shades are. Metallic. Shiny. Pearly. All that. Ok, Ok, ANNY, they are chrome 🙂


This finish makes sense in the context of unicorns and fantasy world, as far as I’m concerned. Even if you aren’t really into unicorns though 🙂 , metallic are a trend now, the kind of trend that seems to be persistent. We keep seeing metallics on the lips and on the nails, naturally, as lip colour and nail colour are related in certain ways. Also, there’s a bit of nineties feel floating around. And metallics in makeup – and manicure – and even clothes 🙂 – were very hot back then, hence, all the shiny shades emerging. So, this collection is a compact and easy way to quickly dip your fingers into the whole metallic frenzy. Here’s what I like about this batch in particular. Even if the shades are super shiny and metallic, they are wearable. The artsiest shade of all here is turquoise. The rest are pinks and reds and corals and beiges. Also, I’d like to tell you up front, that these shades – as any metallic shades – get pretty streaky, so, do use a clear top coat over them to even them out.




155.80 innocent unicorn tears




This shade is medium orange or coral.


Or else, pearly orange or pearly coral. It’s all pearly here, remember?


If you like corals, it might be a fun way to do a little tweak on your usual manicure routine.


It could be a big time, super bright, neon like orange. It’s not though, and that’s what makes it interesting 🙂


There’s something sophisticated about it, something stylish. And I don’t even love corals 🙂




176.60 magic candygirl




Magic candygirl. How cute is that 🙂 I love this name.


As for the shade, it’s purple pink. Or pink purple, I guess you could call it that, why not? 🙂


Some people will even say it’s just purple.


To be more precise, it’s bright metallic purple with mysterious gleam to it.


This shade is fresh. An awesome modern purple or pink manicure option.




379.20 funky rainbow drops




This is aqua. Or turquoise. You pick 🙂


Metallic aqua? Sounds almost like it’s too much. Bright aqua – shiny aqua?


Rest assured though, it’s not too much. Not over the top. It’s pretty 🙂


The kind of aqua you can wear all year round. Not only in summer. Imagine that 🙂 Cool, isn’t it?


A very nice shade. Very rare too. Full of funky rainbow drops.




317.10 born to sparkle




This shade looks greige in the bottle.


To be more precise, it looks greige with silvery gleam to it. Darker silvery gleam.


The silver pearl overpowers everything in it though, once it lands on the nails.


So that the shade almost looks metallic silver.


I so wish there were more greige in this shade. I would be ecstatic then. As it is, this silvery shade is nice, but pretty common.




299 #annycorn




This shade looks copperish in the bottle. It gets more bronze like, once it settles comfortably on your nails.


It’s holiday season now, so there’s a lot of bronze and gold floating around.


Which makes it easy to compare this shade to the rest of the shiny stuff 🙂


And even if this shade is bronze metallic, it’s not crazy shiny and out there in the least.


Instead it’s chic and glamorous and celebratory. Wonderful, really 🙂




222.61 twinkle twinkle




This shade looks warm pink in the bottle.


When I apply it though – and when you apply it, if you do 🙂 – it reveals a strong red undertone.


As a result, this shade looks more like red pink. Or even pink red – depends on your colour perception.


Metallic red pink? Shiny red pink, that is? Now, that’s exciting.


Twinkle twinkle is high end, it’s sophisticated, it’s amazing. And rare, once again 🙂


That’s Elena and the Unicorns by ANNY. I have to be honest here, when I thought about the concept of this collection, when I looked at the promo photos, and even when I got hold of the six shades and held them in my hand, I was like – another bunch of metallic pinks and golds, huh? I’m so happy I was proved wrong by ANNY though. This batch of six is splendid in a way, that even people who generally shun metallics, can wear them and enjoy them. These shades are lush, not too shiny, and you’ll feel comfortable with them on any given day. They are like a handbook on basic metallic nail shades. It’s like – start with these ones. Or – if you are thinking, what metallics you should get – grab this collection and add it to your stash. It’s an easy way to be exquisite. And one of the best ways to follow the metallics trend and make it your own all at the same time. There’s just something about these nail colours that’s ever so appealing 🙂




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