Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Citrus-Scented juicy mandarin and pink grapefruit swatched

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Well, here we go, two more limited editions of Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I’ve already told you about the two previous limited editions and the formula and the application and… a lot of other stuff 🙂 here Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector pink shimmer and red shimmer swatched. To recap real quick, this formula is soft on the lips, it might be balmy, but just a little, not really all the way balmy. The fluffy applicator is all soft and nice, but you might as well forget all about precision application with it 🙂 This balm or this gloss – or a mix thereof – is thicker than what you usually expect from lip gloss. You can go as light handed on it or as heavy handed as you want though 🙂 So, sheer or full on colour with gloss is your choice. The scent was all sweet last time around, we’ll see what it’s like now that it’s citrus scented 🙂


I did like the white design with red carnation pattern very much last time around. I have to tell you that white boxing with fruity pattern we’re getting now is no less impressive. I presume, what we see here is juicy mandarin, as that’s the name of this shade. Very nice, perky, fun and – just like all the carnations – very Clarins. I love it, when brands do something that’s really in tune with their DNA and what they are. When I look at this packaging, there’s no mistake. It can’t be anyone else other than Clarins, and that’s good news. Now, what I’m interested in here in this particular edition – or should I say these two particular editions  🙂 – is the scent. I’m very scent sensitive, so Clarins signature super sweet scent in a lot of their lip colour, especially balmy kinds, frankly, bothers me. So, I’m hoping that citrus will be less demanding and more subdued, maybe. We’ll see   🙂


The shade is called 14 juicy mandarin. Very nice 🙂 So, it’s mandarin on the packaging. Tangerine, that is 🙂 The tube is the opposite colourwise from what we’ve seen on the boxing. It’s orange with white tangerines, not vice versa. It looks all summery and fun, so that I wanna have it in my purse sometimes just for the look of it, you know 🙂 Now, let’s talk about the important stuff – the scent. Citrus? Yeah, there is some citrus here, definitely. But that’s not all there is there. We also somehow get… vanilla. So, in all honesty, the scent is not citrus, it’s citrus sweet. Or else, sweet citrus. It’s not unpleasant, more bearable to me than the classic and just sweet without citrus Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector scent. Still, it’s pretty strong. And the sweetness in it undermines the lightness of citrus. To me, the bottom line is – this scent is interesting and nice, still it’s too strong for me to be able to bear it on the lips for a while 🙂 Which is a pity.


Uh, here we go with the fluffy cushiony tip. Once again, I just can’t get rid of the feeling that the whole design with this bright tube and this soft tip looks very much like my very first lip gloss variations, banana and something like that 🙂 You know, when there’s no colour to it, just a touch of shine and a distant pleasant scent and, maybe, a sparkle or two. Anyway… it’s all the same in this limited edition in terms of formula and application. This balmy gloss is thicker than most lip glosses. Probably, because it’s balmy 🙂 You can build it on the lips though from sheer to full on shiny lip colour. Do remember though, that the soft tip with all the fluff on it hinders precision of application like crazy, even if it’s super comfy to the touch. So, forget about throwing on an extra layer of gloss on the run. This thing here requires work, work and then some 🙂


The shade is intense, bright and happy. Orange. Medium orange, I’d say, although – again – you can dilute it or build it all you want. The formula allows as much.


Next, please. I wanna see that grapefruit on the packaging. Uh, here it is. Pink with yellow and orange against the white. Wonderful. It’s like they grabbed you and dipped you into summer all of a sudden. Not a bad thing in the middle of fall steering towards winter. And I can’t stop admiring the fact, that the grapefruit leaves on the box are white. It makes the whole pattern and the whole packaging design so stylish. I must say, grapefruit looks kind of like… peach here. Now, if they released lip gloss or balm or something that smelled like peach, I’d be like rushing to get it 🙂 Because peach scent is pretty cool and rare in makeup. But no… Instead there’s still the same sweet citrus or citrus vanilla something. Ok, maybe, some people will like it as much as I like peach, who knows 🙂 I sure hope you do and can get a kick out of it.


This shade is called 13 pink grapefruit. Ok, Ok, I know, grapefruit, not peach. Missed it that much, huh? 🙂 The tube and the shade and everything is pink, which makes sense, given the name of the shade. It all tracks, Clarins – orange tangerine, pink grapefruit. Well, last time around, in that limited edition with red carnations and without the citrus vanilla scent 🙂 the pink shade was, in all honesty, hard to pull for a lot of people. So, I’m hoping this pink colour will be an easier undertaking… Yep, this pink is warm, but pretty clear, there’s nothing really mixed into it. So, most of us can enjoy it without going nuts trying to match our clothes and look to it and somehow fit it in there and make it work. The bright pink tube has white grapefruit on it in this one. Instead of white tangerines on the orange tube in juicy mandarin 🙂


I couldn’t possibly tell you why, but I get a bigger splash of joy and emotion, when looking at the orange tube. Oh, guess what, it’s probably because orange presents a starker contrast to white than pink. Still, this tube is small, light in my hand, because it’s made of thinner plastic than a lot of lip colour tubes are, so it will fit into all those purses and pockets and whatnot. By the way, even though the plastic of the tube is so light, you need to squeezes it pretty hard to get the lip perfector to show up on that fluffy tip for you to be able to use it 🙂 I don’t know why, but that’s definitely the way it goes for me. Speaking about lip perfector, I can’t say I feel it perfecting my lips much or at all even 🙂 Perfecting is a tough job, you know, and only few things in makeup and life, if you come to think of it, can perfect anything or anyone. Well, not this thing 🙂


You know what’s so great about Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector 13 pink grapefruit – other than the packaging 🙂 Cool pinks are common, warm pinks are rare.


That’s our sweet couple – or should I say citrus sweet couple? 🙂 – by Clarins. If you do enjoy the scent, then these two are nice to have. Be sure to get a good sniff before you buy though, just in case, you know. Also, do take your time to learn how to operate the tube and the fluffy tip and master the squeezing, because it doesn’t really feel quite like anything else I’ve tried before. Say, Juicy Tube by Lancome is made of different plastic, I guess, so the whole squeezing process is different, believe it or not 🙂 Anyway, once you get past the scent, the squeezing and the thicker than usual texture and get tuned and adjusted to all of the above, you are all set and ready to enjoy the shades and the design. I’ll tell you one thing, these two small little tubes by Clarins are two vibrant pieces of summer and sun that you can always have with you, wherever you go.

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